Gift Ideas for 70-Year-Old Men [2023]

Turning 70 is a big milestone in a man’s life. Getting the right gift can make or break a birthday. Luckily we’ve got you covered with the best list of gifts to get for 70-year-old men.

Best Gifts for 70-Year-Old Men

Orthopedic Moccasins

The Orthopedic Moccasins are very comfortable and are proven to help relieve pain from Plantar Fasciitis. They are available in several sizes, as well as wide and extra wide. Relieving pain from the feet can help joints and nerves throughout the whole body and can improve walking. The shoe is covered with cushioning all around the inside while staying lightweight and easy to put on.

DEWALT Cordless Drill

The DEWALT Cordless Drill is great for the handyman of the family. This kit comes with a 20V cordless drill with a two-speed transmission. The drill is light and compact with an ergonomic handle. It weighs about three pounds and has an LED light on it. The drill comes with a bag as well to carry all the supplies and tools.

Platinum Chain Necklace

The Platinum Chain Necklace keeps in with traditional gifts for 70th birthdays. This necklace is made from solid 950 real platinum with a finish-diamond cut to make it shinier and smoother. It can be worn with or without a pendant. There are four lengths available ranging from 16″ to 24″. The necklace is safe for people with allergens and is nickel-free. The company has a money-back guarantee if there is any problem with the necklace.

Luxury Bucket Towel Warmer

The Luxury Bucket Towel Warmer is really big and can fit several towels inside it, as well as oversized blankets, bathrobes, or pajamas. In one minute, your towels will be lukewarm, in six minutes they will be hot. It will keep the towels warm for a total of sixty minutes before turning off and heats them evenly throughout. The towel warmer is compact and easy to store.

Beard Grooming Kit

The Beard Grooming Kit comes with a lot of gifts including a beard conditioner, shampoo, and oils, beard balm, a brush, and scissors. They all come in a storage bag and along with the kit is a free ebook with instructions on how to properly manage a luxurious beard. The shampoo and conditioner are made with all-natural ingredients that are known for helping beard growth and hydration. The oil and balm are made to soften the skin and add shine to the beard, as well as provide good vitamins and minerals to the face and hair.

Men’s Jewelry Box

The Men’s Jewelry Box is made from faux suede and felt as well as fake leather. It has a total of 11 compartments and one drawer. There’s a charging tray for your phone as well as several other small compartments to carry rings, pens, watches, and more. It comes in a box ready to be gifted. The company is based in Texas and assures a good product, however, some have said that in shipping their boxes have been damaged.

FreshJax Grilling Spice Gift Set

The FreshJax Grilling Spice Gift Set is completely organic and certified Kosher. It is also gluten-free and has no artificial flavors. FreshJax offers several different kinds of seasonings and spices, besides this set of five meant for the grill. Also, with each purchase, a portion of the cost will be given to FreshJax’s Campaign to End Childhood Hunger that gives meals to children in need.

Digital Picture Frame

The Digital Picture Frame has a 10 in. screen and comes with 16GB of storage. It is a touch screen product and IPS tech will ensure that your photos are displayed with the right color and lighting. You can also share photos from one frame to another with their app, Frameo. The frame comes with a timer, captions, sleep mode, and image adjustment. The frame itself is available in four colors, black, white, rose gold, and teal.

Carhartt Men’s Active Jacket

The Carhartt Men’s Active Jacket is available in several sizes and a few different colors including brown, tan, and black. It is 100% cotton and can be machine washed. The lining inside the body is quilted for comfort and warmth. The hood is quilted as well and comes with a drawcord. They recommend that you order a size larger than normal as the coats run small.

VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

The VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder is a laser rangefinder for golfers, hunters, and more. The rangefinder can scan up to 540 yards. The body of the product is water-resistant and durable for outside use. It is lightweight, weighing under a pound, and easy to carry. The rangefinder also comes with a pouch, a battery, a strap, a cleaning cloth, and a guide on how to use it. Their product also comes with a 2-year guarantee.

