Gift Ideas for 11-Year-Old Boys [2023]

Are you shopping for a gift for an 11 year old boy? Get ideas for all kinds of presents like educational toys, games, books, active presents and gifts for their bedroom.

Active Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

The Razor E100 Electric Scooter is an excellent present for children who have already mastered a starter scooter and would like to move on to an electric scooter. We are showing it in red, but it is available in a total of 7 colors. The other colors available are blue, black, pink, daisy pink, green, and purple.

Although it is an electric scooter, it is kid-sized, so it is the perfect introduction to using an electric scooter. It has a 100-watt single-speed high torque chain motor, allowing the scooter to go up to 10 miles per hour. It has rechargeable duel 12-volt batteries, and while fully charged, it can be used for 40 minutes.

Razor Jetts Heel Wheels

The Razor Jetts Heel Wheels is another excellent active toy to get for boys. We are showing these heel wheels in neon green, but they are also available in electric blue.

These are great for kids who want the rollerskate or in-line skate experience without committing. They can easily strap these to their sneakers and use them at will but not spend all their time on wheels. This is a much cheaper alternative to getting them a pair of heels. However, like with rollerskates, in-line skates, and Heelys – safety gear such as kneepads, elbow pads, and helmets are still recommended.

Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-the-Door Hoop

The Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-the-Door Hoop is afun bedroom door basketball hoop and ball. This is an excellent present for anyone looking to get an active gift for kids to play indoors. Over-the-door basketball hoops are great for when the weather is bad outdoors or too late for them to play outside.

This includes a basketball hoop 18 inches by 10.5 inches, with a steel breakaway rim that is 9 inches. It comes with a 5-inch mini rubber basketball. The basketball is made by Spalding and has the Spalding logo and the NBA logo on it. The polycarbonate board also has the NBA logo on it.

Safe Magnetic Dart Board for Kids

The RaboSky Safe Magnetic Dart Board for Kids is a fun and safe indoor active present for children. It includes a double-sided dart board as well as 12 magnetic darts – 6 red and 6 yellow. Besides this model, there is also an interstellar model. The interstellar model still has the normal dartboard side. Still, instead of the gold and black bullseye circle on the reverse side, it has colorful rings with cartoon versions of planets. It also has twelve darts, but instead of 6 yellow and 6 red, it has 3 yellow, 3 red, 3 blue, and 3 lime green.

The dimensions of this dartboard are 16.9 inches by 17.7 inches by 1.5 inches. It can be hung on a wall or the back of a door.

Pro Complete Skateboard

The M Merkapa 31″ Pro Complete Skateboard has 7 layers of Canadian Maple. It has a double kick deck. This is an excellent present for boys who are ready to move onto a full-sized skateboard. It is silver and black and comes with a skateboard tool for any adjustments that may be needed.

This skateboard will arrive fully assembled, so you will not need to worry about putting it together before gifting this awesome present. The deck is 31 inches long by 8 inches wide. It can support almost 200 pounds of weight, and it is a great way to get a kid to be more active and develop a better sense of balance.

Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector is a super fun to gift an 11-year-old boy. This is a real metal detector that can find treasures and exciting items wherever they go. This metal detecter has 3 modes of operations and 2 different tones. It also is 8 inches waterproof and has a 1/4 inch headphone jack. It is easy to learn how to use a knob control interface to control noise level and sensitivity.

It will detect coin-sized items up to 6 feet deep and larger metal pieces up to 2 feet deep. It detects many different types of metal, including steel, iron, brass, aluminum, gold, and silver.

Fun Shooting Game for Kids

The USA Toyz Astroshot Zero G Shooting Game for Kids is a Nerf compatible floating ball targets shooting game. This is a super fun shooting game that can be used by kids 3 and up, so when given to an older child, they can play it by themselves, with friends, or even with younger siblings and cousins.

It has hovering ball targets and comes with 10 balls that can be used as these floating targets. It also comes with a quick access dart clip with 12 foam darts. These are compatible with Nerf foam darts. It has a 20 feet shooting range. There is an easy on and off switch, and they can choose to play with sound effects or not.

Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disc

The Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disc is a Glow-in-the-dark frisbee toy. This lights up, so it can be played anytime, including late at night. We are showing it in red, but it is also available in blue, green, rainbow, and rainbow to select your own color.

Most people have played with a flying disc toy at some point, and it can be a lot of fun. Of course, adding light-up colors to the toy will make it an even better choice. This is an excellent toy for kids to play with their friends and family outside at night. It is perfect for sleepovers, parties, camping, and taking on vacation.

