Gift Ideas for 50-Year-Old Men [2023]

Are you shopping around for gift ideas for 50-year old men? This isn’t the easiest age to shop for, but you’ll find lots of helpful ideas below.

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Useful Gifts for 50-Year Old Men

Air Fryer

If he hasn’t jumped on the air fryer craze yet, he’ll love receiving this as a gift. This Air Fryer from Chefman makes it easy to prepare healthier foods, without sacrificing the crunch when cooking fried foods. It can also be used to make tons of recipes and there’s a cookbook included to get him started.

Even though the air fryer holds 3.6 quarts, it has a design that minimizes the amount of space it takes up on his counter. It also has features like a digital touch screen display, a 60-minute timer, and an auto-shutoff feature to prevent overcooking. As an added bonus, the non-stick coating on the inside of the basket makes it super easy to clean. He’ll be making yummier, healthier foods in no time.

Beard Care Kit

For 50-year old men that grow out their facial hair, this Beard Care Kit by Fullight Tech makes a great gift. The kit comes with everything he needs to take care of his beard, including beard wash for cleaning, beard oil for moisturizing, and beard balm for shaping. It also comes with a beard brush, comb, trimming scissors, and a free download for an eBook that’s all about taking care of his beard and looking his best.

All the pieces of this set are made with quality. The oil and balm are made using gentle ingredients that will leave it lustrous and soft like jojoba oil and shea butter. He’ll also love brushing his beard with the included brush, featuring boar bristles that are perfect for combing through and detangling beard hair.

Shiatsu Massage Cushion

A Shiatsu Massage Cushion is perfect for those days when he is just aching after a long day, whether he spent it golfing, at the river, or in his office. This full-body cushion is full of massage nodes that can be used to target the sore spots on his neck and back. It’s also heated, which only adds to the relaxation.

Something nice about this massager is that he can relax from the comfort of his own home or even his office chair. All he has to do is put the cushion against the back of whatever chair he’s sitting in, lie against it, and use the buttons to adjust the settings for the perfect massaging experience. He can even control the levels of massage and vibration and adjust the position of the massaging nodes, so it works for wherever his most troublesome spots are. He’ll definitely appreciate this gift!

BBQ Tools Set

This BBQ Tools Set comes loaded with everything he could possibly need while grilling out, except the meat of course. He’ll love using the tools in this set from One Sight to prepare and use his grill. Some of the things included with this set include tongs, a grill cleaning brush, a spatula, a meat fork, an oven mitt, and so much more. It even comes with a basting brush, basting injector, and meat thermometer so he’s sure to cook delicious, perfectly cooked meat every time.

If he grills out a lot, you can’t go wrong with this set. He’ll love using it whether he’s entertaining the neighborhood or just grilling out for him and the wife. As an added benefit, they are all made from stainless steel so they won’t get rusted and they are durable enough to last for years.

Unique Gifts for 50-Year Old Men

Retro Candy Gift Box

Who doesn’t love reminiscing about the good old days? This Retro Candy Gift Box by Vintage Candy Co. is a blast from the past that will make him feel nostalgic. Inside, there are three pounds of yummy, classic candies that have been around since his childhood. He’ll love snacking through this box and remembering when he was young.

This makes a great gift for that 50-year old man who may be hard to buy for. He surely doesn’t have a gift basket full of all the candies that were popular in the 1970s around! Don’t worry, though, all the candies have been made fresh!

Bartesian Cocktail Maker

This Cocktail Maker by Bartesian will help him craft delicious cocktails, margaritas, and mixed drinks from the comfort of his own home. All he has to do is pick out a drink pod, fill it with his choice of alcohol, and set the strength. He’ll have a yummy cocktail in minutes.

Whether he likes to entertain or he enjoys a nightcap, this is a gift that a 50-year old man will love to receive. It’s not necessarily something he’d treat himself with, but it is something he’ll be able to use. As an added benefit, it’s super easy to keep clean. There’s an auto-rinse function that runs between cocktails and all the parts are dishwasher safe.

