Gift Ideas for 18-Year-Old Girls [2023]

Eighteen is a milestone year between being a teenager and an adult. The girl in your life may be going off to college, getting her first job, or otherwise deciding what next steps she is taking in life. Below, you’ll find the best gift ideas for 18-year old girls, regardless of the next step that she is taking in life.

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Gift Ideas for 18-Year-Old Girls Going to College

Bedside Caddy

Student housing isn’t always the most roomy accommodations and she may even be sharing living space when she goes away to college. This Bedside Caddy by Lib will make it easier for her to keep all her most important items nearby. It’s 9.5″ x 13.5″ and can support up to 25-pounds. The caddy can hold books, her phone, small-to-medium-sized laptops, chapstick, her keys, and so much more. As an added benefit, there’s are two small charger holes so she can charge her devices while they’re in the caddy and they don’t have to take up extra space.

The caddy is made from EVA support between layers of felt, for a sturdy but soft design. It also has a lot of different pockets and a mesh area, so it’s really easy to stay organized. She’ll also love that this is super-easy to install and comes in a wide variety of colors in addition to the light gray pictured here. She can choose from this, dark blue, cyan, pink, and more!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

College isn’t always the easiest place to concentrate, especially if she’s living with noisy roommates. These Noise Cancelling Headphones by Anker block out sounds and features a really convenient, wireless design. She can connect these via Bluetooth to her devices and listen to music, podcasts, or recordings of her teacher’s lectures. They’re a tool that can be used for learning and entertainment.

In addition to having great sound quality, these are really comfortable to wear. The headphones have soft memory foam ear cups and an adjustable headband. They also have extras like BassUp technology for amplifying heavy bass genres and noise cancellation that can be turned on and off. The battery lasts as long as 40 hours in noise cancellation mode and 60 hours in standard music mode. As an added benefit, she can get four hours of play time after charging for just five minutes if she forgets to charge her headphones.

Laptop Backpack

This Laptop Backpack by UGRACE features a cool, vintage design that is super-functional, too. It has a sleeve inside that holds up to a 15.6″ laptop and lots of other pockets for notebooks, pens, electronics, and so much more. The bookbag even has a charging port, so she can easily charge her devices without having to remove them from the bag. No more risk of forgetting her laptop when she’s in a rush in the morning.

She’ll love that in addition to being really functional, this laptop is really cute. In addition to this green color here, it’s available in gray and black with the same vintage design, complete with magnetic buttons and leather straps.

Apartment Gifts for 18-Year-Old Girls

DIY Wall Collage

The Wall Collage Kit by Hapinest is a sentimental gift she can appreciate as she takes her next step in life. The kit comes with everything she needs to make a wall collage filled with photos, quotes, and priceless memories of all the people she might be missing once she moves away from home. This includes 769 stickers, 154 cutouts, 90 foam squares, 66 letter cutouts, and 41 quote stickers. It also comes with 6 yards of string, 10 markers, and paint-safe double-sided sticky tape.

This is a really unique way she can decorate the wall in her next home, plus it might help a little with feeling homesick if she’s far away. Once finished, the collage is approximately 5.5 x 3.5 feet, but the shape is completely up to her. Whether she fills it up with the people she misses most or the things that inspire her, she’ll love having it on her wall.

Tool Set

This Tool Set and Bag is something that the 18-year old girl doesn’t know she needs. If she’s moving into her first apartment, she may find that when it comes to hang curtains, decorate the walls, and even tighten the cupboard doors. This set has all she needs to do basic home repairs, whether she tackles them herself or outsources to her dad or brother.

Some of the tools she’ll find in this set includes Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, different types of pliers, a hammer, a level, screws and nails, and so much more. She can keep all 220 pieces of this set inside the sturdy pink and black bag. It has lots of pockets to keep everything organized and even has four non-slip pads on the bottom so it doesn’t slide around while it’s being used.

Non-Stick Pizza Maker

The Non-Stick Pizza Maker by Courant is sure to become one of her favorite kitchen appliances as she heads out on her own. She can enjoy 12″ pizzas, quesadillas, mini frittatas, giant cookies, and so much more with this pizza maker. The non-stick coating stops the pizza (and anything else) from sticking and creates a yummy, crispy bottom on whatever she is cooking.

This comes with an instruction manual and a few tips to get her started. It’s easy to use and has both power and ready-to-cook lights. She can use it for homemade pizza and calzones, as well as frozen, pre-made ones. As an added benefit, this can be put up on it’s side for easier, more compact storage. Not taking up a lot of space is important for a girl whose in her first apartment, especially since her kitchen might not have the most storage space.

