Gift and Toy Ideas for 3-Year-Old Boys [2022]

Are you looking for the perfect present for a 3 year old boy? Get ideas for presents and toys today!

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Artistic Gifts For a 3 Year Old Boy

Water Drawing Mat

This Water Drawing Mat is a super fun way for children to express themselves artistically. This is a reuseable drawing mat that uses water to make artwork. It comes with a mat, stencils, block shapes, a magic pen, and two magic walkers. It also has a drawing instruction book on how to do simple drawings.

The instruction book will teach the child how to do simple drawings. When they follow the directions and learn how to make these drawings, this will build their confidence. This mat also allows them to build creativity and use their imagination.

The drawing mat is 34.5 inches by 22.5 inches. The back of the mat is water-resistant, so even if the pens get dumped on the mat, the mat should not be ruined.

Magnetic Doodle Magna Drawing Board

If you are looking for a fun and creative toy for a child, you can get this Magnetic Doodle Magna Drawing Board. A Magna doodle is a pretty traditional toy that children grow up with. It is a way for them to practice writing and drawing easily, without going through a ton of paper. They can spend time making their creations, and then they can erase and start over again.

We are showing this toy is bright lime green, but it is also available in pink. This board comes with detachable legs, so they either choose to have the legs on and sit at it (criss-cross applesauce) on the floor – or they can use it in their lap or place it on a flat surface like a table.

It is a multi-color drawing board. It is split into 4 color sections of red, green, yellow, and blue, so their picture and writing practice will be in vibrant and bold colors instead of in grey. It comes with a magnet writing pen to draw with, two stamps, and the board can easily be cleared with a slide eraser.

8.5 Inch Colorful Doodle Board

Another excellent choice for a handheld drawing tablet toy is this 8.5 Inch Colorful Doodle Board. This board comes in blue (shown) or pink. This is a modern drawing toy that uses LCD pressure-sensitive technology. The drawings and doodles made on this board will be brighter and thicker than with the previous tech. The screen is done in matte to protect little eyes from being exposed to too many bright lights.

It is made of high-quality ABS plastic. It is durable and ultralight, allowing little ones to easily carry it around.

Drawing Stencils Set For Kids

Another wonderful gift for budding artists is this Drawing Stencils Set For Kids. This set comes with 16 large stencils featuring more than 300 shapes to stencil, 10 colored pencils, and 25 sheets of paper. It also comes with a bonus of 3 colored ballpoint pens. The stencil sheets are themed. The themes are the alphabet, Christmas, geometric shapes, the circus, racing, dinosaurs. farm animals, jungle animals, domestic animals, fashion, princesses, flowers and butterflies, ships, sea animals, airplanes and helicopters, and space.

Melissa & Doug Water Activity Pad 6-Pack

The Melissa & Doug Water Activity Pad 6-Pack is a great present choice for a toddler when you want to promote being artistic and creative, but you want something that will not make a huge mess everywhere.

We are showing the sports, adventure and more set, but there are two other sets you can choose from. Those sets are the sports, animals, alphabet and more or the farm, under the sea and more set.

Each book has 3 reusable pages. They are reusable because they are painted with water that changes the color of the pages while wet. When they dry, they go back to being unpainted and can be used over and over again. This set is meant for children 3 to 6 years old.

Play-Doh Fun Factory Deluxe Set

The Play-Doh Fun Factory Deluxe Set is a classic present that almost all children love receiving and playing with. This set comes with 6 colors of play-doh, the traditional fun factory machine, and many different accessories. Play-doh is non-toxic, so it is safe for children to play with.

They will be able to be artistic and creative. When they do not like something, they can just squish the play-doh and start over again. It is relatively easy to clean up and a lot of fun. It can also be played as a family activity. So whether he wants to play alone or create with others, this is the perfect gift.

Kinetic Sand The One Only Sandcastle Set

The Kinetic Sand The One Only Sandcastle Set is a fun toy for children to play with. Kinetic sand is like the response of the next generation to play dough. Even if a child or a parent is not a fan of play-doh – they usually love Kinetic Sand. We are showing this in the colors may vary variety, meaning it could come in any color. Still, if you prefer green, blue, or purple, you can choose to buy that specific set if you like.

