Gift and Toy Ideas for 7-Year-Old Girls [2023]

If you know a young girl with an upcoming birthday, you may question what to get them. Our detailed list of the best gift and toy ideas for 7-year-old girls has everything from an underwater camera to science kits and even their own personal ATM.

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Musical Gifts for 7-Year-Old Girls

Karaoke System

Starting off the list of toy and gift ideas for 7-year-old girls is a consistently fun Karaoke System. Karaoke is a superb gift choice for a 7-year-old girl who likes to belt out a few tunes. The system is equipped with 54 LED disco lights and has a top-loading CD player. In addition, the birthday girl can use built-in Bluetooth to stream music. The aspiring young singer can hook the karaoke system up to the TV to read the lyrics to her favorite song. Finally, no karaoke machine would be complete without a microphone. There is an additional microphone jack in case the gift recipient wants to sing a duet.

YAMAHA Portable Keyboard

If singing isn’t her thing, then the YAMAHA Portable Keyboard is another excellent musical gift choice. The 61-key portable keyboard includes an educational suite to help the aspiring pianist learn how to play some of their favorite songs. In addition, the user can hook the keyboard up to a phone or computer to play music along with their performance. The user-friendly keyboard has a 3-step lesson: listening, timing, and waiting. The technique is perfect for those children who are starting out playing the keyboard and have little to no experience.

Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

The Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone allows a 7-year-old girl to take her act on the road. The wireless microphone easily hooks up to a Bluetooth device and can play music from most smart devices. In addition to belting out a few tunes, the gift recipient can play around with the four magical voice changer features. If the child isn’t in a singing mood, they can listen to some of their favorite songs. The microphone allows a child to sing for 4 hours on a full charge. Their parents will indeed thank you for that feature. Finally, the microphone is available in pink, blue, or rose gold.

Science Gifts for 7-Year-Old Girls


The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Geodes Science Kit makes for a wonderful gift for a 7-year-old girl. What child wouldn’t love to smash some rocks open? Once the Geodes are opened, the recipient will love discovering the beautiful crystals inside. The Geodes Science Kit makes an excellent birthday or Christmas present if you know a young girl interested in geology. The kit comes with four geodes and an educational booklet to fill their growing brains with all sorts of fun facts. Finally, the kit comes with safety goggles and a display stand to show off the discovered crystals.

Crayola Color Chemistry Set

Continuing the list of gift and toy ideas for 7-year-old girls is something to spark some creativity. Any 7-year-old girl will love receiving the Crayola Color Chemistry Set. The excellent chemistry kit comes with equipment for 16 experiments and instructions for a whopping 50 total experiments. Any young girl will love science projects like colorful quicksand, an erupting volcano, and bouncing colored bubbles. Each experiment has been created by an actual Crayola scientist, adding to the coolness factor. Chemistry sets are a great way to test a child’s knowledge of certain elements while adding fun to the process.

Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden is an exemplary birthday present for a 7-year-old girl. You likely have never met a child who doesn’t love watching butterflies flutter, which makes this such a perfect gift. The garden comes with a cup of 5 baby caterpillars, a mesh habitat, a butterfly feeder, a chrysalis holding log, and a STEM butterfly journal. Children can observe and log the always fantastic process of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly right inside their home. In addition, the whole process takes only three weeks. Parents of impatient children can rejoice! Finally, it’s best to gift the butterfly garden in fall or spring when temperatures are ideal.

Moon Lamp

The Moon Lamp is downright incredible. Any 7-year-old girl will love watching the moon lamp changes 16 different colors and casts a starry night right inside their bedroom. In addition, the light can be operated by remote control allowing a child to change the colors from the comfort of their bed. Parents can set a timer so the lamp doesn’t stay on all night, but enough time for the child to fall asleep. Finally, the lamp has four modes to allow the user to choose whether it flashes, strobes, fades or gives off a soft light.

Unicorn Terrarium Kit

The Unicorn Terrarium Kit is a fun way for a child to express their imagination a bit. If you know a 7-year-old girl who loves unicorns (who doesn’t?), then this is the gift for them. The recipient receives a kit with everything they need to create their terrarium. The significant benefit to this terrarium is everything is fake, so there is no concern about any plants dying. The kit includes miniature mushrooms, crystals, an adorable unicorn, two plastic succulents, and preserved moss. Finally, the terrarium jar lid is equipped with a built-in LED light to add a little something extra!

