Gift Ideas for 11-Year-Old Girls [2023]

Are you shopping for an 11-year-old girl and you are not sure what to get her? Find ideas for room decor, clothing, accessories, hair and makeup items, games, books and more!

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Room Decor Gifts For 11-Year-Old Girls

Super Soft Faux Fur Throw Blanket

The Newcosplay Super Soft Faux Fur Throw Blanket is a great and cozy present. They can be used as an extra blanket for the bed or to move around her room or the house. We are showing this throw blank in multiple colors and a size of 50 inches by 60 inches. However, it is available in a total of 41 styles and 3 sizes.

The other sizes available are 40 inches by 50 inches and 60 inches by 80 inches. Many styles use more than one color but not just in pretty pastels. So if you like this look but not the colors, you will be able to find one more suited to her style. There are also ones that are one color, but in a gradient, so it is one primary color but does not look completely solid. Those colors are yellow, purple, red, teal, grey, green, purple, and brown.

Sunset Lamp

If you are looking for a nice, unique piece of bedroom decor, you should get her the Sunset Lamp. This is a lamp that makes a gorgeous sunset aesthetic in any room. A great light is a great present. However, this sunset lamp also comes with 12 gold butterfly wall mural stickers! She will really be able to change the look and feel of her room by combining these two things.

There are not many things in this world that are more beautiful than a sunset, and with this light, she will be able to create that in her room whenever she wants. This is a LED light projector that casts warm yellow and red lights upwards. It sets a beautiful and relaxing mood anytime she wants it. Sunsets fit in with every look. So it does not matter if her room has a traditional feel or a modern look, vintage, bohemian, indie, or just about any other type of decor – this light will make it even better.

Pink Paris Wall Art

As girls get older, a lot of them love everything about Paris. If you are looking for Paris-themed, you can get her the Pink Paris Wall Art set. We are showing this in 12 inches by 16 inches each, 3 panels. But you can also get a bigger set that still has 3 panels, but each panel is 16 inches by 24 inches.

These are black and white prints that pink has been added to, making the photos pop. The pink is just enough color to make the classic photos done otherwise in black and white to really stand out. Everyone who sees these photos will have their eyes drawn to them because of how artistic they look.

Round Pink Rug

Sometimes, when shopping for bedroom decor, you only need one item to bring a room together. We suggest this Round Pink Rug – you can get it either in 4 feet by 4 feet or 5 feet by 5 feet. There are many different places this would look nice in a bedroom. You can center it by the bed, under a desk chair, or even put it in the middle of the room. It is large enough to hang out on it to do homework, draw, read or just chill on her phone.

If you like the idea but not the color – it is also available in blue, grey, and white. These rugs are modern, fashionable, comfy, and easy to clean. That makes it the perfect throw rug for a teen or pre-teens’ room.

Black and White Moon Tapestry

Another really cool piece of artwork for the bedroom is thisBlack and White Moon Tapestry. This is a black and white tapestry that gives off a super relaxing aesthetic in a bedroom. It is available in 3 different sizes. The sizes are 59.1 inches by 51.2 inches, 78.7 inches by 51.2 inches, and 92.5 inches by 70.9 inches.

Because of how large this moon and stars tapestry is, it is the ultimate statement piece. This would look especially great in a modern, retro, or vintage room or a bedroom with a black, white, or silver color scheme.

Clothing and Accessory Gifts For 11-Year-Old Girls

11th Birthday Gift Royal Elevenness T-shirt

The 11th Birthday Gift Royal Elevenness T-Shirt is a cute and fun present for a birthday, or anytime during her eleventh year. This shirt is available in men’s, women’s, and youth’s sizes. The sizes for youth are Kids 2 – 12. In men’s and women’s, they are available in small through 3XL. You could choose to get it in women’s or youth for them to wear anytime, or you can get it in a larger men’s size, and now it is a sleep shirt.

We are showing it in black, but it is also available in navy, lemon, heather blue, and purple.

Normal People Scare Me Hoodie

Are you looking for a fun piece of clothing for an 11-year-old girl? If so, you should consider that Normal People Scare Me Hoodie. It is available in sizes small to X large. We are showing it in black with white lettering, but it is available in 27 colors.