Kinetic sand is squeezable and moldable sand. Once you start playing with it, it will be difficult to stop. This set comes with 3 molds, a tool, the sand, and play space (to facilitate easy clean up). This is the perfect set for when the child loves building sandcastles – people can not go to the beach every day, but now he can still get in time with his sand whenever he wants. Plus, sand is not as moldable at the beach, nor does it come in such bold and vibrant colors in nature.

Active Gifts For a 3 Year Old Boy

iPlay, iLearn Kids Golf Toys Set

The iPlay, iLearn Kids Golf Toys Set is a fun toy for children to play with by themselves or with their parents. We are showing it in blue, but it also is available in orange. The clubhead has been updated and is now made of iron which makes it resistant to breaking.

The golf set includes a ball to tee trainer system, 15 golf balls, 3 club heads (1 right driver head, 1 left driver head, 1 putter), and one gold club.

This toy is great if you are looking for an outdoor toy that promotes physical activity and exercise.

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Bowling Set

The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Bowling Set is a good choice when you are looking for a fun, sporty game to play indoors. You and your child will not always be able to go outside. Sometimes you have no time, it is dark out, or the weather just does not permit it. In these situations, you will want to have something fun and entertaining for him to do inside. What is more fun than a 6 pin and ball indoor bowling set?

Any child who gets this will be happy to set it up again and again and try to knock the pins down on one try. They will want to play alone and with their family.

This bowling set comes with a clear carrying set, and it is good for developing hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.

Dart Board for Kids

The Dart Board for Kids is another fun toy for a young child. It is a colorful dartboard with 12 sticky balls – 6 are blue, and 6 are red. Having two different colored balls makes it easy for them to play darts with someone else.

This is a high-quality safety dartboard. It comes with a free sticky hook for mounting. This is a fun activity to play with siblings, friends, or parents.

Bean Bag Toss Game For Kids

If you are looking for a sporty game to play in the house that can be set up in seconds and moved easily from room to room, you should get this Bean Bag Toss Game For Kids. This game is like the classic cornhole yard game, except it is made for little children to play. It comes with 8 light-up bean bags. It is actually a 3 in 1 gaming set. They will be able to play bean bag toss, tic tac toe, and classic roman board games. It is also decorated with dinosaurs.

Indoor/Outdoor Basketball Hoop Set

Are you looking for a smaller basketball game, but you do not want to put a traditional hoop outside the house? This is similar to an arcade basketball game. It comes with a backboard, netting, a hoop. 3 basketballs and a small air pump.

This Indoor/Outdoor Basketball Hoop Set can be fun for the whole family. This can be set up anywhere – the back or side yard, driveway, or even in the home.

Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer

The Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer is a classic ride-on toy. This ride-on is made for children between the ages of 2 and 7 years old. Just like on a real tractor – it has high traction wheels, an adjustable seat, and an extra-large stake-side trailer. It also has a built-in FM Radio, which will allow them to jam out to some music while they are riding around the yard.
The product dimensions are 24.5 inches by 26.5 inches by 67.5 inches, and it weighs 50 pounds. This John Deere ride-on toy is made in America.

Toddler Scooter for Kids

The Toddler Scooter for Kids is the perfect gift for when you want to introduce outdoor activities. If you’re going to eventually teach your child how to skateboard, skate or ride a bike feel they are not ready for that, you might want to start with a scooter.

We are showing this scooter in green, but it is also available in many other colors. Some of the other colors include blue, red, lilac, yellow, and teal.

This scooter is made for children between the ages of 3 and 12 and has a handlebar with 4 height adjustments. This will be important as children grow older, then they will continue to use it comfortably. The wheels also light up, which is a lot of dun, and there are three wheels that enable better balance and control.

Musical Gifts For a 3 Year Old Boy

VTech KidiBeats Drum Set

The VTech KidiBeats Drum Set is great for a toddler to get into music. He will love it. The parents may not thank you – so if this toddler is not yours, you might want to ask first!

