Best Going Away Gift for Your Boss [2023]

People move on from jobs for many reasons, from better opportunities and relocation to taking the next big step in their lives. Not sure what to buy your boss when you’re leaving? Take a look at our best going away gift for male bosses or female bosses below.

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Best Going Away Gifts for Male Boss

Expensive Farewell Gifts for Male Boss

Gourmet Coffee Gift Set

This Gourmet Coffee Gift Set from Bean Box is a great choice for people trying to spend a little more to say goodbye to their boss. If he enjoys his morning cup of coffee, your boss is sure to love this collection of gourmet blends. You can choose from whole beans or grounds, so it’s perfect whatever he prefers.

There are 16 different gourmet coffee blends that will take him on a trip around the world. He’ll experience fruity-based blends from Africa, chocolate-based Latin American Blends, earth-based Sumatran blends, and so many more. Who knows? His new favorite type of coffee might just be in this box. As an added benefit, each of the 16 coffees is packaged separately and comes with tasting notes and roasting tips so he gets the perfect cup every time.

Climbing Man Wall Sculpture

The Climbing Man Wall Sculpture is a bold, thought-provoking piece of art that he will proudly display in his office. Unlike more traditional sculptures, this 6-piece sculpture set is made to be mounted on the wall of his office. Each of the pieces shows a man climbing with a rope and rocks, much like he would on the side of a mountain.

Each of these sculptures is made from black resin that has been polished for a smooth appearance. They are made with great attention to detail in the muscles and movement of the figures. He can hang it from any height, so it’s really easy to incorporate into any decor he might already have hanging, too.

Napa Leather Briefcase

This Napa Leather Briefcase from Texbo is perfect for the boss who spends a lot of time commuting or even traveling to new places. The stylish bag is made from full-grain leather that will become weathered and stylish with time, but still remain durable and strong. In addition to the leather being durable, it’s made with YKK zippers so they won’t break either. It can also be carried using the handle, or with the detachable shoulder strap.

This laptop case can hold up to a 17″ laptop in a protected sleeve. It also has a zippered, easy-access pocket on the outside for holding his essentials and roomy pockets on the inside that can be used to keep important documents or some clothes if he’s going away on a short business trip. If this black doesn’t seem like it would fit his personality, this leather briefcase comes in brown, too.

Hugo Boss Watch

The Focus Watch from Hugo Boss makes a bold statement with it’s minimalist design. Whether he’s walking around the office or out at a business dinner, he’ll be able to wear this incredibly stylish watch. It features a brilliant blue face that sits on top of a gray-plated stainless steel link bracelet. It’s fully adjustable for the perfect fit, too.

The darker shade of gray and blue looks stunning together. Additionally, the glass piece is made using mineral crystal that resists scratches to keep the watch looking great. With it’s Quartz movement and quality materials, it’s sure to be a staple of his wardrobe for many years into the future.

Useful Going Away Gifts for Male Boss

Funny Coffee Mug

This Funny Coffee Mug is a great going away gift for that boss who has a sense of humor. The text says, “A boss like you is harder to find than toilet paper during a pandemic.” After the way that the pandemic has upset so many workplaces, it’s a great way to have a sense of humor about it. Plus, your boss will appreciate you thinking of them regardless.

The cup has a black-and-white design with a large, C-shaped handle that makes it easy to hold. It will hold 11-ounces of his preferred morning beverage. Since the design is printed on both sides, he’ll get a chuckle no matter how the cup is sitting on his desk. Plus, the high-quality inks make this dishwasher and microwave-safe.

Wireless Charger

This Wireless Charging Station is the gift for his office that he didn’t know he needed. Instead of having to remember to bring power cords back and forth or worry about the mess of wires on his desk, he can simplify getting a charge with this charging station. All he has to do is lay his device on the flat surface of this charger. There’s even enough room for him to charge more than one device at once.

