Gift Ideas for 75-Year-Old Women [2022]

Are you shopping for that special 75-year old woman in your life? These gift ideas for 75-year old women are some things she is sure to love!

Traditional 75th Birthday Gifts for Women

Platinum-Plated Tennis Bracelet

This Platinum-Plated Tennis Bracelet is made with sterling silver covered in a beautiful platinum finish. It also features Swarovski Zirconia crystals that have been laser-engraved for the perfect shape.

The tennis bracelet is a classic design that a 75-year old woman will appreciate. It’s built to be long-lasting and she’ll be able to appreciate the beauty of this bracelet for years to come.

Platinum Forever Rose

This Platinum Forever Rose is a more traditional way to say “I love you” on a 75th birthday. The rose has been hand-dipped in platinum and will last for the rest of her years. It even comes in a beautiful, golden box that communicates the elegance of the gift, along with a certificate of authenticity that tells the story of the forever rose.

She’ll love putting this beautiful platinum rose on display and she’ll think of you every time that she looks at it. The rose stands around 11-12″ tall and will look beautiful inside a vase. It makes a wonderful gift for your mother, grandmother, or the love of your life.

Platinum Dinnerware Set

Does the 75-year old woman in your life still enjoy having family over for dinner? Whether she keeps these in her fine China cabinet or feeds the family, this Platinum Dinnerware Set by Mikasa is sure to make her smile. This comes with enough pieces to serve 8 people, perfect for small family gatherings.

The 40-piece set comes with 8 pieces each of dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, saucers, and tea cups. Keeping with the traditional 75th platinum design, these are made from porcelain and feature an intricate platinum design complete with beautiful cobalt accents. She’ll love receiving this beautiful set.


Useful Gift Ideas for 75-Year Old Women

Day-of-The-Week Wall Clock

Once you’ve reached retirement, it’s nowhere near as easy to keep track of the days of the week. The Day-of-The-Week Wall Clock by DayClocks is perfect to keep the 75-year old woman in your life on track. It has a hand that moves around the clock as the week goes on and even has markers that indicate when it’s mid-day and midnight.

It will be much easier for her to keep track of appointments and days of the weeks with this clock. In addition to being a really useful gift for a 75-year old woman, this also looks great on her wall because of the solid wooden frame. It has super quiet operation and only requires a single AA battery to operate.

Wearable Blanket

When it comes to gift-giving, you can never go wrong with comfort items. This Wearable Blanket by Catalonia has roomy sleeves and even a pocket where she can keep her essentials when she’s trying to relax. As an added benefit, the micro plush fiber is super soft and super warm, so it’s perfect for the 75-year old woman who might get chilly easy.

She’ll love sitting in her favorite chair and relaxing in this blanket. It’s machine washable and won’t fade or become rough with time. As an added benefit, it comes in several colors in addition to the black pictured here, so you can choose her favorite.

Wireless Item Locator

For a lot of us, not being able to find the things we need the most has nothing to do with age. Either way, the Wireless Item Locator by WoSports would make a wonderful gift for the 75-year old lady in your life. She can connect the included receivers to six of the devices that she loses the most. She can attach them to her keys, phone, remote, really anything that she needs to be able to find. It can even be used on her pet’s collar!

This is a gift that will make anyone’s life easier. The key finder works at up to 100-feet away and it emits a loud noise to lead her toward the device. It also has LED lights that flash, which make it significantly easier if she needs to find important things at night.

Personal Alarm

The Personal Alarm by Safesound will give you more piece of mind when the 75-year old woman in your life is out at night. It comes with a set of three rechargeable self-defense alarms. When an alarm is activated, it emits up to 50 minutes of ear-piercing sound at a tone of 130dB. It also comes with a built-in LED emergency flash light!

The alarm can be activated in two ways. She can either press the button twice to activate the alarm, or pull the contact pin out. Additionally, these are rechargeable so she can use them again and again. Fortunately, you also don’t have to worry about her remembering to recharge them. The alarms only take 30 minutes to charge via the included USB cable and they will last for up to a year in standby mode.

Spa Socks

This Spa Socks 2-pack by Dr. Scholl’s make for an affordable, but practical gift for the 75-year old woman in your life. The socks have a warm, fuzzy design and are enriched with Vitamin E and lavender, for socks that soothe and moisturize while they keep warm. Unlike most fuzzy socks, however, these have silicone grips on the bottom so you don’t have to worry about her slipping when she’s wearing these around the house.

These socks are made for 99% polyester and 1% spandex, for just a little stretch. They won’t shrink in the washing machine and being from Dr. Scholl’s, you know that you can expect quality. She’ll love kicking back and relaxing in these warm, comfortable socks.


