The Best Employee Holiday Gift Baskets

There are many reasons and occasions to give your employees gift baskets. Find the best gift baskets for different holidays and occasions in 2022 today! Bring a smile to all of your fabulous employees’ faces.

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Socially Distant Gift BasketsUnboxMe Social Distance Gift PackageHumorous 3dRose Pandemic Survivor Gift BasketSelf Care Gift BasketsSpa Life Sandalwood Men's Luxury Bath and Body SetLavender Home Spa Gift Basket For WomenUnisex Vanilla Coconut Home Spa Gift BasketThank You Gift BasketsMrs. Fields Thank You TinVintage Candy Company Thank You BasketAbundance Fruit Thank You BasketBirthday Gift BasketsBarnett's Fancy Sandwich CookiesThe Gourmet Gift BasketSpa and Wine Gift Basket For WomenBring Me Some Wine Gift BasketBeer Snacks Gift BasketWork Anniversary Gift BasketsChocolate and Candy Bar Gift BasketThe Ultimate Godiva Chocolate Gift BasketGourmet Baked Goods Gift BasketCongratulations Gift BasketsKing of The Grill Gift BasketAmish Country Popcorn Gift SetThe Vegan Protein Snacks Gift BasketGet Well Gift BasketsGourmet Get Well Soon Gift BasketGet Well Soon Soup's On Gift BasketGet Well Soon Gift Basket For WomenSympathy Gift BasketsArtisan Cookie Gift BasketBroadway Basketeers Deluxe Sympathy Gift BasketSympathy Fruit Gift BasketRetirement Gift BasketsAnchors Away Retirement Gift BasketHit The Trail Retirement Gift BasketTropical Vacation Retirement Gift BasketDad's Favorites Gift BasketThe Gourmet Choice Gift BasketChristmas Gift BasketsDan The Sausageman's Gourmet Gift BasketHoliday Nut Gift BasketGranola Gift BasketBarnett's Biscotti Cookies Gift Basket Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch Gift TowerOther Holiday IdeasValentine's Day - Heart Snack BoxNew Year's Eve or Day - California Delicious Gift BasketThanksgiving - Gooble Till You Wobble Gift BasketEaster - The Easter Snack Gift Tin BasketHalloween - Hauntingly Good Halloween Gift BasketBuying Criteria for Employee Holiday Gift BasketsIs this a one-time gift, or are you starting a tradition?How many holidays or occasions do you want to buy for?Uniform Gifts or Personalized – which works best for you?Find Your Creative SideFAQs About Employee Holiday Gift BasketsOur chocolate gift baskets or candy gift baskets a good idea?Can I have food gifts delivered or get gift baskets delivery direct to my employee's house?Should I give out employee appreciation gifts? How much should my budget per employee be?

Socially Distant Gift Baskets

UnboxMe Social Distance Gift Package

Even when you stop sharing the same space you can let your employees know that you are still thinking of them with this thoughtful socially distant gift package. It combines the perfect home office with some health boosting gifts that we can all use now. Your employee will get organic white lemon ginger tea, raw honey ticks, a hand poured soy scented candle, fuzzy socks and a mini succulent.

Humorous 3dRose Pandemic Survivor Gift Basket

Do you want to give your employees a pandemic related gift basket but are looking for something light or funny? The 3d Rose Pandemic Survivor Gift Basket is the perfect answer to you needs. This is a fun coffee gift basket that makes light of what we are all going through together.

It includes coffee to warm up your employees and keep them awake in their home office as well as 4 soft coasters, a 15-oz coffee mug and 1 biscotti cookie. The coasters and the mug say “Survivor Virus Pandemic.” Their are 5 – 2oz bags of coffee in the following flavors: Kenya AA, Decaf Colombian Supremo, Chocolate, French Vanilla and Italian Roast Expresso.

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Self Care Gift Baskets

Spa Life Sandalwood Men’s Luxury Bath and Body Set

If you do not want to get something overtly about the pandemic, you can opt for a self-care gift package.  If you are shopping exclusively for men you may want the Spa Life Sandalwood Men’s Luxury Bath and Body Set. This set will allow your male co-workers to relax after an especially stressful day. It includes bubble bath, shower gel, body wash, body lotion, bath crystals and a sisal sponge all packed inside this cute paper suitcase.

