28 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas [2023]

Marriage is much like an orchid. It can be selfish and stubborn at times, but with the proper nourishment, patience, time and commitment, it blossoms into a magnificent specimen that can stand the test of time. This unique and exotic flower represents a couple’s 28 year wedding anniversary and these are the top gift ideas to commemorate the occasion!

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28th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

SWAROVSKI Flower Dreams

SWAROVSKI is an Austrian crystal company that has spent the past 125 years crafting spectacular, sparkling creations — the every man’s diamond. This Flower Dreams Orchid figurine is a breathtaking replica of the vibrant pink orchid that signifies love, joy, and happiness. 

This elegant ornamental piece measures just under five inches tall, but don’t let the small size fool you. The brilliant coloring and intricate detailing of each glass crystal make it guaranteed to catch the light. It will also change colors as it does. 

Additionally, the base can be detached. This allows the recipient to keep this gorgeous decor upright or lay it on a perfume tray or countertop. Best of all, she will love the fact that the blooms never fade, just like your love!

Hallmark Flowers Phalaenopsis Orchid

For your lady love who has a green thumb, consider purchasing the live version of this exquisite plant! The Hallmark Flowers orchid selection features an array of color options, including the iconic, rich purple consumers have come to expect as well as white and pink varieties. 

This version will arrive with a multitude of breathtaking blooms on stems ranging from six to ten inches tall. Moreover, this plant comes in a delightful, textured turquoise ceramic pot. Furthermore, Hallmark takes precautions to ship this gift in a secure box. This helps to protect the plant during transit. 

Lastly, with the right care and attention, the blooms will stay vibrant all year long! Forget the supermarket flowers. Get her a gift that will stick around for years to come! 

Dark Red Orchid Wall Art 

This is a gorgeous four-piece canvas set that is adorned with a breathtaking close-up shot of a fallen orchid perched upon dampened pebbles. This wall art comes ready to hang with attached hooks. Moreover, high-tech printing ensures that the photographs have no distortion.

Additionally, the total piece spans a horizontal distance of two feet with heights ranging between 26 and 35 inches tall. This can be a centerpiece in your home or your wife’s office. A red orchid symbolizes passion and desire. This makes it one of the best gift ideas for your 28 year wedding anniversary!

Ann Tarry Orchid Flower Necklace

Delicate, cascading flowers attached to a simple cable chain. The Ann Tarry Orchid Flower Necklace is a gold-plated brass jewelry piece that is available in rose gold and silver hues. The flower spans approximately 2 inches in length and the adjustable chain can be extended by up to 4 inches. 

Furthermore, this lightweight and ornate accessory will arrive in a beautiful gift box. It can also be purchased as a single item or you can buy the entire set that includes matching drop earrings and a bracelet. 

Lotus Fun Dangle Earrings

Simple, and yet elegant. The Lotus Fun Dangle Earrings are made with 925 sterling silver. Moreover, the inner portion of the attached delicate flower charm is plated in 18 karat gold. This means that this accessory is hypoallergenic, and therefore, ideal for all skin types. 

In addition, these elegant earrings are lightweight and perfect for regular wear or a night on the town! Best of all, the company takes on the gift wrapping duties, sending them in a beautiful jewelry box. 

Michael Aram Orchid Ring Catch

For the woman who seems to have more jewelry than she knows what to do with, make sure that all of her rings stay safe and in one place with the Orchid Ring Catch! This fine, feminine piece is made with stainless steel. That means there is no worry of rust or corrosion. 

Additionally, the white nickel coloring and hammered dish serve as a gorgeous accent and will add a simple touch of class to any room. Lastly, this beautiful gift pairs perfectly with the next item on our list.

Michael Aram Orchid Frame

28 years ago you said I do! Why not re-create this magical moment and then frame the photos from your renewal in a Michael Aram White Orchid Convertible Easel Frame. The decorative orchid accents are available in both white and black colors. Furthermore, the beautifully hammered nickel-plated frame can hold up to a 5 by 7-inch photo. This can be one of the best gift ideas for a 28 year wedding anniversary that shows off your sentiments in a meaningful and loving way. 

Long Sleeve Lace Blouse

This beautifully vibrant long sleeve lace blouse is perfect for a date night or for lunch with her best friends. The bright lavender purple color makes the detailed cutouts on the balloon sleeves pop and the loose fit allows her to leave it draped or tuck it in. Additionally, the cotton-polyester blend is soft to the touch and lets her wear it in both the Fall and the Spring!

