Gift and Toy Ideas for 7-Year-Old Boys [2023]

Seven-year old boys are full of energy, curiosity, and personality. He’d love to receive any of these gift and toy ideas for 7-year old boys.

STEM Gifts for 7-Year Old Boys

LEGO Chain Reactions Kit

The LEGO Chain Reactions Kit by Klutz Science is recommended for ages 8 and older, but a 7-year old could easily put this together with the help of an older sibling or parent. It comes with a detailed 80-page instructional manual and the pieces needed to build ten different moving machines.

As he puts the different pieces together, he’s learning how different obstacles affect the balls. In addition to the manual, this comes with string, paper ramps, 6 plastic balls, 33 LEGO pieces, and other parts to build a chain reaction course. Any 7-year old would love to receive this Nappa Silver Award winning toy.

Magic Chemistry Set

Seven-year olds are still full of questions about how the world works. Take advantage of this natural curiosity and help them learn with the Magic Chemistry Set by National Geographic. It comes with 21 different components for ten experiments that he’ll love doing.

Some of the experiments he’ll perform include changing the color of water, making snow appear, catching a bubble, and making a coin float. The included guide makes it super easy for a 7-year old to understand. It even comes with white gloves and a magic wand, so he can put on a show and really look the part. He’ll love showing off for family and friends with this science kit!

FlexiBuild Erector Set

This 6-in-1 FlexiBuild Erector Set by IGOSOT comes with everything a 7-year old boy needs to create six different models, as well as come up with ideas of his own. It comes with 145 pieces, including flexible pieces and nuts and bolts. There is also a wrench and screwdriver included so he can put his creation together. To keep everything together, these all come in a clear, plastic storage container!

This activity is great for creativity and learning. The included guide is in full-color and comes with clear instructions on how to complete each build. As an added benefit, he’s also practicing his fine motor skills!

Artie 3000 Drawing Robot

The Artie 3000 Drawing Robot is great for inspiring creativity and teaching coding all at once. He’ll design the code and then Artie will draw the lines. Together, they can create beautiful works of art using pre-programmed designs and codes that he writes on his own.

Artie works alongside an existing tablet or computer. While he won’t need an internet connection, he will need one of these. This set also comes with a quick start guide to help him with his first code, as well as activity cards, 4 washable markers, and Artie himself. Of course, there’s also more advanced coding in the app, which helps expand his skills as he does more.

25-in-1 Stem Robot

This 25-in-1 Stem Robot comes with an impressive 573 pieces. All the pieces fit together to create 12 different city vehicles, each of them having two forms. In addition to the transformations of each vehicle, all the vehicles can be fit together to create one giant robot.

A 7-year old boy would love taking this robot apart and putting it back together again. He can play as the different city vehicles and then bring them all together. As he works, he’s building fine motor skills and problem solving. With the detailed instruction manual, this is even something that he can tackle alone. However, there’s plenty of pieces that it’s great for him to share with friends and family, too!

Geode Kit

This Geode Kit from National Geographic is another great hands-on activity. The kit comes with ten different geodes he can break open, revealing sparkling crystal treasures inside. It also comes with goggles, a magnifying glass, and two display stands.

While the geodes have never been opened, they’ve been hand-selected for better variety. They may be ping-pong ball sized or even as big as a tennis ball, plus there’s no telling what color will be inside! Once he breaks these open, he can use the included 16-page, full-color guide that helps him learn more about each geode.


Sports and Outdoor Toys for a 7-Year Old Boy

NinjaLine Intro Kit

The NinjaLine Intro Kit by Slackers makes a great gift for the active 7-year old boy. They are often full of energy, always climbing and jumping off everything (and giving their mothers a mini heart attack). This kit is a great way for him to take care of some of that excess energy in a safe way. He’ll also love knowing that he’s training to be a ninja!