Lavender Home Spa Gift Basket For Women

This is a lovely self-care gift set for women. The Lavender Home Spa Gift Basket For Women has 15 pieces of luxury and relaxation.  Employees lucky enough to receive this gift will receive a flower bath pouf, an eye mask, bubble bath, body lotion, body butter, body scrub, body mist, body salt, bath bombs and a shampoo bar all in the relaxing scent of lavender.  The lavender is infused in these bath products through lavender essential oils. This gift basket will allow the receipient to melt away stress, let go of excessive tension and exfoliate. What more could they ask for?

Unisex Vanilla Coconut Home Spa Gift Basket

If you have both men and women working for you and you would prefer to get them each the same gift, you can do so with this Unisex Vanilla Coconut Home Spa Gift Basket.  This is a wonderful 9 piece gift set that includes a bit of everything including a bath towel, extra large bath bombs, shower gel, bubble bath, body oil, body scrub and bath salts. This spa set is also beautiful as it comes in a handmade basket and comes with a gift card that you can personalize.

Thank You Gift Baskets

Mrs. Fields Thank You Tin

Sometimes you just want to get an employee a thank you gift. This could be for all that they have done for the company or you or your department personally or to offer than your sincere gratitude for a specific thing that they did. This Mrs. Fields Thank You Tin is the perfect thank you gift for someone who enjoys sweet treats and is not afraid to be indulgent every once in awhile. This thank you tin has 12 Mrs. Fields cookies, 6 brownie bars and 6 hand-frosted cookies. The cookies come in 5 flavors: triple chocolate, white chocolate macadamia nut, semi-sweet chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin walnut and cinnamon sugar. The brownie bars come in three flavors: double fudge, blondies and toffee fudge.

Vintage Candy Company Thank You Basket

If you want to give your employees something sweet but would rather go with old school nostalgic candy this is a better choice for you. The Vintage Candy Company Thank You Basket comes with 50 pieces of vintage candy or you could upgrade to 75 pieces. There is a wide variety for the recipient to choose from. There will be old school candy in there like RedHots, Mike & Ike, Bottle Cats, Chuckles, Dots, Pop Rocks, Boston Baked Beans and more!

Abundance Fruit Thank You Basket

Do you want to give out a thank you basket that is healthy instead of sweet? If that is the case you will love the Abundance Fruit Thank You Basket. Fresh fruit from an orchard are the star of the show in this basket. Includes are two of each: apples, pears, mandarins, oranges, mangos as well as one additional in season fruit. Along with the delicious fruit this basket also has an Italian style sausage, cheddar cheese, jack cheese, almonds, crackers, chocolate covered sea salt caramels and dried fruit.

Birthday Gift Baskets

Barnett’s Fancy Sandwich Cookies

Most people already have cake for their birthday. So you will need a different dessert to give to your employees. Do you know what is as delicious as a cake – 20 fancy and delightful sandwich cookies! Barnett’s Fancy Sandwich Cookies contains 20 different chocolate sandwich cookies with milk chocolate or white chocolate melted on top. Then a topping is added, such as crushed peppermint candies, chocolate cookie crumbs, mini chocolate chips, dried cranberries, or almond crunch. Most people would not buy this type of treat for themselves, but they will undoubtedly enjoy it as a gift.

The Gourmet Gift Basket

A birthday is a perfect time to give someone a gourmet gift basket. This is a savory and sweet basket, offering the ideal mix of different flavors that the person receiving this gift will love.The Gourmet Gift Basket contains brownies, chocolate, fudge, garlic herb wedges, marinated artichoke and asparagus snacks, soppressata salami, beef jerky, pistachios, peanuts, crackers, coconut macaroons, cheese biscuits, lemon cake, and more. This is a large basket with a ton of different items, so it will either last a long time or perfect for sharing.

