Gift Ideas for 85-Year-Old Men [2023]

The best gifts for 85-year-old men are gifts that help to make life easier and more comfortable so that they can enjoy their senior moments. We found fantastic gifts in every category to help make choosing the right gift easier for you, take a look.

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Tech Gifts for 85-Year-Old Men

Motion-Sensing Step/Stair Lights

The Motion-Sensing Step/Stair Lights can help older men to see the stair in the dark. With two in the set at an affordable price, you can buy multiples to put on every stair. They are motion-activated, and battery-operated LED lights making these easy to install and the perfect gift.

Wall Plate with LED Lights

The Wall Plate with LED Lights lights up at the bottom of a wall plate to add extra light to smaller areas of the home. These not only save spaces and free up outlets, but they are also easy to install and energy-efficient. Now older men can have easier access to light even without turning on the overhead lights.

Dr. Infrared Space Heater

The Dr. Infrared Space Heater can keep older guys warm and comfortable. It’s a unique hybrid dual heater with high heat but with no exposed heat elements or loud noise. The cute vintage style makes this an enjoyable addition to any home.

Victrola Wood Bluetooth Radio

Bring back the good old days with the Victrola Wood Bluetooth Radio. It’s a simple design with knobs for everything so guys can listen to music in style. The radio can also connect to Bluetooth devices for more music options. It’s a beautiful and small piece ready to enhance any room.

Echo Show 10

If you live far away from the 85-year-old man in your life, get them the Echo Show 10, so you can communicate with them via video. The device also works as a television, Alexa device, clock, music player, timer, intercom, and can even read books out loud, and much more. As this comes with a ten-inch screen makes it easier to see for older eyes.

Electronic Pill Dispenser

Organized daily life with the Electronic Pill Dispenser. It’s a little pricey but holds an entire 28 days of pills, and it’s easy to use. A built-in clock with sounds and lights alerts men when it’s time to take their pills, making life easier.

John Wayne 14-Movie Collection

Movies now are nothing like the movies made decades ago. Bring back the best cowboy movies with the John Wayne 14-Movie Collection. The set includes 14 movies and works on a DVD player for easy access for an older generation.

NFL Greatest Super Bowl Moments I-XLI

Football fans with time to kill will enjoy watching the NFL Greatest Super Bowl Moments I- XLI. The DVD includes two and half hours of information and moments from some of the greatest games recorded. Also, the set includes closed-caption for the hearing impaired to help improve the viewability of the show.

Miscellaneous Gifts for 85-Year-Old Men

Gift of Nothing

For the guy who has everything and says he wants nothing, give him the Gift of Nothing. This funny little gag gift will make older guys laugh every time they see the package with absolutely nothing inside! Don’t worry, the funny gift costs very little, so you can get a real gift too if you wish.

Horseracing Game Top

Many men in their 80’s are in a nursing home twiddling their thumbs, and the Horseracing Game Top can make a great way to interact with others. The game has a wooden board with little horses, a deck of cards to make playing a unique game easier and more fun. It’s handmade and absolutely gorgeous ready to intrigue everyone.

Ettore Grip’n Grab

The Ettore Grip’n Grab is the perfect gift for those with limited movement. It’s a multi-purpose device with a lightweight aluminum and plastic construction ready to reach items out of reach. The head articulates to grab items with a comfort grip and rubberized jaws.

Vehicle Support Handle

Older guys may have a hard time getting out of a vehicle, even if they are up for a trip. The Vehicle Support Handle can make getting out of a vehicle safer and much more comfortable so they can enjoy all the activities they enjoy. Furthermore, it prevents falls, and it’s portable too.

Magnifying Glass with Light

The benefits of a Magnifying Glass with Light are endless as they can make reading much easier. Also, the device can help men to look at old photos with ease. This magnifying glass can increase visibility with ten times magnification and a built-in light for added visibility.