This 36″ kit is designed to be run between two trees or posts. It comes with seven different obstacles, including monkey bar holds, gymnastic rings, and rope knots. Each of the pieces has a safety carabiner for a secure hold. Since this is approved for use up to 250 pounds, he’ll get use out of this kit for years to come.

Razor A2 Kick Scooter (Red)

The A2 Kick Scooter by Razor is something any 7-year old boy would love zooming around on. It’s made from durable, but lightweight aluminum and easily folds so he can pick it up and carry it. The scooter also features a spring-less shock system for a super smooth ride, an enhanced finger guard, a wheel bar, and a rear-fender brake.

Being so easy to use, any 7-year old will love riding this to school, at the park, literally anywhere. As an added benefit, it has a maximum weight of 143 pounds and a height-adjustable handlebar, so he can use this for years to come.

Junior Metal Detector

The Junior Metal Detector by National Geographic makes for a super fun toy whether he is digging in the backyard or having fun at the beach. It features a 7.5″ dual coil with adjustable sensitivity, which reduces the chance of false positives. It works by detecting coins and metal found within 6″ of the device, perfect for young explorers. As an added benefit, the coils are waterproof so there are no worries when he’s looking for metals at the beach.

Since this is designed for younger kids, it’s super lightweight and easy to carry. He can also adjust the height of this between 24″ and 39″, which makes it great for travel. The telescoping arm has a padded grip and strap. In addition to the metal detector itself, this comes with a full-color learning guide packed with information on how to use the coils to find metal, the history of metal detectors, and more. He’ll love learning and discovering with this super cool gift.

EzyRoller Classic

The EzyRoller Classic is a super-fun toy that any 7-year old would love rolling around on. It’s even extendable, so it grows as he grows. The EzyRoller supports up to 150 pounds of weight, so he’s sure to get plenty of use from it!

Unlike a bike, this swivels side to side with a snake as he pushes with his right and left legs. While there are bars on the side for him to hold onto, he doesn’t need these as he rolls himself along. This makes it super easy for him to play with a ball or take a drink while he’s riding along. As an added benefit, the wheels are non-marking so this can even be used inside if there’s a safe space for him to play.

Slam Jam Over-the-Door Hoop

The Slam Jam Over-the-Door Hoop by Spalding is great for encouraging a 7-year old boy to work on skills like hand-eye coordination. He’ll love shooting hoops from the comfort of his bedroom. Since this basketball hoop hangs from the door, it’s also super easy to install and doesn’t require any holes to be drilled.

The basketball hoop has a padded polycarbonate board to reduce bounce back (and accidents). It also has a 9-inch steel breakaway rim and comes with a mini, 5-inch Spalding basketball. Everything you need for assembly is included. Any 7-year old boy would love having this gift in his room!

LED Foam Plane

This 17.5″ LED Foam Plane glides through the air, doing loops and cool stunts before landing. It has two modes of flight. He can change the way that this flies by moving the rear tail wing into the top or bottom slot. One mode of flight makes it glide horizontally, while the other lets it do loops on its flight path.

The foam plane is made from durable EPP polymer material, so it will last for a long time. He’ll also love that it features LED lights, so he can even fly it at night!

Astroshot Zero GX

The Astroshot Zero GX target shooting game by USA Toyz comes with everything he needs for target practice. While this comes with a foam dart gun, this is also compatible with Nerf guns, so it’s super easy for him to play with a friend, too! It’s designed to work with up to 20′ distance, so it’s a great way to do some target practice.

This comes with everything he needs to play, including the target shooting gallery, 10 floating ball targets, a dart clip, a dart gun, and 12 foam darts. It also comes with an additional five knock-down targets for more ways to play. He can make the balls float with just the flip of a switch. Set up is super easy and this toy is great for practicing hand-eye coordination!


Electronic & Tech Gifts for 7-Year Old Boys

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch makes a great gift for the 7-year old who might be on-the-go frequently. When at home or a friends, he can dock the switch and play on the big screen. As soon as it’s time to go, however, he can switch back to gaming mode and enjoy the Switch regardless of where he is.