Spa and Wine Gift Basket For Women

The Spa and Wine Gift Basket For Women is an excellent combination of self-care spa items and cute items for anyone who loves wine. This gift box comes with a bar of essential oil soap, a bath bomb, and a gardenia candle. It also has a cosmetic bag, a compact mirror, a tumbler, a key bottle opener, and a reusable straw. Any woman would love this. Not only does it have several great items for a relaxing time in the tub, but each of the items is also quite pretty. The colors of the items are silver, white, pink, and rose gold making this a very feminine gift.

Bring Me Some Wine Gift Basket

Here is another wine-related gift, but this is only about the wine and would be perfect for either a man or a woman – the love of wine can not be defined by gender. The Bring Me Some Wine Gift Basket central item is a pair of socks that one sole says, “If you can read this,” the other sole says, “Bring me a glass of wine.” Besides those awesome socks, this gift basket also has Brix bites dark chocolate, custom wine tote bad, raspberry and red zinfandel wine cheese ball mix, a wine bottle stopped, a candle that says “unwind,” and a stemless wine glass that says “time to wind down.” This is a well-themed basket perfect for any wine lover, it has lovely accessories, and all they need to bring to this party is the wine.

Beer Snacks Gift Basket

The final birthday gift basket we are suggesting is for beer lovers. This is a gift basket full of snacks that will go great with any kind of beer the receiver loves. The snacks inside of the Beer Snacks Gift Basket include summer sausage, Beer BBQ Sauce, Beer hot sauce, deluxe mixed nuts, roasted and salted pistachios, brew candy, cheddar cheese, stone ground mustard, and gourmet crackers. Although this gift basket is from Man Snacks, anyone can enjoy the snacks inside, especially someone who loves beer or even liquor.

Work Anniversary Gift Baskets

Chocolate and Candy Bar Gift Basket

Many employees have made a trip to the vending machine during the day to get their candy fix. Seeing people having a midday candy bar at their desks is pretty common. If one of your employee’s anniversary is coming up and they are known to snack on a midday candy bar, this would be an excellent present for them. They can choose to take it home or keep it at work, saving them time and money from making a trip to the vending machine.

This Chocolate and Candy Bar Gift Basket comes with 36 pieces of bite-size or fun-size candy bars. The selection of candy includes M&M’s, Peanut M&M’s, Snickers, Crunch Bars, Reese Cups, Hershey Bars, 3 Musketeers, Almond Joys, Butterfingers, Baby Ruth, and Mounds Bars.

The Ultimate Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket

Another fantastic chocolate choice for an employee’s anniversary would be The Ultimate Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket. Anyone who loves chocolate would be so appreciative to receive this as a present. This chocolate lovers’ dream basket includes an assortment of Godiva chocolatiers creations in milk, white and dark chocolate. Some of the selections include chocolate-covered raisins, toffee caramels, truffles, and chocolate coffee, and hot chocolate. Your employee will be able to both snack and drink the delicious chocolate treats in this gift basket.

Gourmet Baked Goods Gift Basket

Our final choice for an incredible anniversary gift for any employee is this Gourmet Baked Goods Gift Basket. This gift basket arrives in an elegant burgundy box wrapped in ribbon. This delicious gourmet basket includes 1/2 pound of rugelach, 2 muffins – 1 banana and 1 pumpkin, 2 brownies – 1 chocolate chip and 1 chocolate cheesecake, and 3 crumb cakes – 1 old fashioned, 1 raspberry, and 1 chocolate. These desserts can be frozen if your employee just can not get through them all at once. This would allow them to enjoy these over time, celebrating their work anniversary a little bit at a time.

Congratulations Gift Baskets

King of The Grill Gift Basket

A congratulations gift could be anything from getting into a degree program, getting engaged, married, having a child, or buying a house. Of course, it could be something even smaller as well. When picking out a gift basket, you will want something about who they are as a person or something they want to learn to do. That is why this King of the Grill Gift Basket can be a perfect choice. Whether someone is getting married, buying a home, or having a child, it is always a good time to learn to grill or hone your skills. This gift basket has marvelous sauces and rubs to up their grill game. Finally, a gift anyone can enjoy!