Art and Crafts Gifts for 7-Year-Old Girls

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

The Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad is an excellent gift for any child who enjoys exploring their artistic side. If you know a 7-year-old girl who loves to get creative with a pad of paper and some crayons, she will thoroughly enjoy receiving the tracing pad as a gift. Not only can she get creative with her artwork, but she can also illuminate the pages to help make tracing easier. In addition, the set comes with a case of 64 crayons, 20 short colored pencils, 40 washable markers, and 15 large pieces of paper. Finally, make sure to pick up a set of AA batteries, as the three required ones aren’t included.

Make a Fox Friend Craft Kit

The Make a Fox Friend Craft Kit makes a person say, “awwww.” The kit comes with everything a little girl would need to make one cute felt fox. The child doesn’t need any sewing experience to put together this adorable little stuffie. Kids only need to put together a few stitches through precut holes, and they will be on their way to creating an enjoyable craft project. Finally, you don’t have to worry about buying additional supplies, as the kit comes with everything a 7-year-old girl would need to make a fox friend!

Decorate Your Own Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is vital while makes the Decorate Your Own Water Bottle an efficient yet fun gift. It’s always fun to experience your personality, and decorate your water bottle allows for that. Kids will love getting to decorate their water bottles with rhinestone stickers (7 pages total!) and plenty of sparkly glitter gem stickers. The BPA-free water bottle comes equipped with a carabiner to hang from a backpack and has a wide mouth for easy drinking. Finally, the fun water bottle comes in gift-ready packaging, making it incredibly easy to give this to your favorite 7-year-old girl.

Book Making Kit

The Book Making Kit is an incredible way for a 7-year-old girl to express her creativity. The kit comes with everything a child will need to make their very own 20-page book. In addition, the book allows for an “About the Author” section, allowing the child writer to highlight themselves! The kit includes ready-to-use cover template pages, a guidebook with instructions, and a set of markers to help make their creativity come alive.  Finally, once the book is complete, the child will mail out their draft (pre-paid postage included) to receive their final copy in the mail. What a fun way to spark some creativity in a child!

Crayola Inspiration Art Case

There isn’t quite like a new set of crayons and markers, which is why the Crayola Inspiration Art Case is such a phenomenal gift for a 7-year-old girl. The art case comes with 140 supplies, including markers, crayons, colored pencils, and 15 sheets of large paper to get the budding artist started. Drawing is a beautiful way to spark a child’s creativity and imagination. With a blank piece of paper and plenty of crayons by their side, a young girl can create anything she can imagine.

My Comic Book Making Kit

If you know a 7-year-old girl who loves superheroes, she will love the My Comic Book Making Kit. The kit allows the child to create their comic book with the 18 templates pages, markers, and instruction book. In addition, the creative kit comes with a pre-addressed stamped envelope for the child to mail off their creation and eagerly await the final product. Once received, they will have their very own comic book, written and illustrated by themselves!

Fashion Gifts for 7-Year-Old Girls

Hair Chalk

Next on the list of gift and toy ideas for 7-year-old girls is adding a little flair to their hair. Hair Chalk is a fun, temporary way to change your hair color. Parents will appreciate the chalk easily washes out and is non-allergenic. The chalk comes in various colors and easily applies to hair, and can be mixed and matched with other colors. As girls grow up, they want to express their personality, and hair chalk is an easy, safe way to do that.

Sequin Backpack

The Sequin Backpack is perfect for school, travel, or a slumber party with her best friends. Any 7-year-old girl will love the glittery sequined backpack that can transform its appearance with only the stroke of a hand. In addition, the vibrant bag has an inner pocket and front pocket, allowing the child to store personal items. There is two side pockets ideal for a water bottle or umbrella. Finally, the adjustable padded strap provides for a comfortable, durable fit.

7th Birthday Bracelet

The 7th Birthday Bracelet makes for an incredible gift for the young lady in your life. The lovely bracelet has various charms, including an elephant, a birthday cake, a horse, a heart, and of course, a seven. In addition, the bracelet is expandable so that the birthday girl can get plenty of use out of it. The bracelet is made from premium stainless steel and is nickel and lead-free. Finally, the 7th Birthday Bracelet won’t tarnish or turn ugly shades of green on the little girl’s wrist.

