Gift Ideas for 23-Year-Old Males [2023]

Gift Ideas for 23-year-old males help them to deck out their first apartment and help keep life fun. Find the right gift from several different categories to work for any man.

Tech Gifts for 23-Year-Old Males

2021 Apple MacBook Pro 

Apple has taken the laptop world to a new level with the 2021 Apple Macbook Pro. This beast of a machine has a proprietary silicone Apple chip with unparalleled performance ready to blow an i9 Intel chip out of the water. Add in 16 cores of unified GPU and 512 GB of storage on a solid-state drive for an epic machine.

The M1 Pro chip has a majorly enhanced graphics card and a 120 Hz refresh rate. Add in over 7 billion pixels on a Liquid Retina display for a computer ready to make any kind of work a breeze. Did we mention the computer has a 21-hour battery life too? Yeah, it’s that amazing.

Apple AirTag 4 Pack

Guys to tend to lose their keys, wallet, and their mind need the Apple AirTag 4 Pack. A set of four tags makes it easy to keep track of items with the iPhone. The battery lasts over a year, and the device has built-in privacy for extra connectivity via Bluetooth.

Ring Light Clip-on for iPhone

Selfies are important to young men and the Ring Light Clip-on for iPhone can make excellent snapshots a breeze with the right lighting. With three lighting tones, including warm, cool, and neutral, along with four brightness levels, this ring makes pictures so much better. It’s rechargeable and approved by popular social media influencers.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

With the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, guys can lock their front door even when they are not home. It’s a smart gift for those who need a little extra security and wants to monitor their door from Alexa. If you worry about your adult child, this gift can offer you some security, making it the best gift possible.

PS5 Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

Men do love their video games, and the PS5 Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is an epic game ready to relax the mind with downtime. It’s the same context as the last as it’s a direct sequel to Black Ops. Buy it for any gaming system to make it a fabulous game.

Razer Mini USB Microphone

For twenty-something year old men who like to put their voice out on the internet, get the Razer Mini USB Microphone. The fun vintage style and small size make this perfect for small spaces. Also, it’s ultra-precise and capable of removing unwanted noise with crystal clear vocals too, and it dampens vibrations.

Belkin Speaker + Wireless Charger

Use the Belkin Speaker + Wireless Charger to take up less space in small apartments with the. Not only does this amplify sound, but it also charges smartphones, and it connects to Alexa for easy use. With special Speaker Active Matching (SAM), this device can enjoy an impressive audio experience.

Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit

Take lighting and decor to a new level with the Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit. The rearrangeable squares work via a smartphone to change color and brightness to suit any mood or change the ambiance of a room. They can even help the music come to life with coordinating lighting, making these a smart and functional gift.

Also, you can have the lights coordinate with the television for an epic experience. A touch-enabled experience makes these light tiles into a game. Control everything from either Android or iOS.

Audio Interface with DJ Mixer

Young musicians need the Audio Interface with DJ Mixer to make impressive sounds without taking up a ton of space. Use this DJ Mixer and sound card as a full podcast production studio perfect for live streaming, recording, and gaming. Give control to the musician in your life with this unique gift.

Fire TV Stick 4K

If the guy in your life has an older television, they need the Fire TV Stick 4K. It’s ready to connect to all its favorite streaming channels with Alexa voice control. They can still enjoy a cinematic experience without upgrading to an expensive television.

Wearable Gifts for 23-Year-Old Males

NASA Vintage T-Shirt

Choose the NASA Vintage T-Shirt if you need an affordable and useful gift. Men can wear this shirt for comfort, lounging, or workouts. It’s made in the USA with a cotton-poly blend a vintage-inspired design ready to appeal to anyone.

Men’s Wool Blend Pea Coat

Young men moving into the workforce need a Men’s Wool Blend Pea Coat to stay warm and look sophisticated. Choose from several neutral colors, all made with terylene and wool with snap closures. It’s warm, windproof, and perfect for today’s fashion.