Fun and Unique Gifts for 18-Year-Old Girls


An 18-year old girl will love finding out all the things she can do with the Cricut. The Cricut Maker can be used to precisely cut out her designs. She can use templates to create sewing designs, create vinyl decals to personalize her dressers or other furniture, design wraps for tumblers, and so much more. The Cricut uses blades, pens, and scoring tools to bring her creations to life and it’s super easy to use in the app.

In addition to being precise, the Cricut is powerful. It cuts through paper, vinyl, fabric, leather, and even thin sheets of Balsa wood with ease. She’ll love trying all kinds of crafts and trending new ideas with this model. The possibilities are really endless!

Cards Against Humanity

The Cards Against Humanity game is great for laughs. She’ll love sitting around with her friends and playing this game as they come up with zany conversations. Even though she might not have as much free time as she’d like, when she will she’ll absolutely love playing this game.

This playing set comes with everything she needs to get started, including 500 white cards and 100 black cards. It’s perfect for anywhere from 4-20 players and the more players there are, the more fun there is to be had. You can’t go wrong with giving her this gift! As an added benefit, there are many themed expansion packs available for even more game play with topics ranging from television shows and characters to boxes like the hidden gems bundle and the nasty bundle.

Root Beer Brewing Kit

The Root Beer Brewing Kit by Mr. Root Beer is a fun, unique gift for an 18-year old girl. This kit comes with everything she needs to brew two gallons of creamy, old-fashioned root beer. It comes with flavor crystals, root beer extract, root beer yeast, and equipment including a funnel, no-rinse cleanser, and 4 bottles with caps and labels. The kit also comes with detailed instructions to get her started.

The bottles included in this set have unique pressure release caps and gaskets, which prevent the bottles from becoming over-pressurized and exploding. As an added benefit, the instructions teach her a little about chemistry while she’s brewing and there are a few other science experiments included, too.

Beauty and Relaxation Gifts for 18-Year-Old Girls

Makeup Vanity Mirror

What teenage girl doesn’t love knowing that her hair, makeup, and outfit look amazing before she leaves the house? The Makeup Vanity Mirror by Hansong will give her that confidence she needs to rock her style. It has lots of features including 12 dimmable bulbs, 3 color lighting modes, and even a removable mirror that has 10x magnification, for when she’s trying to pluck elusive hairs or pop pimples.

Having a well-lit mirror is essential, especially for the 18-year old girl who might be moving away from home soon. The mirror features Hollywood-style bulbs with different light modes, so she has the perfect lighting no matter what time of day it is when she’s perfecting her look. While the bulbs cannot be replaced, they do have a 50,000 hour life span so she’ll be able to use this mirror for a long time.

Skin Care Set

This Skin Care Set by I Dew Care comes with an overnight moisture lip mask, brightening serum, and moisturizer. The trio contains good-for-her vegan ingredients that are paraben and cruelty-free, including hibiscus flower extract, banana extract, and Vitamin C. She’ll love the way that they leave her skin feeling nourished and bright, even after a late night of studying or being out with friends.

Give her the chance to pamper her skin with these products. She only needs a little of the moisturizers and serums, so the travel-sized bottles will last her for a long time. The lip mask included with this is full-size, so she’ll get lots of use out of that, too.

Oversized Blanket Sweater

This Oversized Blanket Sweater by Catalonia makes a great gift for the 18-year old girl in your life. She’ll love lounging around in this warm, cozy sweater made from Sherpa material. The oversized design is like a blanket, but it has arms so she can easily use her hands to read a book, use her phone, or flip through the channels. It even has a giant pocket on the front so she can keep some of the things she needs to relax handy. Since it doesn’t hang as far as a blanket, it can even be used at sporting events and camping trips.

The blanket has a hood and reversible design, with one side being fluffy and the other being a smoother, microfiber material. She can wear it any way that she wants! In addition to this pretty blue color, there are lots of others available including solid colors and patterns. It’s super easy to choose something that fits her personality.

Fashion and Accessory Gifts for 18-Year-Old Girls

Adidas Adilette Sandals

These Adidas Adilette Sandals are comfortable, but trendy footwear that any 18-year old girl would love to receive as a gift. The slip-on design makes them easy to slide on her foot and go, which is perfect for her busy lifestyle. She’ll also love the Cloudfoam footbed, which provides lots of comfort and support.

The upper of this shoe features a wide, thick band that offers support and stops them from sliding easily off her foot. In addition to the white and pink color pictured here, these are available in lots of other trendy colors. Choosing these or a color like solar blue, cherry metallic, or plain black for a pair of shoes that matches her personality.