Black Rifle Coffee Rounds

If he has a single-serve coffee machine, these make a great gift for the guy who has everything. This 12-pack of Black Rifle Coffee Rounds is a medium-roast with a super smooth finish. He will also love that the Black Rifle Coffee Company is an American-based company owned solely by veterans, and they even donate some of their profits to programs that help the people who keep us safe.

Their gourmet black coffee is made using Brazilian and Columbian beans, with undertones of cocoa and vanilla. Not only that, the aroma is so delicious, it’s the perfect way to start his day. These pods are compatible with Keurig and similar single-serve coffee machines and they also have lots of other flavors if he ends up loving them!

Golf Pens Set

This themed Golf Pens Set is a great gift for 50-year old men who love golfing. It comes with three ballpoint pens that are red, black, and blue. The pens also have “golf clubs” instead of caps and the case has a hole, so he can play a mini-game of golf right on his desk.

Not only is this a fun gift that lets him know you’re thinking of him, but it’s also made with quality. The case won’t fall apart and the ballpoint pens glide easily across the paper. Whether he’s getting work done or trying to relax, he’ll be able to use this fun gift.

Wood Smoking Chips

This variety pack of Wood Smoking Chips by Western are great for the man who enjoys grilling. It comes with six different packages of wood chips, including apple, mesquite, cherry, pecan, hickory, and post oak. He’ll love trying out all these different sets and pairing them with meats and sauces, for an intense smoky flavor that you can’t get anywhere else.

With so much variety in this pack, he’s sure to love several of these types of wooden chips. He’ll love making ribs, pulled pork, whole chickens, and so much more with these chips. Each of the bags hints about the flavor that they’ll impart, as well as recommendations on which meats they should be paired with.

Hobby Gifts and Toys for 50-Year-Old Men

Miracle-Gro Small Composter

If he’s into gardening as a hobby, this Compact Composter by Miracle-Gro makes a wonderful gift. Even if he already has a compost pile going outside, this tumbler helps speed composition so he can make batches of compost in just 4-6 weeks. The tumbler uses internal mixing bars and an aeration system that speeds decomposition to get his plants the nutrients they need sooner.

With the smaller design of this tumbler, it fits on a porch, patio, balcony, or rooftop without taking up too much space. It’s also built to be heavy-duty, so he can compost during the colder months, too. Not only will he be nourishing his garden, but he’ll also be reducing his carbon footprint and doing his part in improving the planet for future generations.

Fishing Rod and Reel

Does he spend all his free time casting off his boat or by the river? This Fishing Rod and Reel combo from QudraKast is built with quality and will help him land his next big catch. It’s rated for all types of fishing, including walleye, catfish, bass, trout, and even some inline saltwater fishing for smaller saltwater species.

The rod and reel are made from anti-corrosion metals and wrapped in carbon fiber for maximum strength without making the rod heavy. It also has a unique pattern with a brightly colored tip, which improves visibility for night fishing. Finally, he’ll appreciate the telescoping design that makes this rod super compact when it’s not in use, whether he’s traveling with it or storing it until his next trip.

Golf Practice Net

This Golf Practice Net lets the golf enthusiast in your life practice their golf swing, even in the backyard. The golfing net is 10′ x 7′, so there’s plenty of room for error (and for accuracy). Inside, there’s even a target so he can really practice his golf swing. As the ball soars through the air, it’s trapped in the net so he doesn’t have to worry about damaging property or hitting someone like he would if he were practicing outback without the net.

In addition to the golf practice net, this comes with a large target and three chipping targets, five golf balls, a grass pad, and a convenient carrying case to keep everything together. It’s super easy to set up and he’ll be practicing his swing in no time.

Chevy Impala Scale Model

This Chevy Impala Scale Model is a gift that the guy who enjoys classic cars or building models will appreciate. It’s good to keep your mind and your hands busy, so he’ll enjoy putting together this gift. It’s built to 1:25 scale, down to the last detail, and features a bold, purple color with a tan interior. When finished, he’ll be able to put his 1967 Chevy Impala SS on display.

