Gift Ideas for 17-Year-Old Girls [2023]

Turning 17 is a milestone in a girl’s life. It means more freedom and perhaps starting to look at jobs, colleges, and futures. The right gift can help any girl get ahead in life.

Best Gaming and Tech Gifts for Girls

GTRACING Gaming Chair

This Gaming Chair features Bluetooth speakers that are embedded into the chair to add to your gaming experience. The speakers will last for six hours when charged. The chair is made from durable metal and PU leather that can withstand water and sunshine. The armrests can be adjusted, as well as the height of the seat. The ergonomic swivel and tilt of the chair make it easy for everyone to use comfortably. This chair is available in a variety of colors including purple, blue, black, and pink. I recommend this chair to anyone who loves gaming and sits for hours on end.

Samsung Galaxy A21

The Samsung Galaxy A21 is under the wireless provider Simple Mobile. They have nationwide coverage and require no contracts. This phone has a high-quality camera, internal storage of 32GB, and has a long-lasting battery. It is locked in with Simple Mobile and the wireless provider cannot be changed once the phone is acquired. This phone pairs well with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks and is GPS capable. This is a good phone for a girl who is starting to explore the world on her own.

AGPTEK Smart Watch

The AGPTEK Smart Watch is a lightweight aluminum watch with a touchscreen that can tell the time, monitor your heart rate, and track your sleeping habits. This watch can receive messages, but cannot send them. It also has the basic watch features of an alarm clock and timer. The watch only takes 2hours to charge and can last for 7-10 days, or 30 days on standby mode. The watch is waterproof, but should not be used in saunas, hot tubs, etc. You can connect the watch to the app and view your sleep, health, and heart reports there. I recommend this watch for the person who is active and on the go.

Bose Bluetooth Speaker

The Bose Bluetooth Speaker is a small, portable, and waterproof speaker. It’s the perfect size for travel and small parties. It has a wireless range of roughly 30 feet. It has a strap that makes it easy to attach to backpacks, travel bags, and more. Once charged, it will play for up to 6 hours. This speaker can be paired with other Bose speakers as well. The speaker’s small and durable design is meant to last and avoid denting or scrapes.

Mini Movie Projector

The Mini Movie Projector pairs with any smartphone to project a film onto any good surface. This projector does not allow screen mirroring of copyrighted works without extra purchases for the right cables and such. The projector is small, durable, and the speakers are quite loud. Some have complained about the length of the cord to the projector, saying it’s too short, but a small extension cable should take care of that. It’s easy to set up and has many good reviews. It is small and portable, easy to take on vacations or for a night out. It’s certainly cheaper than buying a tv.

Best Beauty and Jewelry Gifts for Girls

landau jewelry Bracelet

This Tennis Bracelet from landau jewelry is made from durable, long-lasting metal and stones to ensure that the bracelet can withstand most activities. The stones are easy to clean and polish to ensure that they stay sparkling for a long time. It has a classic and elegant design to go with most looks. This bracelet is available in other styles such as round or oval stones. The chain is adjustable to fit any wrist size and can easily be taken on or off. This is a light and lovely bracelet that will go with any occasion.

Makeup Mirror

The Makeup Mirror is equipped with several LED lights to brighten your look and ensure that when applying makeup and using the mirror that you can see everything in good lighting. The mirror has a normal view, 2x magnification, and 3x magnification. It is available in several colors including teal, pink, gold, and rose gold. The mirror can tilt up to 180 degrees and makes it easy to fit any person. While it does have a battery it works better with the USB cable plugged in.

Personalized Charm Necklace

The Personalized Charm Necklace is completely customizable with any name imprinted into the sterling silver pendant. The birthstone is a Swarovski crystal that can be personalized to fit any birth month. Personalizations can be requested at check out. They have three different kinds of chains and five different chain lengths available. The company usually ships on the same day that the order is placed and is known for its great service. If there’s a problem with the order or if you have any questions they’re known to respond quickly.