Funny Mantra Bracelet

Classy on the outside and inspirational on the inside, this Funny Mantra Bracelet is something she’ll love to wear. On the outside, the cuff bracelet has an arrow on either side. On the inside, it has the words, “Keep f*cking going…”

This funny bit of inspiration is something she’ll love being able to peek at when she’s having a hard time or feeling stressed. It’s made from 316L stainless steel, which is durable and won’t tarnish or rust with time. Even though the stainless steel is super strong, it’s easy enough to bend it a little if she needs to make the bracelet bigger or smaller to fit her wrist better.

Powerblend Fleece Hoodie

This Fleece Hoodie by Champion is one of those staple clothing items that every 18-year old girl needs. It’s warm enough to keep her cozy during the cooler months, but not so hot that she’ll sweat in it. The hoodie is also sporty and fashionable instead of being bulky, making it easy to move around in. Whether she’s walking to class or on her morning jog, this hoodie will get the job done. Plus, it’s available in lots of different colors, so she can make a fashion statement, too!

The Powerblend fabric is designed to shrink less, letting it hold its true fit even through washing. It’s other great features include a low-profile bottom band and exaggerated ribbed cuffs for a more feminine fit. She’ll also love the drawcord and jersey-lined scuba hood and a roomy pocket in the front.

Technology Gifts for 18-Year-Old Girls

Polaroid Pocket Printer

This Polaroid Pocket Printer by Zink is perfect for that 18-year old girl who is making memories in her early days as an adult. Small enough to carry in a pocket, this connects via Bluetooth to her smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It also doesn’t require things like toner or ink. The printer works with Zink sheets, which have their own ink packs inside. She’ll get a small pack of these all-in-one photograph sheets to get her started, too!

She’ll love being able to print photos of her adventures with friends and hang up pictures of her family when she’s away from home. The Polaroids are waterproof and tear-proof, so they’ll last and last. As an added benefit, this works with a Polaroid app on her phone to add filters, crop photos, lay stickers on them, and so much more.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a must-have for the gamer girl who might enjoy taking her hobbies on the go. She can play this in handheld mode, connect to a large screen TV to play with friends, or even connect to up to 7 other devices to play via WiFi when they are on the same network.

She’ll love using the Nintendo Switch to play on her own or with friends. This model comes with a bright blue and bright red controller and she can download purchased games for this, including newer games like Animal Crossing and re-vamped classics like Mario Kart. With so many of these games being trendy right now, this is a gift that an 18-year old girl is sure to love.

Portable Waterproof Speaker

The Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker by INSMY is the perfect companion for her next outing. Whether she’s listening to music in the shower or out kayaking with friends, this waterproof speaker can come along. It can even be submerged as deep as 1 meter for 30 minutes. In addition to being waterproof, it’s super portable and can be carried using the lanyard or attached to surfaces using the suction cup.

The speaker connects via Bluetooth to all her compatible devices and has an impressive range of 66-feet and even has a microphone so she can take phone calls right on her device. It also has incredible sound quality and won’t distort the music even at it’s loudest volume. The battery life lasts for 12 hours at 70% and it only takes 3 hours to fully charge the speaker.

Fitness Gifts for 18-Year-Old Girls

Electric Bike

The Electric Bike by Speedrid is great for that 18-year old girl in your life. Whether she’s commuting to work, riding around campus, or tackling mountain trails with her friends, this bike will deliver. It has a powerful 350W brushless motor and can be used to ride with the motor, without, or in pedal-assist mode to prolong battery life. With top speeds of 20mph, it will take her where she needs to go.

The battery is easy to detach from the bike for effortless charging and it lasts for as much as 30 miles per charge. In manual mode, she’ll be able to use the 24-speed gear to tackle hill-climbing and the front and rear brakes help her quickly stop. As an added benefit, there is an LCD display with information about her mileage, battery level, motor power, and speed.

Yoga Mat

The Yoga Mat by Gaiam is a great gift if she enjoys yoga, pilates, or other floor exercises. The mat is 6 mm thick and provides plenty of cushioning for her joints during her fitness routine. It rolls and unrolls for easy transportation and it even comes with a bonus yoga workout she can download to get her started.

The 68″ x 24″ yoga mat features a non-slip design on both sides, so her feet and the mat both stay secure during her routine. It also has a reversible design, each side having similar/matching colors with different designs. This makes it easy to shop for her personality, too.

Wireless Earbuds

What better way to stay focused on your workout than with a pair of earbuds? Powerbeats Pro Earbuds are the perfect partner for her workout. The earbuds connect wireless to any of her Bluetooth-enabled devices and even let her take calls. With the earbuds, she’ll receive a wireless charging case, charger, and even four different sized ear tips so she can get the best possible fit.