Educational Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

Sphero Specdrums Educational Toy

The Sphero Specdrums  is an educational and musical toy for kids. This is a STEAM toy that allows children to create multiple sounds, beats, and loops. If you are shopping for a musician or just a child who loves music and wants to learn more about the creative process, this is a great choice. You can either get this in 1 ring (shown) or 2 rings.

This is an app-enabled toy that allows the child to use the ring (or rings) and the play pad (or any other surface) to create a variety of beats, sounds, and loops. They will be able to play around with composing their own music by mimicking the sounds of instruments such as keyboards, MIDI pads, and digital drums.

Compressed Air Powered Racing Vehicle

The Elenco Teach Tech “Air Screamer” Compressed Air Powered Racing Vehicle is an awesome STEM building set for kids 10 and up. This is a fun and unique building set as it just uses compressed air – so there is no motor, and no batteries are needed to work. The kids will spend time building this racing vehicle itself, and it comes with over 100 parts. This is a fabulous choice of an educational toy that you can feel good about gifting, and they will love receiving.

Once put together, this vehicle can go up to 164 feet and can reach speeds as high as 45 miles per hour. It is powered by air and being cranked, but a safety valve prevents it from being over cranked.

Gravity Maze Marble Run Game

The ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Game is a great brain game or STEM toy for children 8 and up. Previously this was a winner of the toy of the year award, so if you are looking for a fun toy that is also a great education choice, this is perfect!

This marble run game has 60 challenges that are fun for children and help develop reasoning and logic skills. This game comes with 60 colored challenge cards, so it will be easy to set up the challenges themselves. They will then work on building a path through the towers to get their marble to the goal.

This is a tremendous non-screen activity for children to use their brains to meet goals and have fun.

Table Top Robot

Another fun educational toy is this Table Top Robot. This is a DIY Robotics STEM toy that is made for children between the ages of 8 and 15 years old. This is a kit that allows children to build a robotic scuttling crab. It can detect the edges of whatever surface it is on and then make swift turns to avoid injuries due to falling.

This toy will teach kids more about how toys are built, assembled, and how they work. They will gain mechanical skills while using creativity and reasoning.

Lego Gadgets

Our final suggestion for a fun educational toy is Lego Gadgets. Lego Gadgets is made for children 8 – 12 years, and this kit will allow children to build 11 different gadgets. This kit will build devices including a micro movie maker, a catapult, and a gravity drop coaster.

It comes with a 78-page step-by-step instruction booklet containing open-ended prompts that will stimulate their creative side and encourage them to be experimental with their building and creativity with this toy.

Games For 11 Year Old Boys

Catan Board Game

The Catan Board Game is a popular adventure board game for kids 10 and up to adults. This can be played with friends or would be great for family game night. Catan is a game for 3 or 4 players, and it only takes about 15 minutes to learn how to play this popular game. Each round of Catan takes about 60 minutes to play.

Catan is different because you are building the board as you play. This result is a different board every time. The point of the game is to settle, build and trade. The players are adventurers who are settling in the remote but rich isle of Catan. They will need to create a new society that includes finding land (fields, mountains, pastures, desert, and forest), building the city, and trading resources. Of course, there will also be obstacles like monopoly landowners, thieves, and other problematic issues that may arise.

Root Board Game

The next game we are suggesting is called Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right. This is a game for 2 – 4 players who are 10 and up. The point of this game is to control the wilderness. This is a game that takes 90 – 120 minutes of gameplay. One of the unique things about this choice is that the players will drive the game’s narrative and decide how this game will go.

This is a good choice for kids who like strategic games and prefer complex gameplay. Several things are going on at once within this gaming experience, which makes strategy even more critical. Each character in the game has different abilities and strengths as well as a different victory condition.

The game is about Marquise de Cat, an infamous leader who has taken over the woodlands for himself and all the cats. The other animals have banded together to take it back. The game could go several ways, depending on how the players react to this – is it a threat, are they on the cats’ side or the woodland alliance side? Because of all the different variables, this game can be replayed for years with different outcomes.

The Initiative Board Game

The InitiativeBoard Game is a strategy board game for children 8 and up. It can be played by 1 – 4 players, so even when no one else is around to play, anyone over the age of 8 can easily pick this up to entertain themselves. When played with other people, this is a co-op board fame with 14 different missions to solve. Each game takes between 30 – 60 minutes.

This puzzle co-op game has the premise that in 1994 four teenagers found a board game at a garage sale. When looking at it closer, they see that the game’s four characters are somehow connected to their own lives. The game is about figuring out why and what precisely the initiative is.

