Gift and Toy Ideas for 2-Year-Old Boys [2023]

On the hunt for the perfect gift and toy ideas for 2-year-old boys?  Here are our top picks that are sure to be a hit.

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Fine Motor Gifts for 2-Year-Old BoysSpike The Fine Motor HedgehogMelissa & Doug Safari Wooden Chunky PuzzledeMoca Quiet Book for ToddlersKidzlane Color Matching Egg SetBeginAgain Color 'N Eggs Matching PuzzleMelissa & Doug Shape Sorting CubeActive Gifts for 2-Year-Old BoysLittle Tikes 3' TrampolineStrider Sport Balance BikeMelissa & Doug Sunny Patch Dilly Dally Tootle Turtle Target GameTOMY John Deere Sit-N-Scoot Tractor ToyKidzone Electric Ride On Bumper CarRadio Flyer Red Rider TrikeAirFort Build A FortVTech Smart Shots Sports CenterLittle Tikes EasyScore Basketball SetSURPCOS Climb and Crawl Activity Play SetArtistic Gifts for 2-Year-Old BoysWater Doodle MatCrayola Washable Kids PaintCrayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring KitSGILE Large Magnetic Doodle BoardWashable Tempera Paint SticksMusical Gifts for 2-Year-Old BoysSesame Street Love to Hug ElmoVTech Spin and Learn Color FlashlightVTech KidiBeats Kids Drum SetImaginative Play Gifts for 2-Year-Old BoysToddler Costume SetLittle Tikes Gas 'n Go MowerVTech Drill and Learn ToolboxGreen Toys Dump TruckLEGO DUPLO Town World AnimalsEducational Gifts for 2-Year-Old BoysFisher-Price Laugh & Learn Pull & Play Learning WagonTOYVENTIVE Wooden Kids Activity CubeLeapFrog My Own LeaptopSTEM Gifts for 2-Year-Old BoysPicasso Tiles8 Piece Tegu Pocket Pouch Magnetic Wooden Block SetLeapFrog LeapBuilders ABC Smart HouseBRIO My First RailwayStep2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water TableMiscellaneous Gifts for 2-Year-Old BoysWeeFarer's Children's SunglassesToddler Bath ToysDisney Boy PajamasDreamland Baby Weighted BlanketLeapFrog Chat and Count Emoji PhoneEcho Dot (2nd Generation)What to Look for in Gifts for 2-Year-Old Boys

Fine Motor Gifts for 2-Year-Old Boys

Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog

The Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog is a fun way for 2-year-old boys to strengthen their hand muscles.  They can easily grasp the chunky pegs as they work to remove and replace them on the hedgehog body.  Toddlers ca also work on hand-eye coordination and color matching skills.

Melissa & Doug Safari Wooden Chunky Puzzle

The Melissa & Doug Safari Wooden Chunky Puzzle is great for getting hand muscles moving and fine motor skills strengthened.  The 8 wooden pieces are colorful, durable, and easy to grasp.  The full-color pictures underneath the pieces make them easy to match, assisting 2-year-old boys with visual cues.

In addition to strengthening fine motor muscles, puzzles are great for developing problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination.  The Safari animals are sure to appeal to your little guy as well.

deMoca Quiet Book for Toddlers

The deMoca Quiet Book for Toddlers is a great Montessori-inspired activity book for 2-year-olds.  All the pieces are conveniently attached so you don’t have to worry about losing any of them.  The soft cloth book features activities such as matching shapes, buckling, telling time, and more.

Perfect for popping in a diaper bag, using when traveling, or waiting in a restaurant.  This quiet book features age-appropriate activities with no mess, no fuss, and hopefully not too much noise!  A must-have for 2-year-olds while on the go.

Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set

The Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set is a great fine motor activity that reinforces numbers identification, counting, color matching, and color recognition.  This classic egg game features a plastic egg carton and 12 eggs.  Each egg can be “cracked” open to reveal various colors and numbers on the inside.

Toddlers will increase hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills as they work to open and close each set of eggs.  Great for imaginative play in the kitchen, or a fun activity on its own.  As children age, they will have fun counting pegs and identifying numbers in addition to matching colors.  We love this classic set of Color Matching Eggs.

