Gift Ideas for 40-Year-Old Women [2023]

The best gift ideas for 40-year-old women help them feel young and mature at the same time. Find the right gift here for the woman in your life from fun gifts and practical gifts too.

Best Fun Gifts for 40-Year-Old Women

Vera Bradley Bag 

Vera Bradley Bag’s come in a variety of styles and fabulous patterns with coordinating bags making them a perfect choice for any woman. The Glenna satchel holds everything with easy-to-carry handles, and it’s adorable too. What makes Vera so darn amazing is many of the bags are machine washable, unlike most purses making this an investment gift.

Loungefly Bag 

For the 40-year-old woman who refuses to get old, the Loungefly Bag’s offer fun alternatives to regular purses. This one comes in ombre colors, a shell, and a fork on the handle reminiscent of the Little Mermaid, which was likely her favorite Disney princess from her youth. While a little pricy, these bags are often limited edition and sell for a lot even used, making this a two-in-one gift.

Hardsided Suitcase 

A Hardsided Suitcase makes a fabulous carry-on at 20 inches. With four wheels, a telescoping handle, and unique color, this suitcase works perfectly. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes to work for anyone, especially women who travel often.

Outlander Book set 

Give the lady in your life the Outlander Book set and transport her to a world full of time travel. The story follows Claire as she travels from the 1940s to the 1700s and falls in love with a Scottish man. If she loves the show, she will love the books too so she can learn the rest of the story. 

Personalized Celtic Dagger 

Not all women want a bracelet or a purse, instead get them the Personalized Celtic Dagger. It’s a unique gift, and you can get their name engraved on the blade! As it’s Celtic by design, this is the perfect gift for those obsessed with Irish history, fantasy, and wonder. 

Catan Board Game 

Buy the Catan Board Game for a fun family game night. The game kind of plays like an old-world style of Monopoly, and it has endless opportunities for change. Buy, trade, and sell to get ten points before the other players.

DNA Test

DNA Test’s are all the rage and the Ancestry DNA test has the largest database. If the woman in your life is ready to build a family tree or find some long-lost relatives, then this may be the perfect gift. Warning, this gift can uncover family secrets that not everyone is ready for, so check before purchasing. 

Best Electronic Gifts for 40-Year-Old Women

Percussion Massage Gun Deep Tissue

The Percussion Massage Gun Deep Tissue is a great tool ready to help relieve pain, tension, and stress. With 15 heads and 30 adjustable speeds, this massage gun can induce muscles to relax. It’s rechargeable, too, so you won’t go broke buying new batteries for the massage, and it’s quiet too at only 60 decibels at full speed.

Skull Candy Headphones

Not all headphones are created equal and the Skull Candy Headphones are the best. While pricy, these headphones fit comfortably around the ear instead of on the ear. Add in adjustable sensory base, personal sound customization, 41-hour battery life, and built-in tile tracker for an exceptional accessory.

The headphones can also take calls, track, and connect wirelessly with Bluetooth to two devices. Choose from four color options. Also, these fold flat for storage and travel.

Apple 11-inch iPad Pro

Computers are nice, but tablets are easier to use for several purposes. The Apple 11-inch iPad Pro includes low bezel, cameras, tons of RAM, and an 11 inch screen to provide the best possible option in the tablet world. It even has the newest proprietary M1 chip for incredible performance.

Women can use this for reading, drawing, writing, games, work, and so much more. The iPad includes Wi-Fi 6 for lightning-fast connections and 5G if you choose cellular. Pick from several sizes and colors to get the best fit for your lady.


Not all 40-year-old women want to do crafts; some want to slay dragons. Enter Skyrim, the game that allows them to hunt for treasure, kill dragons, and learn to speak the dragon language. Bethesda plans to release the next edition to the game in a few years, and it’s time for gamers to catch up.

The game allows you to fully customize your own character and explore an open world. With hundreds of quests, gamers can follow many paths to relax after work or on the weekend. Additionally, the graphics are impressive, and the soundtrack is too.

Typewriter Style Tablet Stand

Put a tablet on the Typewriter Style Tablet Stand and turn it into a typewriter. The gorgeous electronic has a vintage look and beautiful colors. While it’s pricy, it works with Bluetooth and USB.

Use it with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android and pair up to three devices simultaneously. An LED dynamic backlight allows for use in the dark. Women will love the satisfying audible clicks and tactile bump feels for the best typing experience possible.

Car Battery Charger

Do not leave you lady stranded, instead get a Car Battery Charger. It’s a small device with a 6-volt or 12-volt battery charger that stores in the trunk and takes up almost no space. Use it in hot or cold weather and charge a battery instead of waiting for a stranger to come help.


Crafty women will love the Cricuit starter kit as it allows them to make fun projects. The set includes cutting tools and a set of vinyl so they can make their first project. Give them the option to personalize anything with this unique tool that connects to smart devices to create patterns.