This charger is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, including many iPhone and Samsung phone models. It’s also compatible with tablets, his smart watch, and even Apple AirPods! Plus, he’ll love that it has a flat, sleek appearance that won’t look bulky or tacky sitting on his desk.

Business Portfolio

He can make a bold statement and stay ready for anything with this stylish and functional Business Portfolio from COSSINI. The portfolio is made from PU leather with high-quality stitching and sturdy zippers so he can open and close this as many times as he needs to throughout the work day. With all the extra pockets for holding pens, cards, paper, a calculator, and more, he’ll be ready for anything the day throws at him.

Something really nice about this portfolio is that the area for paper is adjustable, so there’s no risk of crinkling important documents. He’ll also appreciate that this comes with a solar-powered calculator so he can easily crunch numbers and a tablet sleeve that holds up to a 10.1″ tablet. It’s really a must-have for someone who needs to stay organized.

Building Blocks Game

If you need a farewell gift because he’s leaving to work somewhere else, then Building Blocks makes a great gift. This fun game is designed to break the ice and get employees (and bosses) talking to each other. The cards are divided into categories like hobby, team, personal, scenario, education, and future. Players will take turns answering the questions and learning more about each other and how everyone thinks.

When you have to see someone every day at work, developing a good relationship is important. This game will make his next ventures doing that a lot easier.

Gifts for a Male Boss’ Office

Fidget Cube

This Fidget Cube from Shashibo is perfect for that person in a high-stress job who might need an outlet for that excess energy sometimes. The cube has 36 magnets inside so it holds it’s shape and shifting parts that let him make more than 70 different shapes. As he sits and thinks, he’ll be able to keep his mind focused and his hands busy as he learns all the shapes that this fidget cube can become.

The Fidget Cube is available in several different colors and designs, so it’s easy to choose something he’ll love. It’s a great way to keep him relaxed and his mind focused when he’s dealing with the stresses of being the boss. Plus, unlike smaller fidget toys, this is made super durable and it won’t break no matter how many times he fidgets with it.

Desktop Waterfall

This beautiful Desktop Waterfall features water cascading down rocks and a spinning orb at the top. There is even an LED light under the orb that glows. The waterfall puts off a mystical, but relaxing atmosphere and is perfect for high-stress environments like work. Additionally, since it’s a corded electric device, he never has to worry about the batteries running out.

The rocks on this waterfall have a super realistic appearance, down to the mossy details. While there’s an internal pump that moves the water from the bottom of the waterfall back to the top, you can’t hear it. Instead, there’s only the gentle noise of water cascading down the four levels of rocks. The waterfall stands over 8″ high, so it’s big enough to appreciate without taking up too much space. It’s definitely the perfect gift for a boss who needs to be reminded to relax.

Art Helicone

This Art Helicone is a desktop sculpture that will make a bold statement in his office. The unique kinetic sculpture is one that he can move on his own. It forms a helix or a pinecone design, depending on how he spins it. He’ll love that this is a sculpture based in principles like the Fibonacci sequence and golden numbers to make a smooth, elegant motion.

The sculpture is made from laser-cut wood pieces that have been assembled on the sculpture. It comes in a box and will need assembled when it arrives, which as simple as sliding the top of the sculpture into the base.

Desktop Boxing Set

The Desktop Boxing Set is the perfect going away gift for a boss that has a sense of humor. In the kit, he’ll get a miniature sized punching bag and two boxing “gloves” that fit on the tip of his fingers. The punching bag even has a suction cup to keep it stuck to the desk, so he can really use this funny gift when he’s feeling aggravated.

Whether he’s moving to a new job or you’re leaving the company, it’s a funny reminder that the next employee might not be as a great as you are. It also comes with a booklet with finger boxing moves that he can try and a little bit of boxing trivia.