If you want the lettering to be black, you can get the hoodie in apricot, white, sky blue, royal blue, or pink.

If you want the lettering in white, you can get it in black (shown), blue, brown, burgundy, dark grey, light grey, green, red, teal, dark blue, coffee brown, yellow, hot pink, dark pink, purple, navy blue, sea green, dark green, watermelon pink, camo or leopard print.

Unisex Reversible Bucket Hat

The Mashiaoui Unisex Reversible Bucket Hat is a super cute fashion item to get; it would also be a nice hat to wear outdoors to keep the sun off their face and out of their eyes. We are showing the green flamingo hat, but there are a total of 43 different styles you can choose from.

Since there are so many and this is an inexpensive present, you can easily get more than 1 or at least pick the style you think she will love the most. Some of the other styles available include animal print, various floral designs, various fruit designs, various tie0dye or colorful designs.

Cable Knit Messy High Bun Hat

The Cable Knit Messy High Bun Hat is a great present for girls with long hair. We are showing this hat in beige, but it comes in like 100 colors, so you will easily find the perfect color to match her other winter accessories.

Many girls do not want to wear a hat because they have their hair in a bun or a ponytail, and the hat looks weird, does not fit right, or messes up their hair. This hat will solve that problem.

Miomao Drawstring Backpack

The Miomao Drawstring Backpack is a super cute string backpack for girls. This string bag has a pretty mandala style, and we are showing it in strawberry pink. It is also available in many colors but with the same mandala pattern. The other colors it is available in are black, burgundy, baby pink, coffee, coral pink, emerald green, aqua, flame scarlet, gray, khaki, lilac purple, mimosa, navy blue, orange-red, and teal.

This bag is made of a cotton-linen blend, and it measures 13 inches by 18 inches. There is a large interior pocket along with an interior zippered pocket for her valuables such as jewelry, keys, and cellphone. This is a great back to carry a Chromebook or laptop, books, or even to be used as a gym bag or an overnight bag.

Hair and Makeup Gifts For 11-Year-Old Girls

10 Pack Women’s Headbands

If you are looking for cute hair accessories to give as a gift, this 10 Pack of Women’s Headbands is perfect. These are fashion headbands that are elastic with a moveable knot for anyone from tweens to adults can wear. The circumference of the headbands is 19 inches, and they are 3.3 inches wide.

The package includes 10 different headbands that are floral, striped, or polka dots. This is an excellent way for girls to add a little bit of fashion and style to their overall look.

 26 Piece Gold and Silver Hair Clips

Another excellent choice for hair accessories is this 26 Piece Gold and Silver Hair Clips. These are minimalist but fashionable hair clips. With this 26 piece set, you will be getting a wide variety of styles, so she can easily match her outfit, occasion, or her mood to the hair clip she is wearing that day.

There are simple hairclips like circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, and triangles that will go with any outfit, whether classic or modern. However, there are other contemporary and fun styles, such as flowers, branches, leaves, stars, bows, and cats. There are really so many choices, so even if she does not love them all, she will undoubtedly find some that she will wear all the time.

30 In 1 Straightener Brush

If you are looking for a good hair tool instead of just another accessory, you can get her the30 in 1 straightener brush. This is not just another straightener, but it also is a style set. This style set comes with a straightener brush, a bag, anti-scald gloves, 2 black hair clips, 1 black hairbrush, 12 black hair ties, 10 hairpins, 1 hair rope, and 1 brush cleaner.

If you are shopping for someone who loves straightening their hair (or at least wants to give it a try) but does not like the regular straightener wands, a heated brush is the way to go. This straightener will give her hair the look of having it professionally straightened. It is easy to use, removes more static electricity from her hair, and even remembers what temperature it was set to last time. The temperature can be adjusted between 265 degrees to 450 degrees.

Flower Makeup Pallete Gift Set

The Flower Makeup Pallete Gift Set is the perfect choice for a girl who is just getting into using makeup. It is also a good idea when they have not fully developed their personal style yet or mix it up with different color choices.