This machine can make labels, monogram pillows, address envelopes, decorate mugs, and much more. They can also help with work and even school projects or organize the pantry. All this with less work than making this stuff by hand.

Best Home Gifts for 40-Year-Old Women

Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing

The Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing is the perfect place to relax as it’s soft, cushy, and suspended. It’s portable too can going inside or outside. As the swing supports up to 265 pounds meaning it can hold adults and kids too.

Stick it in a she-shed, on the porch, or even in the media room for fun seating. You will need to purchase hanging hardware separately.


Add some elegance to a woman’s life with aTapestry for old-world charm. With this tapestry, women can enjoy a beautiful castle woven in Belgium with soft colors. It’s ready to enhance any room with soft colors and a paisley border. 

Wood Charging Station 

Help someone organize with the Wood Charging Station. It has a spot for coins, trinkets, glasses, pens, Apple watches, tablets, phones, and laptops. As it’s made with real wood, the charging stand will last for years but may occasionally need a little wax. 

Folding Wooden Screen 

Women love Folding Wooden Screens but cannot often justify the cost which is what makes it a perfect gift. It’s the perfect addition to a bedroom, guest room, sewing room, or any other room. The rustic charm adds beauty to any room, and it’s useful too for changing or separating spaces. 

Large Gaming Mouse Pad 

Not only does a Large Gaming Mouse Padturn a large portion of a desk into a mousepad, but it’s beautiful too. It adds old-world charm to any desk and makes learning geography easy. Furthermore, this can protect wood desks from a coffee spill, especially if you have nosy cats.

Sugar Mold Wood Candle Holder 

A Sugar Mold Wood Candle Holder adds rustic beauty to any room and it’s useful too. Use this to hold candles as decor or smaller items like remote controls. It’s solid wood and ready to last for a lifetime adding charm to a home. 

Retro Metal Tin Sign Wall Decor

For sassy ladies get a Retro Metal Tin Sign Wall Decor. This one says, “Sarcasm now being served daily,” and will have everyone laughing. Pre-drilled holes make this easy to hang.

Best Bath & Body Gifts for 40-Year-Old Women

Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Mirror

The Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Mirror allows women to apply their makeup or do their skincare routine with ease. It tilts, folds, and lights up for easy adjustments for any woman. With 21 LED lights, it can provide the right lighting in any room.

Choose from several color options to suit any decor. Also, the mirror offers a 2 times and 3 times magnification level to see smaller areas with ease. Store a little makeup on the front, too, in the shallow section.

Eye Cream 

Eyes tend to take a beating as women age, and the right Goldfaden MD Eye Cream can help to keep eyes bright and youthful. The cream visibly brightens the eye area, reduces puffiness, and minimizes fine lines. A little goes a long way with natural plant-based ingredients to keep eyes young. 

Leave-in Conditioner 

Haircare does not need to take a long time with the Leave-in Conditioner. Spray this 98 percent natural-derived conditioner on wet or dry hair and watch it dry while reducing frizz.  Nourishing oils like rosehip, argan, and coconut help to improve the quality of hair, making this the perfect conditioner spray. 

Bokek Organic Lavender Bath Salt

When it’s time to relax, the Bokek Organic Lavender Bath Salt are ready to help with four different scents of organic bath salt. The five-pound bag can work for several baths to provide soothing aromatherapy. Dead sea salt can help with many conditions to clear skin and soothe sore muscles.

Lavanila – The Healthy Perfume 

With Lavanila – The Healthy Perfume, women get a beautiful creamy vanilla scent and all-natural ingredients like Kakadu plum, olive leaf, and chamomile.  The scent interacts with individual body chemistry to provide a unique experience for everyone. Moreover, the perfume comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a gold lid that will look good on a dresser.

Retinol Cream 

Retinol Cream helps to prevent aging and this cream uses collagen peptides and botanical extract to nourish skin. Add in other natural ingredients like green tea, licorice roots, and vitamin A to help improve the appearance of the skin. See results in just one week as deep wrinkles and sunspots fade away.

Memory Foam Pillow 

Women don’t want a Memory Foam Pillow, they need one for a good nights sleep. This one has a washable cover made with bamboo-derived rayon, and it’s filled with adjustable shredded memory foam. No more tossing and turn or neck pain in the morning with this revolutionary pillow. 

Best Clothing and Accessory Gifts for 40-Year-Old Women

Women’s Shawl Wrap

The Women’s Shawl Wrap comes in a gorgeous green, blue, and black pad. Drape the shawl over either shoulder or wear loose for added warmth in the fall and winter. Pair this with knee-high boots for a fantastic outfit.

It’s made of 100 percent acrylic, so it can go in the washing machine but should air dry to retain its shape. Choose from several plaid patterns, although the Blackwatch pattern is the best for those with Scottish heritage.

Enchanted Princess Ring 

Grownups can be princesses, too, which is why the Enchanted Princess Ring is perfect for a woman in her forties. The ring comes from the Aladdin collection, and it’s a glorious mix of sterling silver, yellow gold, and swiss blue sapphires. The beautiful flowers stand out in the yellow gold and will make any woman feel like royalty.