This particular model comes along with a 64GB SanDISK MicroSDXC card for added storage space on the Switch. It has a battery live of 4.5-9 hours depending on game play and the added storage space is great for downloading all his favorite games.

RC Programmable Robot

This RC Programmable Robot by Sonomo is a gift that any 7-year old boy would love. This rechargeable robot comes with a controller, but it also works using gesture control. He can sing, dance, and move around at command.

Since this is rechargeable, he’ll love being able to play without worrying about burning through batteries. As an added benefit, the robot performs up to 50 commands at once for lots of fun.

Clip MP3 Player

If the 7-year old in your life is anything like mine, then he already is showing a preference for the type of music he likes. The Clip Sport Go MP3 Player by SanDisk gives him the option to take the music that he loves anywhere. It’s super lightweight and easily clips onto clothing or a belt loop. Additionally, it works with mp3 tracks and iTunes content, and it even has a built-in FM radio.

He’ll love being able to listen to music on the go with this mp3 player. As an added benefit, the buttons are super easy to use and he can see information about the music on a crisp screen. He’ll be able to store up to 8,000 songs on the 16GB of space and it has an impressive 18-hour battery life. This mp3 player even has a voice recording function for more fun!

Flashing Cube

The Flashing Cube by Winning Fingers is a 4-in-1 handheld game that will keep a 7-year old’s brain working. It has five sides with 9 squares each. On the top of the cube, there are clearly labeled buttons to play each of the games, turn the cube on and off, and control volume.

With four different games, there’s always lots he can do with this cube. There are two speed games, including chase me and catch me, and two memory games including follow me and remember me. It also comes with a handy instruction manual so he can figure out exactly what each game play requires. Since this is so compact, it’s also great for keeping himself busy in the car or on the bus.

Orboot Globe

The Orboot Globe by Shifu is an app-based toy that lets a 7-year old learn all about different countries around the world. He’ll learn about subjects like geography, animals, culture, foods, monuments, and inventions from countries as he explores. With more than 1,000 facts to learn and fun quizzes that he can take, the fun (and learning) never stops.

He will need to use a tablet or phone to use this globe, since it’s based on augmented reality and really shows him what else exists in the world. In addition to the globe and access to the app, this comes with a passport and stamp. This makes it easy for him to keep track of all the places he’s visited.


Headphones are great for kids that have an mp3 player or tablet, because they can enjoy their shows and games without everyone else needing to. These Headphones by iClever have a volume limiter, so you don’t have to worry about the headphones damaging his hearing. The over-the-ear design is also better for healthier ears and more comfortable fit.

In addition to having an over-the-ear design, these have an adjustable band. They are also built using durable materials and come with a tangle-free cord that is 4.7-feet in length.


Books, Puzzles, Games, and Other Non-Toy Gifts for a 7-Year Old Boy

5,000 Awesome Facts About Everything!

The 5,000 Awesome Facts About Everything! book by National Geographic is a great way to encourage early learning. Each topic is covered on a two-page spread that offers fun, engaging facts. These are designed bullet-point style so they’re easy to read and accompanied by bright, vivid illustrations.

As he reads, he can learn facts about weird sea creatures, spies, inventors, and so much more. This book is also hardcover, which is nice because he’ll be able to read it again and again.

ATM Piggy Bank

Seven-year olds are at the perfect age to start learning more and more about the world around them. The ATM Piggy Bank is a great way for him to learn more about money and feel more like an adult. It comes with a password-protected piggy bank that can hold up to 600 coins or 1,000 bills. It’s the perfect way to encourage him to save money!

The password is changeable, so he can choose any 4-digit combination he would like. It’s also great for encouraging him to save, particularly if he has an eye on a special toy or video game.

The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids

My 7-year old loves certain brands of popsicles because of the jokes inside. He loves reading them off to us and giggles like a maniac when he makes us laugh. This Silly Joke Book is perfect for that kid who loves making the people around him laugh. These jokes are great for telling family and friends and even make a great ice breaker when meeting new people.