When closed, this is a 3 tier floral case that is 4 inches by 7.5 inches. It opens up into a flower to show a variety of colors of different types of makeup. This kit includes 6 various color schemes of eyeshadows with a total of 26 different colors, 6 lip cremes, 3 blush powders, 2 lip glosses, eye pencils, a mirror, and concealer eyeshadow applicators, a blush brush, and a lip applicator brush.

This makeup is hypoallergenic, not tested on animals, sulfate, and formaldehyde-free. It is formulated with mineral oil.

Temporary Tattoo Markers

Another fun present for girls is these Temporary Tattoo Markers. If you are shopping for a girl who is artistic or who has been known to doodle directly onto her skin, why not make it even better by giving her the right tools. These are great to see how a tattoo would look on them or to use for Halloween, festivals, and other parties where decorating your skin is part of the overall look.

Unlike typical pens and markers, these temporary tattoo markers are specifically designed to be used on the skin, so they are safe. The drawings and tattoos can be removed with soap and water.

Jewelry Gifts For 11-Year-Old Girls

Swarovski Tahlia Round Pendant Necklace

The Swarovski Tahlia Round Pendant Necklace is a pretty necklace with a grown-up look and feel, perfect for a girl who is getting older. This is a beautiful necklace that combines two different pendants. One pendant is a crystal pave circle pendant, and the other is a pink sparkly pendant. They look really lovely together.

If you love this look, you can also get a Tahlia Swarovski Bracelet or a Tahlia Swarovski pair of earrings.

Alex and Ani Turtle Bangle

The Alex and Ani Bangle Bracelet is a super cute bracelet, and it is affordable too! We are showing this bangle bracelet in rafaelian silver, but it is also available in rafaelian gold. If the girl you are shopping for loves turtles, this is a great choice.

You might also choose to get the sea turtle charm bangle for the symbolism. A sea turtle symbolizes the continuation of life, as sea turtles themselves live for a very long time. This turtle bangle represents not only a long life but having strength and protection for all of life’s trying moments.

Dainty Pearl Necklace for 11th Birthday

The 1Dainty Pearl Necklace for the 11th Birthday is a perfect themed birthday present for girls who are turning 11. The necklace chain is 18 inches, but it is adjustable for up to 2.5 additional inches, and it is a 14K gold plated chain. It also has 11 dainty freshwater pearls, one for each year of life.

This is a beautiful handmade necklace that comes in a gift box. The gift box will make it even easier to gift to a special girl on her birthday.

11th BIRTHDAY Bracelet

The 11th BIRTHDAY Bangle Bracelet is a super cute and memorable gift for the birthday girl. This charm bracelet has 5 adorable charms on it. The charms are a happy birthday cake with 5 birthday candles, the number 11 with a heart, a cupcake, and a pink Swarovski crystal.

Although the bracelet does not open up, it will expand up to 8 inches to go over the hand. The twisted bangle is made of stainless steel, and the charms are nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free, silver plated zinc alloy. This is super pretty and a present any 11-year-old girl would love.

Spinner Bangles Bracelet

Are you looking for a piece of jewelry that is a little more grown-up? This Spinners Bangles Bracelet is perfect. It is elegant and beautiful, made of high-quality embossed and silver-plated copper and brass, and helps with stress and anxiety. This spinner bracelet is a piece of jewelry, yes, but it is also a fidget toy that can be worn. Playing with the beads, feeling the different textures, and spinning them can help children, teens, and adults relax.

Like the idea of a silver bangle, but not sure this is the one? That is fine. There are many different silver bracelets available. The other choices are simple and sleep, textured, or specific designs like hearts, feathers, or floral.

Sterling Silver Star Ear Crawlers

Ear Crawlers are like earrings, but instead of hanging down, you wear them upside down to crawl up your ears. If you think this is a style she would like, you should consider getting her the Sterling Silver Star Ear Crawlers by Boma Jewelry.

These ear crawlers are made out of Pure 925 Sterling silver, so they are quality and will last. This type of sterling silver is 92.5 silver mixed with alloys to add durability and strength to the end product. Stars are a timeless fashion theme that can be worn anytime, any occasion, or time of the year. This is a perfect choice when you look for something trendy and stylish, but that will also last.