PUMA Cross-Trainer Shoe

Guys who like to run, jog, play hoops, or more will fall in love with the comfort of the PUMA Cross-Trainer Shoe. The stylish shoes come in a few color options with a sturdy design ready to keep feet comfortable during any workout. Also, a midfoot saddle allows for a maximum fit, and cushioning on the heel absorbs shock.

Clarks Bushacre 2 Boot

Work shoes are a must, and the Clarks Bushacre 2 Boot is perfect for any man with 100 percent leather. Pick from over ten different stylish color options. For young guys who need a pair of grownup shoes, these are a win and ultra-comfortable too.

Goodthreads Crewneck Sweater

Keep the guy in your life warm with the Goodthreads Crewneck Sweater. It’s a simple soft sweater made of one hundred percent cotton in a variety of color options. Guys can wear it to work and then toss it in the wash for easy care.

Enso Infinity Silicone Ring

With the Enso Infinity Silicone Ring, men can enjoy a ring with a simple design made of silicone. It’s safe for the finger and includes a comfortable contoured fit that’s unique and flexible. Choose from several colors to work perfectly for any man.

Bath & Body Gifts for 23-Year-Old Males

Brickell Body Wash Gel

Simple guys need simple soap like the Brickell Body Wash Gel. One bottle to wash hair, face, and body with natural and certified organic ingredients. Choose from fresh mint, evergreen, and spicy citrus to suit any man.


For the guy who likes to put a little extra effort into his skincare get the BRO MASK. The Korean masks are made specifically for men to help firm and soothe skin with powerful hydrogel. Furthermore, the masks are made bigger for men’s faces, and they are free of harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

Caswell-Massey Cologne

Help the man in your life smell incredible with the Caswell-Massey Cologne. The spray offers a classic seaside scent in a travel size with natural ingredients. Moreover, it’s made in America by a company making luxury items for men for over 250 years.

Anthony Day Moisturizer with Sunscreen

Everyone needs to protect their face from the sun, and the Anthony Day Moisturizer with Sunscreen is perfect for men. The lotion includes SPF 30, anti-aging moisturizers, and it’s not greasy for perfect skin comfort. It’s also free of creepy ingredients like GMOs, parabens, phthalates, DEA, and triclosan.

Jack Black Pomade

Guys who are fanatic about their hair need the Jack Black Pomade to tame their locks. The product adds texture and definition to sculpt the perfect hairdo. Even better, Jack Black products use natural ingredients to nourish skin and protect from harmful chemicals.

Home Gifts for 23-Year-Old Males

Wireless Charging Table Lamp

The Wireless Charging Table Lamp are perfect for the bedroom with a three-way dimmable light and wireless charging for phones. It’s modern, stylish, and includes three levels of light to help with sleep. Guys will love the smart and modern style and may want one in every room of their apartment.

Dumbbells with Tray

For those who want to stay in shape, gift the Dumbbells with Tray. Each side of the dumbbell is adjustable for a solid workout ready to improve a man’s physique. All this with a storage tray that takes up very little storage space in a small apartment.

Cosy House Luxury Bed Sheet Set

Every bedroom demands a set of Cosy House Luxury Bed Sheet Set ready to make a bed a comfortable place to sleep. With many color options, including a fabulous grey, men can sleep comfortably with natural bamboo rayon. Furthermore, with thick corner straps and outstanding comfort, men will have the perfect oasis for sleep.

Push Pin World Map Board 

Help a young man decorate his space with the Push Pin World Map Board. The black and gray map fits into any decor, and it’s homemade in Ohio. Additionally, it comes with pushpins to mark locations people hope to travel to make this a treasured keepsake.

Harry Potter Throw Blanket

Fan’s of Hogwarts and the wizarding world will love the Harry Potter Throw Blanket. It’s woven for a gorgeous grownup appearance but with the infamous Marauder’s Map on the front and looks like it could be sold on Diagon Alley. The blanket is made of 100 percent polyester and can go in the washing machine for easy care.

Fun and Useful Gifts for 23-Year-Old Males

Fireproof Document Bag

Keep life organized for 23-year-old men with the Fireproof Document Bag. The container is fire and water-resistant and ready to protect passports, birth certificates, college papers, and much more. Keep important documents easy to find and safe with a lock and several other security protections.