This drum kid has 9 different melodies to play along with. There are different styles of music, including pop, rock, and dance. The music will also teach them all about music (of course, introducing different types they may have never heard before), letters, and numbers.

There are 4 different modes of play on this drum set. They are numbers, letters, free play, and follow along. Each dum features a unique and fun LED light.

This set is suitable for children 2 – 5 years old.

Wireless Microphone Toys for Kids or Toddlers,

This Wireless Microphone Toys for Kids or Toddlers will be a blast for a toddler to play with. We are showing it in blue, but it also is available in green, pink, black or white.

This is a handheld BlueTooth wireless microphone. It has a built-in high-performance battery. It is lightweight and easy to hold and carry around. It can be used as a microphone, a recorder, or a BlueTooth speaker.

Hape Blues Harmonica

The Hape Blues Harmonica is a good choice when you are looking for a way to introduce music or how people can make their own music. We are showing it in red, but it comes in other colors as well. You can purchase a harmonica in orange, blue, green, pink, or yellow. This is a 10 hole wooden harmonica that is pitch-perfect.

Since this is a hands-on musical instrument, it is the perfect way to nurture a child’s love of music. Things are much easier to learn or appreciate when you are involved in the creative process. Your child will be delighted to experiment with this harmonica.

17 Piece Musical Instrument Set For Toddlers

Suppose you are looking for a child to explore different musical instruments. In that case, you should get this 17 Piece Musical Instrument Set For Toddlers. This set has a wide range of fun musical instruments for them to try. It includes 2 wrist bells, 2 egg shakers, a xylophone, 2 finger slappers, 2 maracas, a tambourine, drum sticks, a wood sounder, and a triangle with a striker.

Playing music as a child can help with hand-eye coordination and the development of fine motor skills. It also aids with empathy and creativity. Of course, it is so much fun!

These instruments are non-toxic and made from wood and other safe materials for a child to play with.

Puzzle and Building Gifts For a 3 Year Old Boy


Mudpuppy Under The Sea Puzzle Sticks

The Mudpuppy Under The Sea Puzzle Sticks is a unique puzzle to give a child. Instead of traditional puzzle pieces or even different geometric shapes, this is a 24 piece puzzle made of strips. These 24 pieces are double-sided, and they can make 6 unique puzzles of 8 different pieces each.

The puzzles are to make a seahorse (shown), an octopus, a sea turtle, a crab, a shark, and a dolphin.

Puzzles will help children learn logic, patience, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and goal planning.

Magnetic Foam Building Blocks

The Magnetic Foam Building Blocks is an excellent stem toy to get a little boy started down this path. Stem toys help your child learn about science, engineering, art, and math. These types of toys are increasingly popular these days, and it is more understood that the earlier children start on these topics, the more successful they will be.

We are showing the rocket set, but there are other sets you can choose from. Some of the other available choices are a windmill, speed boat, critter, roadster, and helicopter. There are also 50 and a100 piece sets for more creative building.

This Stem rocket building set has 10 pieces that are soft, magnetic, and bath-friendly.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set

The Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set is a fun free play building set that has 100 blocks. These blocks come in 9 different shapes and 4 colors. This will allow the child to express themself creatively by the colors and shapes they choose and what they choose to build.

We are showing a 100 pack of blocks alone, however, if you would rather get two presents you can buy this as a part of a set with one other toy. The other toy choices are a block cart, puzzle boards with geometric blocks, a peg puzzle, or a shape sorting cube.

This toy is suitable for children 3 and up. Typically, this is a toy that they will go back to over and over again and use for many years. Sometimes, it is the simple and basic toys that become our children’s favorites.

Magnetic Blocks Building Tiles

Suppose you want to get your child blocks to play with, or they already have traditional wooden blocks, and you want to get them something more colorful and modern. In that case, you should get them these Magnetic Blocks Building Tiles. This is a starter set that comes with 52 bright and interesting magnetic blocks. These are great blocks for young toddlers to play with.