White Rose Plated Necklace

Are you looking for a super cute and modern necklace to give as a present? If so, you should really consider this White Rose Plated Necklace. We are showing a necklace with rose gold plating and two interlocking circles. One of the circles or rings is smooth, whereas the other is covered with pretty cubic zirconias.

This necklace is made of 925 sterling silver with a rose finish. The chain is 16 inches plus an additional 2 inches. The chain is hypoallergenic and nickel-free. The overall look and feel of this necklace are dainty and modern elegance.

If you do not absolutely love this choice as a necklace, there are 21 other choices to select from. Other options include snowflakes, sunflowers, teddy bears, initial pendants, bows, hearts, gift boxes, and geometric shapes.

Game Gifts For 11-Year-Old Girls

Not Parent Approved

The card game Not Parent Approved is a fun party game for children 8 and up. This game was inspired by the adult card game, Cards Against Humanity. Still, it is made as a kid-friendly, family-friendly game that everyone can enjoy together.

This is a game that can be used for small gatherings or parties – 3 to 10 people can play it at a time. The original game comes with 455 cards – both question and answer cards. You can buy her just the original game, or you can also get 1 or both of the available expansion packs. This is a great way to get older kids to spend time with the family, put down their screens and still have a good time.

On a Scale of One to T-Rex

The On a Scale of One to T-Rex is a fun family card game by the same creators who brought you exploding kittens. This is a simple game for 2 – 8 players that only takes about 5 minutes to play. Each game is only about 15 minutes in duration. So everyone can play one game together or play multiple times for as long as they like.

The game comes with 139 cards and 58 tokens. This is a game similar to charades for people who are bad at charades. There are action and intensity cards. The action card is placed face up in front of everyone – the action is not a secret. Everyone will know your action. However, the intensity card, how intense your portrayal of an action card, is a secret.

At the same time, everyone will perform their action at their secret intensity level. The goal is to figure out which players are performing at the same intensity as you. When you compare intensity levels of the person you think is at your level, and they match, you get points.

Fake Food Mystery Challenge Wheel

The Collins Key Fake Food Mystery Challenge Wheel is a fun and unique game to play for 2 – 4 players. In this game, you will mold and shape the different components to make fake food. There are 15 fake challenge cards as well as 3 blank cards to make your own challenge.

This is a game based on the Collins Key YouTube Channel. This channel has over 23 million subscribers, so if you are shopping for a fan, she will love this present. When playing, players will spin the mystery will to discover their challenge and then race to make the fake food that meets the change the best. The spaces on the challenge wheel are neatest, messiest, grossest, most artistic, prettiest, and most colorful.


Are you looking for a fun strategy game filled with monsters? If so, you should get the Ravensburger Horrified. One of the cool things about this game is that she can choose to play it with family or friends or play it all by herself. This is a cooperative board game for children 10 and up for 1 player (solo game) to 5 players.

In this game, which only takes 45 – 60 minutes to play, the players are the town’s heroes who are trying to defeat monsters on a rampage. The monsters are not just any monsters either; they are the monsters everyone knows. These monsters are the wolfman, Frankenstein and his bride, the Mummy, Dracula, The creature from the black lagoon, and the invisible man. This is a well-made and well-thought-out game. It comes with a clear instruction booklet so players can start right away. This is fun for everyone, but especially for anyone who loves classic scary movie villains.


Suspicion is a gamily board game, quite similar to Clue. It is a game about paying attention to detail to figure out everyone’s identity. This game is designed for children 10 and up and can be played by 2 – 6 players in about 45 minutes. You will play the game as 1 of 10 world-class jewel thieves, just like all the other players. The point of the game is to figure out who each person is.

The game comes with 10 movers, 1 game board, 1 deduction pad, 6 pencils, 10 invitation cards, 12 answer cards, 28 action cards, 2 dice, 45 gem tiles, and instructions.

Pac Man Board Game

Have you ever wished you could play a classic video game as a board game? Well, now you can with the Pac-Man Board Game. The Pac Man Board Game is for children 10 and up, and 2 – 5 players can play this game at once.

This is a game that brings the arcade classic into a tabletop game, and it is a collaborative play game with authentic sounds from the original game. One player will play as Pac-man, and the rest will play as the ghosts (Pinky, Blinky, Inky, and Clyde). The ghosts will play using collaboration to get Pac-man, whereas Pac man is trying to do everything he can to get all the dots and avoid the ghosts.

