Gift Ideas for 14-Year-Old Boys [2023]

Teenagers can be hard to shop for, but these gift ideas for 14-year old boys will help you choose the perfect gift. Whether he’s the type who’s always out with friends or a teen that never leaves his room, there’s something for everyone. Let’s take a closer look.

Sports and Outdoor Gifts for 14-Year-Old Boys

Spikeball Game Set

This Spikeball Game Set comes with everything he needs to play Spikeball at the park, backyard barbecues, the beach, anywhere really! The game net has folding legs and this comes with a carrying bag for the net, balls, and rule book. He’ll love how easy this is to carry around, especially since it gives him the chance to play anywhere.

Even though this game is traditionally designed to be played by 4 players, there are modifications for additional games like one allowing 3-on-3 play for bigger groups. This is super easy to learn, but it’s difficult to master so he can work on building his confidence and skill at this game over time. As an added benefit, it encourages him to be social and use his hand-eye coordination and muscles. Plus, anything that encourages fun while getting your teen moving is a plus for us!

RazorX Cruiser Skateboard

This Electric Skateboard by RazorX is designed for that child who uses his skateboard to get around rather than to do stunts. With a 125-watt motor and rechargeable battery, this reaches speeds of up to 10 mph and can maintain them for 40 minutes. He can easily travel to the store, back and forth from school, and between friends’ houses with this board. With a max weight limit of 220 pounds, he’s also sure to get plenty of use out of this board.

He’ll love being able to balance on this electric skateboard and just go. It comes with a 5-ply maple deck that is just under 30″, resulting in a lightweight and responsive deck that lets him cruise. Features like perforated grip tape and high-grip urethane wheels also ensure the ride is stable, too. Finally, he’ll appreciate that this comes with a wireless remote (and wrist strap) so he can change the speed easily and have total control over his ride.

Throwing Knives and Axes

Smith & Wesson 8in Throwing Knives and 10in Axes Combo with Full Tang Stainless Steel Design, Bottle Opener and Nylon Sheaths for Recreation and Competition

While this is a gift that may require adult supervision, he’ll love practicing axe and knife throwing with this Throwing Knives and Axes from Smith & Wesson. The stainless steel throwing knives included in this set are 8″ long each, with a weight of just over 4.1 ounces and the axes are 10″ long and weigh just .5 pounds. Both are well-balanced, which helps them move through the air and hit the target. They also come with carrying sheaths so they can safely be transported.

This is a great way to encourage bonding, the release of frustration, and more. He can go out with dad, mom, an older sibling, his uncle, or another adult. These are sharp enough that they’ll stick in trees, or he can set up a target and try to hit his mark. These are great for practicing hand-eye coordination and helping him build confidence with a unique skill. Whether he’s throwing for fun or wants to compete, he’ll love using this gift.

Tech and Gaming Gifts for 14-Year-Old Boys

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a great gift for a teenage boy, whether he’s playing by himself or with friends. This is the Mario edition of the Switch, so it features red and blue colors and comes with a carrying case with Super Mario pictures. He can play this fun system in handheld mode or connect it to the big screen to easily play with friends.

With this console, he can play newer games like Animal Crossing or the classics like the adapted version of Mario Kart. The device’s battery lasts through hours of playtime and its super portable design also makes it easy for him to play with friends. You can’t go wrong with a gift like this!

Wireless Charger

The Fast Wireless Charger by CENSHI is a unique piece of tech gear that brings together two essentials. As a phone charger, this has no wires required and is compatible with a wide range of devices. His phone can sit vertically or landscape mode because of the large sensing range, or he can charge it with his phone case as long as it is less than 6mm thick.

As a speaker, this is also really powerful. It connects to devices wireless via Bluetooth and is really easy to use. In addition to the dock/speaker, this also comes with a power cord and an audio cord, in case he wants to connect to the speaker manually instead of using the Bluetooth function. It makes a great gift for a 14-year old boy.

Gaming Headset

The average 14-year old boy is ready to handle the responsibility of playing online games with friends, and the Pro Gaming Headset by Logitech will help him do just that. These headphones offer a superior gaming experience, from the crystal clear sound quality to the noise-reducing microphone. He’ll be able to hear everything as he plays different games, even the rustle of an enemy sneaking nearby. Everyone he plays with will also be able to hear him, not whatever is going on in the background.

As a 14-year old boy, he should be ready to take care of a quality piece of gaming tech like these headphones. It works via audio jack, so it’s compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo DS, and more. He can even use it with his phone! As an added benefit, these headphones have an inline mic, so there’s no need for the external boom mic and this comes with a carrying case to keep the headset and accessories safe.