Ekouaer Satin Nightshirt

Spice up your anniversary night with the sexy, yet simple, Ekouaer Satin Nightshirt. This boyfriend-style nightgown is the perfect combination of sultry and modest. The satin material will feel silky smooth on her skin and the delicate lace trim gives it an elegant touch of class. 

Moreover, while orchids are known for their array of purple hues, we recommend choosing the blue coloring. Why? Out of 30,000 species of this exquisite flower, the blue orchid rarely grows in nature. Those lucky enough to find it are said to experience desire and love. Thus, individuals gifted with this color of orchid are seen as beautiful in the eyes of the giver.

Capri Orchid Hand Cream

Your lady’s hands will feel silky smooth with this rich and luxurious Shea butter and jojoba oil moisturizer. The Capri Orchid Hand Cream utilizes the floral aromas of orchids, gardenias, and jasmine to create a beautiful fragrance. 

Moreover, this company is proud to create safe products that are free of parabens and phthalates. This is also a Vegan beauty item. Best of all, the 3.4 fluid ounce bottle can easily fit in her purse, but don’t let the small size fool you. A little of this lotion goes a long way to helping dry hands feel nourished and refreshed!

Kensington Orchids Notebook

The Kensington Orchids Notebook is an amazing gift for the woman who always likes to dictate her thoughts and make lists throughout her week. Planning is just in some people’s nature and this 100 page, the lined journal gives her the latitude to prepare for a multitude of projects. Additionally, at just under 6 by 9 inches, this will easily fit in her purse or work bag!

28th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Paisley Tie And Pocket Square Set

Your gentleman caller of 28 years will never look more dapper than in an elegant Paisley Tie And Pocket Square Set! This handmade microfiber jacquard accessory features a bold texture but remains lightweight, soft, and durable. 

Additionally, the matching pocket square is sized at a whopping 10 by 10 inches so your husband can keep it simple or he can craft intricate folds for an eye-catching look.

Van Heusen Dress Shirt 

Is there anything sexier than a well-dressed man? Help your guy look his very best with this lavish, lavender Van Heusen Dress Shirt. The wrinkle-free material makes it low maintenance and machine washable. Furthermore, the designer accommodates all body types, creating regular, fitted, big, and tall sizes. 

Moreover, it is designed with a point collar. This attribute has a slimming effect on the wearer’s face. Most importantly, this is a versatile color option that goes perfectly with grey, black, green, dark blue, and vibrant purple accessories!

Bring your man’s whole outfit together with a unique pair of Orchid Cufflinks. Against a navy blue or black suit, these laser engraved cherry wood accessories will pop! In addition, the alloy bullet back makes them easy to use and they are extremely durable. 

iTungsten Anniversary Band

28 years is a long time to be wearing the same bling! The Anniversary Band is a modern upgrade to his original wedding ring. The tungsten material is extremely durable and scratch resistant. It is actually harder than a diamond! 

The ring is also hypoallergenic and water-resistant. Moreover, the vibrant purple carbon fiber inlay ties into the color scheme of this anniversary and give this accessory a bold and unique look. 

NIKE Legend Tee

Help your main man workout in style in the lightweight NIKE Legend Tee. This comfortable athletic apparel features Dri-FIT fabrication to give it a moisture-wicking property. This makes for a much more comfortable workout. Additionally, Nike is an amazing brand that has been trusted to make superb sporting equipment and supplies for over the past 50 years. Needless to say, you can rest assured that he will be able to move around comfortably in this shirt during any kind of workout!

Perry Ellis Pants

Linen is the fabric of the 28 year wedding anniversary and the Perry Ellis Pants are one of the most comfortable gift ideas on our list. Moreover, linen is known as the strongest natural fiber, making it extremely durable and it even has insect repelling qualities! 

This lightweight and breathable pair of pants also have welt pockets, which give them a seamless look while still providing storage space to the wearer. 

Marvel Black Panther T-Shirt

Wakanda Forever! For the Marvel lover in your life, this Black Panther T-Shirt is an amazing way to commemorate this occasion. Not only does it feature a floral patterned Black Panther mask, but the coloring is the perfect shade of purple. This lightweight, the classic fit tee comes in five color options. Depending on which you choose, the fabric will either be cotton or a cotton and polyester blend. 