The colorful nature of the blocks and the fact that they are magnetic will catch the child’s interest. They are high-quality ABS plastic and made of different geometric shapes.

However, these blocks have rounded edges, making them a safer choice to play with than traditional square or rectangle blocks with sharp corners. They are not only colorful but also transparent, which definitely ups the cool factor a lot.

These would be considered STEM as children playing with these are engaged in engineering, construction, math (counting), and art. They come with a nice storage bag which will make clean up a cinch.

15 Piece Basic Color Mix – Construction Building STEM TOY

This 15 Piece Basic Color Mix – Construction Building STEM TOY i is an excellent starter STEM toy for children. STEM toys empower children to learn and grow through the essential subjects of math, science, art, engineering, and math. This is an early stem toy for children to explore how to build things and use logic and focus on making something cool on their own.

We are showing this in the basic color mix ( to build a human). Still, it also comes in the pastel color mix and assets to create flamingos, penguins, giraffes, and a Christmas tree. You can buy one or multiple sets as these are affordable toys for children to play with.

This set comes with 15 pieces and a tube, so it is easy to pack and take anywhere. This toy promotes motor skills, sorting, imagination, creative thinking, and logical thinking.

Stacking Peg Board Set Toy

The Stacking Peg Board Set Toy is an excellent starter set of peg toys, perfect when you do not want to spend a lot on a big set until you know your child loves this toy. It comes with a pegboard, 30 pegs, and a storage bag (making cleaning up a breeze).

This toy will help with organizational skills, sorting, stacking, and counting. They will also learn more about patterns while developing motor skills. The pegs are large, which will make it easier for them to grip and stack.

237 Piece Electric Drill DIY Art Kit

Another entertaining, artistic toy for a toddler is this 237 Piece Electric Drill DIY Art Kit. This kit comes with 237 pieces, including child drills, screwdrivers, nuts and bolts, and 43 different patterns to create really cool art projects.

This is a toy meant for children 3 and up. It is a STEM toy that brings art and engineering to life. It will also spark their creativity. Playing with the screwdriver and the drill will be a fun part of building their 2D and 3D artwork. Any toddler would be excited to receive this as a gift.

Tegu Magbot Magnetic Wooden Block Set

The Tegu Magbot Magnetic Wooden Block Set is a set of blocks that combines the modern with the traditional. Block sets, including ones that are sold to build a specific object, are a classic toys. However, what gives this lovely toy a modern edge is that these blocks are also magnetic.

We are showing this in a 9 piece puzzle, but you can also get an 8 piece puzzle of a robotic dog instead, or in addition to this robot.

This is a simple toy, but it is well made. It can be used by anyone from 1 year to 100 years. You will not need to worry about how safe it is for your child to play with this building set as it is non-toxic, lead-free, free of plastic, and uses a water-based lacquer finish. It also has no small parts.

This will help a child develop many things such as their fine motor skills, sense of scale, balance, problem-solving, and ability to have imaginative play.

Roleplaying and Pretend Play Gifts For a 3 Year Old Boy

Melissa & Doug Examine and Treat Pet Vet Play Set

The Melissa & Doug Examine and Treat Pet Vet Play Set is fun make-believe or roleplaying toy for children. We are showing the pet vet toy itself, but you can also get this as a set. You can either get a pet vet with a farm, safari & under the sea or with See and Spell.

This is a 24 piece set that includes bootles, tub, tub with lids (the medication needs to be stored somewhere), tools for testing, and tools for treating pets. The little boy you are shopping for will be able to practice his vet skills with the kitty and doggie included.

This is a toy that encourages interaction with others and helps to teach and promote empathy.

Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Costume Dress-Up Set

The Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Costume Dress-Up Set is a fun present to give a little boy for dress-up play. This is an excellent fire chief costume that can either be used for playtime or as a costume for Halloween or other events.