Magnetic Pickup Tool

The Magnetic Pickup Toolis great for the DIYer in the family who may need some help picking things up, especially small pieces for crafts. The magnet is telescoping and can move in several directions and is equipped with a flashlight to see in dark corners and under tables. It’s great for picking up small pieces such as bolts, nuts, and screws. It can be extended up to about two feet in total and can reach where most hands and arms can’t. It is battery-powered.

Brightech Magnifier Lamp

The Brightech Magnifier Lamp is a premium magnifying glass with an LED light attached to the frame. The glass is made from diopter glass and can magnify anything within 13 inches. The glass shouldn’t fog up or break easily. This lamp is perfect for the hobbyist, painters, and puzzlers. I recommend this for the person who loves to work up close and personal with their crafts.

Personalized Fly Fishing Name Art

The Personalized Fly Fishing Name Art is perfect for the fisherman in your life. The block mount comes in two sizes, while the canvas only comes in one. Three to eleven letters are allowed on the print and photos aren’t repeated when a letter is repeated. Some have complained about the framed canvas product, but the block mount is a sturdy and durable product.

Custom Monogram Branding Iron

The Custom Monogram Branding is available in several different packages, each includes a custom branding iron, but some come with extras such as a hanging plank, a steak plate, or a gift box. Characters include the entire alphabet, numbers 0-9, the &, the @, the +, and a heart. The branding iron is used for wood, leather, or steaks, or burgers.

Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Maker

The Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Maker is perfect for the coffee lover in the family. It comes in two colors, black and white. Different packages include different things. The most basic package includes just the machine while the best package includes the machine, the aero, and the capsule set. The machine is made of 50% recycled materials and is 5.5 inches wide.

Windsor Glider and Ottoman Set

The Windsor Glider and Ottoman Set is available in several different colors and is made from 100% polyester fabrics. The chair is prone to tip over when sitting on the very edge of the seat or armrests. Use the chair as it should be used and not as a step stool. The cushions are removable and easy to spot clean. The frame of the chair and ottoman is solid wood that is durable and meant for stability.

Canway Travel Duffel Bag

The Canway Travel Duffel Bag is available in nine different colors as well as three sizes being 65L, 85L, and 115L. It is durable with waterproof fabric as well as tear-resistant fabric. It can hold the space of an average suitcase. This bag comes with a shoulder strap, as well as handles on either end and two handles on top for ease of carrying. It is a great overnight duffle as well as an outdoor bag or carry-on luggage.

Kneading Massage Pillow

The  Kneading Massage Pillow is great for neck, back, shoulder, foot, and leg pain. It is available in two colors. The pillow uses 8 multi-directional rotation kneading massage heads. It can also heat up. It is lightweight, but durable and should last a long time. It can be used even in the car by plugging it into the car’s cigarette lighter.

Indoor Golf Putting Green Set

The  Indoor Golf Putting Green Set comes with the green, an automatic ball return system, and is made from imported two-tone grass. The bottom is a rubber that will stick to the ground, which won’t allow for slipping and movement. It also comes with thirteen different balls, four blue, four yellow, and five white. It is lightweight and easy to store away. There is a 24-month guarantee warranty on the putting green set.

Leather Journal Gift Set

The Leather Journal Gift Set is a great gift for the journaler in your family. Made from buffalo brown leather, the book comes with 300 blank pages made from cream paper ready to be written on. There is a leather tie around the journal that secures a pen nicely and tightly to the journal when tied correctly. Along with the journal comes a gold pen that writes smoothly and doesn’t bleed. The whole thing comes in a nice box, ready to gift.

Heated Gloves

The Heated Gloves are battery-operated, thermal heated, and ready to use on arrival. They are made from heavy cotton, as well as waterproof fabrics and they’re machine-washable. These gloves are great for those with chronic illnesses that cause the hands to be cold all the time. They are durable and good for outdoor use as well. The batteries are rechargeable so the gloves should always be ready for use and the highest temperature it gets is 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Muscle Massage Gun

The Muscle Massage Gun is a deep tissue massager with 6 different heads designed to target different kinds of pain. The gun works by sending pressurized pulses throughout the body to relieve tension and ease the pain. These pulses go deep into the muscle tissue and are proven to better motion, flexibility, and blood flow. It is often used by athletes as well as those will neck, back, or joint pain. The massage gun has 30 varying speeds and an LED touchscreen to easily pick which one you’d like. The top speed can deliver 3600 pulses per minute. The massage gun is rechargeable and takes about four hours to fully charge. It is durable and built to last, and be used in the office, home, or gym.