Amish Country Popcorn Gift Set

This is a simple but unique gift you can give your employees; it is perfect for everyone. They can try these different flavored popcorns for family game night, movie night, date night, or just a unique and different snack. The Amish Country Popcorn Gift Set comes with various kernels, which each taste unique on their own. You can cook them in the canola oil provided and top them with ballpark salt. This is a fun gift as most people have not had the opportunity to try different popcorn flavors. This makes this gift set fun, unique, and original.

The Vegan Protein Snacks Gift Basket

If any of your employees have special diets, you may want to consider their needs before shopping. Veganism has become a more popular way of life and dietary choice for many people. Due to this, there are many different vegan products and gift boxes on the market today – way more than ever before! This Vegan Protein Snacks Gift basket is perfect for the vegan in your life. Your employee will love the amount of thought you put into this gift. This gift basket has over 30 different vegan, high-protein snacks for your employee to enjoy. Some of the choices include bean chips, fig bars, vegan cookies, carrot fries, chai bars, popcorn, pistachios, and almond butter.

Get Well Gift Baskets

Gourmet Get Well Soon Gift Basket

Sometimes we have an especially sick employee, and we want to reach out to them to let them know we are thinking of them. Get well gift baskets and boxes are a good idea because they are touching, communicates that you or the whole team or company is thinking of them, and conveys this message without calling them. They may need sleep and rest, and you would not want to interrupt that just to get well soon.

However, this Gourmet Get Well Soon Gift Basket will do everything for you! It will let them know you are thinking of them while giving them some awesome little gifts. This basket will undoubtedly lift their spirits. The actual basket contains tea, hot cocoa, soup, and lip balm. It also includes snacks like wafers, oatmeal, Nutella, and fruit candies.

Get Well Soon Soup’s On Gift Basket

The star of the show in this gift basket is the artisan Soup mix in the basket. It has plenty of noodles and a delicious old-fashioned flavor that anyone will enjoy. Besides the soup, the Get Well Soon Soup’s On Gift Basket also contains sesame crackers, hummus, mozzarella cheese curls, hot honey crunch mix, and lemon-flavored Italian cookies. Although all this food is delicious and comforting, one of the best things about this gift basket is that it comes on a serving tray with handles and comes with an oversized soup bowl and a wooden spoon.

Get Well Soon Gift Basket For Women

Finally, suppose you have a woman specifically who is battling something more severe than the flu or a short-term illness. In that case, you might want to get the Get Well Soon Gift Basket For Women. This basket is designed for a more long-term injury or illness or a severe incident such as recovering from surgery or dealing with cancer. This gift basket includes a tea or coffee mug that says “warm wishes,” tea bags, fuzzy socks, an artificial succulent plant, honey sticks, cinnamon sticks, Dove cream, and a blank get well soon card.

Sympathy Gift Baskets

Sympathy gift baskets are usually given for a death in the family. Still, they can be given out at other times too. The most common alternative reason would be getting it, or someone close to them diagnosed with a severe illness such as cancer. Food is something that most people give to others during this time. One reason is that people are so consumed by their feelings, or they are so busy with everything that needs to be done they simply forget to eat. Food can also be given as something of a comfort.

That is what this Artisan Cookie Gift Basket is – it is a comfort food gift, something that hopefully they can find a moment of joy in while everything else is going wrong around them. This gift basket has 52 artisan cookies in 7 different flavors – marble shortbread, jelly thumbprint, poppy seed, oatmeal clusters, chocolate chip, star-shaped vanilla cookies, and heart-shaped vanilla frosted cookies.

Broadway Basketeers Deluxe Sympathy Gift Basket

This is another gift basket filled with comfort food. It is a variety of snacks that people can eat when they are on the go, or they just do not have the time or the desire to sit down and eat a full meal. The Broadway Basketeers Deluxe Sympathy Gift Basket includes caramel popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, toffee, hazelnut wafers, mixed nuts, pretzels, peanut brittle, almond butter, and more. This is a lovely gift basket that anyone would appreciate the thought and effort you spend thinking of them and their needs while they are going through such a trying time.