The costume is made from high-quality materials, and it is made to last. This durable costume has 6 pieces altogether. The pieces are the fire chief’s jacket, a fire helmet, a bullhorn, a name tag, a fire chief badge, and a fire extinguisher.

kiko+ Kaleidoscope Wooden Camera – Pink Lens

The kiko+ Kaleidoscope Wooden Camera – Pink Lens is a play camera and a kaleidoscope all in one. It can be purchased either with a pink lens or a yellow lens. This is an excellent gift for a toddler who likes to do what adults do, such as snapping photos with their phone. While they are taking pictures or selfies, he can also take play photos with this camera.

It has a detachable pink magnetic lens and a turning kaleidoscope lens. It is a point-and-shoot play camera with a star button to hit to take his pictures. It has two carry strap options to carry the camera around with him to all the places he goes.

Dyson Toy Vacuum with Real Suction, Cyclone Action and Sounds

The Dyson Toy Vacuum with Real Suction, Cyclone Action and Sounds is an excellent toy for children who just want to help around the house. Playing house is a popular activity for young children, including all the chores that they see the adults doing.

This toy is an authentic play version of a Dyson vacuum. It has a simulated cyclone action that includes whirring, sounds, and colorful balls. The suction actually works and will pick up small pieces of paper, tiny beads, dust, and dirt, so they really will be helping to vacuum. However, it also has a removable debris drawer, so the vacuum will be emptied and kept clean.

Just like a real Dyson vacuum, it will twist and turn easily to get to all those tiny spots and tight corners in the home. This toy is suitable for children 3 and up.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Fresh Mart Grocery Store

The Melissa & Doug Wooden Fresh Mart Grocery Store is a fun toy to set up in a home for a child to play make-believe. If there is a space in a child’s room, a playroom, or another spot in the house, they would love a play grocery store in their home!

The dimensions of this toy are 35 inches by 42 inches by 27.5 inches. You can either buy this grocery store playset alone, or you can choose to get other accessories with it. There are packs of the grocery store and one other item. The add-on items are food groups, fridge food set, grocery basket with food, grocery cans, or shopping cart.

The main grocery store playset has one conveyer belt with a play scanner and a credit card machine with shelving space. Next to the conveyer belt, it also has another shelf for bakery items, grocery items, fruits, and veggies.

The scanner beeps when the cashier slides groceries over it, and they can also crank the conveyer belt to get it to move, just like in the actual store.

Hape Fix It Kid’s Wooden Tool Box and Accessory Play Set

The Hape Fix It Kid’s Wooden Tool Box and Accessory Play Set is a classic toy that many young children get at some time or other. Children love to fix things around the house, just like they see their parents doing. This is a 14 piece wooden set, and it will develop building skills and hand-eye coordination.

It will also encourage the child to engage in roleplaying and storytelling. It is for children 3 years and up, and it is non-toxic.

Educational Gifts For a 3 Year Old Boy

Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks & Shape Sorting Clock

The Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks & Shape Sorting Clock is another wonderful learning present for a young child. There are two presents in one with this gift package. There is a sorting clock and pattern blocks.

The clock has all 12 numbers in different colored and shaped blocks. When they are this young, this will be an opportunity to teach him colors and shapes. It is also an incredible idea to use a clock because more and more people can not tell time from a clock. Everyone relies on digital – but this toy will allow the parents to teach their child all about telling time and the hands of the clock.

The other present is pattern block boards. There are 5 double sides puzzle boards with 120 colored geometric shapes. This will help with pattern recognition, shapes, colors, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

Kid O A to Z Magnatab

The Kid O A to Z Magnatab is an excellent tool for young children to learn to make their capital letters. It comes with a stylus pen to trace the letters. The magnetic stylus pen pulls the beads in the letters to “write” each letter and the child’s finger works as an eraser.

This is a good exercise that a child can use over and over again, an excellent replacement or addition to workbooks and plain paper and pencil practice.

Educational Insights Design & Drill Robot Toy

The Educational Insights Design & Drill Robot Toy is a 23 piece STEM toy set that is suitable for children 3 and up. This set includes a green and blue robot that has swiveling arms, head, and torso. It also has 15 bolts, stickers, and a tool designed for young children.