BeginAgain Color ‘N Eggs Matching Puzzle

The BeginAgain Color ‘N Eggs Matching Puzzle is another beautiful wooden puzzle perfect for 2-year-old fingers.  Not only will they learn colors, but they can also learn Spanish vocabulary.  Puzzles help increase problem-solving skills and creative thinking, as well as hand dexterity and fine motor manipulation.

This sturdy puzzle is colorful, adorable, and sure to appeal to your little guy.  It makes a nice gift and you can be assured that you made a choice that will improve many areas of development.

Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube

The Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube is a classic toddler toy, and one that 2-year-olds will be happy to receive as a gift.  Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are needed as toddlers work to navigate how to fit each colorful shape inside of its corresponding hole.

The lovely wooden box features 12 wooden shapes that are sturdy and easy to grip.  Each shape only fits through its matching hole, so little guys will need to work to find just the right spot.  You can practice color and shape recognition, as well as perseverance and persistence.  Toddlers will have a sense of accomplishment when they complete the task, and will quickly want to dump out all of the shapes and try again!

Active Gifts for 2-Year-Old Boys

Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

The Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline is a great beginner trampoline for active little ones.  Set up indoors or outside for lots of jumping fun.  The safety handlebar is great for providing stability, and the trampoline is low to the ground, making it easy for little ones to climb on and off.

Because they have a seemingly never-ending supply of energy, outdoor toys make great gift and toy ideas for 2-year-old boys. If your little boy has the energy to burn, this Little Tikes trampoline is the way to go!

Strider Sport Balance Bike

The Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike is an excellent beginner bike for 2-year-old boys.  If you want your child to learn to ride without training wheels at a young age, a balance bike is a way to go.  The seat and handlebars adjust in height to allow this bike to last throughout the years as your kiddo grows.

This Strider bike only weighs 6.7 lbs, making it easy for 2-year-olds to navigate.  Especially if there are older siblings, little boys will love being able to stay active and keep up.  Parents will love that the durable steel frame and puncture-proof tires will hold up to just about anything.  Coming in 10 different colors, you should be able to find the right fit for your 2-year-old making his eyes light up.

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Dilly Dally Tootle Turtle Target Game

The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Dilly Dally Tootle Turtle Target Game is a great beginner target toss game.  Easy to set the stand up inside or outdoors, the self-stick bean bags are soft and easy to toss.  Your 2-year-old will love aiming for the target, and you can practice number recognition with them.

As your children improve their hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills, they can call out what number they are aiming for and see if they can get it.  Play with how far away from the stand they are located for an even bigger challenge.  You can work on counting and even basic addition as your little guy solidifies his number recognition as well.

TOMY John Deere Sit-N-Scoot Tractor Toy

The TOMY John Deere Sit-N-Scoot Tractor Toy is every truck-loving boy’s dream toy.  This tractor is nice and lightweight, but also stable, making it easy for small kids to maneuver.  They just propel themselves forward with their feet on the floor, so no need to worry about navigating pedals yet.

This truck is officially licensed with John Deere, so for fans of the farm, this truck is the real deal.  While this Sit-n-Scoot style truck is geared towards younger toddlers, it can hold up to 60 lbs, so there is plenty of time to get some good rides in.

Kidzone Electric Ride On Bumper Car

The Kidzone Electric Ride On Bumper Car is a great way to bring the carnival rides into your own home.  This little bumper car is rechargeable and can be powered through remote control or a simple joystick.  It will turn a full 360 degrees, but will only go at a speed of 0.75 mph, so no need to worry about your 2-year-old flying all around.

The tough plastic shell has a soft bumper allowing toddlers to bump into their surroundings without getting hurt.  Make sure to strap on the safety belt before letting your kids go for a spin.  Get ready for lots of laughter and fun!

Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike

The Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike is a great beginner tricycle for active 2-year-olds!  The classic Radio Flyer trike has an adjustable seat to allow the bike to grow with your child.  Parents will appreciate the handgrip on the back of the seat which allows them to support their children as they learn to pedal on their own.

A covered storage bin in the back is the perfect place for your little guy to place his treasures as you head off on an adventure.  The tires are made from sturdy plastic so you never have to worry about a flat while out riding.  Supportive of children up to 49 lbs, this is a great beginner trike for your energetic little one.

AirFort Build A Fort

The AirFort Build A Fort is a must-have for days you are stuck inside.  All you need is a box fan, and the AirFort inflates in a matter of 30 seconds!  No assembly, and no clean-up, this is the best kind of fort!