Sympathy Fruit Gift Basket

Our final choice in sympathy gift baskets is a classic fruit basket. Although comfort food certainly has its place, fresh fruit is also essential to ensure that people are getting some nutrients while skipping meals during this time. The Sympathy Fruit Gift Basket contains 2 pieces of each of the following fruits: green apples, red apples, pears, and oranges.

Although the fruit is the center stage for this gift basket, there is also plenty of comfort food. Some of the snacks included are cheddar cheese, garlic sausage, champagne jam, chocolate chip cookies, cheese straws, caramel cookie straws, caramels, trail mix, and chocolate-covered cherries.

Retirement Gift Baskets

Anchors Away Retirement Gift Basket

Sometimes the reason you need to buy a gift basket for someone is because they have decided to leave the workforce. This is obviously a wonderful time in their lives, but sometimes it is hard for people to leave their job. They may have been there a long time or do not want to disappoint their bosses or the people they have worked with for years.

Let your retiring employee know that you are happy for them and valued their work for the time you were together with this Anchors Away Retirement Gift Basket. This is a fun nautical-themed gift basket with a wooden cutting board to go with the cheese, sausage, and crackers inside. It also has an oversized ceramic mug, chocolate stirring spoons, coffee, rum cake, cookies, biscotti, and cheese spread.

Hit The Trail Retirement Gift Basket

This gift basket also has a cute theme – leaving everyday life to hit the trail and find a new adventure. What could be better than that? This wonderful Hit the Trail Gift Basket has crackers, peanuts, cashews, sliceable cheeses, and multiple cheese spreads, as well as a knife to spread them with. This gift basket is Made in the USA and is usually shipped on the same day you order it.

Tropical Vacation Retirement Gift Basket

Now that your employee is retiring, they will have time to do all the things they could not before, including traveling and taking all those vacations they have skipped throughout the years. The Tropical Vacation Retirement Gift Basket is a tropical-themed gift basket to remind them of everything yet to come.

This basket includes a tropical flower lei, a variety of cookies, including lemon, key lime, amaretto, toasted almond, and key lime white chocolate. Other snacks include almond Roca, nuts, snack mix, sunflower seeds, cheese straws, and a tropical mix. Finally, there is a festive tropical tote with a meal whisk and classic lemonade mix inside.

Dad’s Favorites Gift Basket

This gift basket is a combination of different items a father or grandfather will traditionally enjoy. Dad’s Favorites Gift Basket includes cheddar cheese, gourmet crackers, salami, sausage, spreadable cheese, nuts, mustard, snack mixes, and cookies. We recommend this for a retirement gift basket. Still, sometimes people also give this as a Father’s Day, Birthday, or even a happy summer basket.

The Gourmet Choice Gift Basket

Our final choice for a retiring worker is The Gourmet Choice Gift Basket. This gift basket just gives such a nice sendoff to any valued worker in your company. This gift basket has everything from nuts, macaroons, honey mustard dip, and English tea to meat, crackers, garlic herb wedges, and cookies. There are so many different snacks, they are sure to love this selection. It is the perfect gift for anyone who has a varied taste and loves gourmet food.

Christmas Gift Baskets

Dan The Sausageman’s Gourmet Gift Basket

Giving gift baskets of food is a popular choice for the holidays. These types of gift baskets are something that most people would enjoy, but they would rarely buy for themselves. Usually, employers are giving their employees gift baskets before the holiday. This is great for a basket like this because if they are entertaining or going to a party, they can share their present with others if they choose to. Dan The Sausageman’s Gourmet Gift Basket comes with summer sausage, roasted garlic red pepper sausage, smoked salmon, cheddar cheese, chocolate-covered cherries, truffles, peanuts, crackers, and hot mustard. The basket comes in a collectible pine wooden box that can be kept and reused.

Holiday Nut Gift Basket

This is a great gift basket for the holidays. The person who receives it can choose to keep it for themself or to share it with others. If they decide they don’t want to share, they can keep it at the office on their desk, and it will make a great afternoon snack or take it home and enjoy it whenever they want. However, if they’re going to share, this would be great for a holiday party. The Holiday Nut Gift Basket has over 3 pounds of nuts divided into sections. The nuts included are honey-glazed pecans, almonds, pistachios, roasted salted macadamia nuts, cashews, mixed nuts, and walnuts.