This is just such a fun twist on the original arcade classic; it is sure to be a hit!

Book Gifts For 11-Year-Old Girls

Do You Know Who You Are?

Do You Know Who You Are? is a book by Megan Kaye and Allison Singer which helps tweens and teens discover who they are. This will include identifying different personality traits such as whether they are outgoing, shy, a risk-taker, someone who likes to play it safe, and more.

This book will take tweens and teens on an insightful trip to think about who they are and want to be. This book has 192 pages, and it is a guided journal for kids to figure themselves out through a series of questions about who they are, what they like, what they do not, who their family is, and who their friends are more.

This book was created in collaboration with a child and adolescent psychologist, so what she will get out of this book is not just self-help but based on education and science.

We Interrupt This Broadcast

We Interrupt This Broadcast: The Events That Stopped Our Lives is a NY Times Bestseller covering significant events announced on live television. This is a hardcover book with 208 pages and a fascinating read. Most people who lived through any of the events within this book can tell you exactly where they were when that event occurred. If you are shopping for an 11-year-old girl, you may want to get her a book that will teach her about some of the history that her family members lived through.

Besides this book has 192 pages, it also comes with 3 audio CDs that include the actual broadcasts of the original announcements. There is also an afterward from NBC’s news anchor Brian Williams.

The Cookbook For Teens Book

The Cookbook For Teens Book is a great introduction to safely using the kitchen and learning how to cook meals for yourself. Once a child is 11 years old, they probably know how to cook a few things already. Even if they are not learning at home, they are probably learning at their friend’s houses or at school. Why not get them a cookbook now, so they can start mastering these recipes?

This cookbook features 74 different recipes for them to learn. They will have access to recipes for breakfast, solo dinners, family dinners, desserts, salads, soups, and snacks. This will allow them to learn a little bit of everything, so they are more comfortable cooking all the time, regardless of who they are cooking for or the occasion.

Some examples of the recipes they will learn include mini muffin pizzas, German fruit bowls, ice pops, wraps, berry salad, coconut and curry soup, spaghetti, bacon and cheese risotto, cheeseburger casserole, autumn chili, brownie bites, and lemon bars.

Haunted Houses (Are You Scared Yet?)

Are you looking for a scary book for kids? Lots of kids and adults love scary stories and especially stories of ghosts or other supernatural entities. If this is what you are looking for, we suggest the book Haunted Houses (Are You Scared Yet?). This book is available on the Kindle as a paperback or a hardcover. It has multiple stories that cover 285 pages of text – so plenty of material to get them good and scared! They will love it.

There are 10 stories in this book about what happens at non-traditional haunted houses. This is not a scary book for the faint of heart.

The Darkest Minds

The Darkest Minds is a set of books about teens who suddenly develop new powerful abilities. Sounds fun, right? Apparently, not so much as this causes the government to declare them a threat, and when found, they are immediately detained. Sometimes, they escape and join other runaways hiding from the Government they expected to protect them. This series includes popular characters Vida, Liam, and Clancy.

There are 4 books in this series and a total of 2096 pages, which will keep her reading for a while! The books in The Darkest Minds Box Set are:

  • The Darkest Minds
  • Never Fade
  • In The After Light
  • Through The Dark

The Spy School Vs. SPYDER Collection

Another great set of books that you might want to consider is The Spy School Vs. SPYDER. The series contains 7 books and has 2512 pages to read. The premise of the story asks if an undercover nerd can become a superstar agent. 

Readers will follow Ben Ripley, a CIA recruit, as he struggles to answer this question. Ben was recruited to the CIA’s Academy of Espionage, and he is so excited. Still, it was certainly not what he expected. 

The school is a lot more dangerous than he ever imagined. He is also constantly wondering who they recruited him in the first place because he is just not good at this. He is not good at any of it. He is a lousy spy. He is klutzy. He has no coordination, and he is learning next to nothing.