This book comes with more than 800 jokes designed for the younger reader’s mind. They’re separated into chapters based on the type of joke for easier reading, so he can go back to ones he needs to revisit again. He’ll love getting a chuckle out of this book!

Outer Space Puzzle

This Outer Space Puzzle by Mudpuppy glows in the dark, for added fun. It comes with 100 pieces to fit together. When finished, the puzzle measures 18″ x 12″ and shows a rocketship and astronaut, the planets, the moon, and more. He’ll love turning off the lights and seeing the glow of his finished work!

Each puzzle piece is precision cut, so it connects easily to other parts. As an added benefit, the soy-based inks are non-toxic and they shouldn’t fade with time.

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie

My 7-year old is obsessed with all things Minecraft. While he would be content spending hours a day building things in the Minecraft world, that much screen time just isn’t good for a growing mind. This Minecraft book gives him the chance to explore the Minecraft world away from the television screen, plus it encourages reading which is always a bonus.

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie is a series and this is only the first book in the set. This is great, particularly if he develops an interest in this book because he’ll have more that he can read later on.


Hedbanz is a fun game that will have the whole family laughing. To play, each player puts a card on his or her head, so they can’t see it but all the other players can. Then, one player asks questions that can be answered with yes or no and tries to find out what animal, food, or objects they are.

This game has timed rounds, so it makes game play really fast-paced and fun. He’ll learn to use his deductive reasoning skills to narrow down what exactly he is. This comes with everything needed to play, including 6 headbands for up to six players, 69 picture cards, 3 sample question cards, 13 scoring badges, and a timer. It also comes with a detailed instruction sheet, but it’s fairly easy to understand how to play.

Moon Lamp

Even though he’s growing up, my 7-year old still loves his night light. This Moon Lamp would make a great gift for any 7-year old boy. It comes with a stand and remote, so he can easily cycle through the different light patterns.

The unique, 3D pattern on the outside of the night light gives it a moon-like appearance. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and can be charged using a USB adapter. He’ll love using the remote to cycle through the 4 different color modes (smooth, flash, fade, or strobe) and 16 different colors. As an added benefit, there is an automatic shutoff after 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes so you can be sure that he’s still getting a good night of sleep.

Guess in 10 Game

This Guess in 10 Game by Skillmatics features animals of the world. To play, players take turns drawing a card and answering other players’ questions. It’s important to carefully craft these questions, since you only get ten total questions to try and guess the animal. This encourages critical thinking.

Whoever guess the animal correctly collects the card and the first player to reach 7 cards wins. In addition to the Animals of the World game, this is available in more than 10 varieties. This means lots of hours of play!

Magic Treehouse Boxed Set

The Magic Tree House Boxed Set makes a great gift for that 7-year old boy who is ready to accept the challenge of early chapter books. This set comes with the first four Magic Tree House books written by Mary Pope Osborne. Though they are chapter books, they’re written easy enough that the recommended age group is 5-8 years. He’ll love going on an adventure while reading these books.

This boxed set comes with 28 books, each of them a different adventure. These books are exciting enough to keep him engaged and an easy enough read that he shouldn’t struggle too much. He’ll love getting away from the television with these books!


Cars, Trucks, and Race Tracks for 7-Year Old Boys

Amphibious Remote Control Car

The Amphibious Remote Control Car by Pussan is ready to tackle any obstacle he can throw at it. It can tackle tough terrain, climb over rocks, plow through mud puddles, and even surf on the water. With it’s rugged and waterproof design, the 7-year old boy in your life can take this vehicle anywhere.

In addition to climbing over all types of terrain, this RC car does 180-degree flips and 360-degree turns. The gun-style controller is super easy to use and it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. This means that he can play with this again and again, without burning through batteries!