Men’s Fur Loafers

The Men’s Fur Loafers are available in several sizes and colors including tan, blue, grey, and black. The outside is suede leather with sheepskin while the inside is covered in faux fur. The soles are made from rubber to assure a tight grip on the ground so that the user might never trip, slip, or fall. The sellers encourage people to buy the next size up when it comes to shoe shopping because their slippers come fitting snug.

Push Pin Travel Maps

The Push Pin Travel Maps are available in several different kinds of frames, including colors and woods. There is a section that can include custom engraving, so the map can be personalized however you’d like. The travel map is a bit heavy, weighing 11 pounds. It comes ready to be hung on the wall and comes with 100 pins in varying colors including red, white, and black. The paper of the map is smooth but very detailed featuring the whole world and many major cities.

Portable CD Player

The Portable CD Player comes with AM/FM radio as well as the CD player. It has a memory hold of 16/19 programmable tracks and an LED display. It comes with the normal pause, play, skip and repeat functions. The antennae are able to move in most directions to help pick up the best signal for the radio. It runs on battery power so it can be taken anywhere. The only color available is red.

Kahuna Massage Chair

The Kahuna Massage Chair is a great gift for an aging man. The chair can hold up to 230 pounds while weighing 200 pounds itself. The chair comes in separate pieces so there will be some assembly required. The company offers warranties and assistance in assembling. The chair comes with 6 pre-programmed massages. The footers at the bottom of the chair are detachable and easy to wash and sanitize.

Personalized Humidor Cigar Wooden Box

The Personalized Humidor Cigar Wooden Box has storage space for up to 50 cigars. It comes with a built-in humidifier to keep them safe. The case can be personalized and monogrammed for the recipient with four different designs to choose from. The case comes with SureSeal tech to make sure that your case is properly sealed and stored to keep your cigars fresh. It is a good collection piece for any man.

70th Birthday Golf Ball Pack

The 70th Birthday Golf Ball Pack makes for great party favors or gifts. The golf balls can be used not only for display but on the course as well. They are durable and strong. With the normal wear of a golf ball, the design may wear off. The pack comes neatly packaged and ready to gift. The pack includes only three balls, each with its own unique design.

Kodak PIXPRO Digital Camera

The Kodak PIXPRO Digital Camera has Four times optical zoom as well as a 27mm angle that is pairable with PC and Mac. It captures 720p HD videos and pictures in 16 megapixels. Kodak is a trusted brand that has been used for several years and I highly recommend it for all of your photography needs. This camera is available in both black and red and has the special feature of image stabilization.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones have two options when buying, compatible with Android devices or Apple devices. They also come in two colors, white and black. It is a wired connection so there’s no need for Bluetooth to be on. They are lightweight but still deliver powerful and rich sound. Or if you’d rather just wear them to drown out the world, it has a great impact on noise reduction. It comes with a microphone so you can take calls with them as well. The LED light tells you when the battery power is off, or when it needs to be recharged.

Heated Mattress Pad

The Heated Mattress Pad is available in two packages, one is just the pad, while the other includes a heated blanket as well. The pad itself is a quilted mattress pad with controls on each side with 10 heating options to pinpoint different parts of the body that need attention. It also comes with a timer so if you should fall asleep it will automatically turn off after ten hours. The pad is made from 100% polyester and comes in several sizes including twin, queen, king, and full.

Meat and Cheese Gift Crate

The Meat and Cheese Gift Crate is the perfect gift for the man who has everything already. It comes with 8 items including salami, dried fruit; cheddar, Monterey Jack, and brie cheeses. It is a great mix of savory and salty and sweet and it comes ready to gift. It is made in California. With edible gifts, be sure to check with dietary and allergenic restrictions before purchasing.