Before each game, the players will read one page of the comic book to set the stage. They will work together using strategy, problem-solving skills, and teamwork to discover long-hidden secrets and crack the code of the initiative.

Mysterium Board Game

The Mysterium Board Game is a base game (meaning if you enjoy it, you can buy other expansion packs later) for 2 – 7 players aged 10 and up. This game has a unique premise where the players are psychic investigators investigating a property called Warwick Manor. Thirty years ago, a horrible crime occurred where the servant was murdered. Now the property is haunted by the victim.

During the game, one player will be the victim, who, of course, is a ghost. The other players will be the psychics. Throughout this cooperative game, they will try to solve the mystery of the manor by communicating with the spirit.

This game has a lot of variety with several dozen suspects, so no two sets of gameplay are the same. Although the base game itself has replayability, expansion packs can also be purchased.

Telepathy Strategy Game

Our final selection of a unique board game to buy is called Telepathy. This is a fun and interesting game that combines multiple education and brain-related functions. Players will use strategy, memory, and logic.

This is a 2 player game where players will go head to head against one another, and they want to be the first to guess their opponent’s secret square. If a sudoku board had a baby with the gameplay of battleship, the Telepathy game would be the result.

Each game only takes 15 – 20 minutes to play. The game comes with 2 telepathy boards, 2 secrecy shields, 2 dry erase markers, 2 dry erase cloths, and instructions.

Electronic and Bedroom Decor Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

Nintendo Switch – Mario Red & Blue Edition

The Nintendo Switch – Mario Red & Blue Edition is a great present for anyone – young or old, boy or girl. This is a fun gaming console to own because it can easily be used alone, for family time, or as a party game. We are showing the red and blue Mario edition because is there any more iconic video game character than Mario?

The switch is a system where you can use the console as a handheld gaming system or play it hooked up to a TV. Like most consoles today, there is a wide selection of games available, including games that are available on multiple consoles, games only available on Nintendo systems (featuring characters like Mario, Sonic, and Donkey Kong), and indie games available for download through the Nintendo online subscription.

Nintendo has an online subscription that includes many classic NES and SNES games to play – these could be games that the parents played during their youth. Now they can be introduced to a whole new generation.

Besides the standard items that come with a switch (the switch, joy-con controller with wrist straps, and docking system), this Mario edition also comes with a red and blue Mario edition carrying case.

Fire HD 10 Tablet

The Fire HD 10 Tablet (10.0 inch 1080p full HD display) is a great combo tablet. This tablet will allow the owner to do several things such as stream audio and video and use some of Amazon’s own apps like Audible and Kindle. This is the perfect gift for someone who loves reading books but wants a tablet that can do more than that.

They can use their Kindle to read books on Kindle and read magazines, watch streaming videos, listen to podcasts and play games. It is really the best of both worlds. We are showing this in 64GB, but you can also choose the smaller storage capacity of 32GB. This has a 10.1 HD screen for viewing and reading enjoyment.

Mini Projector for iPhone

The Mini Projector for iPhone is a cool present for kids to use their iPhone to watch streaming videos. We are showing it in black, but it is also available in white. Although many iPhone users love this projector, it is also compatible with Android, so all smartphone users can get this projector as a terrific present.

It supports many different types of media such as gaming consoles (Xbox and Playstation), TV/streaming multimedia (Fire TV, Roku sticks, Chromecast), and other media (USB disks, DVD players, Laptops and PC’s, Smartphones, and external speakers).

The projection size can be adjusted between 30 inches and 200 inches. The projection distance goes between 2.6 feet to 14.5 feet.

Basketball 3D Illusion Lamp

If you are looking for a super cool-looking piece of bedroom decor, we suggest the Basketball 3D Illusion Lamp. This lamp is color-changing – it has 16 different colors for him to choose from and 4 color change modes. This will allow him to choose his favorite color for most days or to change the color of the illusion basketball lamp to match how to feels, the holiday, or time of the year.

This present comes with a lamp base, a light guide glass plate, a remote control, a user manual, and 5 feet of USB cable.

Contemporary Abstract Circle Design Rug

Another great present for their room is this Contemporary Abstract Circle Design Rug. This is a modern rug that utilizes excellent colors such as shades of grey, blue, and an accent of black. It could be used in many different places in a boy’s room. It can go at the side of the bed or in an area of the room near electronics (such as in front of a TV, under a computer chair, or near a desk).