At 6.5 feet in diameter and just over 4 feet tall, this fort is great for multiple kids to play in.  There is no base, so kids can easily just pick up the fort and climb in under to enter and exit.  There is a viewing window for kids to see in and out of, and a mesh divider separates the fan so parents don’t have to stress about little fingers.

Set up a fun hide-out for pretend play, quiet reading, or just a special place to hang out.  We know 2-year-old will love this fort, and if there are older siblings in the house, they will definitely want to play as well.

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

The VTech Smart Shots Sports Center is a great 2-in-one sport toy for any mini-athletes.  Little sports stars can work on shooting baskets or goals with the included basketball hoop and soccer net.  The animated light-up LED scoreboard will count baskets up to 10 giving your little one extra motivation to keep trying!  Pull the lever on the side to restart the scoreboard when you’re ready for a new game.

The edges have shape buttons, numbers and sounds, and over 50 songs, sounds, and phrases.  Get those wiggles out, work on gross motor skills, enjoy some music, reinforce shapes and numbers, and overall have a great time with this little Smart Shots Sports Center.

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

The Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set is great for 2-year-olds who are ready for more of a basketball challenge.  This hoop can be adjusted from 2 to 4 feet, so as your toddler gets better you can make the game more challenging.  The oversized rim and junior-sized basketball that are included will set your toddler up for success as they enter into the world of beginners basketball.

The base can be weighted with sand for stability, which is a good idea as your toddler gets taller and stronger.  A great gift for working on hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, and learning the basics of basketball!

SURPCOS Climb and Crawl Activity Play Set

The SURPCOS Climb and Crawl Activity Play Set is great for curious 2-year-olds who need a safe place to climb and tumble.  Toddlers have a lot of energy, and sets like this that provide a safe way to expel that energy make great gift and toy ideas for 2-year-old boys.

This particular set contains 6 foam blocks of different shapes which can be combined in multiple different ways.  Allow your little guy to set up his own obstacle course using his creativity.  These blocks are lightweight, perfect for little ones who like stacking, but sturdy, thick, and flexible, perfect for climbing.

Parents will love that these are made from eco-friendly pearl cotton on the inside, and non-toxic, odorless, soft PU leather on the inside.  They are easy to clean with just mild soap and water.  While they can be bulky, they can be stacked for easy storage.  Between obstacle courses and forts, your toddlers will be engaged for hours while still burning energy safely inside.  A win-win for parents and kids alike!

Artistic Gifts for 2-Year-Old Boys

Water Doodle Mat

The Water Doodle Mat is a great way to introduce fairly mess-free art to your little one.  The oversized drawing mat is great for laying down on, and the colorful border reinforces colors, numbers, and letters.  All you have to do is fill the included markers with water, and your 2-year-old boy is ready to get creating!  They will watch in amazement as the mat changes colors as they draw with their water markers, and parents don’t need to worry about art supplies getting onto anything.

Allow your toddler to free-hand draw, or use the included stencils, roller stamp, or booklet with included ideas.  As the water dries, roughly 3-10 minutes, the drawings will magically disappear and your 2-year-old can start all over again.  Great for a rainy day, this Water Doodle Mat is a fan favorite.

Crayola Washable Kids Paint

This Crayola Washable Kids Paint contains six assorted colors.  It’s not a mess-free art gift, but parents can appreciate that they are fully washable and will not destroy clothing or kids’ skin.  Even though they are water-based and washable, we still recommend protecting any furniture that could get painted on.

Add in some new brushes or sponges and let your little one’s creativity flow.  If you’re really worried about a mess, try painting rocks outside, or add paper to the bathtub and rinse your little guy off afterward.  While many parents dread art projects, they are a great way to allow your kids to express themselves.  They will take pride in their project and have a wonderful sensory experience while developing their painting.

Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Kit

The Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Kit is a great option for families who aren’t quite ready to tackle messy art projects.  Kits like this are easy to add to a grab bag and make great gift and toy ideas for 2-year-old boys.  These coloring kits are also ideal for travel or on the go.  Unlike regular markers that can draw on any surface, these color wonder markers only show up on the special color wonder paper.  They are safe and non-toxic perfect for toddlers who still explore with their mouths.