This comes with everything that he needs to put together the model, down to the tiniest parts for the chassis, motor, and interior. Even though it poses a challenge with the small parts, it comes with a detailed guide that he can use as needed to get all the pieces in the right place.

Novelty and Funny Gift Ideas for 50-Year-Old Men

Classic Car T-Shirt

This Classic Car T-Shirt is a gift that’s sure to make a 50-year old man chuckle. It pokes fun at his age a little but that doesn’t make him old, it just makes him a classic! The shirt is a great gift for anyone, but especially for that older guy who’s really into classic cars.

He’ll love wearing this shirt around the house, to the grocery store, and on the weekends. It has a classic-style fit with a double-needle hem for extra durability. It’s also printed with quality inks, so it won’t fade easily in the wash!

The Ultimate F Word Mug

This Funny Mug says Fifty, The Ultimate F Word. He’ll get a chuckle every time that he enjoys his preferred morning beverage out of this mug. It pokes fun at his age but in a lighthearted, fun way.

The mug holds 11-ounces of his wake-up beverage and has a big, C-shaped handle so he can easily hold onto it. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe, so it will last and last, and the printed words also won’t fade with time. He’ll be able to get a laugh out of this coffee cup for years to come.

50th Birthday Whiskey Glass

The 50th Birthday Whiskey Glass is perfect for the man born in 1971. In addition to his birth year printed boldly on the glass, this says, “50 Years of Being Awesome”. It’s made from lead-free crystal and has been hand-blown. Like you’d expect from a traditional whiskey glass, it has a heavy base and smooth rim.

The print on this glass has been fired up to 1200 degrees and it’s safe to use in the dishwasher, so it’s super easy for him to clean it after he has his nightcap. You can never have too many whiskey glasses and he’ll appreciate this limited edition one.

50th Birthday T-Shirt

This 50th Birthday T-Shirt is perfect for that guy who has a sense of humor about turning 50. It has bold lettering on the front that says “I’m 49 +” and a middle finger. This lettering won’t fade with time and he might even want to keep wearing this funny shirt after his 50th birthday.

The T-shirt offers a classic fit and a lightweight blend of fabric, so it’s comfortable to wear. It also is made with durability and attention to detail. The printing won’t fade with time, so he’ll be able to wash this and wear it again and again.

50th Birthday Yoda Shirt

The 50th Birthday Yoda Shirt is perfect for that guy who’s turning 50 in your life. It has a picture of the iconic Star Wars character Yoda, with the words, “Turn 50 you must.” If he enjoys the series, this definitely makes a fun gift. It’s one of the nicer ways to poke fun at his fiftieth birthday, especially since all of us will turn 50 one day.

This shirt features a lightweight, classic fit and printing that won’t fade after a wash. It’s made from a blend of cotton and polyester, for maximum softness and comfort that won’t shrink as much in the wash. He’ll get lots of use out of this officially licensed Star Wars shirt, even after his birthday!


Tech Gifts for 50-Year-Old Men

Fire TV Stick

Everyone likes saving money. With the average cost of cable, many people have switched to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Peacock, and more. With this Fire TV Stick, he can stream all his favorite shows in 4K Ultra HD. Setup is easy and the remote is super simple to use too, so it’s even great for the guy that doesn’t necessarily love learning new technology.

In addition to all the paid apps you can imagine, this has free streaming services too and if he chooses to keep cable, he can sign in with his network and watch everything on one device. Whether he wants to watch movies, check the weather, listen to music, or watch sports or the news, he can do it with this device. The remote can do everything he needs, with a lot fewer buttons than a traditional TV remote. It even has a button for voice control, so he can use his voice to launch shows, search, and more.


Does he like keeping up with everything happening where he lives? This Scanner by Uniden lets him scan through 500 channels and listen to weather reports, emergency services, CB radio, or even just his favorite radio station. One of the devices is handheld so it’s super portable and the other is perfect for setting on his bedside table. It even functions as an alarm clock!