It is available in many different sizes, which will allow you to get a rug for a specific part of their room, regardless of the size. The dimensions of this rug are available includes 2 feet by 3 feet, 2 feet by 7 feet 2 inches, 2 feet by 10 feet, 10 feet by 14 feet, and 6 other choices.

Books For 11 Year Old Boys

The Manual to Manhood

The The Manual to Manhood is a fabulous book to buy young boys. It will teach them how to do many things they will need as they grow older. There are 100 skills in this book for them to read about and learn how to do. There are a total of 10 chapters, so the skills they are learning are broken up. Here are the chapter lists:

  • Women and Dating
  • Social Skills & Manners
  • Work & Ethics
  • Wealth & Money Management
  • Grooming & Personal Hygiene
  • Clothes & Style
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Cars & Driving
  • Food & Cooking
  • Tools & Fix-It

Some of the skills he will learn to do include how to make pancakes from scratch, how to clear a clogged sink drain, how to check the oil of a vehicle, how to wash clothes, how to fill out a job application, and how to talk with a girl you like. As you can see, this book covers many different areas of life. It is a perfect book to read to get ready for his teenage years and then adulthood.

MasterChef Junior Cookbook

At 11 years old, he may be ready to learn how to cook. Suppose he has already learned basic food safety, definitions and knows how to cook the basics. In that case, he might want to learn how to make more complicated foods or even fancy foods. The MasterChef Junior Cookbook is a great way to teach him about these types of foods.

These recipes were from MasterChef junior contestants, so we know that children his age can certainly make these types of dishes; why not him?

This cookbook has 6 different chapters of recipes. The recipes are broken into snacks and starters, fish and shellfish, meat and poultry, pasta, sides and salads, and desserts.

You can get this as a Kindle book, a paperback, or a spiral-bound book – which may be the easiest for keeping recipes open!

Random Illustrated Facts

Are you looking for a fun and interesting non-fiction book to give as a present? Most Boys will enjoy Random Illustrated Facts: A Collection of Curious, Weird, and Totally Not Boring Things To Know. This book is available in a Kindle format or a paperback book, and it has 208 pages.

If you are trying to get a kid to read, this is a good book. It is fun and the perfect mix of words and illustrations. In fact, the way all the different facts and tidbits are laid out is more like reading comics and a bunch of memes than a 200-page non-fiction book. They will love this!

Magick Box

Magick Box (Magick Box Choose Your Own Adventure) is a perfect boxed book set that includes a parent’s childhood nostalgia with a love of reading. Choose your own adventure books are always a fan favorite as there are different ways the story can turn out based on the readers’ choices. This is a way to make reading an interactive activity.

There are 4 different books within this set, but he can go on over 100 various adventures with all the possible choices! The four books included in this set are:

  • The Magic of the Unicorn by Deborah Lerme Goodman 
  • The Throne of Zeus by Deborah Lerme Goodman 
  • The Trumpet of Terror by Deborah Lerme Goodman 
  • Forecast From Stonehenge by R. A. Montgomery 

Case Closed

Case Closed #1: Mystery in the Mansion is a pick your own path book. This is like a choose your own adventure, except instead of just reading a book and turning to a specific page based upon making a choice, there are puzzles to solve while reading the book. This is the first book in a series of Case Closed Pick Your Own Path books, so if he loves this reading format, there are more books to explore.

The main character is helping his mother, who is sick with the flu, solve a case for her failing detective agency. The reader will choose which suspects they should interview, the questions that should be asked, and what clues to follow.

Skeleton Creek #1

Skeleton Creek #1 is the first book in a NY Times bestselling series written for children 10 and up. One of the unique things about this book is that it is a book to read, but some videos go with it as well.

This is another mystery series. The main characters are Sarah and Ryan. The book starts with them discovering a secret about their hometown, one which the townspeople are trying to keep from them. They do not understand why. Ryan gets hurt and can not help Sarah anymore, so she must do all the sleuthing independently. However, she uses her new camera to videotape herself and talk with Ryan through a secret website.

Shoot Your Shot

Shoot Your Shot: A Sport-Inspired Guide To Living Your Best Life is our final suggestion for a book to give a young boy as a present. This book is available on Kindle or as a paperback, and it has 200 pages.

This book has advice from some of the most well-known basketball players such as Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and James Harden. Some of the lessons that will be learned in this book include removing personal limitations, taking responsibility, working hard, planning, following through, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and paying it forward.

Other Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

Kids Sports Watch

The eYotto Kids Sports Watch  is an attractive and good quality watch which is waterproof. This analog-digital wristwatch features an LED alarm and stopwatch, which is a really cool feature for boys. We are showing this in red and black, but it is available in 3 other styles. You can also choose to get this kids sports watch in all black, black and blue, or black and yellow.

