Gift and Toy Ideas for 4-Year-Old Girls [2023]

Are you shopping for a 4-year-old gift and are struggling with what to buy? Get ideas for toys and gifts any 4-year-old would love receiving.

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Artistic Gifts For 4-Year-Old GirlsCrayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets Playset10 Inch Colorful Doodle BoardPaint By Sticker Kids: Zoo AnimalsRainbow Scratch Books Gift SetAlex Art Kit With Fuzzy Velvet Coloring Posters1000 Piece Arts and Craft SetActive Gifts For 4-Year-Old Girls700lb 40" Saucer Tree SwingHedstrom Pink Polka Dot Hopper BallLED Light Up Jump Rope2 Person Lightweight Dome TentRoleplaying and Pretend Play Gifts For 4-Year-Old GirlsLearning Resources Calculator Cash RegisterKidKraft Designed by Me: Wooden DollhouseItty Bitty Prettys Tea Party Teacup Dolls PlaysetSweet Shake Surprise Kitty Scented Stuffed AnimalFuzzikins Cottontail Cottage Pop-Up Book PlaysetMelissa & Doug Cookie Set & Felt Food Sandwich SetWorld of EPI Fresh Dolls - LexiGili Pop Beads, Jewelry Making Kit for Little GirlsPrincess Dress Up and Play AccessoriesBuilding Gifts For 4-Year-Old GirlsEducational Insights Design & Drill Bolt Buddies RocketPlaystix Building Blocks STEM KitMelissa and Doug Wooden Construction SetLego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box SetGames and Puzzles For 4-Year-Old GirlsFriends of a Feather GameHungry Hungry HipposDon't Break The IceSequence For KidsPerfectionJumbo Floor Puzzle for Kids6 Pack Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle For KidsEducational Toys For 4-Year-Old GirlsLeapFrog LeapStart Interactive Learning SystemSchool Zone Reading Flash Card 4 PackWriting, Numbers and Patterns Workbooks First Little Readers Parent PackMore Gifts For 4-Year-Old GirlsSinging Machine Karaoke MachineJR.WHITE Mermaid Tail Blanket for KidsVTech KidiZoom SmartwatchFun Talking Robot ToyPrincess Castle Tent PlayhousePastel Unicorn and Cloud Bedding SetKids BathrobeDisney Minnie Mouse Fleece Pullover Hoodie and Leggings SetGirl's Party DressWhat to Look for in Gifts for 4-Year-Old Girls

Artistic Gifts For 4-Year-Old Girls

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets Playset

The Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets Playset is a fun toy for children who like to be artistic to play with. They can color and decorate their pets with the markers included in the set. Then they can wash them in the tub and repeat the whole process.

This set comes with 12 washable markers, 12 washable pet figurines, 1 scrub tub, and 2 scrub brushes. The types of pets included are 5 dogs, 4 cats, 1 hamster, and 2 rabbits.

10 Inch Colorful Doodle Board

The 10 Inch Colorful Doodle Board is a great present that can be meant for many things such as drawing, doodling, practicing letters, words, numbers, or even doing math problems. This is an LCD Writing tablet, so it is bright and colorful as well. We are showing it in the blue model, but it is also available in orange, pink and yellow.

The dimensions of this drawing tablet are 9.8 inches by 6.9 inches by .24 inches. It has LCD pressure-sensitive technology, and it is safe for a child’s young eyes. There is a built-in battery that will last about 6 months and can be replaced. The tablet itself will last for about 100,000 writings. Both of these facts make it eco-friendly as you will not be plugging it in, nor will you be wasting all the paper when the child chooses to use the tablet instead.

Paint By Sticker Kids: Zoo Animals

Are you looking for a super fun and unique art set for kids? The Paint By Sticker Kids: Zoo Animals book allows children 4 and up to make zoo animal art with stickers; what fun is that?

This is really easy. There are different shaped stickers. All they have to do is find the sticker, peel it off of the sticker page and then place it on their zoo animal artwork. This craft book comes with enough stickers and pages to make 10 unique, different zoo animals.

Each page in the sticker kid books is perforated, which means it can carefully be torn out to hand on the wall, the fridge, or even framed! You can choose to just get this book, or you can pick up a few different paint-by-sticker books so they can share their artwork with all their family and friends!