BrainBolt Memory Game

The BrainBolt Memory Game can help those with older brains to stay mentally fit. Also, the game is fun and lights up with options to play with another player. Take it on the go as it’s small and portable.

Military Appreciation Challenge Coin

Veterans are proud of their military service, and you can show your appreciation with the Military Appreciation Challenge Coin. The small coin makes for a fabulous gift and can even act as a worry stone for older men who like to keep their hands busy. No other gift will bring up as much pride and love as this beautiful expression of gratitude to any military branch veteran.

Funster Word Search Puzzles

Days in the nursing home can be long and boring, which is why elderly men need the Funster Word Search Puzzles. The book includes over 250 puzzles, all in large print with 30 words hidden in every puzzle. Give the gift of hours of fun, and the pages are easy to tear out with wide margins.

Reader’s Digest

Older generations are used to reading magazines like the Reader’s Digest instead of using a tablet. Senior men will love this actual magazine with larger print filled with tons of interesting articles. Even the images are larger, and each edition includes a crossword puzzle.

The Forgotten 500

For some reason, older men are obsessed with reading about war and learning facts about wars. Fill their desire with the book The Forgotten 500, a book focused on dozens of stories about men who completed mission rescue missions during World War 2. While the book does not come in large print, it will definitely keep men interested.

The Extraordinary Book of Useless Information

Have you ever met an older gentleman with enough odd information you think he should be on Jeopardy? Get him the The Extraordinary Book of Useless Information book to increase his levels of unnecessary information. The adorable book features a smartly dressed squirrel on the cover and enough facts inside to impress anyone.

Kitchen Gifts for 85-Year-Old Men

Grandfather Coffee Mug

The Grandfather Coffee Mug shows love to a grandfather with a touch of humor as it says being a grandpa is a profession! Men with a sense of humor will enjoy drinking tea or coffee out of the 11-ounce mug. Additionally, the mug is peronalized with your grandfather’s name at the bottom, making it extra special.

Funny Travel Tumbler Mug

Funny Travel Tumbler Mug

Loacker Vanilla Wafers

At 85-years-old, men have earned a high-quality treat like the Loacker Vanilla Wafers. The set comes with six bags of Italian wafer cookies, each in a bite-size. Even better, the company uses high-quality ingredients to make the yummy treats, and they are low in sugar.

Eda’s Sour Hard Candy

Diabetics still want sweets and the Eda’s Sour Hard Candies are a fun choice. With fun fruity flavors like sour cherry, sour orange, sour green apple, and sour lemon, elderly men can wake up their tastebuds without affecting their sugar levels. Each candy comes individually wrapped, perfect for sharing or keeping in pockets.

Home Gifts for 85-Year-Old Men

Primitives by Kathy Box Sign

The Primitives by Kathy Box Sign is a sweet decorative box ready to show grandpas how much you love them. It’s made of wood and states, “My favorite people call me grandpa,” which perfectly labels the relationship between grandpas and grandkids. The gift can remind your grandfather how much you love him even when you are not there.

Tempur-Pedic Neck Pillow

The right pillow can make sleeping an amazing experience like the Tempur-Pedic Neck Pillow. While it’s a little expensive, it’s the highest quality, and your dad deserves the best. The contours help to keep an ergonomic shape so dad can wake up comfortable and relaxed.

DayClocks Wall Clock

Retirement can make days disappear, but the DayClocks Wall Clock can help people keep track of the time and the day. Choose from several finishes, including aluminum, black, maple, walnut, or pine, and mount the clock to the wall. It’s a functional gift ready to work quietly and keep people track of their time.

Power Lift with Massage and Heating

Elderly men still at home will adore the Power Lift with Massage and Heating. This chair offers the ultimate comfort with power lift, massage, and heat to keep older guys in complete comfort while relaxing. Choose from several neutral color options with a soft fabric.

