Gifts by Age

Toys and Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

Educational and fun gifts and toys for babies and toddlers ages 0 to 4. These gifts were selected with developmental milestones in mind and include products that are entertaining, and encourage physical activity and mental stimulation.

mother and toddler girl with christmas present
Girl in mom’s lap opening Christmas present.

Toys and Gifts for Young Children and School-Aged Kids

These gift recommendations broken down by age and gender are designed to span a wide range of interest and skill development typical of children of these ages.

Group of boys and girls
Group of boys and girls at a birthday party

Gifts for Teens

Product recommendations for teenagers include gifts that continue their intellectual and emotional development as well as support social interaction and budding independence.

Gifts for Young Adults

Gifts for young adults cover entertainment but also address the practical needs of people finishing their education, starting careers, starting families and becoming responsible for their own lives and homes.

Gifts for Adults

Adult gift recommendations span a diverse set of interests and lifestyles. We frequently update these lists with the most current clothes, gadgets, games and products for homes, yards and work.

Gifts for Senior Adults

Senior adults often have everything and buy what they need. Our gift selections for seniors are driven by what they actually buy and use themselves.