This specific kit comes with two 30 page Color Wonder Pads, 10 Classic Color Wonder Mini Markers, and 10 Pastel Color Wonder Mini Markers. Pop this gift into a diaper bag for an easy activity while on an outing, or save it for a rainy day when you need a few minutes of mess-free entertainment.  Just don’t forget to work with your toddler before introducing real markers!  They can become accustomed to being able to draw on anything without consequence.

SGILE Large Magnetic Doodle Board

The SGILE Large Magnetic Doodle Board is a classic toy perfect for the 2-year-old age.  Mess-free activities that are engaging and easy to travel with make great gift and toy ideas for 2-year-old boys.  This set comes with 4 stamps with magnet holders and a tethered drawing utensil.  Slide the bar at the bottom to erase drawings and start fresh again.

The board has a generous drawing space and changes colors as you draw across, making a unique template without needing to worry about stopping to change colors.  Magnetic Doodle Boards are a great way to provide art with a no mess and no fuss approach.  Whip it out any time for a great activity when you don’t have time or energy to prep or clean.

Washable Tempera Paint Sticks

Washable Tempera Paint Sticks are the best way to experience the vibrant look of tempera paint without all the brushes, cups, and leftover mess.  These paint sticks are ideal for toddler’s hands.  They glide on smooth, dry quickly, and are perfectly washable.  While most art supplies make great gift and toy ideas for 2-year-old boys, parents definitely will have a preference for the less messy options.

Create lovely pictures with these paint sticks.  Kids will love the bright colors and the ease of painting.  It is much easier to create clean lines than when learning to navigate a paintbrush, but the end result is still a beautiful vibrant color.  Parents will love this gift as well, happy kids and happy parents, a great gift to give.

Musical Gifts for 2-Year-Old Boys

Sesame Street Love to Hug Elmo

The Sesame Street Love to Hug Elmo is a fan favorite for anyone who loves Sesame Street.  This plush Elmo toy loves to give and receive hugs.  You’ll hear talking and singing when you squeeze his belly for a nice hug.  This Elmo comes with both an English and Spanish mode for even more fun.

This Love to Hug Elmo would make a cuddly pal for 2-year-olds who love to show affection, sing, and dance.  If your little guy is a fan of Sesame Street, then his eyes are sure to brighten when he opens this gift.

VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

The VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight is a functional flashlight that has songs and music teaching about animals, colors, and numbers.  There are over 50 sing-along songs, sounds, and fun phrases to keep your little one singing away.

The flashlight itself has 5 light colors that are not too bright.  Perfect for curious toddlers who will likely look right into the shining light.  The numbered buttons work on the numbers 1, 2, and 3, great for little ones who are working on number recognition and recall.  After 45 seconds of inactivity, the light and sounds will automatically turn off, so parents don’t need to worry about batteries draining.  More than just a music toy, this flashlight will provide hours of entertainment for a 2-year-old boy.

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

The VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set is a great beginning drum set for kids who are interested in learning to play.  There are three drum pads, and a cymbal, all with unique and different sounds.  The buttons allow toddlers to play along to 9 different songs in styles such as rock, dance and pop.  There are also 4 modes of play: Free play, letters, numbers, and follow along.  As your children become more confident they may choose different modes to create their favorite style of music.

This drum set is great for learning hand-eye coordination, musical creativity, following a beat, as well as reinforcing letters and numbers.  As your child gains an appreciation for the music they can expand on their skills and feel like a true musician.  Musical instruments are great gift and toy ideas for 2-year-old boys as it lets their imagination soar as they tap into their creative side.

Imaginative Play Gifts for 2-Year-Old Boys

Toddler Costume Set

This Toddler Costume Set comes with 16 pieces and is great for dressing up as a fireman, police officer, and a doctor.  All parts are washable, which will help them stay in great shape and last longer.

Your 2-year-old will love dressing up as their favorite community helper and getting into character with the included accessories.  This set has it all, and is a perfect addition to dramatic play and fueling little one’s imaginations.  After their 2-year checkup, they may quickly grab the doctor’s costume.  See a police officer while out and about?  Time to change outfits when you get back home!  Imaginative play is great for all ages and genders, and little boys will love being the hero that saves the day.