Rainbow Scratch Books Gift Set

Another tremendous artistic gift for children is the Rainbow Scratch Books Gift Set. It comes with 2 books, 10 pages each, 4 wooden styluses, 5 stencils, and a storage gift box to store all the supplies in one convenient place.

This is a lovely present for anyone who likes to draw but might want to create more unique and colorful pictures. It can be fun for children to scratch out their drawings with a wooden stylus on black paper instead of just drawing and coloring on standard paper.

Alex Art Kit With Fuzzy Velvet Coloring Posters

Another popular art present among 4-year-olds is the Alex Art Kit With Fuzzy Velvet Coloring Posters. This is a 6-in-1 art set that is appropriate for children as young as 4 years old. This set comes with 12 large fuzzy velvet coloring posters, which are 10 inches by 14 inches, perfect for displaying finished artwork.

It also has 12 jumbo markers, 12 crayons, 12 colored pencils, a gift box, and an example of coloring.

1000 Piece Arts and Craft Set

Our final suggestion for an artistic gift for a 4-year-old girl is this 1000 Piece Arts and Craft Set. Unlike other artistic gifts, an arts and craft set really allows a child to be creative. There is no set activity pictured with this present. There are many different things they can do or projects that they can choose to create. 

This set comes with 2 organized drawers with a total of 19 organized compartments, which will keep all the different art supplies separated until use. There are 20 different types of supplies in this box, and they are:

  • Metallic Pipe Cleaners
  • Regular Pipe Cleaners
  • Pom Poms
  • Felt Strips
  • Sequins
  • Fuzzy Sticks
  • Wooden Pieces
  • Craft Sticks
  • Wooden Discs
  • Wooden Beads
  • Sticky Gems
  • Plastic Beads
  • Googly Eyes
  • Feathers
  • Thread
  • Buttons
  • Glue
  • Glitter Glue
  • Sewing Needles
  • Scissors

Active Gifts For 4-Year-Old Girls

700lb 40″ Saucer Tree Swing

The 700lb 40″ Saucer Tree Swing is a great gift to get for a preschool-aged child. This can be a fun swing for a child (as well as the whole family). It is meant to hang from a tree, and it can fit several people on it at once.

The saucer is 40 inches in diameter, and it is weight rated to hold 700 pounds. The ropes are adjustable from 47 inches to 71 inches, so there will be no problem with finding a suitable branch to hold this from. There are two foam handles on the sides that the riders can hold for comfort and safety.

A child can swing and spin all day long in this saucer. We are showing it in rainbow-colored, but it also comes in blue.

Hedstrom Pink Polka Dot Hopper Ball

The Hedstrom Pink Polka Dot Hopper Ball is a good choice when you are looking for a more active present for a child. This is a way they can be active indoors or outside. We are showing this in pink polka dot, but it is also available in blue polka dot, purple polka dot, or green stripes.

This toy promotes being active, exercise, balance, and coordination. It has a 15-inch diameter, a handle to stay on the ball, and it is made for children between the ages of 4 years and 6 years of age.

LED Light Up Jump Rope

The LED Light Up Jump Rope is another active toy for children (and adults) of all ages. This jump rope has LED lights that light up and flash, making this activity even more fun.

This jump rope has a universal size of a max of 9 feet, but it is adjustable to the person using it. The LED lights are multi-colored (red, green, and blue) for more fun when exercising. There are 3 different LED light modes – constant on, quick flash, or slow flash). It is fun to play with any time, but it looks especially nice at night.

There is a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which makes this an eco-friendly choice. The handles are made of foam which makes them easy to grip and comfortable to hold.

2 Person Lightweight Dome Tent

The 2 Person Lightweight Dome Tent is a fun present because it can be used for actual camping, backyard camping, or even set up somewhere in the home for a fun play spot.

There is enough space inside for two people, so children can play together, or a parent and a child can have a sleepover. Of course, if set up indoors, the child can just bring with them all the necessities like stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, books, and snacks!

It is easy to set up and break down, so it can be used for as long or as short a time period as you want. It is 77 inches in length by 57 inches in width by 40 inches in height.

Roleplaying and Pretend Play Gifts For 4-Year-Old Girls

Learning Resources Calculator Cash Register

The Learning resources Calculator Cash Register is a pretend play toy that has a real calculator built-in. This is perfect for a child who wants to pretend to work at a grocery store or any other type of business. This toy is solar-powered, so you will not have to go through batteries all the time!