Granola Gift Basket

Are you looking for something unique and healthy to give to your employees? This is the perfect gift for someone who either has a particular diet. Some diets to would go great with this gift are high-protein, Keto, Healthy, Vegan, or Vegetarian. The Granola Gift Basket gift comes with 6 cereal jars filled with different cereals with wheat, oat, or soy chips and other ingredients such as almonds, coconut, cranberries, pecans, walnuts, coconut, and more. The flavors included in this gift box are coffee crunch booster, maple pecan symphony, fruit & nut medley, cinnamon almond swirl, banana clove delight, and island coconut.

Barnett’s Biscotti Cookies Gift Basket

Biscotti cookies are a popular treat that people like to eat with their morning tea or coffee. Many people love dunking them into their coffee as well. If you are shopping for someone who loves coffee or cookies, this could be the perfect treat. Barnett’s Biscotti Cookies Gift Basketincludes 24 biscotti cookies which come in 6 different flavors.

The flavors included are nut crunch, almond crunch, caramel chip, cookie crunch, chocolate chip, and chocolate craisin. Besides having many different base flavors, they are beautifully decorated with frosting, drizzle, and toppings. The toppings include coconut blend, sunflower seeds, almond crunch, cookie crumbs, dried cranberries, crushed peppermint, caramel chips, and rainbow sprinkles.

 Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch Gift Tower

Chocolate is always an appreciated gift. Receiving specialty chocolate is nice because usually, people are not willing to spend extra money on fancy treats for themselves when they have other responsibilities for their cash. This is especially true during the holiday season because people generally use all their extra cash on other people. This is a lovely gift that shows your appreciation for your employee.

A tower of chocolate and treats is always an excellent choice for a Christmas present for employees. The Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch Gift Tower includes chocolate-covered Oreos, graham crackers, and pretzels. It also has dark chocolate sea salt popcorn, pecan turtles, and dark chocolate almond bark.

Other Holiday Ideas

Valentine’s Day – Heart Snack Box

This is a small gift to show your appreciation for your employees. It comes in a cute heart-shaped box and includes everyday snacks most people enjoy, such as famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, cheez-it crackers, zoo animal crackers, rice Krispie treats, Laffy taffy, granola bars, nuts, and more. This is a perfect present for Valentine’s day when you want to do something with the theming of the holiday without worrying about stepping over any line.

Most employees will enjoy snacks and a present for their day at work! Give your employees the Heart Snack Box this year!

New Year’s Eve or Day – California Delicious Gift Basket

This is a charming basket for New Year’s Eve or Day. The California Delicious Gift Basket is 8 pounds of snacks! It includes sparkling cider, cheese straws, merlot cheddar cheese, chocolate, crackers, cookies, biscotti, pistachios, and dried fruit and nuts. This is one big California treat in a basket! This basket is an excellent way to either thank your employees for all they did last year or to start the year off right!

Thanksgiving – Gooble Till You Wobble Gift Basket

If Thanksgiving is one of your favorite holidays, you may want to give out Thanksgiving or Fall gift baskets. This one is called Gooble Till You Wobble Gift Basket (adorable, right) and can either work as a Thanksgiving gift basket or just a general Fall or Autumn gift basket.

First of all, the basket comes in a unique, wooden, and attractive, so the recipient has already scored a beautiful basket they can reuse for something else. The actual basket includes cheeses (cranberry cheddar, cheddar, swiss, pepper cheese), dips (green olive and pimento cheese dip, dipping mustard, and onion blossom horseradish dip) as well as a variety of snacks cush as tum cake, cookies, pretzels, nuts, and crackers.

Easter – The Easter Snack Gift Tin Basket

The Easter Snack Gift Tin Basket is a charming tin basket with a bunny on it (of course!) with some treats for your employees to enjoy. The goodies include individually wrapped Twizzlers, airheads, fruit snacks, Laffy taffy, Rice Krispie treats, and some miniature chocolate as well! This is really a gift basket suitable for any person for this holiday regardless of age or station in life. It is simply adorable!