Sentimental Gift Ideas for a 75-Year Old Woman

Digital Photo Frame

This Digital Photo Frame by Nixplay is the new way to keep older people connected with their family. It works easily with the app on Android or iPhone to securely share photos and videos with the people you love. She’ll love that she doesn’t have to be connected on social media to see pictures of her children and grandchildren. You can even by yourself a frame for your home so she can share photos with you, too!

The big, 10.1″ frame and crystal clear display makes it easy for her to see when new photos have been uploaded. You can even share videos as long as 15 seconds, so she never has to miss another important moment. This is a gift that she’s sure to appreciate, especially if she doesn’t spend a lot of time on social media.

Photo Explosion Box

A 75-year old woman has a lot of memories from her time on Earth. The Photo Explosion Box by EKKONG is a unique DIY photo album that you can personalize and help her take a walk down memory lane. As she opens the box, she’ll spread out each layer of photos and watch her old memories bloom once again.

This personalized gift for a 75-year old women really sends a message that you care. In addition to all the slots to put photos into, this comes with a few small gifts inside and a tiny gift box that’s perfect for a necklace, ring, or something else. She’ll really love the thought and time that you put into this gift.

Family Tree Frame

This Family Tree Frame by Americanflat comes with six 2″ x 3″ photo frames and adjustable branches, so you can really personalize this gift. Fill it up with all her favorite family photos, so she can have a little joy every time she looks at it. With the heavy, rounded base, the tree won’t tip over. As an added benefit, the metal “branches” are adjustable, so they can be positioned where every photo you pick is on display.

She’ll love receiving this family tree frame as a gift, especially if you fill it with some of her happiest memories. The bronze color will also look great with any decor!


Novelty Gifts for 75-Year Old Women

74 + 1 Glass

My grandmother is one of those women who has stopped caring what other people think in her age and she’d love this glass. The 74+1 Glass by Bevvee is a gift that she’s sure to get a laugh out of. It has a middle finger instead of the number one and says, “I am 74 + middle finger).

The words are engraved into the glass, so they won’t fade with time and this glass is dishwasher safe. This funny glass holds 17 ounces of her favorite beverage and she’s sur to think of you every time she gets a chuckle while using this glass.

Tiara and Sash

This Tiara and Sash for a 75th birthday is perfect for that special lady in your life who is still feeling fabulous. You can help her feel like the center of attention on her big day with this stylish gift set.

The tiara has rhinestone embellishments with a cute design and the number “75” on top. On the purple satin sash, it reads “75 & Still Got It Going On!” It’s a wonderful reminder that even though she is getting older, that 75-year old woman in your life is still as fabulous as ever!

Memory Mints for Senior Moments Fun Gag Tin

Memory Mints makes a great gag gift for a lady with a sense of humor. Many of us expect that by the time we reach the age of 75, our memory won’t be what it used to be. This Senior Mo-Mints tin is a great way to poke fun at that.

This tin of mints by Boston America Gag Gifts are sure to give her a giggle. She’ll love finding this at the bottom of her gift bag. The 1.5-ounce tin even comes with actual mints inside, so she can carry it around and enjoy them or put it on the shelf.

75 Years Old Mug

The 75 Years Old Mug is for that woman who has spent 75 years on the planet being awesome. This mug also counts down the months, days, hours, minutes, and even seconds that she has been here on earth.

This ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. With it’s C-shaped handle and 11-ounce size, it’s perfect for her to enjoy the warm drink of her choice. As an added benefit, the words are imprinted on both sides of the mug using a laser printer, so she’ll be able to see the design no matter how she turns it and it won’t fade with use.


Unique Gift Ideas for 75-Year Old Women

Click and Grow Smart Garden

This unique gift for a 75-year old woman is something she’ll love whether she has a green thumb or not. The Click and Grow Smart Garden makes it easy to enjoy fresh produce no matter the time of year. The garden comes with LED lights for a good growth even in the less sunny months and this has a self-watering feature, so there’s no worry about her forgetting to water the plants.

There is enough room for three plant pods and this comes with basil to get her started. She can also purchase additional pre-seeded plant pods, including options like wild strawberries, chili peppers, basil, lavender, and many others. In addition to giving her the satisfaction of growing her own produce, this small planter will brighten up any decor.

Solar-Powered Wind Chimes

This solar-powered Hummingbird Wind Chime will look beautiful outside her window. By day, these wind chimes look like green humming birds, complete with white and red accents. By night, however, they light up in a rainbow of colors, including red, orange, purple, blue, and more.

These wind chimes are the perfect way to add some beauty into the life of a woman who might not be able to make it outside to enjoy the beauty of nature in her older age. She’ll love watching these change colors in the dark. As an added benefit, there’s no batteries since they are solar powered and the wind chimes are super easy to install.