This set has 73 different pieces, and the toy makes real cash register sounds. It comes with the cash register, 40 plastic coins, 30 pretend paper bills, a credit card, and a notepad.

This toy can be used for pretend play, but it will also teach the child beginning math skills and how to count money.

KidKraft Designed by Me: Wooden Dollhouse

The KidKraft Designed by Me: Wooden Dollhouse is an excellent-sized dollhouse for children. It is 25.91 inches by 9.02 inches by 28.11 inches, and it weighs 13.2 pounds. This is a dollhouse that is suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 10 years old. This is a DIY dollhouse because it has two pre-colored pages that are the backdrop to the walls of the dollhouse, but it also has other pages to color.

Inside the chimney are 5 felt tip markers to use on coloring. She can keep the backdrop the same or color her own background and change it up. The coloring book is front and back and has 12 pages, 2 of which are pre-colored. It comes with the dollhouse, coloring book, markers, and furniture – for a total of 20 pieces. There are 5 rooms to play in with dolls that are as large as 2 inches tall.

Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Party Teacup Dolls Playset

The Itty Bitty Prettys  Tea Party Teacup Dolls Playset has over 25 surprises inside. This is a toy suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 10 years old. Unlock and discover 2 of the 13 exclusive itty bitty pretty dolls you can collect – it will be a surprise on which dolls you will find inside!

Inside this teacup which turns into a play area, she will find 2 dolls and everything needed for the perfect tea party experience.

The package includes 1 giant teacup, which opens up to expand into a play area. It also has a convertible tabletop, 2 saucers/doll stands, 1 hairbrush, 1 spoon, 2 magic teabags, 2 fizzing cubes, 2 sets of stylish accessories for the dolls, 2 swappable outfits for the dolls, 3 packets of cotton candy dough, 1 mini teapot with 2 mini teacups, 1 set of tableware, 2 sets of treat decorations, 2 itty bitty pets, and a collectors guide.

Sweet Shake Surprise Kitty Scented Stuffed Animal

The Sweet Shake Surprise 13″ Kitty Scented Stuffed Animal is such a fun gift for a little girl. It has a plushie that is scented along with more than 15 other surprises in the shake cup! What is not to love here? We are showing the kitty, but you can also get a puppy, a llama, or a unicorn.

The animal of your choice is “hatched” from the shake cup. Then there are ingredients to make a mini slime sweet shake inside of the shake cup. The animal is an adorable-smelling plushie. Press one of the paws to hear them sing to you. Press the other paw to record messages that they will say back when pressed.

Fuzzikins Cottontail Cottage Pop-Up Book Playset

The Fuzzikins Cottontail Cottage Pop-Up Book Playset is a present that combines a toy and a craft all in one cute package. It starts with the pieces to build this fun little cottage house, and then she can build it and play with it. It is made for children who are 4 years and older.

It comes with a pop-up cottage which builds up to be 20.25 inches tall. It has 3 flocked rabbits, a white garden fence with a gate, 3 washable markers, and stickers to be colored.

This is a fun project to build and color your own little playhouse for these cute little rabbits.

The Melissa & Doug Cookie Set & Felt Food Sandwich Set is a great pretend playset. This would go great with a play kitchen or store, but it would work as a fine present on its own as well. There are other models available as well. You could get instead (or in addition to) the slice and bake cook and pizza party set or the slice and bake cookie set (by itself).

Food toys are always a fun time for little children. They can make their own food and serve it to their parents, siblings, friends, and stuffed animals. These sets come with numerous pieces and can provide hours of fun for any child from 3 to 7 years of age.

World of EPI Fresh Dolls – Lexi

The World of EPI Fresh Dolls – Lexi is a doll for any child to play with. This is a line of dolls that creates diverse multi-colored dolls. These dolls cover multiple races, including caucasian, mixed-race, African American, Afro-Latina, and Latino/Hispanic. They do not use the same molds and skin tones across all dolls. Each culture and ethnic group has its own skin tone and facial features.

These dolls allow all little girls to be represented and enable children to be exposed to different races and skin tones, so they do not think their skin tone and race are the only ones.

Each doll is 11.5 inches tall. They have articulated joints at the shoulders, elbows, knees, and hips. This allows them to be posed. Their head also turns from side to side. They also all have soft, washable hair.