Charm Bracelet Making Kit

For the young jewelry lover, consider getting the Charm Bracelet Making Kit. The creative kit comes with 57 charms, three necklace cords, and two bracelets. The bracelets are easy to put together, as no special tools are required. The special 7-year-old girl can make new necklaces repeatedly by unscrewing the ends of the cord and swapping out charms. Finally, as an important note, the kit does not come in a box, only in baggies with the accessories. While it is a lovely set, you will want to make sure you have something to wrap it in when gifting the bracelet-making kit.

Initial Heart Necklace

The Initial Heart Necklace is a splendid gift to give a 7-year-old girl on a special occasion like Christmas or her birthday. The 14K gold-filled necklace is available in every letter, making it a fantastic personalized gift. In addition, the chain is adjustable, allowing the recipient to pick her preferred length. The small heart necklace is dainty yet beautiful and is a lovely first piece of jewelry for a young girl.

Colorful Knee High Socks

The Colorful Knee High Socks are a great way for a 7-year-old girl to show off some personality in their wardrobe. The set of three socks displays vibrant rainbows with a dainty scallop on the top of each sock. The quality socks aren’t just fashionable but comfortable as well. Any young girl will love how the socks help define her personality but show off a pop of color on her feet.

Headband Craft Set

The Headband Craft Set is the perfect opportunity for a 7-year-old girl to design her accessories. The set provides enough supplies to create ten headbands. The craft allows a child to express her style and encourages independence to choose exactly what the headbands will look like. Girls will love all the lovely details, including flowers, feathers, and butterflies. When it comes to gift and toys ideas for 7-year-old girls, the Headband Craft Set makes for an excellent choice.

Tech Gifts for 7-Year-Old Girls

Waterproof Digital Camera

The Waterproof Digital Camera is an entertaining gift idea. The digital camera comes equipped with an LCD screen and has 40 built-in frames, seven color video modes, face recognition, and much more. The small-sized camera is incredible underwater, attaching onto a bike or skateboard and skating around the block. In addition, the durable case ensures the camera is protected regardless of how it is used. Finally, the user will enjoy being able to take both photos and videos. The Waterproof Camera is one of the best gift and toy ideas for 7-year-old girls.

Mini ATM Savings Piggy Bank

The Mini ATM Savings Piggy Bank is a great way to teach a young child the importance of saving money. The neat bank mimics a real ATM, and a child can insert both coins and dollar bills into the machine. In addition, using their four-digit pin, they can retrieve the money. At any time, the child can check their balance to keep tabs on how much money they are saving. Finally, you may want to be the first contributor to the young girl’s new bank. Perhaps 7 dollars for a new 7-year-old?

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch

The VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch gives a young girl the freedom to watch, but with some parental controls. If you know a 7-year-old girl who has a birthday coming up, this makes a splendid gift choice. The smartwatch takes photos and videos, is waterproof, has a pedometer, and has several extra functions any girl will love to play around with. In addition, parents can upload pictures and videos to the computer whenever they like. Finally, the watch has 256MB of internal memory and has a motion sensor to make games even more fun.

Fire 7 Tablet

If you know a 7-year-old girl who had outgrown the tablet she got when she was a toddler, then the Fire 7 Tablet is the perfect gift. She will thoroughly enjoy being able to watch her favorite show or play her favorite game. The Fire 7 can even let them video chat with their grandparents as a way to stay in touch. As a child gets older, it’s important to alter their needs, and that includes technology. Kids these days are way more advanced than their parents were at the same age. The Fire 7 Tablet is a fabulous way for a child to spend some free time. Maybe, they can even teach their mom and dad a thing or two.

Game Gifts for 7-Year-Old Girls

Kanoodle 3-D Brain Teaser Puzzle Game

The Kanoodle 3-D Brain Teaser Puzzle Game is a great way to engage a child’s problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and strategic thinking skills. The brain teaser comes with 12 puzzle pieces but can be used in 200 puzzle challenges. In addition, as the child gets familiar with the game, she can choose from basic to challenging, depending on the level of difficulty she desires. Finally, a child can play the unique game in 2D puzzles or the tougher twisted 3D pyramids. It’s an exceptional game for a 7-year-old girl who isn’t afraid to test her wits. If you are looking for gift and toy ideas for 7-year-old girls that challenges her brain, then this is the gift for her.