Little Tikes Gas ‘n Go Mower

The Little Tikes Gas ‘n Go Mower is a classic outdoor toy for curious toddlers.  Anything that emulates real-life makes great gift and toy ideas for 2-year-old boys, and this mower is no exception.  This push mower has popping beads,  a pull cord with engine noises, a clicking key and moveable throttle, and even a removable gas can.  Similar to a bubble mower, this gas ‘n go mower has a satisfying popping aspect and more realistic parts.

A must-have for kids who love to be outside, your little dude will love pretending to mow the lawn while playing in the yard.

VTech Drill and Learn Toolbox

Pretend tools make great gift and toy ideas for 2-year-old boys, and this VTech Drill and Learn Toolbox has it all.  It is interactive and fun, especially for little boys who love to imitate fixing things!  Included are an electronic fix-it tray, drill, hammer, wrench, nails, and screws.  The working drill will feel real to your little guy as it spins the gears and drills screws into the tray holes.

The pressable buttons light up with fun songs, facts about tools, and realistic tool sounds.  The double-sided instruction cards help kids learn their colors and numbers while playing fix-it.  Your little boy will be having way too much fun to realize how much they are learning.  Hand-eye coordination and fine motor muscles will be worked and strengthened as your toddler plays away.  This is a great beginner toolbox for a 2-year-old boy.

Green Toys Dump Truck

The Green Toys Dump Truck is a classic truck for a little boy.  We love that Green Toys are made from environmentally friendly materials and do not contain BPA, phthalates, or PVC.  You can rest assure that you are gifting a super sturdy toy that was made entirely out of recycled materials.

The truck itself is great for imaginative play as your little dude rolls it around picking up and emptying loads out of the back.  The workable dumper does not have any metal axles, so you can easily use it indoors or outdoors without noticeable wear and tear.

This is a great addition to a sandbox or mud pit outside.  It is actually dishwasher safe or can be cleaned with mild soap and water.  If your little one prefers to use it inside, go for it!  Watch as they drive around zooming from room to room, filling the bed with materials and finding somewhere to dump them.  Endless entertainment will be provided when you gift this great dump truck.

LEGO DUPLO Town World Animals

The LEGO DUPLO Town World Animals is a great introduction to the world of Lego’s.  Duplos make great gift and toy ideas for 2-year-old boys who are just getting ready to work on stacking and building.  You can build a world of animals and environments together.  There are 15 toy animals figures including many adult and baby pairs.  In addition, there are 6 Lego Duplo people.  With 121 pieces, your toddler can let their creativity flow as they create unlimited habitats and environments for their animals to live in.

For additional fun, you can bring these Duplos into the bath!  The whale floats in the water, and the fish even makes air bubbles.  If you’ve got a water table, bring them outside in the summer for some extra fun and enrichment.  For little boys who love to build, or enjoy animals, this is a great way to expand their imagination and provide meaningful playtime.

Educational Gifts for 2-Year-Old Boys

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Pull & Play Learning Wagon

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Pull & Play Learning Wagon is an adorable and interactive toy for little ones.  The Smart Stages technology allows you to change the learning content as your child grows, making it a toy that will last for a long time.  Your 2-year-old will love pulling their wagon around and stoping to play with the different activities.

Light-up buttons, xylophone keys, shape sorting, and color matching are just some examples of the play this wagon includes.  Learning the alphabet, colors, counting, shapes, and even some Spanish words, has never been so fun.  We know this one will be a hit.

TOYVENTIVE Wooden Kids Activity Cube

If you’re looking for all-inclusive gift and toy ideas for 2-year-old boys, then look no further than the TOYVENTIVE Wooden Kids Activity Cube.  The activity cube contains educational activities such as a clock, moveable gears, shape sorting, an abacus, and a wooden bead maze on top.  You can work on number recognition and counting, time telling, shape and color recognition, hand-eye coordination, language, problem-solving, pattern making, coordination and so much more.

In addition to the sturdy and classic wooden activity cube, you also receive a stacking set and essential word board book.  We love that the cube itself is 5 toys in 1, and promotes so much learning.  As far as educational gifts go, this one will help toddlers develop so many of their milestones in fun and engaging ways.

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop

The LeapFrog My Own Leaptop is a great way to feel grown up with a “laptop” while realistically learning.  Kids can learn about the alphabet such as letter names, they can learn animals’ names, sing along with 16 songs and melodies, and engage in pretend play such as sending and receiving emails.