However, through the books, he will soon realize he actually is a good spy! He just is not what most people would picture when they think CIA material. The books included in this set are:

  • Spy School
  • Spy Camp
  • Evil Spy School
  • Spy Ski School
  • Spy School Secret Service
  • Spy School Goes South
  • Spy School British Invasion

The Little House Set

Our final suggestion for a book set is a 9 book collection of The Little House. If you are looking for a classic story to give, this is a perfect choice.

This set is available on the Kindle or in paperback and has a total of 2784 pages. These are classic books from this series, featuring the Ingalls family – Laura, Mary, baby Carrie, Ma, and Pa. If she has ever seen Little House on the Prairie, she will love these books. If she has not, this will be a great way to introduce that show.

The books that come with this 9 book set are:

  • Little House in the Big Woods
  • Farmer Boy
  • Little House on The Prairie
  • On the Banks of Plum Creek
  • By the Shores of Silver Lake
  • The Long Winter
  • Little Town on the Prairie 
  • These Happy Golden Years
  • The First Four Years

These books also contain the classic black and white artwork from artist Garth Williams.

More Gifts For 11-Year-Old Girls

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

The Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds are a quality choice of earbuds. If she loves Beats headphones, she will also love these Powerbeats earbuds. We are showing these earbuds in ivory, but they come in multiple colors. You can also choose black, cloud pink, glacier blue, moss, lava red, navy blue, or spring yellow.

These are great earbuds for all kinds of different uses like school, chilling at home, or using while training and exercising. They feature the Apple H1 headphone chip and BlueTooth for extended ranges. Still, they are compatible with both apple and android devices.

The charge can last for up to 9 hours, or you can do a quick 5-minute charge that can last for up to 1 1/2 hours.

Hola! Music Ukuleles

The Hola! Music Ukuleles are perfect for kids and adults to learn how to play this instrument. We are showing the ukulele in orange, but it is available in a total of 8 colors. The other colors are black, blue, green, mahogany, pink, red, and natural.

The set comes with everything someone would need to get started on the ukulele. It comes with a ukulele, a tote case, a strap with a hook, and several picks. It also comes with 2 months of free, online live lessons to get them started!

Diary with Lock for Girls

The Diary with Lock for Girls is a great present to allow girls to have a safe place to express themselves. This diary has 300 pages – the right-side pages are lined for writing, and the left-side pages are blank for drawing. It uses gold foil printing, has a lock with two keys, and comes with a multicolored pen. The diary is 5 inches by 7 inches.

This is an excellent diary for children to write about their days, document their lives, talk about their feelings or be more creative and use drawing, coloring, doodling, and other innovative methods to help them express themselves.

Travel Watercolor Palette

The Ooly Chroma Blends Travel Watercolor Palette is a great present for an artistic child. This is a set of 24 watercolors that is packages to make it easy for traveling. This set has 24 different colors and 2 water brushes. The water is right in the barrel of the water brush, so they will not need to worry about having a separate cup for that.

Suppose you are unsure of what art supplies to buy. In that case, there are other choices to buy instead or in addition to this watercolor travel palette. You can also get a watercolor art pad ( 8 x 10, 15 sheets), an 18 pack of watercolor pencils, or an 18 pack of watercolor pencils.

Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear

The Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear are foldable, wireless headphones. We are showing them in light blue, but they come in 7 different colors. The other colors available are black, blue, green, purple, gold, rose gold.

These headphones can be used anywhere Bluetooth can be used. They come with wireless headphones, an audio cable, a USB charging cable, a gift box, and a user manual. The headband is adjustable, and the earmuffs of the headphones are made of soft memory protein, which makes these wireless headphones super comfortable to wear.

Casio Casiotone Portable Keyboard

The Casio Casiotone Portable Keyboard is a fun and musical gift for an 11-year-old girl. You can choose this keyboard in white, red or black. We are showing the keyboard only, which includes a USB MIDI connectivity and a built-in carrying handle. The keyboard has an LCD display, plays 400 tones, 60 songs and 77 rhythms, a dance music mode, and an app integration.

You could choose the premium back, which includes 611 full-sized keys, a headphone connector, audio input, a USB connector, and connect to the app Chordana for lessons.