Gaming Chair

This Gaming Chair by GTRACING is the perfect gift for the 14-year old boy who spends all of his free time gaming. All that poor posture can be hard on his back, but this ergonomically designed chair provides the support his body needs. With features like lumbar and neck support and an ergonomic shape, he’ll be able to sit comfortably while he games.

This chair features height and armrest adjustment for a customized sitting experience. With the ability to recline as far back as 160-degrees, swivel, and rock, he’ll also love being able to kick back and relax or lean forward and immerse himself in his gaming experience. As an added benefit, the anti-collapse sponge maintains its shape well and won’t wear down quickly and the faux leather exterior is super easy to wipe clean.

Beats Headphones

Every 14-year old needs a pair of high-quality headphones when they’re trying to listen to music and drown out the world around them. These Beats Headphones have thick, cushy ear pads that block out noise and help deliver masterfully tuned sound. These are wired headphones, so they don’t require a battery, and they even come with a microphone so he can take calls and easily control music.

The headband is made using reinforced stainless steel, creating an overall design that is lightweight and durable. It also has adjustable vertical sliders so he can get the best possible fit. If you don’t think the white color would suit him, these wired Beats headphones are also available in red, black, and blue.

Books, Puzzles, and Games for 14-Year-Old Boys


The Gloomhaven game from Cephalofair Games is a multi-award-winning game of strategy that can be played by 1-4 players. Gameplay takes 1-2 hours, so it’s a great way to pass the time. Additionally, with so many different cards, there are lots of ways to play and no game is ever the same. The constantly-changing world of the game means that it can take a long time to play, so this is great to play in more than one sitting when possible.

Players move around the board with different characters, each of them having a unique skill set. They can also collect loot, weapons, additional skills, and more as they move across the board, battling monsters and tackling other chances. As an added benefit, winning this game is heavily based on strategy so it’s great for encouraging critical thinking.

3D Robot Music Box Puzzle

This Robot Music Box Puzzle by Robotime lets him build a three-dimensional robot named Orpheus. Unlike traditional puzzles, this comes with intricate wooden pieces that interlock to build a 3D design that stands up on its own. When finished, Orpheus plays real music!

Any 14-year old would love putting together this puzzle. When finished, he can set it on his nightstand or a shelf and crank it up whenever he thinks Orpheus needs a little attention. The geared crank makes it light up and play the song, “Cycle of Happiness”.

Maze Runner Boxed Set

Whether he’s a fan of this movie series or hasn’t seen it yet, the Maze Runner Boxed Set makes a great gift for a 14-year old boy. Even if he isn’t the most interested in reading, these books are packed full of action. He’ll be able to spend hours reading these #1 New York Times Best Seller from James Dashner.

In the book, a boy named Thomas wakes up with no memories, only to find that the other characters in this glade that he wakes up in also don’t have the memories. They are trapped here unless they go through the maze surrounding the area. The action-packed series follows their escape from the maze and so much more. It’s written in a way that keeps readers on the edge and if he isn’t interested in reading, this might just be the boxed set that gets him there.

Lightning Reaction Reloaded

Lightning Reaction Reloaded is a shocking game that tests a person’s reflexes. It can be played with 1-4 players and has two different modes. Each player holds one of the controllers and waits for the light to turn on. In the original model, the last person to press their button is the one to get shocked. In extreme mode, only the person who presses their button first doesn’t get shocked.

This is a really fun game designed for teens and adults, so he shouldn’t play with younger siblings. It has a suction cup base that lets it sit firmly on the tabletop and also has a wheel that lets you adjust the level of shock so it’s suitable for more players.

How to Draw Cool Stuff

If he’s into art, the How to Draw Cool Stuff book makes a great gift. This book takes a unique look at the drawing and how to use basic shapes to build unique works of art. He’ll love being able to bring the pictures in his mind to life. Plus, since this is a more affordable gift, it makes a great choice alongside a sketch pad or some drawing tools.

This guide is full of helpful tips, as well as fun exercises that he can use to put his skills to the test. Even if he already has some basic skills, he’ll love the unique perspective that this gives him. It covers all types of drawing, from creating super-realistic faces to basic tattoos. It’s a must-have for the learning artist’s collection.

Toy Gifts for 14-Year-Old Boys

Corvette Building Kit

This Lego Technic Corvette Building Kit comes with 579 pieces that he can put together to build two different vehicles. He can build a Classic Hot Rod or the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, both of them with incredible detail. While the included instructions are clear, the many pieces make this a fun challenge for him. When he’s done, he can put his car on display, drive it around and play with it, or even take it apart and use the Lego pieces to build other creations since it’s compatible with other Lego playsets.