Gili Pop Beads, Jewelry Making Kit for Little Girls

The Gili Pop Beads Jewelry Making Kit for Little Girls is a fun gift for children in this age group. This is the age when little girls want to wear jewelry and enjoy making their own jewelry as well. This is a good starter choice for children who would enjoy making jewelry. It comes in a pink case (which is easy to transport or store when not in use) and has 500 pieces to create different beaded jewelry and accessories.

Princess Dress Up and Play Accessories

The Princess Dress Up and Play Accessories is a fun dress-up and roleplaying gift for a little girl. This is a nice and big set for little girls. It comes with 4 pairs of princess shoes, 3 bangle bracelets, 3 rings, and 2 pairs of earrings. The shoes are high heels with a 1 3/4 inch heel, but they are big sturdy heels.

This gift will provide hours of dress-up fun!

Building Gifts For 4-Year-Old Girls

Educational Insights Design & Drill Bolt Buddies Rocket

The Educational Insights Design & Drill Bolt Buddies Rocket is a fun STEM toy that focuses on developing fine motor skills. The item dimensions are 6.4 inches by 10.2 inches by 4.6 inches.

This is a drilling playset, which is always a lot of fun for children. They feel like big kids using the same types of tools they see adults play with. They will be using a working drill to build their rocket. It will help develop their fine motor skills while they are having a blast.

This toy includes the power drill toy made for children, a rocket with 6 parts, 7 bots, and two-bolt buddy figurines. It comes in eco-friendly packaging.

Playstix Building Blocks STEM Kit

The Playstix Building Blocks STEM Kit is a great building toy for children aged 4 and up. This is a color-coded building set that includes 150 pieces and encourages stem play, pretend play, and the use of a child’s imagination.

It also encourages children to be creative, uses problem-solving skills, and have social interactions. Building toys, such as this one, is a great choice when you want to promote STEM abilities and learning and experimentation and creative thoughts, and building projects.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Construction Set

Suppose you are looking for a good building kit that will provide a creative outlet. In that case, you should consider the Melissa and Doug Wooden Construction Set. There are 48 pieces, and the set is made of wood. It is either naturally colored or painted red, yellow, blue, or green.

This is a fun and colorful set for children to make their own creations with. There are a total of 48 pieces, including bars, nuts, and bolts.

This is a toy that promotes creative play, building, sorting, counting, and fine motor skills.

Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box Set

This Lego set is appropriate for anyone between the ages of 4 and 99 years old. The Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box Set has 484 pieces, allowing a child to be really creative and make many different creations simultaneously.

This is an excellent starter set with a mixture of classic bricks that the parents and grandparents grew up with and newer, more modern designs. The more modern designs include a wider variety of colored blocks than traditional legos.

This is an excellent set to start with and ensure that a child enjoys building with legos before buying more extensive and complicated kits and supplies.

Games and Puzzles For 4-Year-Old Girls

Friends of a Feather Game

The Friends of a Feather Game is a family-friendly game for children 3 and up. It is a short game that can be played in 15 minutes, and it is good for anywhere from 2 to 4 players.

It has easy-to-understand directions, so gameplay can start right away. You are making your bird have all the same colored feathers, and the rainbow is wild. It is similar to a card matching game except with feathers instead of cards – so fun!

Hungry Hungry Hippos

The Hungry Hungry Hippos is a classic game that every child should have. For years, it has been a childhood favorite, so if the 4-year-old girl you are shopping for does not already have this game, you should buy it and play with her. You will also have a good time!

The game comes with a playboard, 4 hippo bodies, 4 hippo heads, and 20 marbles for the hippos to eat. You can either play by whoever chomps the most marbles win, or you can play by whoever chomps the golden marble is an instant winner.

This is a family-friendly game that everyone will have a good time playing.

Don’t Break The Ice

Another classic game for 4-year-olds is Don’t Break The Ice. This is a fun game for 2 – 4 players to play. The players take turns breaking one piece of ice out of the gameplay area, trying not to be the person who breaks the piece that allows all the pieces to drop.

The game comes with 2 mallets, an ice tray frame with 4 legs, 1 large icebox, 32 smaller ice blocks, and Phillip the penguin. Don’t let Phillip fall in!