Monster Jam Set

This Monster Jam Set is a must-have for any boy who loves monster trucks. The set comes with the Son-Uva monster truck that is designed to 1:64 scale, as well as four ramps, a launcher, and a launch stabilizer. He can use these to set up all types of jumps and tricks and really get his monster truck up in the air.

Any 7-year old boy would love playing with this set. The monster truck is designed using die-cast metal, so it’s super durable and ready to pull off some awesome stunts. He’ll have hours of screen-free play with this set.

Hot Wheels Car Set

This 50-piece Hot Wheels Cars Set makes a great gift for a boy of any age. They’re always coming out with new designs and colors, so you can be sure that he’ll get some new cars that aren’t already in his collection. As an added benefit, these all come individually packaged, so he can choose to open them all or collect a few of them, if he would like!

Each Hot Wheels vehicle is made using durable, die-cast metal and painted with good attention to detail. They’re also designed to 1:64 size, so the cars are modeled similar to the way they would be in real life. With so many cars available, it’s almost impossible to collect them all!

Light Speedway Set

The Light Speedway Set by USA Toyz is a glow-in-the-dark racetrack with 350 pieces that can be snapped together in all kinds of configurations for fun. It also comes with two LED race cars. Put a battery inside and they will go around the track again and again!

With two race cars included, this is great for playing alone or with friends. The 7-year old boy in your life will also love creating loops, hills, turns, and other obstacles for the cars to travel over. As an added benefit, this activity is great for fine motor skills!

RC Racecar Building Set

The RC Racecar Building Kit by GAMZOO is a 2-in-1 activity for the young boy in your life. First, he’ll use the detailed instruction guide to build his car. He can choose from two different designs! Then, he’ll have fun racing his car on flat surfaces, indoors and out!

This RC car makes a great STEM gift and encourages problem solving, especially since the pieces can be assembled in more than one way. Then, just add batteries and he’ll be racing the car in no time!

Blastway Dual Racing Track

The Blastway Dual Racing Track by Hot Wheels offers hours of fun for a 7-year old boy. This comes with two side-by-side tracks for real racing action. All he has to do is put a Hot Wheels car in each of the slam launchers and push down on the launcher to send it zooming around the track.

He’ll love playing with this by himself or with a friend. There’s even race flags that pop up to determine the winner and fans that pop up from excitement in the stands. If he already has some Hot Wheels tracks, you’ll also be happy to know that this is compatible with other sets for even more fun!


Inexpensive Gifts for a 7-Year Old Boy

Would Your Rather? – EWW Edition

The Would Your Rather? – EWW Edition is a gross, hilarious book that would appeal to a 7-year old boy. It’s jam-packed full of questions like, “Would you rather have a foot for a face or have worms come out of your nose every time you’ve sneezed.” Not only will it get him laughing, it’s great for promoting fun time away from a screen.

He’ll love asking these questions, whether he’s asking family or friends. It also encourages early reading, which is always a plus in our book!

Digital Watch

The Digital Watch by ATIMO is a functional gift for a 7-year old boy. He’ll love being able to tell time with the dual time display and use features like the calendar, alarm clock, and stop watch. As an added bonus, it’s rated waterproof up to 50M and shock-resistant, so it withstands drops well.

This watch is especially great for a 7-year old because it has both digital time and an analog clock, so it’s great for learning. He’ll also love how comfortable this is because of the soft, breathable polyurethane strap.

Build A Beast Dragonfly Kit

The Build A Beast Dragonfly Kit by Crayola comes with six bags of Model Magic clay, a pressing tool, and a body frame skeleton that he can build. With the pressing tool and shape of the frame, he can press the clay into the design easily. It even has a dragonfly tail that will wiggle, even after the clay is dry!

In addition to building a cute dragonfly creature, he’ll learn about the critter with the dragonfly facts card. Since this comes with Model Magic clay, it won’t crack or crumble after it dries. Additionally, the instructions make it super easy for him to build this, even on his own!