The Chevy Corvette is designed to scale and is 3″ tall, 4″ wide, and 11″ long when finished. It has cool features like moving pistons, low-profile tires and black spoked rims, 4 tailpipes, a functioning steering wheel, and more. He’ll love the attention to detail once he gets this put together.

Standard Dartboard

Throwing darts is really fun, plus it helps him work on hand-eye coordination that might be re-developing at this age. This Dartboard by Rally and Roar is an 18-inch, regulation-sized board. It has unique self-healing properties because it’s built using African sisal and the rings can be rotated to give the board time to heal when it’s not in use. Another unique feature is the use of thinner, galvanized wiring which maximizes the playing area and helps reduce bounce-back.

This comes with everything he needs to mount the dartboard too, including wall mount brackets, anchors, screws, and protective bumpers. However, it does not come with any darts. Our top recommendation for a 14-year old boy is this 15-pack of Steel Darts from Uzopi. They come with extras like a dart sharpener and carrying case and a textured pattern on the shaft for better control while releasing.

GPS Drone

This GPS Drone from Holy Stone is a “toy” that any 14-year old would love to receive as a gift. The quadcopter comes with a remote that has a holder for a smartphone, so he can take pictures and videos, as well as track his drone while it flies. With a range of 984-feet, he’s sure to get enjoyment out of flying his drone around. Plus, the dual-battery pack means he can fly this for up to 26 minutes per charge and it comes with a convenient carrying case to keep everything together.

The GPS drone has lots of other features that make it fun to play with. He’ll be able to set a home point so the drone automatically returns once the battery is low or he presses the “return to home” button. He can even set flight paths. Additionally, the controls are easy enough for a 14-year old to understand and there are tips for flying available in the app.

NERF Modulus Demolisher

The Modulus Demolisher by NERF features a 2-in-1 design that lets him launch NERF darts and rockets from the same gun. He’ll be ready for all-out warfare with this NERF gun. It comes with 10 standard-sized NERF darts that can be used to fill the banana clip, which lets him keep shooting without stopping to reload. Additionally, he’ll get two NERF rockets, which are bigger, more fun, and more likely to hit the target.

NERF guns are one of those toys that you’re never really too old for. He’ll love playing with family or friends or even just shooting at targets. There are lots of ways to play and he can use it with or without the clip, depending on if he wants to rapidly reload or have the benefit of a slimmer, more compact gun. Either way, it’s sure to be a blast!

Clothing and Accessory Gifts for 14-Year-Old Boys

Gamer T-Shirt

Though it has a simple design, this Gaming T-Shirt is something he’s sure to get a chuckle out of. The shirt is gray with simple lettering that says, “I paused my game to be here.” He’ll love wearing it to school, family get-togethers, errands, and all those other places he probably doesn’t love that he has to go.

This t-shirt has features like screen-printed wording that won’t fade with washes and a more tapered, form-fitting design than the traditional boxy-style Tee. It’s made using a blend of 90% fine jersey-knit cotton and 10% polyester, resulting in a stylish two-tone effect. The shirt is also lightweight, breathable, and something he’ll love adding to his wardrobe.

Polarized Sunglasses

These Polarized Sunglasses by BNUS are super functional, but they also make a bold statement. He’ll love wearing these outdoors, no matter what he is doing. The lenses are made from Corning Glass, for high clarity while reducing eye strain from UV rays and reflected glare. With 100% protection, he’s keeping his eyes safe and he’ll look cool while doing that.

The sunglasses feature G-15 lenses that absorb 85% of green light and block most blue light. They also feature spring hinges for a more comfortable fit and nylon frames made from plant pigments and other natural materials. Finally, he’ll appreciate that these are resistant to things like corrosion and that the finish lasts and lasts. The company even stands behind this with a full 12-month guarantee!

Memory Foam Slippers

Teenage boys may not leave their room very often, but when he does he’ll appreciate these Memory Foam Slippers from RockDove. The memory foam in these feels soft under his feet and offers a customized fit. They also have a slip-on design, so it’s super easy for him to put them on and walk through the house.

In addition to being soft, these are warm because of the fleece-lined interior. Even so, the waffle knit design on top keeps these breathable so that his feet won’t sweat. In addition to the two-tone blue color pictured here, these are available in combinations like black and lime, white and red, gray and white, and more.

Beanie Headphones

Wireless Beanie Hat Musical Hat for Outdoor Sports & Christmas Gifts for Teenagers Men and Women(Black

This Bluetooth-Enabled Beanie by Sminiker offers wireless, discreet listening that keeps his ears warm, too! Many teenagers live in their beanies, so why not give him the opportunity to enjoy his favorite music artists while he does it? The hat connects via Bluetooth to cell phones, laptops, and any other Bluetooth-enabled devices with a range of up to 33-feet.