LeapFrog’s classic Scout and Violet characters come to life with this computer.  Switch between 4 different learning modes: ABC’s, Messages, Games, and Music.  Depending on your little guy’s mood, there are lots for him to choose from.  This folds up easily and has a convenient carrying case so pretend play can happen just about anywhere.

STEM Gifts for 2-Year-Old Boys

Picasso Tiles

Picasso Tiles are a great magnet building tile that kids of all ages go crazy for.  Magnet blocks should always be on our mind when it comes to gift and toy ideas for two-year-old boys since they are open-ended, fun, and age appropriate. Toddlers will have to work on their fine motor skills as they build carefully.  With over 100 blocks in this set, there is no shortage of things to build.

Not only are these Picasso Tiles colorful and sturdy, but they are sure to entertain for many many years.  If there are older siblings in the house, then they will love getting in on this gift just as much.  As your 2-year-old grows and their creativity expands, they will be able to follow more instructions and build bigger and better creations.  There are additional add-on sets and expansion kits for kids who really get into Picasso Tiles.  They will become true engineers as they work to build structures that last.

8 Piece Tegu Pocket Pouch Magnetic Wooden Block Set

The 8 Piece Tegu Pocket Pouch Magnetic Wooden Block Set is a great introduction to building blocks.  This 8 piece set easily packs up into the carry case for on-the-go fun.  Plenty of room for open-ended play, these blocks are beautiful and made to last.

There are 4 squares and 4 triangles, just the right amount for a car trip, or waiting in a restaurant.  There are no small parts, and the magnet aspect makes it easy to build without the disappointment of towers quickly being knocked over.  This set is compatible with other Tegu block sets, so you can add in new sets as gifts throughout the years if it’s a hit.  The simple joy of building and creating will come out without the overwhelm of having to choose from hundreds of different shapes and styles.  The simplicity is key here, and we think your little guy will love it.

LeapFrog LeapBuilders ABC Smart House

The LeapFrog LeapBuilders ABC Smart House is a great interactive building set for little guys.  There are 20 double-sided learning blocks that can be inserted into the interactive Smart Star.  Once inserted you can hear sounds and phrases that introduce beginning letters and numbers.  Press the question button to hear requests to find specific blocks in the set for an added element of fun.  The music button will play melodies and learning songs for even more engagement.

As you build on top of the Smart Star cube it will trigger even more sound effects.  This kit comes with 61 pieces, enough to build a house, or various other unique creations.  They are interchangeable with other LeapBuilders sets which makes them a great gift for toddlers who already have a set, or if this is their first.  Duplos like these are a great way to introduce buildings without the fear of towers quickly falling or small pieces disappearing.

BRIO My First Railway

The BRIO My First Railway is a great beginner train set for little guys.  The colorful train has reversible magnets so that it can be attached in either direction to the wagon.  This beginner pack is compatible with all other BRIO World railway toys, so it’s a great starting gift for future train enthusiasts.

The classic wooden tracks easily fit together and can be configured in a number of different ways.  Allow your little guy to explore and decide how he wants his tracks to be as he learns to navigate his trains in multiple different directions.  A rainbow bridge and various ramps are also included for extended track options.

Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table

The Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table is an awesome addition to outdoor playtime.  More than just a water table, your 2-year-old will love their own mini water park right at home.  Water can be poured into the top waterfall tray for an engaging rainfall effect.  Maze-like spinners, ramps, and buckets will all be activated as the waterfalls.

STEM is all about engineering, and your little one can work on those skills as they move around maze pieces to create new waterfalls.  Kids are never too old for waterplay, so this is sure to be a favorite for years to come.

Miscellaneous Gifts for 2-Year-Old Boys

WeeFarer’s Children’s Sunglasses

The WeeFarer’s Childrens Sunglasses are a super stylish gift for a cool little dude.  Not only are they stylish, but the lenses are impact-resistant, and offer 100% UVA and UVB protection, making them functional and durable.

We don’t always think of accessories when it comes to gift and toy ideas for 2-year-old boys, but these sunglasses are a good option if you are in need of something small.  We love that these sunglasses come with a rubber strap so they won’t fall off easily.  They come in 5 different colors and a soft carrying pouch for when they are not in use.  Your 2-year-old will feel like one of the big kids with his very own sunglasses.