Large Memory Box

After 85 years on earth, men have gathered a lot of memorabilia and a Large Memory Box can keep their favorite memories safe and easy to reach. The box can store photos, coins, medals, and much more with easy access in a solid wood box. A silver hardware thing and latch keep things falling out of the box for extra storage.

Bath and Body Gifts for 85-Year-Old Men

Carex Shower Grab Bar

The Carex Shower Grab Bar helps the elderly to get out of the shower or bath safely. A suction grip allows the item to go anywhere and can be used in any room for other purposes as well. Its extra strong grip and size make this very useful for those who need a little extra help getting up from sitting positions.

Hot and Cold Therapy Pad

A Hot and Cold Therapy Pad can go a long way in reducing pain and discomfort. With a manly plaid print, this extra-large heat pack can wrap around shoulders, cover the back, or even warm feet. Simply toss this in the microwave to heat up and reuse it over and over again.

Brickell Rapid Wash

Older men who have no desire to take long showers standing on aching body parts will love the Brickell Rapid Wash. This is a one-and-done product ready to wash hair, body, and face to make showers easier and faster. Also, the product uses natural and organic ingredients ready to nourish skin without any irritation.

O’Keeffe’s Hand Cream

Older hands can dry out extremely, and the O’Keeffe’s Hand Cream can help. It’s a concentrated formula to relieve and repair dry, cracked hands and works on the feet too. Additionally, it creates a protective layer on the surface of the skin to prevent moisture loss from daily wear and tear.

Jack Black Lip Balm

Men’s lips get dry especially with age and in a nursing home with stuffy air. Get them the Jack Black Lip Balm to soothe their lips with intense therapy and natural ingredients. Furthermore, this set includes SPF 25 for guys who like to spend their time outside who need protection from the sun.

Wearable Gifts for 85-Year-Old Men

Amazon Full-Zip Cotton Sweater

The Amazon Full-Zip Cotton Sweater is the perfect sweater for older gentlemen who want to be stylish and warm. Choose from several color options for this 100 percent cotton option that can go in the machine for a wash. The full zipper and side pockets make this perfect for everyday wear.

DAVID ARCHY Flannel Pajama Set

With no where to go, there’s no reason a gentleman cannot enjoy his retirement in the DAVID ARCHY Flannel Pajama Set. The set comes in several color options, and it’s made of cotton with button closure. Drawstring pants with relaxed legs make these extra comfortable and perfect for retirement.

Hush Puppies Gil Shoes

Older men who want to look good but need easy to put on shoes will adore the Hush Puppies Gil Shoes. The shoes are made of one hundred percent leather with simple velcro closure and still look stylish with a retro dress style. Pick from a variety of color options, including some funky blues ready to make men smile.

Funny Old People T-Shirt

Old age does come with some perks like a discount at restaurants and the Funny Old People T-Shirt helps to remind the wait staff. Choose from several colors, all made with cotton or polyester, ready to go in the washer or dryer. The funny shirt will make men laugh and make for a unique present.

Classic Manhattan Fedora Hat

Just because men are past their prime doesn’t mean they don’t want to look their best. With the Simplicity Unisex Timelessly Classic Manhattan Fedora Hat, men can look fantastic while keeping their head warm. The hat comes in four debonair color options, and it’s made with polyester and cotton with a short brim for a classy look.

What to Look for in Gift Ideas for 85-Year-Old Men

Older men can be harder to shop for as they have everything and want very little. We found a variety of gifts to help find something for any retired man, including nothing! From options for the home to body care, you can find the right gift even for picky men.

Most men at 85 are in a nursing home or have limited mobility around their homes. Consider purchasing gifts that they are too stubborn to buy for themselves to help with their aging process. From gifts like a vehicle support handle to a magnifying glass, men can enjoy a little extra ease in their life even if they are not willing to admit they need help.

Finally, as men age and stay home more, they may become bored and need activities to keep them busy. For these guys, choose a book or magazine subscription to help fill their days with time. Nothing replaces your company, though, so make sure to deliver the gifts in person!