Twister Ultimate

An update on the classic game,  Twister Ultimate doubles the fun and, surely, triples the laughter. The bigger mat provides twice as many of those famous colored dots as the original Twister. In addition, Twister has gone tech in the Ultimate version. If the gift recipient has an Alexa device, she can link it to the game instead of spinning to determine where everyone’s hands and feet will hand. If you know a 7-year-old girl who doesn’t mind getting twisted up, then Twister Ultimate will definitely put a smile on her face.

Light up Dance Mat

If you know a 7-year-old girl who loves to get moving, then she will love the Light up Dance Mat. The mat has several different games plays, including one that tests a child’s memory and another that tests their reflexes. The large light-up arrows let kids know what their next step is going to be. In addition, the child can use the non-slip mat with or without shoes. Movement is so important for kids. Sometimes to get a child moving, you have to make it a little fun for them, so they don’t think they are exercising.

The Floor is Lava

Continuing the list of gift and toy ideas for 7-year-old girls is the ever-popular The Floor is Lava. Whether the birthday girl has seen the show or not, she will thoroughly enjoy the thrilling game at home. Not only is it fun, but it’s also a great way to promote exercise inside the home. The exhilarating game requires players to jump from one foam piece to the next without falling into the “lava.” The game includes 25 foam safety stones, 27 challenge cards, and a game spinner. The Floor is Lava makes an entertaining gift idea.

Double Bananagrams Word Game

The Double Bananagrams Word Game is not only fun but also educational. The comical-sounding game is a great way to encourage a child to read and spell. While a 7-year-old girl likely is already reading, playing Bananagrams put all her hard work to the test. The double version of the game includes twice as many tiles, allowing up to 16 people to play at one time. Talk about a major Bananagrams competition! Throughout the game, players build words off of the words of other players. Finally, the tiles come in a very adorable banana pouch, making clean-up and storage a breeze.

Taco vs. Burrito Game

The Taco vs. Burrito Game is great for many reasons, including the fact a 7-year-old created it! The easy-to-learn game brings both strategy and fun as players collect cards with unappealing toppings for their tacos. The game goes by quickly, and you’ll be finished in 10-15 minutes, making it ideal for kids to don’t have the staying power for, say, Monopoly. If you know a 7-year-old looking for a good laugh, then Taco vs. Burrito is a must-get.

Crazy Forts

The Crazy Forts leaves the cushions on the couch and instead brings everything a child would need to make an epic fort. The set comes with 69 pieces, allowing a 7-year-old girl to use their imagination as they build an awesome place to hide out from a sibling or bedroom. While the box comes with directions for several fort designs, the recipient can build whatever their heart desires. Once they have their fort complete, they drape a sheet or blanket over to ensure they have the utmost privacy.

Outdoor Gifts for 7-Year-Old Girls

Razor A Kick Scooter

The Razor A Kick Scooter is sure to put a smile on a 7-year-old girl’s face. The sleek scooter is made from a top-quality aluminum frame but is lightweight enough to carry around when the need arises. In addition, the scooter folds for easy storage. The handlebars are adjustable so that the child can fit the most comfortable height. Finally, consider pairing the scooter with a helmet for safety. While it is one of the best gift and toy ideas for 7-year-old girls, it is always important to consider safety.

Hand Operated Drone

The Hand Operated Drone will have all the neighborhood kids asking for a turn. The small drone is operated by the user’s hand and can be tossed into the air to get them started. In addition, the propellers are enclosed, so there is no chance for injured fingers. While the drone safely can land in a child’s hands, it also is durable enough for a few accidental crashes. Finally, while the flying time isn’t super long, 5-8 minutes, it only needs about 30-40 minutes to charge fully.

Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goal

The Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goal is ideal for the aspiring 7-year-old girl soccer player in your life. The set comes with two soccer goals, making it easy to set up for a soccer game in the backyard. In addition to the goals, the set comes with 6 cones to help recreate an actual soccer field. Finally, the collapsible nets are easy to break down and fit nicely in the included traveling case.