This toy is an excellent way to introduce STEM learning at a young age. The toy will allow a child to learn more about basic construction, building, and engineering. It will help them develop fine motor skills.

LeapFrog 100 Words About Places I Go Book

The LeapFrog 100 Words About Places I Go Book is an excellent education toy for any child over the age of 18 months. One of the really cool things about this toy is that it is bilingual, so your child will be able to learn these words both in English and in Spanish.

100 age-appropriate words cover several subjects like objects, people, and places. They will be able to touch work on each page to hear it spoken aloud. There are three different play modes which are words, colors and counting, and fun sounds.

There is a light-up star music button. The child can press this to hear bilingual songs. A handy carrying handle will let the toddler carry this toy around with them wherever they go.

Matching Letter Learning Activity

This is a good gift for toddlers and preschoolers. The Matching Letter Learning Activity will allow children to get used to the different letters of the alphabet and learn how to spell basic words. If you are looking for something a little more fun than traditional flashcards, this game or activity will be a lot more fun. The more fun the activity, the more likely a child will pay attention and actually learn something – children learn a lot through having fun!

If you love flashcards, don’t worry, as there are 30 different double-sided flashcards included – this is 60 other words for a toddler to practice with. However, the letters will be covered up instead of just using them as flashcards in the game machine. The child will then take the blocks with letters on them and try to spell the word. This is a fun activity for the whole family.

This puzzle or game comes with 60 flashcards, 8 letter cubes, and 1 gaming tray.

Preschool Box Set: 10 Board Books For Kids

Board books are a fun way for children to explore their world and learn names for popular everyday items. The Preschool Box Set: 10 Board Books For Kids comes with 10 different books covering subjects such as flowers, things at home, people at work, opposites, and sea animals. There are 10 books for a total of 220 pages.

Baby University Complete Board Book Set

Do you like the ideas of board books but wish that they would touch on some more advanced subjects? This is a common issue with some board books because sometimes all you need is a spark to get a child interested in a particular path. This is why so many different toys are made in the STEM family. Do you want to get books with scientific concepts? If so, you should get the Baby University Complete Board Book Set.

These books cover so many interesting scientific concepts. Here are the books included in this set

  • Astrophysics for babies
  • Quantum Physics for babies
  • Bayesian Probability for babies
  • Electromagnetism for babies
  • Blockchain for babies
  • Evolution for babies
  • Neural Networks for babies
  • General Relativity for babies
  • Nuclear Physics for babies
  • Optical Physics for babies
  • Organic Chemistry for babies
  • Newtonian Physics for babies
  • Quantum Computing for babies
  • Quantum Information for babies
  • Robotics for babies
  • Quantum Entanglement for babies
  • Rocket Science for babies
  • Statistical Physics for babies

 Other Gift Ideas For a 3 Year Old Boy

Happy Birthday to You! By Dr. Seuss

The Happy Birthday to You! By Dr. Seuss is a classic present for the birthday boy. Most children at this age love to be read and love to be read too, and Dr. Seuss is among the all-time favorites of children’s authors.

You can buy this book alone or pair it with other presents. You could get other Dr. Suess classics or other books to start or add to their book library.

Bubble Wands Bath Toy

The Bubble Wands Bath Toy is a classic bathtime toy that keeps children happy and entertained while they are getting clean! They can either blow bubbles or just have fun stirring up the soap suds in the bathtub.

This set comes with three different bubble wants in fun colors and unique shapes. They are BPA-free and are suitable for children 18M and up.

Simplay3 Carry and Go Durable Track Table

The Simplay3 Carry and Go Durable Track Table is a fun toy for children, and it won a 2019 National Parenting Award – so if you are trying to find the perfect gift that is not only fun but award-winning, you have found it!

This is a play track that a child could easily carry from room to room; it has handles to help them do this easily. It has two sides to play on. The first side is a toy race track that has built-in obstacles. The second side is a figure eight train track. This side features a lake and quarry decals.

The dimensions of this toy are 35.5 inches by 17.5 inches by 4 inches, and it is made in the USA. It only weighs 6.5 pounds.