Shiatsu Massage Pillow

You can’t go wrong when gifting something like the Shiatsu Massage Pillow as a gift. This pillow is lightweight enough that she will easily be able to position it wherever she needs it. In addition to providing a deep, relaxing massage, this pillow heats up for increased relaxation and pain relief.

While the massage pillow is the perfect shape to be used on the neck and shoulders, she could also lay this under her legs, put her feet on it, or even massage her back. It even comes with a dust cover, which makes this super easy to keep clean and provides protection from it getting too hot on her skin.

Tea Set

This Tea Set by Teabloom is as elegant as it is useful. The clear glass is stovetop and microwave safe and it comes with a glass infuser that can be used to make tea using tea bags or real flowers. As an added benefit, this tea pot is accompanied by four double-wall tea cups, so she’s ready to brew tea for company, too.

There’s just something elegant about the design of this tea set. She’ll also love that the double-walled cups keep tea warmer for longer, so she can sip on it and relax. Another bonus is the included tea bags. This comes with 12 different floral tea blends that she can use to get started! You can make this gift even more special by including a handwritten note about joining her for tea sometime.


Other Gifts a 75-Year Old Woman Will Love

Tumbler Gift Box

The Tumbler Gift Box is a cute, thoughtfully put together gift box that the 75-year old wine drinker in your life will appreciate. This gift box comes with a tumbler, socks, bottle stopper, bottle opener, and coaster. It even comes with a cute gift card and envelope!

She’ll love the rose gold colored tumbler that says, “Not a day over fabulous!” The stemless, 12-ounce tumbler can be used as a wine glass or for any other beverage. It’s made using double-wall insulation, so it doesn’t sweat. It also keeps hot drinks warm for up to 3 hours and cold drinks chilled for as many as 9 hours. She’ll also love the socks that keep her feet warm. When she puts them up, the bottom says, “If you can read this, bring me some more wine!”

Watch and Bracelet Set

The Watch and Bracelet Set by Anne Klein makes a wonderful gift for that special 75-year old woman in your life. The bracelets and watch are simple, but elegant and won’t weigh down her wrists. It has silver-tone and crystal accents, for an overall beautiful design that she’ll love. She can also wear these jewelry pieces one at a time, or mix and match them for a bolder look.

The watch features silver-tone hands and markers with a mother-of pearl dial and X-shaped bracelet that has 12 crystals as accents. An extender is included and the watch is adjustable, so it’s sure to fit. In addition to the watch, this comes with a bangle bracelet, a charm bracelet, and an “X”-shaped bracelet. The variety means she can wear them however she’d like.

Biscotti Cookies Gift Basket

The Biscotti Cookies Gift Basket is a great gift for the women who is always baking sweets for everyone else. It comes with 12 different chocolate biscotti cookies, each of them looking as good as they taste.

There are lots of flavors included in this box, so she’ll love sampling the different cookies. Some of the toppings include coconut crunch, caramel chip, cookie, candied almonds, peppermint, and even craisins. Each of the cookies is hand-crafted with attention to detail and made from natural ingredients. You won’t find any preservatives or additives here!

Pressed-Flower Necklace

The Pressed-Flower Necklace comes with a pendant full of pressed, multi-color flowers. Every one of these pendants in unique and comes with an 18″ sterling silver chain. The chain has been electro-coated, so it’ll maintain its lustrous, shiny appearance for a long time.

The 75-year old woman in your life will love wearing this unique flower-pressed pendant around her neck. It’s just unique enough to show that you care, but it’s also stylish so she can get plenty of use out of it. Additionally, if the sterling silver does wear down with time, it can be re-coated at most jewelry stores.


What to Look for in Gift Ideas for 75-Year Old Women


Reaching 75 years is considered a milestone birthday. Traditionally, platinum gifts are given as a woman reaches this year. We included several platinum gifts for people who want to buy a more traditional gift for a 75th birthday.

Fun vs. Functional

We tried to include a variety of gifts, both those that are more useful and those that she’d be able to enjoy. As you choose a gift for a 75-year old woman, it can be useful to consider her interests and hobbies. You could also think about something that might make her life easier if you want to buy something she’ll use frequently.


We also tried to include gifts that were more sentimental in nature. These are the types of presents that really send the message that you care. As older women are often the rocks of their families, it’s always a nice gesture when you can do something for them for a change. Another great thing about sentimental gifts is that many of them give you the chance to share photos with her. These might be some of her favorites (and yours) of the family over the years.


Finally, we tried to include a wide variety of different gifts. By the time someone is 75-years old, they’ve had many birthdays and probably received a lot of gifts. With plenty of variety, you’re sure to find gifts for a 75-year old woman that the special older woman in your life will love! This includes everything from more traditional gifts to those you might not really think of.