Not only does this let him scan through channels, but he can also search for different stations. Service banks separate the stations into categories like NOAA weather reports, CB radio, marine, civil aircraft, and more. He can also use his computer to program this with all his favorites, making it super easy to find what he listens to most. As an added benefit, the desktop device also works as an FM radio so he can listen to music, too!

Fitbit Inspire 2

While health problems can happen at any age, men who are 45-54 have the greatest risk of heart attack and related problems. It is said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that doesn’t mean he won’t appreciate the effort with the Fitbit Inspire 2. All he has to do is wear this watch and it does all the tracking for him. It helps monitor things like heart rate, activity, and sleep habits. Then, he can connect it to the app on his phone to get feedback on how he can improve his habits.

Change isn’t always the easiest thing, but he’ll appreciate the message that you want him to be around for a long time. He’ll also appreciate the sleek, stylish design of this watch. As an added benefit, this comes with a 1-year subscription to Fitbit Premium, so he can make the most out of his gift. It also comes with 2 bands, one large and one small, so it’s sure to fit any wrist.


This Drone by Holy Stone makes a great gift, no matter a person’s age. Drones are one of those things that delight people of all ages, from children to adults. He’ll love figuring out how to fly this drone and then using it to take impressive photos and videos. He can take pictures at family get-togethers, use them on outings with his buddies, and just fly it around the backyard.

The drone is loaded with features including GPS and return-to-home function. This lets him easily bring the drone back at the push of a button. It will also return on its own if the battery life gets too low, so there’s no risk of it becoming damaged. He’ll also appreciate that there are only a few buttons and joysticks on the remote, which attaches right to his smartphone. This makes it incredibly easy for him to fly the drone, even if he isn’t the most technically inclined.

Vehicle and Garage Gifts for 50-Year-Old Men

Rubber Floor Mats

This set of front and rear Rubber Floor Mats are a great gift for his vehicle. The universal fit means he’ll be able to use these whether he drives a car, truck, or SUV and they have a trimmable design for a customized fit. They’re designed to provide all types of weather protection and will trap dust, dirt, sand, water, snow, and more.

The thick rubber of these mats makes them super durable so they won’t crack, split, or become deformed in rough weather conditions. They have rubber nibs on the bottom that stops them from moving and the ergonomic grooves on top provide traction for his feet. He’ll also appreciate that the thick design of these mats makes them super comfortable.

Cordless Drill Combo Kit

There are good odds that the 50-year old man in your life already has a good drill. But, when was the last time that his drill set had an update? The Cordless Drill Combo Kit makes a great gift for that guy who could use a new drill, but who won’t necessarily buy it himself. It comes with two drills and charging bases, as well as a Dewalt tool bag to store and carry his new tools in.

He’ll love using both of these drills for different projects around the house. Both drills are ergonomically designed and built to fit well in tight spaces. He’ll also love that the second drill has its own ring light, which makes it super easy to prevent shadows so he can actually see what he’s doing.

Magnetic Wristband

This Magnetic Wristband is a handy tool that makes doing work in the garage and around the house a lot easier. He can use it to hold drill bits, screws, nails, nuts, bolts, and more. Basically, all those small metal pieces are all too easy to lose when he’s completing his next project.

This is a unique gift that that 50-year old man in your life might not have yet. The wristband has an adjustable Velcro closure that he can use to get the perfect fit, so it doesn’t hang or seem bulky while he wears it. Inside the super durable stitching, there are 15 magnets. There are also large, flat areas on the outside so he can easily set the things he needs there and even two small pockets, which can be used to carry around those small plastic bits that won’t stick to the wristband.

12-in-1 Multi-Tool

This 12-in-1 Multi-Tool is the perfect companion for hunting, fishing, survival situations, vehicle emergencies, and more. Even though this gadget isn’t especially large, it has everything that he might need in a pinch. It has a hammer, serrated knife, pliers, Philips and flathead screwdrivers, bottle opener, and more. As an added bonus, it comes with a carrying case and belt holster, so he can easily keep it handy.

In addition to being super functional, this multi-tool has a lightweight, ergonomic design that will feel good in his hand. You can’t go wrong with something like this that will help him out in so many situations.