Halloween – Hauntingly Good Halloween Gift Basket

For our final holiday selection, we have chosen this fabulous Halloween gift basket to share with you! Let your employees know that even if they are too old to go trick or treating around the neighborhood, they can still be given many Halloween treats to enjoy! This Hauntingly Good Halloween Gift Basket includes classic and nostalgic candy – which means there is something for everyone to enjoy. Some of the candy included are runts, bottle caps, dots, nerds, Swedish fish, spree, and skittles. There are other threats as well, such as cookies, snack mixes, and nuts!

Buying Criteria for Employee Holiday Gift Baskets

Is this a one-time gift, or are you starting a tradition?

The first thing you will want to consider is whether this is a one-time gift or starting a tradition. For instance, if you are purchasing a Christmas-themed gift basket, will you do this every year or only this year. If you are buying something for all your employees, you will want to think about how often and what holidays or occasions you will want to buy.

Suppose you are only buying for one employee. Is it for something specific like sympathy, congratulations, or for doing an outstanding job on something? If so, will you be doing the same thing for others? It is crucial to think about this when shopping as your staff will notice when you go out of your way to do something nice for them, but they will also notice if you stop doing it.

How many holidays or occasions do you want to buy for?

We briefly discussed this above, but you will want to think about what you want to buy for. Make a plan and try to stick with it.

Uniform Gifts or Personalized – which works best for you?

Suppose you are buying gifts for your entire team. In that case, you will want to decide if you are getting the same thing for everyone, the same thing for everyone of a specific gender or if you are going to get personalized gifts based on each individual’s personality and other individual factors. Remember, if you do try to be more personalized, this may take more time and effort on your time. However, your employees will undoubtedly notice how well you know each of them to pick out a present specifically meant for each individual.

Find Your Creative Side

Being creative and thoughtful is especially important when picking out gift baskets for employees for specific occasions and events versus holidays. For instance, if you are getting a gift basket for someone to congratulate them on having a baby or to wish them a speedy recovery from surgery, you should take the time to think about what is happening in their life and why you are getting this gift basket today. Be creative in your choices and think about what they really need today.

FAQs About Employee Holiday Gift Baskets

Our chocolate gift baskets or candy gift baskets a good idea?

Chocolate gift baskets and candy gift baskets are two of the most popular gift baskets that people give each other. As an employer, you may need to decide what is and is not appropriate. For instance, if you run a Gym or are a dental office, you may want to find something other than a large basket full of chocolate and candy to give your employees. However, for most people, this is not only a good idea, but one of the best ideas.

Everyone needs to feel appreciated sometimes. Getting a treat of candy, chocolate, and other snacks is a great way to let someone know that you understand them and value them as employees. You can even give out food for specific dietary needs such as veganism or a gluten-free diet.

Can I have food gifts delivered or get gift baskets delivery direct to my employee’s house?

When you are ordering gift baskets from Amazon, you can choose to have them all sent to you (work or home) or send these baskets directly to each employee’s home. You probably will choose a different method and location of delivery for different situations. For instance, you will probably want to send your remote workers presents directly to their house. However, suppose you are getting a Christmas gift basket for everyone and having a party during lunchtime. In that case, you may want to give out the baskets simultaneously during the party.

Should I give out employee appreciation gifts?

Giving out appreciation gifts is always a good idea. However, before doing this, you should make a plan. Will you be buying spur of the moment gifts for truly exceptional work, or do you want to start some program like employee of the month, an employee of the quarter, most improved employee, or some other category?

There are so many different directions you can take this idea in. You could do this publicly – create a point system to earn appreciation gifts, or buy a bunch of different gift baskets and have an award ceremony where you give them out! There is a lot of research on the importance of showing your employees appreciation. Gift baskets are only one way you can do this.

 How much should my budget per employee be?

This answer depends on many different factors; there is no one size fits all answer to this question. Employees who make $50,000 a year versus employees who make $500,000 a year will look at a $30.00 gift basket differently. So you should ask yourself how much you can afford, how much, if less than 100%, will the company reimburse you if you own the company, is this a write-off?

Whatever you decide, just try to keep it consistent for the same type of gift basket.