Sequence For Kids

Sequence For Kids is a more modern game for children aged 3 – 6. This is a combination of a card game and a board game. They will play a card and place a chip on the board that corresponds to the card. There is also a wild card – a unicorn, of course. The point of the game is to get 4 in a row on the board.

This is a fun and fast game to play with a preschool-aged child. If they end up loving this game, in a few years, you can get them the standard version of Sequence as well.


Perfection is another popular game for younger children. It is a lot of fun to try to fit all the different pieces in the game before time runs out. When time runs out, the game pops up, and the pieces go everywhere, which can be entertaining and fun for kids.

This game will help a child improve their focus, concentration, shape recognition, and fine motor skills.

Jumbo Floor Puzzle for Kids

This Jumbo Floor Puzzle for Kids features 48 pieces and a great photo of jungle animals. This puzzle has 48 large pieces to build a puzzle that is 35.4 inches by 23.6 inches – that is almost 3 feet by 2 feet. Children will love playing with such a large and fun puzzle!

This puzzle is made for children between the ages of 3 and 6 years. The puzzle uses non-toxic ink and high-quality, extra-thick cardboard to create the perfect puzzle for little hands.

6 Pack Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle For Kids

This 6 Pack Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle For Kids are 60 piece puzzles for kids to put together. Puzzles are an excellent quiet activity that promotes creative thinking, cognitive ability, and hand-eye coordination.

The 6 puzzles included are a vehicle puzzle, a marine puzzle, a farm puzzle, a dinosaur puzzle, a planet puzzle, and an animal puzzle.

Educational Toys For 4-Year-Old Girls

LeapFrog LeapStart Interactive Learning System

The LeapFrog LeapStart Interactive Learning System is an interactive learning system for children who are between the ages of 2 and 7 years old. We are showing it in green, but it is also available in pink.

They will learn how to read, count, and problem solve by playing with this learning system. The starter system comes with a book to get them started. There are also a total of 25 different books that can be bought separately. The total number of activities across all books is more than 400.

This is a way to easily teach essential skills to children between the ages of preschool and first grade. It is a go at their own pace system, which includes fun games that will make learning fun.

School Zone Reading Flash Card 4 Pack

This is a 4 pack of reading flashcards for children. Each pack has 56 cards. They are meant for children 4 and up. They are large cards 3 inches by 5.575 inches.

This School Zone Reading Flash Card 4 Pack will teach children 110 sight words, the phonics of popular words, simple word families, and picture words.

Flashcards are the perfect way to work with children on reading in an easy and fun way. You will be able to do this in short bursts, whenever time allows.

Writing, Numbers and Patterns Workbooks

This Writing, Numbers, and Patterns Workbooks is a 4 pack of simple workbooks for children. There are 64 pages, and the dimensions are 7.87 inches by 5.51 inches by 1.57 inches. Children will be able to practice capital letters, lower case letters, numbers, and pattern recognition.

This is an excellent way for children to work on basic skills and get practice before kindergarten.

 First Little Readers Parent Pack

Another excellent education gift is a beginner reading set like the First Little Readers Parent Pack. There are 25 short books for a child to start reading. These books have a title and 7 short pages. Each page has a short sentence or two as well as a large photo. The photo can help give context clues in sounding out the words.

This is a wide variety of books to start with. An excellent reading library like this is a good idea for any preschool-aged child learning to read.

More Gifts For 4-Year-Old Girls

Singing Machine Karaoke Machine

The Singing Machine Karaoke Machine is a gift that is certainly a lot of fun for a child to play with but can also be used by the whole family. It has a top-loading CD player which plays music, CDs and CDs and graphics. USB connectivity will allow the user to record their performances and play them back whenever they want!

Want to turn karaoke into a party? This machine has 54 LED disco lights with a dimmer that allows you to control the party ambiance that this karaoke machine gives off. It has built-in speakers and can be hooked up to the TV to see the lyrics.

We are showing it in black, but it is also available in black without a USB, white with USB, and white without USB.

JR.WHITE Mermaid Tail Blanket for Kids

The JR.WHITE Mermaid Tail Blanket for Kids is a really fun gift when you want to get something that is not a toy. We are showing it in pastel pink, but it comes in numerous colors. Some of the other color choices are dark pink, dark purple, green, mint, ocean blue, and sky blue.