EcoTools Makeup Brush Set

The EcoTools Makeup Brush Set is made up of one brush with five different heads. This is to save on materials and ultimately save the planet. To change out the head, simply snap off the brush head and snap on the new one. Their grip technology is sure to hold the brush tightly. EcoTools is vegan and cruelty-free. This set of brush heads and brushes comes with its own case as well to ensure that the brush and brush heads stay safe and in good condition. I recommend this for anyone who is focused on makeup and wants to save the planet.

Pearl Pendant Necklace

The Pearl Pendant Necklace is a dainty pearl necklace made up of freshwater pearls. Each pearl represents one year making it a personal gift for a 17-year-old girl. 14k The gold-plated chain won’t leave any red or green marks on the skin and is kind to allergy-sensitive skin. The chain is 18″ long and can be adjusted to fit perfectly. The necklace comes in its own gift box ready to gift and comes with a card that can be written in. This is a great gift for birthdays or special occasions. After all, a girl is only 17 once.

Princess Is 17 Mirror And Makeup Bag

The 17th Birthday Set is a small, compact mirror with an endearing message engraved on the front and back sure to encourage any young woman. The mirror comes with its own makeup bag. The bag’s message is printed on either side and made from a strong material, sure to withstand travel. I recommend this to anyone who does extensive work in makeup. A common complaint amongst the beauty world is not having enough bags to carry all of their makeup in.

Birthstone Stud Earrings

The Birthstone Stud Earrings is available in every birthstone. The earrings are made from sterling silver and are sure to wear well and not leave any marks, as well as be friendly to allergenic skin. The posts have a butterfly backing to keep the earrings tight on the ear. It is suggested to store these earrings in a dry, cool, dark place when not in use to keep their shine and polish. The earrings come in a small box that is easy to transform into a gifting box, however, there is an option to buy a special gift box.

Personalized Cosmetic Bag

The Personalized Cosmetic Bag is customizable to fit almost any name and includes a cute floral design. There are several other designs available with a wide array of floral designs and name designs, including simple initial designs. The material is made completely from heavy-duty cotton canvas. It can be used for makeup, but also as a small travel bag. It is durable and should last any travel, even airplanes. Personalization can be done at the time of purchase. I recommend this bag for anyone who wants to give a useful personalized gift.

LED Flameless Candles

The Multi-Colored Candles make great decor for a young woman’s room. These candles are made from real wax and are scented vanilla. They have the option to be multi-colored and they come with a remote that controls the colors, brightness, height of the flame, etc. The candles do not come with batteries and will each need 3 AAA batteries. These LED candles are far safer than regular candles with open flames that can easily be forgotten about. With the vanilla scent and the real wax, it has all the feel of a real candle without the danger.

Best Health and Fitness Gifts for Girls

Infuser Water Bottles

The Infuser Water Bottles come in 8 different colors and can hold 32 ounces of fluid. The infuser is great for mixing your favorite fruits with water and taking those drinks wherever you may go, for instance, the gym, the library, or on a walk. Along with your bottle, the company provides a recipe book for your infuser and recommendations on how to make the most out of your infuser. They also provide a one-year warranty and free replacement if anything should happen to your infuser. This company works hard to keep plastic out of the environment and the ocean and their infusers are completely reusable and have helped to keep littering and contamination down.

adidas Cloudfoam Sneakers

The adidas Sneakers are available in several sizes from 5 to 12 and are available in several colors including a variety of greys, pinks, and blues. The interior has Cloudfoam cushioning and the sock liner is memory foam and will remember and mold to the foot. The shoes are lightweight and good for everyday use, as well as running. Made from imported products, the shoes are formed from a tight-knit textile and can withstand getting dirty. I recommend these shoes for anyone who likes to work out or run long distances.

Vera Bradley Duffel Bag

The Vera Bradley Duffel Bag is made from imported cotton and is quilted to give it a stronger and more durable lifetime, as well as simply making it more designer. The bag is machine washable and the cotton is recycled. The bag is standard travel size, 12″ by 22″ by 12″. The bag has several pockets inside and out and comes with an adjustable strap that can be removed. The bag comes in several colors and patterns. It is lightweight, durable, and designer. It’s made to last heavy travel such as trains and planes, or even a long road trip. I recommend this for a person who is exploring the world and is traveling a lot.