Royalbaby Bicycle

There is nothing quite like a new Royalbaby Bicycle for a 7-year-old girl’s birthday. What’s great about this particular bike is that it comes with removable training wheels if the young girl is still learning how to ride without them. The durable bike is a perfect starter for any girl who has an interest in biking. The sturdy bike will provide hours of fun and riding around the neighborhood!

Bicycle Wheel Lights

For an additional bike accessory, the Bicycle Wheel Lights are a superb gift choice. The multicolor lights come with enough strings for both wheels. If you know a girl who likes to ride in the evening or preparing for a Christmas parade, the wheel lights will be a hit. In addition, the sweet girl can choose to have the lights flash or stay steady. The wheel lights are a fun, creative way to ensure a child’s bike is seen on the road by oncoming traffic.

Pogo Stick

Flybar Propel Pogo Stick for Kids Boys & Girls Ages 5 & Up 40 to 80 Pounds - New Bright & Vibrant Designs with Comfortable & Safe Rubber Hand Grips - Comes in 3 Exciting Colors, Pink

You may think a Pogo Stick is a thing of the past but think again. The pogo stick is perfect for a beginner and does a superb job at helping with balance and coordination, something some 7-year-olds are still trying to master. The pogo stick is equipped with ergo dynamic rubber handgrips and texture footpegs to ensure a smooth ride. The gift recipient will be bouncing with joy over this gift.

Illuminating Rollerblades

There isn’t anything much cooler than a pair of Illuminating Rollerblades. The high-quality rollerblades illuminate with a multitude of colors as the user glides through the streets. In addition, the blades are equipped with extreme padding to ensure a comfortable ride. This set of rollerblades can expand up to four sizes, allowing a child to hold onto these for several years. Since falls can occur, make sure you supply the 7-year-old with appropriate pads and a cool helmet.

STEM Gifts for 7-Year-Old Girls

Drawing Robot

The list of gift and toy ideas for 7-year-old girls continues with a very innovative gift. The Drawing Robot is more than a neat device to make pretty pictures. Kids design the coding for the robot to make some awesome designs. The robot is suitable for beginners, as there are several pre-programmed designs. Once the child begins more proficient with the coding process, they can begin creating basic to advanced designs. The receiver will need a smart device to operate the robot, but no internet is required. Coding is an excellent way for children to advance their knowledge of technology in a fun and creative way.

Thames & Kosmos My Robotic Pet

The Thames & Kosmos My Robotic Pet may look like an ordinary hedgehog, but it fosters beneficial STEM learning in a child. Firstly, the children use the 172 pieces to build their hedgehog and begin the programming process. Secondly, the hedgehog has a built-in sensor to detect various clapping patterns. In addition, kids can understand how the gears and motors go together to make the hedgehog come alive. Finally, a 7-year-old girl will appreciate the challenging aspect of this STEM project but will be quite proud when it is complete.

Cupcake Soap and Bubbles Factory

The Cupcake Soap and Bubbles Factory is an exciting way for children to learn the stability of foam and the composition of matter. While that may sound complicated, the kit is quite fun for a young kid. The kit comes with over 24 tools and ingredients to create foamy and soapy concoctions like cupcake soaps, foamy buttercream, and macaroons. In addition, the included instructional manual goes over all the necessary steps to ensure the process is done correctly.

LEGO Chain Reactions Book

Do you know a LEGO lover? Then the LEGO Chain Reactions Book should be on the top of your gift-giving list. While the gift recipient will need a collection of LEGOs at home, the book comes with 33 pieces to help create one of the many designs featured in the book. Over 80 pages, kids will learn fun new ways to piece their favorite bricks together. Instead of only building, the book encourages children to build moving machines to enhance the LEGO experience.

Brain Flakes

Brain Flakes make for a phenomenal STEM activity for a 7-year-old girl. If the young girl loves to build, she will appreciate using the over 500 interconnecting discs to create anything her mind can imagine. The brain flakes encourage creative thinking as a child decides how to piece the discs together. In addition, the activity is a superb way to channel her inner engineer. Finally, an instructional booklet is included to get the child started on creating magnificent designs.