The size of this mermaid tail blanket for kids is 55.1 inches by 27.6 inches, and it is made for children between the ages of 3 and 8 years old. This gift comes with a hand-crocheted mermaid tail blanked and a mermaid pendant necklace.

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch

The VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch is a wonderful present for a child. This is a smartwatch build for children. This is an excellent present if you know a child who really wants a smartwatch but can not have one because they are not ready for that technology yet, especially at a smartwatch’s price tag.

This smartwatch is built for children who are 4 years and older. We are showing it in black, but it is also available in blue, pink, purple, and camouflage.

It is the perfect size for a child’s wrist, and it can allow them to take photos and play games on the go. It also encourages active play by tracking their steps and has a built-in motion sensor. In fact, there are motion sensor games that enable them to keep moving.

Fun Talking Robot Toy

This Fun Talking Robot Toy is a fun and interactive toy that any child over the age of 3 will love playing with. This is a modern robot toy that has 7 sounds and 6 lights. It allows you to make recordings, and it can talk back to the person talking to it. It also has a sensor on its forehead, and it displays different emotions.

It is made of a flexible diecast body which allows it to be posed in many different ways. It is an entertaining and affordable toy to introduce children to robots.

Princess Castle Tent Playhouse

This Princess Castle Tent Playhouse is the perfect gift for a child’s room, playroom, or living room. The size of this playhouse is 55 inches by 55 inches by 53 inches. This is a fun place for a little girl to play with toys and dolls, read, draw, or just have a wonderful place to spend their time.

It is also decorated with beautiful LED star lights.

Pastel Unicorn and Cloud Bedding Set

This Pastel Unicorn and Cloud Bedding Set is perfect for little girls who are ready for a big girl bed. It comes in twin and full/queen sizes. This set comes with a comforter, a sham, and two decorative pillows.

Kids Bathrobe

We are showing this Kids Bathrobe in Pink with white and black polka dots. There are other designs and styles you may like as well, including owls, pink strawberries, and white strawberries. It is available in sizes ranging from 2T to 14 years.

Disney Minnie Mouse Fleece Pullover Hoodie and Leggings Set

Clothes are already a lovely present – if the child you are shopping for is a Disney fan, you can get them this Disney Minnie Mouse Fleece Pullover Hoodie and Leggings Set. We are showing this in an off-white hoodie with grey polka dots and grey leggings. However, there are 5 other styles you can choose from. The different styles cover pinks, reds, whites, and heather grey color schemes. The sizes this is available in are from 12 months up to 12-14.

Girl’s Party Dress

Our final choice of a present for a 4-year-old is a Girl’s Party Dress. We are showing this dress with a black top and a champagne-colored tulle skirt with gold and black stars. This is a beautiful dress that a little girl would love. Of course, there are many other dress styles to choose from as well.

Other dress styles include black and white polka dots, rainbows, colorful dresses, unicorns, different colored lace dresses, and colored polka-dotted dresses.

What to Look for in Gifts for 4-Year-Old Girls

Shopping for a 4-year-old girl can be a lot of fun. This is an exciting time in their lives as they are reaching many different milestones, and Kindergarten is not too far off in the future. Sometimes there are so many different things to shop for you just do not know where to start!

You can start by focusing on toys that further help their development. The good news is that most toys made for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers focus on different developmental milestones that children should be meeting and hopefully exceeding.

Developmental milestones are broken down into 4 categories:

  • Social and Emotional
  • Language and Communication
  • Cognitive (problem-solving, thinking, and learning)
  • Movement and Physical Development

Each of these categories has different milestones that children should meet in the 4th year according to the CDC. For instance, a child should be able to cut with scissors, catch a ball, start to write some of the capital letters, names, colors, and numbers, understand time, tell stories, say simple poems and songs from memory (jingle bells, twinkle twinkle little star), know the difference between real and make-believe, pretend to be mom or dad and wants to socialize with others.

When shopping for toys, you can keep those things in mind. However, at 4 years old, they will start to have a distinctive personality that is who they are, not who their parents are. You should also keep this in mind while choosing a gift.

For instance, think about the things they like to do. Do they like to draw? Are they active in sports or outside play? How do they feel about dolls, cars, or robots? Do they like to play dress-up?

Finally, you can also buy things that are not toys. This could include clothing, jewelry, and accessories, décor for their room, and books.