Roadside Emergency Kit

Everyone should have a Roadside Emergency Kit in the trunk of their car. With this option, they get a compact and convenient option with 62 necessities for vehicle emergencies, including jumper cables. The kit also includes visibility options and first aid too perfect to help in any type of situation on the road.

BoxLegend T-Shirt Folder

Limited space means organization is key and the BoxLegend T-Shirt Folder is ready to help. This device makes folding t-shirts as easy as one two three and allows for more shirts to fit into a dresser drawer. It’s fast, fun, and ready to last for years with a smart design.

Pants Hangers Multi-Layers

Men who need to keep their work pants in order will adore the Pants Hangers Multi-Layers. Not only will these improve closet space but also keep pants wrinkle-free. They can even be used for ties, towels, and jeans to cut down on wasted space.

Wekapo Inflatable Hammock

For men who live close to the beach, get the Wekapo Inflatable Hammock to make relaxing even easier. The hammock inflates without a pump and has anti-deflation technology along with a carry bag, stake, and opener. Give the gift of serenity and lazy days on the beach with this unique gift.

Kitchen Gifts for 23-Year-Old Males

Nostalgia 3-in-1

When space is an issue, the Nostalgia 3-in-1 is ready to help. This smart appliance makes coffee, bacon or sausage, eggs, and toast all on one device. It’s easy to clean and leaves plenty of room for other appliances on a kitchen counter.

Chop Sabers LightSaber Chopsticks

Day to day life can be boring but the Chop Sabers LightSaber Chopsticks can spice it up. As guys tend to live off of take-out food, these lightsaber chopsticks can make eating an adventure. They even light up, making it easier to eat in the dark on the couch while watching the latest Star Wars movie.

Super Mario Coffee Mug

Bring a little joy to a guy’s life with the Super Mario Coffee Mug. The retro collector’s mug changes color when it has hot liquid added to it like coffee. Video-game lovers will adore this fun and unique gift.

The Cravory: Freshly Baked Cookies

Send cookies to the man in your life with the The Cravory: Freshly Baked Cookies. These cookies are freshly baked with an assortment of 12 or 24 cookies ready to show your love through tastebuds. For a tasty treat, the cookies include birthday cake, chocolate chip, cookie monster, lemon bar, salted caramel cream, and red velvet.

8-Piece Cookware Set

Forget a cheap set of pots and gift the 8-Piece Cookware Set for pots ready to last for decades. With patented technology free of PFOA, these pots include three layers for even cooking, and they can go in the dishwasher for easy care. They are even scratch-resistant ready to make cooking a breeze.

Electric Popcorn Machine

Popcorn makes for a fun and healthy snack and the Electric Popcorn Machine makes the treat in just two to three minutes. Hot air circulates, making fluffy popcorn without oil. It’s easy to clean and use for great snacks when friends pop over for a visit.

Power XL Smokeless Indoor Grill

Not all apartments allow grills or have space for a grill making the Power XL Smokeless Indoor Grill the perfect gift. Guys can get outdoor grill taste right in their kitchen. The grill plate is dishwasher safe and removable, and the grill has LED smart temperature control with heat options up to 450 degrees to make perfect steaks and burgers.

What to Look for in Gift Ideas for 23-Year-Old Males

Searching for gifts for 22-year-old men can seem a challenge, but as most are in the process of decking out their first apartment, it’s easy to shop for them. Don’t worry, you can also choose options from clothing, skincare, and fun gifts guys will love. Ask around and find out what the guy in your life needs before purchasing if you need a few ideas.

Keep hobbies and likes in mind, and electronics are very popular with youth. In addition, young men often love outdoor activities, sports, and games. Also, you can find options in any budget, so you don’t go broke to give a quality gift.

Many men are starting their first serious jobs at this age as well and have a car. Consider gifts focused on work or taking care of their vehicle. Often, young men have a hard time organizing their world and will enjoy gifts that help stay organized.

Happy Shopping!