70th Birthday Mug

The 70th Birthday Mug is a white ceramic mug with a durable and steady handle. The print is double-sided and shouldn’t wear off. The mugs are easy to clean and are made from eco-friendly materials. They work well with both hot and cold drinks, soups, and more. It comes gift wrapped and ready to give away.

Tactical MultiTool Pen

The Tactical MultiTool Penis lightweight and made from aluminum. The pen includes a glass-breaker, bottle-opener, LED flashlight, miniature saw, screwdriver and it works as a pen too. It can clip onto your pocket to make sure you don’t lose it. The package also comes with 2 ink refills and an extra battery as well as a user’s manual. It’s durable and strong and perfect for rugged outdoor use. It can also be used as a self-defense mechanism. The company is veteran-owned as well.

Golf Ball Retriever for Water

The Golf Ball Retriever for Water is a telescoping stick designed to help you pick up the golf balls out of the water or small holes in the ground. It extends up to 15′ without bending or flopping about but is only 45″ when retracted. The handle is ergonomic and easy to use and grip onto. The retriever is stainless steel and durable. It should pick up your golf balls pretty easily.

Tommy Hilfiger Leather Wallet

The Tommy Hilfiger Leather Wallet is a premium wallet available in several styles and colors. This wallet is made from real, imported leather. It has a bifold closure and is very functional as a wallet. It shouldn’t wear down or stretch out over time. Tommy Hilfiger is a well-known brand that is known for its high-quality products and this wallet should live up to those standards. This wallet has a sleek and slim design and shouldn’t stand out too much in your pocket. I recommend this for the person who is always on the go.

Pint Glass with Golf Ball

This Pint Glass with Golf Ball is a fun gift that comes with a real golf ball. This glass is handmade in Wisconsin and blown to fit the golf ball in the side of the glass as if the glass has been bent around the golf ball. It can hold up to 16 ounces and is completely safe to drink from. The glass comes wrapped up nicely to ensure that it arrives safe and it comes with a custom display box so it’s ready to gift right away. While it is dishwasher safe, the manufacturer recommends washing this glass only by hand.

70th Birthday Face Mask

The 70th Birthday Face Mask is a reusable and breathable facemask that is approved to be worn by most standards. It is made to be durable, comfortable, and washable. The ear straps are adjustable to make sure that the mask fits on the face just right. There is a clip around the nose as well to ensure that it will stay on and not fog up any glasses. It is good protection against diseases, allergens, fog, liquids like mists, and anti-odor. It comes in one size and this size fits most.

Tool Keychain Set

The Tool Keychain Set is a fun, small keychain that comes with a total of five tools including a screwdriver, a crossed a bit, and a slotted bit, two hex keys, and a bottle opener. This handy keychain is a basic toolset that can come in handy in any number of odd situations such as emergency repairs or woodworking. It’s small and doesn’t weigh very much so it’s easy to carry around. It is sturdy and the surface is treated with chrome so as never to rust or wear down.

What to Look for in Gifts for 70-Year-Old Men

What is the traditional gift for 70 years old?

The traditional gift for turning 70 years old is platinum. Platinum can represent many things including endurance and rarity. Platinum is not only the traditional gift for turning 70, but it is also the modern gift. Any gifts of jewelry, picture frames, dishware, or anything really the color and feel of platinum is a good fit.

Should a gift be useful?

A gift for a 70-year-old man should most likely be useful. At that age, a person tends to stop collecting knick-knacks and heirlooms. Instead, they want something that can be used up or used time and time again. This doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a practical gift like heated gloves, or fuzzy slippers. It can be something fun like a personalized t-shirt or a golfing set. Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean the fun has to come to an end.

What to get for a man who has everything?

Coming to the age of 70 years old, they’ve probably already collected a lot of stuff. They might even be looking to downsize at this point in their lives. For the person who seems to have everything, go with something edible. They’re not going to need another beer glass or magnifying lamp. But food can be used up quickly and is really enjoyable. Good items such as a food gift basket or a gift of spices are always appreciated. Just be sure to check with the person’s dietary and allergy needs before buying.