The beanie is made from a soft knit material that is warm but won’t make his head sweat and the speakers are removable for easy washing. He can recharge the hat via USB and enjoy up to 10 hours of listening. It even has extra features like a built-in microphone so he can take phone calls and buttons to control volume and song selection on the hat. All these things make it super easy and convenient to use. Any 14-year old boy would love to receive this as a gift!

More Cool Gifts for 14-Year-Old Boys

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

Fourteen-year-old boys are becoming more independent. Why not give him the chance to capture those fun moments with this Instax Mini 11 Bundle by Fujifilm? The camera prints out Polaroid-style photos instantly that he can give to friends, carry in his wallet, or decorate his room or locker with. It also comes with 120 sheets he can put in the Instax, so there’s plenty of images for him to get started with.

Even though the camera is mini, it has a lot of power. It automatically sets optimal shutter speed and exposure, letting it capture the perfect picture even when the background is dark. He’ll also appreciate that this mini camera is super easy to use and really portable because of the small size.

LED Strip Lights

For most teenagers, their bedroom is the one place they can enjoy privacy and really be themselves. Help the 14-year old boy in your life express himself with these LED Strip Lights by Minger. This set comes with 32.8″ total feet of LED Strip Lights and a 44-button remote. He can use the buttons to program the lights, having them show one solid color, flash between colors, strobe, and more. The remote can even be used to adjust the brightness and speed!

Give his room a pop of personality by letting him set the mood with these lights. The water-resistant design helps protect these from damages, plus they’re super easy to install. All he has to do is peel the backing off the adhesive roll and stick the strips wherever he wants them most. This also comes with 10 support pins for those spots that might need a little extra support.

Guitar Bundle

This Stratocaster Beginner Pack comes with everything he needs to start playing guitar. If he’s looking for a hobby, there’s no better time than now for him to start learning. In addition to the guitar, this also comes with a padded gig bag and guitar strap, a 15G guitar amplifier by Frontman, an instrument cable, and some picks. He’ll also get a 3-month subscription to Fender Play, where he can learn from the leading experts and guitar players.

The guitar included with this bundle is the HSS Stratocaster from the Fender Affinity Series. It’s available in the brown sunburst color pictured here, as well as candy apple red. Whether he’s a beginner or an expert, the 14-year old boy in your life will appreciate the sleek, stylish design of this guitar. It has features like a comfortable C-shaped neck profile and a vintage-style tremolo bridge. Not only does the guitar look cool, but he’ll also look really cool while he’s playing it.

International Snack Subscription Box

The average 14-year old boy is not going to say “no” to some snacks, so this makes a great gift. He can try all types of treats from around the world with this International Snack Subscription Box. Each month, he’ll receive at least ten different treats to try. The treats all come from the same country, so he can try some of the best treats that each country has to offer as he munches his way around the globe.

This is one of the more affordable snack subscription boxes, especially since the company offers free shipping in the United States. Some of the countries he’ll be able to sample include Israel, Taiwan, Greece, and many others. Plus, you can choose how many months to continue the subscription, so this is really the gift that keeps on giving!

What to Look for in Gifts for 14-Year-Old Boys

Sports and Outdoors Gifts

Fourteen-year-old boys are in the period of their life called adolescence. Some teens are agile and coordinated, while others struggle with coordination because they’re still getting used to their rapidly developing bodies. However, coordination is something that can also be developed with practice. Many gifts designed to be used outdoors require coordination and the use of his muscles. These types of gifts encourage him to use those skills that will help with coordination. Additionally, gifts for the outdoors usually encourage physical activity. Being physically active every day is important, and these types of gifts help him develop these habits at a younger age.


The average 14-year old boy is likely to go through growth spurts, which means they may go through periods of growth and no growth starting around 13 years of age. It can seem like he grows several inches in a short period of time, so you may want to shop a little big if you decide to buy clothing as a gift. Even so, clothing makes a great gift because kids in young adolescence are starting to care more about things like their self-image, including clothing. They’ll appreciate wearing something that makes them feel good about themselves.

His Interests

Something else you’ll consider is the things that he’s interested in. Socially, young teenagers are starting to develop their own interests. If they have the confidence, you may even find that they break away from the crowd or gravitate toward a new group of friends. However, children at this age are also easily swayed and may be subjected to peer pressure in their decision-making.

As he finds out what interests him, encourage him to do those things. This might include giving him encouragement as he learns a new skill, buying him supplies for his hobby, and generally being supportive of what he wants to do. As his passion for something develops naturally, it might help him decide on a career or educational path in the future. Building confidence in doing his own thing is also important for resisting peer pressure.