Simple Modern Travel Mug

The Insulated Travel Mug is vacuumed insulated sure to keep your beverages warm or cold for several hours at a time. The mug comes with a flip lid and two reusable straws that can be cleaned and used over and over again, saving the environment. The bottle can hold 32 ounces and is heavy-duty, made from stainless steel. It is meant to last. The bottle comes in several colors and patterns including pink, black, blue, stars, ocean, and several variations of ombre. These cups are molded to fit most cupholders, including in cars.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

The Tibetan Singing Bowl Set is perfect for meditation. The set includes the handmade bowl and wooden striker, as well as a cushion and it all comes in its own gift box made from natural products. This set is handmade in Nepal and the company ensures a lifetime guarantee. The bowl is made from pure brass, while the cushion is made from felt and the wood striker is hand carved. The company offers several styles of this set, some with bigger bowls. I recommend this for someone who meditates a lot or likes to create an aura of a calming nature.

Self-Care Kit

The Self-Care Kit is full of self-care items including bath bombs, creams, lotions, soaps, butter tins, face masks, and more. Each item is cruelty-free and is proven to help relieve stress. Each box comes with 10 self-care items. All items have been hand-picked and have been made through humane practices. The box comes ready to gift. Just be sure to check with the recipient for skin conditions or allergies. I recommend this box for someone who needs a break or who enjoys a nice spa day.

Best Tools and Safety Gifts for Girls


The Tactical Pen is comprised of several useful tools including a bottle opener, glass breaker, LED light, screwdriver, and small saw. The pen is lightweight and made from steel. Its sleek design doesn’t allow it to stand out amongst other pens and it can be carried discreetly from place to place. The pen and its functions could come in handy in any number of emergency situations. I recommend this pen to anyone who is traveling or working a lot, especially if they are doing so by themselves.

Self Defense Alarm Keychain

The Self Defense Keychain is perfect for anyone who travels, shops, hikes, or rides alone. The alarm can last up to fifty minutes and can be heard from 300 yards away. The keychain is also equipped with a strong LED light. To activate the alarm, either pull the pin or tap the button twice. The battery is a lithium battery and so it will need recharging. The keychain comes with its own USB cable for charging and charging takes about thirty minutes. When the keychain is not in use, the battery can be stored and lasted for about a year. I highly recommend this for anyone who is often out and about alone.

Emergency Roadside Tool Kit

The Emergency Tool Kit includes a shovel, gloves, jumper cables, tire repair tools, a whistle, a flashlight, and a traction rope. In total, there are 124 pieces in this kit and every piece will come in handy no matter what the emergency. Each of the tools and pieces in the kit is made from durable materials that are sure to last tough situations. The kit is lightweight and compact and comes in a secure carrying case. When turning 17, girls are starting to travel more, whether it be to school, or work, or with friends. It’s important to keep them safe and prepared for anything that might happen.

Best Clothing and Accessory Gifts for Girls

Square Root of 289 T-Shirt

The Square Root of 289 T-Shirt is perfect for the scholar in your family. The shirt is made from a cotton-polyester blend and is made from imported fabric. It is machine-washable. It is a lightweight shirt that is durable and is sure to last. The shirt has a classic fit and is available in unisex, men’s, and women’s styles. The shirt is also available in several colors including black, blue, green, and pink. The design is also available on hoodies, tank tops, and sweaters.

Mini Crossbody Handbag

The Mini Crossbody Handbag has a zipper closure and is made from faux leather. The main strap is adjustable from 7″ to 30″ and is detachable. The second strap is shorter, slightly adjustable, and also detachable. The inside of the purse has three slots for credit cards or ID cards, as well as an internal pocket. The purse is available with several other designs in other colors with other animals including elephants, cats, dogs, turtles, frogs, and whales.

Michael Kors Coin Purse

MICHAEL Michael Kors Small Coin Purse Pearl Grey One Size

The  Michael Kors Coin Purse is made from imported leather. The interior lining is polyester and the coin purse has a sturdy zipper closure. The inside has three slots for cards, credit, and ID. It is only available in one color which is light grey. The strap is detachable. Michael Kors is a brand name that makes quality products. This coin purse is sure to withstand travel and time. There is also a matching travel bag that can be purchased separately.

Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket


The Motorcycle Jacket is made from faux, red leather. It is handwash only and cannot be ironed. There are several pockets on this jacket and is short, a lot like a crop top. The jacket is available in other colors including pink, black, yellow, and blue. The jacket will withstand some water and rain, but will not keep you very warm. It is available in sizes small to extra-large, but the sizes do run small and are not available in plus sizes. Make sure to check the size guide before ordering.

Best At Home Gifts for Girls

Tea for One Set

The Tea for One Set is perfect for those who are headed out on their own soon. This could mean work, college, or travel. The teapot set is nine different styles and colors. The teapot can hold up to 12oz. The teacup can hold up to 8oz. The whole set is made of ceramic and is fragile. This is a set of items that need to be treated well and carefully. The whole set comes wrapped up in a nice gift box so it is ready to give upon arrival.

Mini Rice Cooker

The Mini Rice Cooker can hold up to two cups of rice, noodles, soup, stew, or quinoa. It’s easy to use. Simply add water and put in your uncooked rice, noodles, or vegetables, and set your settings. Everything should be in twenty minutes or less. The warm function is there to keep your food warm while you eat or do other activities without letting your food burnt. The Mini Rice Cooker comes with a one-year warranty. The set comes with a rice paddle, a measuring cup, and a removable bowl for washing, as well as a recipe book.

Rapid Egg Cooker

The Rapid Egg Cooker is available in several colors. It can cook up to six eggs at one time to soft, medium, or hard-boiled modes. The egg cooker has an automatic shut-off to make sure that your eggs are never overdone once the settings are set. It can poach two eggs at a time in a separate poaching tray, as well as make omelets.  The cord is long at 33″ and is the whole set can be easily disassembled and cleaned. This is the perfect gift for someone who is starting to live on their own, maybe in an apartment or a dorm.

Dinnerware Set for One

The Dinnerware Set is perfect for that person who is about to venture on their own and can’t take a lot with them. This dinnerware set is made from bamboo fibers and is reusable, as well as being eco-friendly. The set includes a 10″ dinner plate, a 9″ salad plate, a 5.5″ bowl, and a drink cup. It can withstand hot or cold food, but shouldn’t be used in the oven or stove. It can be safely stored in the freezer. The set is available in two colors, blue or green. The set is dishwasher safe and does not absorb odor and does not stain easily. The set is lightweight, easy to carry, and is great for travel and outdoor activities. I recommend this set to anyone who is setting out on their own and needs dinnerware.

HMR Entree Variety Pack

The Entree Variety Pack is not exactly a gift basket, but receiving a set of meals is perfect for anyone starting to live on their own. This pack is available with 14, 16, or 17 meals depending on your order. This assortment of meals is easy to make in just a minute. They don’t require refrigeration and they are low-calorie as well. These are small, stable meals that are great for the person who travels a lot lives in a small apartment or dorm, and is unable to get a lot of food at one time. Being 17 means learning how to live on your own and this food set will certainly help with that. Be sure to check with the recipient’s dietary needs before purchasing.

Buying Considerations

What is the traditional gift for turning 17?

Unfortunately, there is no traditional gift for turning 17, however, given the milestone that it represents common gifts include kitchen sets, tool kits, travel bags, and more. These are all things that are useful and will likely be readily used as they start to explore and travel, whether this is traveling on vacation, searching for colleges, or finding that perfect job.

What is the benefit of a personalized gift?

The benefit of a personalized gift is that it shows that buyer took the time to get something made special for the recipient. However, personalized gifts can end up being rather expensive and sometimes are made quite cheaply or with cheap materials. However, a good personalized product will be used over and over again. Especially a bag of some kind. Travel bags that are personalized are less likely to get stolen.

What to get the girl who already has everything?

Any girl will tell you that one of the best gifts to receive is food. When a girl already seems to have everything a self-care kit or a food basket are great choices. These items can be used up and won’t take up much extra space in the home. Chocolate is especially appreciated. Just be sure to check in with your recipient before buying anything to make sure that they don’t have any conflicting allergies or skin conditions.