Take Apart Toys with Electric Drill

The Take Apart Toys with Electric Drill is a fantastic toy where children can safely take apart and put together their trucks. A working power drill for children comes with this set of 3 toy construction vehicles. They will be able to build the perfect construction trucks and then play with them. These are DIY Batter powered remote control trucks.
These trucks are a great way to get a child involved with STEM education. They will teach about engineering, construction, and how to follow instructions.

Dinosaur Toys 142pcs Slot Car Race Flexible Tracks

The Dinosaur Toys 142pcs Slot Car Race Flexible Tracks is another classically styled toy for little boys. It combines two common themes in their toys – dinosaurs and cars. This set comes with a car, a double door, 2 slopes, 1 hanging bridge, 4 trees, 2 dinosaurs, and a track.

11 in 1 Mini Die-Cast Truck Vehicle Car Toy in Carrier Truck

The 11 in 1 Mini Die-Cast Truck Vehicle Car Toy in Carrier Truck is a toy that will provide a lot of fun for any toddler. This is a super good value that comes with 1 large vehicle carrier and 11 vehicles to carry. These trucks are made of non-toxic and durable material. These are plastic and die-cast alloy, and it is lead-free. There are many different types of vehicles, including a vehicle carrier, a dump truck, a helicopter, an excavator, a wheel loader, a mixer, a backhoe, and more!

Batman 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set

Are you looking for nice bedding set for a toddler boy? We really like thisBatman 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set. It includes a quilted bedspread, a filled bottom sheet, a flat top sheet, and a pillowcase. It also comes in Justice league or Harry Potter.

The comforter will fit a standard toddler bed/crib mattress which is 28 inches by 52 inches. The comforter is 42 inches by 57 inches, and the pillowcase is 20 inches by 30 inches.

Batman Bath Robe

Are you looking for a cute toddler robe? We like this super cute Batman Bath Robe. It is black and gold. It is black with a gold sash and a gold batman symbol. It is hooded with little black bat ears. This robe is available in sizes from 2-3T to 10-11 Years.

Yellow Dinosaur Raincoat

Are you looking for a cute present that is actually useful as well? Get him this really cute Yellow Dinosaur Raincoat. There are 2 different styles to choose from, and it comes in sizes from 12-18 months up to 4-5T.

6-Piece Toddler Boy’s Pajama Set

Another nice present to get little boys are pajama sets. We are showing a 6-Piece Toddler Boy’s Pajama Set. It features both trucks and dogs, super cute. If you do not like this set, there are seven different styles to choose from. You can choose a different set or get a few sets for the special little boy in your life.

Star Wars Mandalorian Fleece Pullover Hoodie and Jogger Pants Set

If you are shopping for a Star Wars fan, you should get this Star Wars Mandalorian Fleece Pullover Hoodie and Jogger Pants Set. This is a set in grey, which is available in sizes 12 months thru 18-20. It is made of polyester, has pull on closures, and is machine washable.

What to Look for in Gifts for 3 Year Old Boys

When you shop for a special 3-year-old boy, you want to get the present right. After all, these milestones only come once in their life.

For young children, it is essential to focus on things that they will like and enjoy and toys that will help them develop. Many different areas are developing at this age, and many toys actually help with this, depending on the activity.

For instance, this is when children’s cognitive skills are becoming more focused. They have fine motor skills, individualism, and logic play a part in their thought processes. They are also learning specific things like counting, letters, colors, shapes, and different objects.

The CDC lists so many different developmental milestones for 3-year-olds. Although many of them are cognitive, language and physical, it is essential not to forget about the social and emotional milestones. For instance, they may learn how to take turns in games, start to emulate the adults in their lives, and begin showing affection without being prompted to do so.

When buying toys and gifts, it is fine to buy just for fun – things you know they will love. However, you may want to also keep in mind some of these milestones and shop based on them. Buy some board games, art supplies, and stacking toys. These will all work on different milestones while still giving the children an opportunity for a fun time with their new toys and games.