Clothing and Accessory Gifts for 50-Year-Old Men

Carhartt Canvas Cap

Give his hat collection an update with the Carhartt Canvas Cap. This hat is made from 100% cotton-washed canvas for an incredibly durable, but comfortable fabric. It is a lightweight, medium-profile cap that will look great on his head. The hat also has an adjustable hook-and-loop closure so he can get the perfect fit.

He’ll also appreciate a built-in sweatband, which wicks away sweat and fights odor. In addition to being super comfortable, the design of this hat is simple but it still looks great. It features a classic navy color and the Carhartt label sewn onto the front.

Fleece-Lined Moccasin Slippers

These Moccasin Slippers will be the perfect companion for his days around the house. The slippers are lined with fleece to keep his feet warm and have a sheepskin insole that makes them breathable, too. As an added benefit, the thick rubber sole means that they are great to wear whether he’s indoors or outdoors. He can even take them on quick runs to the grocery store.

Any 50-year old man would love receiving a quality pair of slippers as a gift. The upper of these are made from suede, so he can wipe them clean if they get dirty. They are also super durable whether he’s walking the door, grabbing the mail, or relaxing around the house.

Heated Jacket

Staying warm outside during the winter months doesn’t always mean you need a big, bulky jacket. This Heated Jacket by ORORO will keep him warm without the bulk. Inside the jacket, there are three heating elements (on each side of the chest and across the mid-back). He can press a button and set these to low, medium, or high heat depending on how cold he is.

This uses a rechargeable battery that can be removed for easier charging. When fully charged, it lasts for up to 10 hours of heat. In addition to being warm, this jacket is made with durable fabric that is soft on the outside and breathable on the inside. It also has a detachable hood.

Leather Minimalist Wallet

Minimalist wallets have been all the rage lately, especially because they are healthier for your back when you put them in their back pocket. This Leather Minimalist Wallet by Fossil will be lightweight and easy on his back, but it’s still designed with a more traditional leather that the older gentleman in your life will appreciate. It also comes with RFID blocking technology, which prevents his wallet from being scanned for his credit card information by hackers and identity thieves.

This wallet is made from 100% genuine leather that is incredibly durable. It has features like an ID flip window so he can easily pull his ID out when he needs it and plenty of other wallets to hold his cash and cards. In addition to this wallet, Fossil also offers different colors and benefits (like an area for coins or extra pockets), so it’s easy to find a high-quality minimalist wallet that still fits his needs.

What to Look for in Gift Ideas for 50-Year Old Men


Men who have reached age 50 usually have most of the things they want. Even so, it’s not uncommon for them to believe that if something isn’t broken, then it doesn’t need to be replaced. If he has any outdated tools, clothing items, kitchen appliances, or anything else, any of these things would make a great gift. Buy him the things that could use replacing, but that he doesn’t want to spend money on. You might even remember him mentioning that something isn’t working quite as well as it used to. He’ll definitely appreciate something like this.


Some older people have an aversion to new technology, while others embrace all that it has to offer. Even so, picking out new tech can be a little intimidating and he might feel that he can get by with the things he already has. Buying him some of the latest techs will keep the older gentleman in your life with the current times. Just be sure to choose tech that’s simple to operate and set up. Tech gifts are the types of gifts he’ll fall in love with once he figures out how to use them.

Hobbies and Interests

Choosing gifts related to his hobbies and interests is also a great idea. He may be interested in working on cars, biking, boating, woodworking, fishing, or anything else that strikes his interests. One of the great things about hobbies is that they give him a chance to relax. This is especially important because someone who is 50 has been working a long time. They deserve the rest and relaxation that comes with investing in their hobbies.


Gifts that encourage health are also a great choice. As people get older, problems with blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and more become more common. Help him fight against health risks with gifts that he can use to benefit his health. These might be tools like a smartwatch that he can use to track health or even a bicycle or something else to get him physically active. It’s never too late for him to take care of himself and he’ll appreciate that you care.