Fashion Angels Sticker Stylist

The Fashion Angels Sticker Stylist is a fun fashion-themed artistic gift. If you are shopping for a girl who loves fashion or likes design, this is perfect. This will allow her to use over 700 stickers to design the perfect outfits. This is an excellent spiral-bound fashion design book that can easily be taken everywhere she goes. This is a fantastic present for kids and tweens.

There are some other sticker design books you can get in addition to this one. These include dream space (room design), find your wings (unicorns), sketchbook (fashion), fashion design, and beauty sketch. You can also just get sticker books.

Slackers Ninjaline

The Slackers Ninjaline is a great active present for kids. The ninja lines are for children 5 and up, and they can hold up to 250 pounds of weight. Using this set will not only help them build strength while getting in daily exercise and fitness. No, using a fun obstacle course will also help them build concentration, focus, dedication, and increase their confidence.

This set has 7 hanging obstacles. The set includes a 36 ft ninja line with 6 feet of ratchet line, 2 gym rings, a traverse ring, 2 monkey fist knots, 2 monkey bar holds, a travel bag, and a rachet cover.

Friendship Bracelets Craft Kit

The Klutz Friendship Bracelets Craft Kit is an artistic gift that will allow her to make at least 12 friendship bracelets. Even if she has never made a friendship bracelet before, this will not be a problem because it comes with an extensive 58-page instruction booklet with clear and concise directions. It also comes with 10 multicolored skeins of embroidery floss, beads, and plastic decorations.

She can either use this to make bracelets for all of her friends, or they can do it together as a fun project.

Food Science STEM Chemistry Kit

The Playz Edible Candy! Food Science STEM Chemistry Kit is a DIY STEM toy suitable for children 8 and up. By combining food and science, science all of a sudden becomes more fun and interesting. If you are looking for a way to get children interested in STEM activities, this could be the perfect toy/kit to buy.

This set includes 56-page activities and a lab guide, 40 different experiments, and 27 tools and ingredients. Some of the treats they will be making contain rock candy, gelatin, gummies, chewy jelly candies, and chocolate treats.

What to Look for in Gifts for 11-Year-Old Girls

Shopping for an 11-year-old girl could seem difficult; that is where we come in! Tweens can be difficult because they have changed so much over such a short period that you might be unsure of what to get for them.

When shopping for anyone under adulthood, it is good to think about all the changes in their lives. Growing up happens so fast, and a lot changes in a child’s life from when they hit double digits on. One of the things you might want to take into account when shopping for an 11-year-old girl is her age.

According to the CDC, an 11-year-old is at the end of middle childhood. During this time of her life, she is going through a lot of changes – both related to schoolwork (like how she learns and thinks) and her social life (like social changes and emotional changes). Knowing the changes, she is going through now and over the next several months or years may assist you in getting the perfect present.

An 11-year-old girl may suddenly find school to be much more challenging than it ever was before. However, some things that help with that are that her attention span is growing, and she now has an easier time seeing other people’s points of view. These changes help her focus, study, and have the empathy required to understand her teachers, classmates, and even people in history.

As things get more challenging, she is also becoming more independent. Even when she is having difficulty in school, she will try to solve her problems independently. Part of this is related to the emotional and social changes she is going through. Besides being independent of her family, her friendships may be becoming the center of her world.

These friendships are more complex than before, and they could even include facing peer pressure from the people closest to her.

You can easily take all of these things into account when shopping for her gift. If you are more concerned about keeping up with her studies, you can buy her educational gifts, STEM toys, and books. To help her relax, you may want to purchase artistic gifts. If you’re going to focus on the importance of her friendships, you could buy board games and activities for her to enjoy with a group of people.

Besides worrying about the changes she is going through, you can just focus on the person she is. What are her likes and dislikes? How has she changed over the past several months or years? Does she need a new wardrobe or other “girlie” items?

Sometimes, they will want to start getting clothing, hair, makeup, jewelry, and more grown-up accessories at this age. Find out if she is ready for these things or what she wants. You can also get items like room décor, as at this age and going forward, she will probably spend a lot of time in her room – wouldn’t it be great if she adored her room?

Finally, focus on things that are uniquely her. Like does she love being active or artistic? Is she always reading a book or writing? Think about what she would love to get, not just what other girls her age like.