Gorgeous Boots 

For women who live in colder climates these Gorgeous Boots are a must. With a fuzzy inner lining and a waterproof exterior, these boots will keep feet warm and dry. Even better, the feet will be in style and comfort with buckles and a zipper. 

Long Leaf Necklace and Earring Set 

Get the Long Leaf Necklace and Earring Set and you get an affordable gift inspired by nature. The realistic details make these gorgeous and dainty with enough difference to look like real leaves. All three pieces come in a gift box ready to wrap, making them the perfect gift. 

Davy Piper Bra 

The Davy Piper Bra isn’t just any bra, it’s a wireless bra that actually provides support and comfort. With adjustable straps and removable cups, this bra is strong enough for a workout but comfortable enough for sleep. Get the Busty Diana Bra for women with a cup size of F, G, H, or I.

Ballet Flats 

Choose the Ballet Flats if the woman in your life likes comfortable flats with a little bit of style. These are comfortable ballet flats made of synthetic material ready to work as casual or dressy shoes. You can buy these supportive shoes in wide widths too and with support for arches and heels. 

Best Kitchen Gifts for 40-Year-Old Women

Tumbler with Lid and Straw

If you want to commemorate the fortieth birthday, get the Tumbler with Lid and Straw as it says, “40 years fabulous”. It comes with a lid, a metal straw, and a straw cleaner too. The sparkly ombre colors of minty green to purple look like a mermaid, and trust us, women in their forties are not over the mermaid phase.

KOHLER Touchless Faucet 

Moms with kids are sick of the old faucet their kids are pulling out because they do not treat it properly. Get her the KOHLER Touchless Faucet and improve the value of the house and get a touchless faucet that’s less likely to take a beating from kids. The faucet comes in several sizes and colors to work with any kitchen.

While it’s pricy, the faucet offers stream, boost, and sweep to clean dishes properly. Also, the master spray turns into a hose, and it clicks back into place with a magnet.

Farmhouse Tablecloth Waterproof 

Get the Farmhouse Tablecloth Waterproof and protect the table. This gift comes in multiple colors, patterns, and sizes to work with any decor. Even better, it’s machine washable and can go in the dryer too without wrinkling making it a beautiful addition to a dining room. 

Stemmed Glass Goblets

The Stemmed Glass Goblets set comes with four glasses made in Dublin form the Godinger brand. The beautiful glasses offer enough for a night of wine with friends for a fun gathering. As these are so affordable, you can buy a few sets and keep a few spares in the cabinets for larger get-togethers.

Lavazza Coffee 

Many forty-year-old moms are dealing with teens, and they need coffee. strong coffee. Enter Lavazza Coffee, ready to provide rich creamy flavor in large quantities. 

Lavazza comes from Italy, and it uses 60 percent Arabic and 40 percent Robusta for an incredibly smooth taste. It’s perfect a cup of drip coffee or to make any other kind of coffee drink. Use a burr grinder to pull out the best flavor out of these whole beans.

Automatic Coffee Maker 

Do not look at the price of the Automatic Coffee Maker   until you calculate how much a forty-year-old woman spends at Starbucks every year. Do the math, then look at the price and realize this is a bargain! This machine has a milk function to make lattes and cappuccinos with a push of a button.

Make drip coffee and espressos, too, along with an Americano. The machine includes a water filter to get the best flavor. Simply add whole beans, and the machine will grind them for every cup for a smooth and delicious coffee treat.

Stainless Steel Nonstick Wok with Lid 

Buy the Stainless Steel Nonstick Wok with Lid by Michelangelo for the woman who loves to cook. This walk pan uses a honeycomb hybrid technology to make clean-up easy. It’s extremely easy to use, level and includes a lid.

Two handles make the pan easy to move, and it’s versatile too. Use it to make sauces, chili, stir fry, or even scrambled eggs. At 12.5 inches wide, this pan is ready to hold a lot of food, and then it can go in the dishwasher!

Ferrero Rocher 

Ferrero Rocher’s are quite easily one of the best inventions in the world with a creamy center and hazelnut outer shell with chocolate. A set of twenty-four will last at least three days as long as she doesn’t have to share!

What to Look for in Gifts for 40-Year-Old Women

The best gift ideas for 40-year-old women provide a mix of youthfulness and maturity. Think whimsy or useful or just something you know she will love. At 40, most women can afford to buy themselves the items they want, making it your job to buy something she would not buy for herself.

Find out what she likes to do in her spare time and choose an appropriate gift based on her interests. Also, avoid buying items for cleaning the house such as a vacuum or an air fryer as these are household items, not gifts, and the gift would send the wrong message. Find a gift that shows you value her and her uniqueness.

Most importantly, give her a gift that will help her to enjoy life more and help her to relax. Adulting is hard, and the right gift can make it much easier to deal with daily life.