28th Anniversary Gift Ideas for the Couple

Purple Brand Bed Sheets

Purple is a brand synonymous with comfort and their ultra-soft bamboo sheets are guaranteed to enhance your favorite couple’s sleep! Not only do they feel super soft, but they also have moisture-wicking capabilities that will provide sleepers with a cooler bedtime experience. Eliminate night sweats and let their bodies breathe under these innovative and durable sheets. 

Furthermore, unlike other fabrics, this bamboo fabric has an impressive stretch that keeps the fitted sheet in place. Lastly, the deep purple hue, which signifies admiration, mirrors that of some varieties of the Vanda orchid. This, in turn, makes this present one of the more useful and thoughtful gift ideas for a 28 year wedding anniversary. 

Cotton Cable Knit Blanket

For the couple who likes to curl up in front of a roaring fire, why not give them a Cotton Cable Knit Blanket for their anniversary? This large, luxuriously soft throw is ideal for the sofa or the couple’s bed. 

Furthermore, there is no need to worry about spills or pet hair because this blanket is machine washable. Help them stay warm and cozy on their big night with this bold and bright gift! 

Yankee Orchid Candle

The Yankee Orchid Candle takes the feminine, floral notes of tropical orchids, hibiscus, and mandarin blossoms and combines them with bergamot, palm leaf, sandalwood, and strawberry nectar. 

In addition, this soy wax candle has a burn time of up to 50 hours. Help your favorite couple set the mood with this clean and luxurious scent. It will make them feel as if they have escaped to a tropical paradise!

Top Plaza Money Tree 

Whether the couple is celebrating their 22nd or 28th wedding anniversary, the Top Plaza Money Tree is theorized to bring the owners good luck, prosperity, and purification. This beautiful, handmade decor features a copper and stone tree atop a natural Amethyst crystal. This is the signature stone of this occasion. 

East Asian culture believes that chakra crystals have healing powers. This gemstone is one of the seven, representing either the third eye or the crown. Thus the money tree is a gracious gift that will allow them to see their lives with open eyes and improve their confidence in their marriage!

Buying Considerations for 28th Anniversary Gifts


The modern present for a couple’s 28 year wedding anniversary is orchids, meaning that your gift ideas should circle around this general theme! This can include actual living plants or you can find home accents and jewelry that feature this exotic and unique flower. Moreover, in case you didn’t know, orchids come in virtually every color of the rainbow. Thus, look for color options that symbolize the sentiment that you hope to allude to the couple or to your significant other.

For example, someone sending a gift to the couple should look for a dark purple orchid. This symbolizes admiration and respect. In contrast, a husband would want to gift his beautiful wife with a red orchid to express his desire for her. He could also choose the more rare blue orchid to elude how beautiful and special he finds her.

Lavender & Orchid Purple

The official color of the 28th wedding anniversary is lavender. However, it can also be appropriate to use a darker hue of this secondary color due to its association with the most common coloring of the orchid bloom. Obviously, some men are not as keen on this more feminine color. If that is the case, then look for gift ideas that are mostly black or grey, that feature small purple accents.


The Amethyst gemstone represents trust and understanding. Gem and crystal enthusiasts also postulate that this orchid-colored stone will help a couple retain their love and see their partner and their marriage with open eyes. Gifts that incorporate this crystal can be a thoughtful sentiment.


While less traditional in modern times, older generations used to gift linens for this momentous occasion. This can be another great option for the guys who are not huge fans of the color purple.

FAQs – 28th Anniversary Gifts

What are ways to celebrate our 28 year wedding anniversary?

For the couple who loves to travel, consider planning an anniversary trip to a locale that has naturally occurring orchids. Singapore, Ecuador, Peru, Hawaii, and even Florida are all locations where you can find this exotic flower. For the less traditional route, there are lavender farms across the United States that give you the option to go glamping in their glorious lavender fields! This rustic weekend getaway incorporates one of the signature colors of this occasion. It also serves as a quiet retreat for couples to rekindle their spark.

For those who do not have a travel budget, then consider having your anniversary dinner at an Asian fusion or tropical-themed restaurant. For those lucky enough to live in Honolulu, there is actually an Orchids restaurant that is decked out in its namesake’s plants!