Pass The Pigs

Pass The Pigs is a game that takes a little luck and a little strategy to win. This game comes with cute, “pig” style dice that you roll on your turn. You score according to the way that each pig lands and you can keep going until you want to quit, or until you “pig out” and your turn is over!

There’s risk and strategy involved with whether you decide to keep rolling or stop and take your points. In addition to the dice, this also comes with a dice cup, scoring guide, scoring pad, and pencil. It also comes with illustrated instructions, so it’s super easy to understand. The small design and carrying case also makes this super portable, so it’s great for playing with friends. Any 7-year old boy would love this inexpensive gift.

Paint by Sticker

This Paint by Sticker book features ten different under-the-sea designs that the 7-year old in your life can create on his own. He’ll use the included stickers and number template to match the different shapes and colors. As an added benefit, the pages are perforated so he can easily tear out his finished designs and put them on display!

Both of my boys love stickers. I love that this comes with a book, so I won’t find them on the walls or stuck in the carpet! This would make a great affordable gift for a 7-year old.

Walkie Talkies

These Walkie Talkies by Retevis are a great multi-purpose gift for a 7-year old boy. He’ll love using these to play with his siblings or friends. Additionally, these work great for helping you communicate with him, too! We use our walkie talkies to stay in touch with him when he’s playing on the playground or with friends he’s made while camping.

These have 22 channels and 2-way talk, so it’s easy for him to communicate with friends. He can also adjust the volume and the auto squelch function reduces background noise so he has better sound quality. Some other nice features include the integrated LED flashlight and the 2.5mm headphone jack that lets him use this with a headset instead if he would like.

Multi Voice Changer

The Voice Changer by Toysmith comes with 10 different voice modifiers that he can use to change his voice. He’ll get lots of giggles out of changing his voice and surprising family and friends.

In addition to the different voices, this comes with levers to adjust amplitude and frequency, for even more sound combinations. Any child would love playing with this, especially as they play pretend. It’s a great gift for the young boy’s active imagination!


Art Sets, Building Kits, and Other Creative Toys for 7-Year Old Boys

K’NEX – 35 Model Building Set

This K’NEX Building Set comes with 480 pieces and a guide with 35 different models. The various rods, wheels, and connectors can be connected in all kinds of way, to make vehicles, dinosaurs, and anything that they can imagine. Additionally, the different builds even have moving parts!

The detailed guide makes it easy for him to create the different models and inspires him to come up with his own designs. With 480 pieces, there’s also plenty to share with a friend! While the snap-fit pieces attach sturdily and make it easy for him to play with his creations, he’ll also appreciate that they easily come apart to build again and again.

Illustory Book Making Kit

The Illustory Book Making Kit by Lulu Jr. is an award-winning gift that will get his creative sparks flying! This kit comes with everything he needs to create a 20-page, hardcover book in full cover. Once he’s finished, he can mail it back in the prepaid envelope and the company will print a real, hardcover copy of his book!

In addition to a prepaid envelope to send the completed book back in for printing, this comes with a new writing guide, an “About the Author” section on the back of the book, and ready-to-use template pages that make it super easy for him to create his own book. Even the markers are included! This is a gift that he’ll be able to appreciate for years to come and even read to his kids when he is all grown up!

Crazy Forts

Even as my son wants to spend less time with me, he always loves doing activities like this. Crazy Forts by Everest Toys comes with 69-pieces that include rods and connectors that makes it super easy to put together a fort. The connector balls even glow in the dark for added fun!

Any 7-year old boy would love to receive this as a gift. The pieces are sturdy enough that he can put some blankets or sheets on top and really enjoy the fort experience. As an added benefit, there’s no risk of tipping furniture (like chairs) if he pulls on the sheets too much.

Plus-Plus Building Set

The Plus-Plus Building Set comes with 400 interlocking mini puzzle blocks to let the 7-year old in your life create 2D and 3D creations. Each block interlocks with the next and they can be placed flat or stood up. This also comes with a base and a detailed guide with instructions on how to create lots of designs.