Toddler Bath Toys

When looking for gift and toy ideas for 2-year-old boys, bath time might not come to mind.  But bath time is still play time for 2-year-olds, so fun Toddler Bath Toys make a great gift.  While having fun, and getting clean, toddlers can work on their hand-eye coordination as they dump, fill, pour, and watch in delight as the water flows and the gears spin.

The suction cups on this bath toy attach easily to most surfaces.  Toddler’s curiosity will take off as they engage and explore with this whimsical bath toy.  It might be hard getting them to end playtime when the bath is over, but they will love this gift from you.

Disney Boy Pajamas

For little guys who love characters, Disney Boy Pajamas are always a hit.  There are all kinds of character-based pajamas to choose from, which can help get little ones excited about bedtime.  Parents will love any help they can get when it comes to calming down for bed.

Choose from long sleeves and long pants or short sleeves and shorts depending on the season.  If you know your little buddy’s favorite Disney movie, then grabbing pajamas with his favorite characters is a great gift to give.

Dreamland Baby Weighted Blanket

The Dreamland Baby Weighted Blanket is a gift parents of 2-year-olds will love.  Recommended for children at least 30 lbs (double-check weight if your child is under 3 years), this blanket is 4lbs and mimics the feeling of being hugged.

One side is a cozy micro-fleece perfect for staying warm, and the other side offers a cooling effect with soft minky fabric.  It is machine washable and great for kids up to age 8, so there will be plenty of years of valuable use.  Weighted blankets offer gentle pressure that can provide children with a sense of security and calming comfort.  If your little one has anxiety, trouble settling or just needs a deeper sleep, this blanket might be just the right fit.  Have your 2-year-old relax while watching a movie, or snuggle up for a good rest at night under this ultra-soft blanket.

LeapFrog Chat and Count Emoji Phone

The LeapFrog Chat and Count Emoji Phone is a great way to let your 2-year-old role-play on a smartphone without having to hand yours over.  They will love the light-up numbers and various videos that pop up.  There are two songs about counting, various sound effects, and melodies on the music button.

In addition to songs, there are guessing games and matching games.  This toy phone is a fun way to reinforce learning numbers and object identification.  It’s more realistic looking than other toy phones, which will hopefully appeal to your little dude, keeping your phone safe from little hands.

Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

The Echo Dot (2nd Generation) is not so much a toy for kids but is a great way to incorporate music into their play environment.  While this tool is geared more towards adults, parents will love that it is voice-controlled and can be placed out of reach of little hands.  This little Echo Dot can hear you all the way across the room, even when it’s noisy, so no need to keep cords in reach of curious toddlers.

If you have smart devices in your home they can be connected.  Ask Alexa to play some dance music for an impromptu dance party, or have Alexa set a timer for clean-up time.  Either set a count down for when it’s time to clean up, or set a timer and see if you can beat the clock!  Toddlers and parents will love this little addition to their playroom.

What to Look for in Gifts for 2-Year-Old Boys

By 2 years old children are reaching huge milestones in 4 different categories: Social and Emotional, Language, Cognitive, and Physical.  The best gifts you can give kids of this age are ones that are interesting and engaging, and that help improves each of these areas of development.  Children learn through play, and when they are having fun they will rarely even realize how much work they are doing.

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) how your child plays, learns, speaks, acts, and moves offers important clues about his development.  Typical milestones to look for in 2-year-olds include (but are not limited to) copies others, shows independence, uses 2-4 word sentences, follows simple instructions, points to pictures, begins to sort shapes and colors, plays simple make-believe games, builds small towers, kicks a ball, climbs up and down without help, and throws a ball.

Many of the items on our gift suggestion list will help develop multiple milestones.  Colors can be reinforced even when building trains to drive on the tracks.  Counting can be reinforced when bouncing a basketball before tossing it into the hoop.  Shapes can be reinforced when participating in art projects.  As caregivers, you can turn any interest and toy into a learning opportunity.

2-year-olds also learn through imitation and copying those around them.  Remember that they are always watching, and will emulate what they see you do.  Pretend play is a great way to act out what they see, develop interests, and help grow their imagination.  Most of all, have fun and spend quality time with your 2-year-old as they explore the world around them.  Many of these toys recommend adult supervision, so let your inner child out and re-live the excitement of the world as you play with your little guy.