Gravity Maze

Next on the list of gift and toy ideas for 7-year-old girls is the Gravity Maze. You may find yourself wanting to borrow this one. With the maze, kids have the opportunity to build a path for the marble to get to the appropriate target. The game tests a child’s logic and encourages them to use planning skills and spatial reasoning to navigate the various challenges. Finally, the Gravity Maze comes with 60 beginner to expert challenges, so a child can test their skills as they become more advanced. The maze is one of the best gift and toy ideas for 7-year-old girls to help test their critical thinking skills.

LEGO Trolls Set

The LEGO Trolls Set is quite adorable. LEGOs are a wonderful way to incorporate STEM into a fun activity. The 380 piece set features the darling characters from the “Trolls World Tour” movie and allows a child to use their creative thinking as they start building. Once the set is completed, the young 7-year-old girl can use their imagination to help make the set come alive. Finally, kids can even style the Troll’s hair to make them even more unique.

Room Decor Gifts for 7-Year-Old Girls

Duvet Cover Set

If you know a 7-year-old girl who would prefer to be a mermaid, then the Duvet Cover Set makes for a perfect gift. The twin-sized set comes with a duvet cover and pillowcase to help fulfill the underwater dreams of a young girl. In addition, the set is made from 100% quality cotton allowing for a restful, comfortable night’s sleep. The adorable mermaid cover makes the list of gift and toys ideas for 7-year-old girls because it is a genuinely spectacular gift.

Inflatable Chair

An Inflatable Chair decorated with pink glitter is asking to be put in a 7-year-old girl’s bedroom. The chair adds some personality to a child’s bedroom while adding the convenience of an extra place to sit. In addition, the chair has a weight capacity of 250 lbs, so mom or dad might get in on the fun as well. Since the chair is filled with air, the child will transport it from one room to the next if she so desires. The glittery chair makes for a fabulous gift.

Rose Desk Lamp

The Rose Desk Lamp is exquisite and makes a gorgeous gift for a 7-year-old girl. The lamp is equipped with 24 lovely LED rose lights and can run off batteries or a USB cord. In addition, the branches are movable, so the child can configure the rose tree exactly how she would like. The Rose Desk Lamp makes for a wonderfully stunning gift.

Marquee Letter Light

A fun gift idea for a 7-year-old girl is giving them a Marquee Letter Light. The LED letter light sits just under 9 inches in height and requires two AA batteries, which are not included. A young girl can choose whether to hang her initial on the wall or set it on her dresser. Either way, she will love how brightly the light shows off the first letter of her name. In addition, you can get multiple letters if you want to spell out her whole name. The Marquee Letter is a fun, unique gift for a 7-year-old girl.

Butterfly Mural Stickers

If you know a 7-year-old girl with bare walls in her room, then the Butterfly Mural Stickers will surely spruce the space up a bit. Instead of lying flat, these stickers have a 3D effect, making it seem like real butterflies are fluttering by. There are 24 butterflies in total, including various sizes. In addition, the stickers are easy to apply to the wall and are made from durable PVC material. The Butterfly Mural Stickers are a beautiful gift for a 7-year-old.

Personalized Wooden Sign

The beautiful Personalized Wooden Sign is a wonderful way to showcase a 7-year-old girl’s lovely name. The wood cutout sign comes in various sizes, and the biggest size can fit up to 12 letters. Each sign is cut from premium birch and ensures a durable finish for years to come. Keep in mind. The price of the sign will vary based on the size you choose and how many letters you require.

The U.S.A. Interactive Map

Who says you can’t do a little learning while you are playing in your room? The U.S.A. Interactive Map allows a child to learn basic information and various facts about their favorite states. In fact, there are over 500 facts to be learned from the interactive map. The map is the perfect opportunity for a 7-year-old girl to expand her geography and environmental knowledge. In addition, she will have the opportunity to test her memory and concentration as she learns about the beautiful country she calls home.

3D Horse Lamp

When it comes to gift and toy ideas for 7-year-old girls, it’s important to think of their favorite things. If you know a little girl who loves horses, she will surely love receiving the 3D Horse Lamp. The colorful lamp makes for an exceptional nightlight and can change 7 different colors. In addition, the lamp produces a soft lamp that is safe for a young child’s eyes. The lamp will provide a gentle glow and not interrupt a child’s necessary sleep. The 3D Horse Lamp is a lovely gift for any 7-year-old girl.