This is a great watch when looking for something that an 11-year-old boy can wear daily without worrying that it will break easily. They will be able to easily adjust the date, week, time, alarm, and stopwatch. It is waterproof up to 50 meters. The band is made of durable PU rubber that bends easily, which helps the band last longer regardless of the wearer’s activities, and it is comfortable to wear.

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

The Infinity Cube Fidget Toy is a sensory tool for kids and adults. Fidget toys can help people deal with stress and anxiety. Opened up, this toy is 3.1 inches by 1.5 inches. Closed in a cube, it is 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches. This is a well-made fidget toy made of ABS plastic blocks connected by stainless steel links. The cubes are securely connected, so they will maintain their shape and not come apart. The links are rust-resistant and can handle the constant folding and flipping motions that occur with fidget toys.

This fidget toy is small enough to be put in a pocket, purse, or backpack, so it can go anywhere.

5-Piece Full Size Adult Drum Set

The Asthhorpe 5-Piece Full Size Adult Drum Set with Remo Heads and Premium Brass Cymbals is a complete professional drum set in black. It is perfect for anyone who wants to get a high-quality musical gift for children. We are showing this drum set in black, but it is also available in blue and silver. This drum set comes with the following:

  • a 22″ x 16″ ten-lug bass drum. It has an upgraded chain-driven pedal.
  • A 12″ x 9″ and 13″ x 10″ mounted toms. These toms have adjustable tilt memory locks.
  • A 14″ x 6″ snare drum. This drum has snare wires and a basket stand.
  • A 16″ x 16″ floor tom.
  • A 16″ premium brass crash cymbal.
  • A 14″ premium brass hi-hat cymbals. These cymbals come with a stand and an upgraded chain-driven pedal.
  • A padded adjustable drum stool.
  • A pair of wooden drumsticks.
  • An adjustment key.
  • Comes with a guide for assembly, layout, and drum kit tuning.

 4 Pack of Gaming T-Shirts

Are you looking for some clothes to buy an 11-year-old? You should consider this 4 Pack of gaming T-shirts. There are two different gaming 4 packs to choose from with unique shirts in each. We chose this 4 pack as the shirts are all different colors. There are two that feature gaming controllers (in blue and black), a red level-up shirt, and a grey shirt that says Eat Sleep Game Repeat.

These t-shirts are available in sizes small through extra-large. They are made of 100% cotton and are true to size.

Adidas Pull Over Hoodie

Another excellent clothing choice is this Adidas Pull-Over Hoodie. Boys can never have too many hoodies, so this is a perfect choice for a present, regardless of the occasion. We are showing it in Collegiate Navy, but it is available in other colors as well. You can also get it in bold blue, black, white, green, silver, and olive. The sizes it is available in are from small to extra large.

What to Look for in Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys

If you are shipping for an 11-year-old boy, you might be confused about what to get him. Are you worried about choosing a present that is for children younger or older? Perhaps you are concerned that you will pick something he just does not like for whatever reason. Don’t worry, that is where we come in!

When shopping for children, it is a good idea to think about their age, the milestones they may be about to reach, and who they are as a person. Believe it or not, but many people just think all children who share the same age and sex are the same. They are not. Children are individuals, and they should be shopped for as such.

The first tip we have for you is to really know who you are shopping for. Many children this age have well-developed personalities, which include things they can not get enough of and things they absolutely do not like. If you already do not know what these things are, find out before shopping. For instance, some kids are artistic, some love music and others like educational toys and reading about different subjects. Of course, if some kids love those things, others do not!

Another way to shop is by their age group and how they may be changing at this point in time. According to the CDC, an 11-year-old boy is in a stage called Middle Childhood. He is at the end of this stage, and soon he will be in his young teens, who are 12-14 years of age.

Middle childhood is when children are forming more complex friendships but also are being introduced to peer pressure. He may find the school is suddenly more challenging, but he has an increased attention span to counter this.

As he begins to approach his young teenage years, these emotional and social changes will continue. He will suddenly care more about their looks, clothing, and body image. He may appear moodier, which is just because he is dealing with a range of emotions. School will continue to become more difficult, but he will learn how to express himself better and develop a stronger sense of right and wrong.

You may want to keep all these things in mind while shopping. One way to do this is by buying clothing, items for his bedroom, and activities that he can do with his friends, such as games and active toys. You can help educationally with STEM toys and books.