For fitness, these are going to be her best friend. They are resistant to sweat and the weather and come with adjustable ear hooks, so she can get a secure fit. The ear buds also offer more than 9 hours of listening time (and 24 hours in the case) and charge 1.5 hours in just 5 minutes if the battery is low. This way, her headphones are ready to go whenever she is.

Sentimental and Novelty Gifts for 18-Year-Old Girls

Funny Coffee Mug

This Funny Coffee Mug makes a great gift for a girl’s 18th birthday. The mug says, “OMG I’m an Adult Now” in bold letters with pretty pink flowers as accents. She’ll be able to enjoy 11 ounces of her favorite morning beverage in her own kitchen with this cute mug. It’s also a subtle reminder that she’s an adult now!

This cute mug will make the perfect addition to the kitchen of her new home. The design is printed on both sides using quality inks that won’t fade or peel, so the mug is safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher. Additionally, the C-shaped handle is really easy to hold.

18th Birthday Bracelet

The 18th Birthday Bracelet by EFYTAL is made from beautiful, strong 925 silver and comes with 18 beads, one to represent each of her years on the planet. This bracelet is both simple and elegant, which is great because she’ll be able to wear it with a wide range of different outfits. Whether she’s picking out an outfit for college or going out for the evening, it’ll look great with her clothes.

This thoughtful gift has sentimental value, and she’ll think of you every time that she wears it. Since it’s made using nickel-free, hypoallergenic metals, the bracelet won’t irritate her skin. It also has an adjustable clasp so she can get the perfect fit.

Cosmetic Bag and Makeup Mirror

The Cosmetic Bag and Makeup Mirror is a great gift for celebrating her 18th birthday. The cosmetic bag is made from durable canvas and has a zipper closure at the top. On the front, it has a cute image and the words, “The Princess is 18”.

She’ll also love the makeup mirror included with this set. The mirror says, “18th birthday” and a beautiful mantra that says, “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” It’s the perfect bit of inspiration when she’s doing her makeup and getting ready in the morning.

Adulting Candle

The 9 oz. Adulting Organic Soy Candle by the Malicious Women Candle Co is hand-poured and made with quality. She’ll love the delicious aroma of roasted Columbian coffee beans with underlying tones of vanilla and caramel. Plus, it’s made from organic soy without additives, down to the braided cotton and paper core wick.

The label reads, “Adulting, Infused With: Insufficient Funds”. It’s also covered in care instructions, including tips on how to safely burn her soy candle. The label’s easy to read and it’s light and water-resistant, so it won’t fade with time. Additionally, it has a 40-50 hour burn time and the apothecary style-jar and metal lid can be reused once she gets to the end of the candle.

What to Look for in Gifts for 18-Year-Old Girls

Her Next Steps

At age 18, most girls have an idea of what their next steps in life are. She may be going away to college, getting her first apartment with friends, or starting her first “real” job. A gift that will help her in her next steps in life is a great idea. You can buy her something for her apartment, dorm room, or even her morning commute. Plus, gifts from this category are sure to get used!

Relaxation and Fun

Turning 18 is a milestone because, in many places, it marks becoming a young adult. The average 18-year old may be taking on a lot more responsibilities with life. She’s also becoming more responsible for decisions and taking care of herself. With all this new stress, however, comes the need to relax and have fun. Gifts that encourage her to do that are a good reminder that she needs to take time for herself, too! Balance is important as she takes those next big steps.

Cool Tech and Gear

Teens are always into what’s trending, and this likely won’t change as she turns 18. If there’s any new tech or gear that she’ll appreciate, this makes a great gift. Since technology is constantly changing and companies keep coming up with new ideas, there are sure to be some things in this category she’ll love.

Style and Fashion

Like the latest tech, she’ll also love a gift that keeps up with the latest style and fashion trends. Most 18-year old girls are also coming into their own sense of style and they might be exploring what they like a little more. However, she also might now have the confidence to wear the things she wants.

Her Interests and Hobbies

By the time she reaches 18 years of age, she probably has a handful of hobbies that she’s really interested in. Anything she can use to do her hobbies makes a great gift. Most 18-year olds lead really busy lives, so she may not have as much time to invest in the things that she loves. Buying a gift that reflects her interests is a gentle reminder not to give up on the things that she loves, regardless of how busy her life has become.


Gifts that encourage physical activity also make a great choice for 18-year old girls. At this age, young women may have a lot of confidence, but they may also be concerned about things like their physique. Since she may be busy, getting to the gym isn’t always easy. Buying a gift that encourages fitness is a plus, particularly for girls who are into running or hitting the gym with friends. They’ll make it easier for her to stay active, even with her busier lifestyle.