Doodle Map Pillowcase

The Doodle Map Pillowcase allows a 7-year-old girl the opportunity to get creative as they would like. As the little girl is drifting off to sleep, she can admire her very own design. The pillowcase comes with 10 washable fabric markers. Once the pillowcase is washed, the child can decorate it all over again. In addition, parents will appreciate that while the marker washes out, it doesn’t leave stains on the rest of the wash. The Doodle Map Pillowcase is a terrific way to spark creativity and work on fine motor skills.

Book Gifts for 7-Year-Old Girls

Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids

Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids is a wonderful gift for a 7-year-old girl who isn’t afraid of a challenge. Riddles are great for testing the brain and challenging a child to think outside the box. The book has 300 riddles and puzzles that will require a child to put on their thinking cap. In addition, the difficulty level increases as the chapters go on. Finally, the book does have the answers in the back in case the child gets stumped. The Difficult Riddles for Smart Kids is an excellent way to test one’s logic and lateral thinking!

Junie B. Jones Boxed Set

The Junie B. Jones Boxed Set makes an excellent birthday gift for a 7-year-old girl. Junie B. Jones takes the reader through hilarious school adventures along with welcoming a baby brother and the first day of school. The set of 4 books is a great introduction to the stories of Junie B. Jones. There is no question reading is important for growing brains. Reading helps improve cognitive skills and aids in the building of thought processes.

I am Confident, Brave, & Beautiful Coloring Book

The I am Confident, Brave, & Beautiful Coloring Book is an exceptional choice for a 7-year-old girl. The coloring book has over 20 pages that include concepts like strength, bravery, and beauty. This isn’t your basic coloring book, as it aims to inspire young girls to fight stereotypes and spark interest in less popular subjects like science. Growing girls face many struggles from their peers, so it’s always important to remind them how confident, brave, and beautiful they really are. The coloring book does a fabulous job at sparking creativity while providing encouragement.

Unicorn Journal

Nothing says “I am 7 & Magical” quite like a Unicorn Journal. The journal is full of plenty of blank pages for creative writing and numerous positive sayings to remind the young girl how special she is. Journaling is a wonderful way for a child to jot down their feelings and practice their writing. It can be tough for a 7-year-old to express herself aloud, so having a pen and paper can make all the difference. The Unicorn Journal makes a fabulous gift for a 7-year-old girl who wants a place to express her emotions.

Awesome Engineering Activities for Kids

If you know a budding 7-year-old engineer, then the Awesome Engineering Activities for Kids book is the perfect birthday gift. The book has over 50 awesome activities with step-by-step instructions to help even the youngest of engineers. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities help with problem-solving, critical thinking, and logical thinking.  With the Engineering book, children can work on projects like a pizza solar box oven, cardboard tube suspension bridge, toothpick tower, and much more.

My First Cookbook

A chef in the making should not be without a copy of My First Cookbook. The cookbook has various recipes for afterschool snacks, family meals, and even some fun holiday recipes. Even the chefs without any training will love the cookbook to learn how to make some new yummy treats. Cooking with your child is a great way to foster your relationship even more. Kids can be messy, but it’s all part of the learning process. Remember, you can clean up messes, but the memories last forever.

What to Look for in Gifts for 7-Year-Old Girls

When searching for gift and toy ideas for 7-year-old girls, there are several factors to consider. 7-year-olds are at an age where their mental development is growing rapidly, according to the Center for Disease and Control (CDC). Girls at this age highly benefit from gifts that provide some challenge and require logical and critical thinking. Gifts that test a child to think outside the box encourages them to use both sides of their brain.

At the age of 7, children should be able to read and write fairly well. Encouraging them to do so through fun activities will help foster a greater love for it. For example, if a child is not interested in reading books, find a book about something they love. It takes the work out of it and makes it more enjoyable.

Finally, a 7-year-old likely will start to have a new wave of emotions, as they may start to encounter judgment from other children. Providing them with gifts to notice how special they are is a great way to help them avoid the pressures they may get from other kids.