The interlocking pieces snap together tight, so he can play with his creations before taking them apart and building again. This set comes with 300 multi-colored pieces and 100 neon pieces. The color is great because he can build some of his designs true to real life, if he would like. This set will keep any 7-year old busy for hours!

Light Up Tracing Pad and Art Case

The Light Up Tracing Pad & Art Case bundle by Crayola is a great way to get his imagination going! It comes with a light-up tracing pad that illuminates pages so he can trace any kind of line art. Then, he can use all art supplies included in the coloring case to bring his drawings to life!

The tracing pad comes with the coloring board, a graphite pencil, 10 blank sheets of paper, 10 tracing papers, and 12 colored pencils. It takes 3AA batteries and illuminates his pages. In addition to being great for line art, this is great for creating in low-lit areas or the car. He’ll also love using the art kit. This comes with 15 large pieces of paper, 64 crayons, 40 washable markers, and 20 colored pencils.

Craft-tastic Artist’s Box

The Craft-tastic Artist’s Box is the perfect way to inspire the 7-year old artist in your life. It comes with 7 challenge cards to do seven different art challenges. The box is also packed full of supplies that they can use in their ingenuity, including challenges for making a sculpture, mobile, collage, self-portrait, and more.

Some of the materials he’ll find in this artist’s box include tissue paper, cotton twine, embroidery thread, styrofoam balls, straws, pom poms, cardboard, tape, glue, and more. He’ll love figuring out how all these pieces go together as he creates the challenges on the card.

Create + Paint Truck

The Create + Paint Truck by Allessimo makes for a great project for a 7-year old boy. He’ll put the 3D puzzle together and then use the included paints to design his project!

3D puzzles like these make a great gift because they encourage him to use problem-solving skills. Additionally, he’ll have lots of fun when he does it. Even though he has to put the truck together using the included guide book, he’ll also get to express his creativity as he decides what color to paint his finished truck.

Slime Kit

This hands-on activity is great for 7-year old boys. Plus, what kid doesn’t love slime? This Jumbo Slime Kit by Zen Laboratory has everything he needs to create 18 different colored slimes. There are also lots of fun mix-ins, including glow-in-the-dark powder, beads, foam balls, glitter, and more.

He’ll love getting his hands dirty as he mixes and matches slimes and add-ins in this kit. It’s a great activity set and with so many different types of slime included, he’ll have hours and hours of fun!


What to Look for in Gifts for 7-Year Old Boys

Seven-year old boys are considered to be in their middle childhood, which occurs between 6-8 years old. As you consider toy and gift ideas for 7-year old boys, you’ll want to consider his development. There are lots of gifts that can encourage this!

Social Development

Children at this age are learning to become a lot more independent, but they also want to be liked by friends. For this reason, both gifts that encourage him to play with others and things he can do on his own make great gifts. Gifts that encourage him to be alone help him explore his own interests and enjoy time with himself. Some good gifts include building sets, books, and even art kits. This is important for confidence building. However, gifts that encourage him to work with others, learn patience through taking turns, and solve problems are also great. This might include toys he can share with others or even board games.

Physical Development

By age 7, kids have developed a lot of fine motor skills and gross motor movements. They are also gaining more control over their hand-eye coordination, particularly when using large muscle groups. Kids that are in this age group are more likely to be able to learn to swim and throw a basketball in a hoop. We tried to include toy and gift ideas that encourages boys in their physical development and helps them continue to develop these skills. These include toys that can be played with indoors and outside, especially since it’s also important that he continues developing these skills during the winter months.

Intellectual/Cognitive Development

Seven-year old boys also have the ability to understand a lot more. They’re at a critical point with reasoning and critical thinking, both skills that will help them in the future. They also have a greater understanding of how they learn best. For some kids, this might be through reading and working on their own, while others prefer to learn using hands-on methods like experimentation. If you know his learning preference, it makes it easier to choose a gift you know the 7-year old boy in your life will really appreciate.