Personalized and Sentimental Gifts for a Male Mentor

Personalized Crystal Farewell Plaque

This Personalized Crystal Farewell Gift is the perfect way to say goodbye and show appreciation for all your boss has done for you. The engraved crystal can be personalized with his name, the date, and who the message is from. This medium-sized plaque stands 7.5″ high, so it’s big enough to make a statement but it won’t take up too much space on his desk.

Each of these crystals is handmade and engraved, so it’s made with care to send the perfect message. It’s really heavy so you can tell it’s quality built as well. This will be something he can keep on his desk or a shelf for years to come.

Thank You Boss Keychain

Boss Day Gifts for Women Men Office Keychain Thank You Boss Gift for Coworker Mentor Supervisor Leader Christmas Birthday Leaving Going Away Retirement Gifts Boss Lady Goodbye Gifts to Friend Him Her

The Thank You Boss Keychain is a simple keychain that sends a sentimental message. He’ll appreciate the nod to his skills as a boss, mentor, and leader. Additionally, with the simple black engraving and silver design, this makes a statement without being too flashy and it will look great on his keychain.

This is the perfect going away gift to remind your boss that you appreciate all he has done for you. The stainless steel won’t become tarnished or scratch easily, so he’ll be able to wear this on his keychain for years to come.

Engraved Pen Set

This Engraved Pen Set is a great going away gift for your boss. The set comes with two twist-open style ballpoint pens that are made from cherrywood with a gold tip, barrel, and clip. They come safely nestled inside a cherrywood case with gold accents and offer a really smooth writing experience.

This gift has lots of opportunities for personalization, since you can have his name and title engraved on the outside of the case, as well as on the pens themselves. He’ll love this stylish set. Plus, since it has his name on it, these ballpoint pens are less likely to be pocketed by someone else in the office.

Best Going Away Gift for Female Boss

Expensive Gift for Female Boss

InstaCuppa Travel Mug

The InstaCuppa Travel Mug is so much more than just a travel mug. It comes with a stainless steel filter that she can fill with coffee infusers, loose-leaf or bagged tea, or even fruit to impart flavor on her entire beverage. She can use it to make flavored coffee, all types of tea, or even detox drinks if she’s health-conscious. In addition to the filter and the thermos itself, this even comes with access to a free eBook with recipes.

The InstaCuppa is vacuum insulated, so it keeps drinks hot for six hours and cold for up to 12 hours. It also doesn’t leak, has a sweat-free exterior, and fits inside standard-sized car cup holders, so it’s ready to take on the go. As an added bonus, the ultra-sleek design looks modern and stylish.

Malachite Watch

This Watch from Lola Rose features a face made of beautiful malachite surrounded by rose gold. It sits on top of an adjustable black leather strap and features rose gold accents. It also says the brand name, Lola Rose, and the word “London” on the face of the watch. Overall, this creates a look that is both bold and beautiful.

While this watch does make a statement, it’s face is simple enough that it won’t get in the way when she’s running things. The high-quality of the materials used and the beautiful design make it a thoughtful farewell gift. She’ll remember you whenever she wears it for years to come.

Healthy Snack Box

Is your boss that likes to snack through the day to keep her energy up? This Healthy Snack Box from The Good Grocer Store comes full of good-for-her snacks. There’s a variety of 50 different snacks in this box, including popcorn, nuts, trail mix, fruit leather, fig bars, and so much more. All the snacks are made from good-for-you ingredients, so even if she’s watching her figure she can enjoy a snack at the office.

This healthy snack box is a great way to say farewell. Even if there are a few things she doesn’t eat, it comes with a cute display case. This means she can set it on some open space in her office, or tuck it away in a drawer for personal use.

Hoverpen 2.0

The Hoverpen 2.0 by Novium is a stylish, futuristic pen that will make a bold statement sitting on her desk. It comes with a base/pen holder with precisely placed magnets that lets the pen hover at an angle when it’s positioned in the holder. Plus, with the pen on her desk, it will also be ready and waiting for when she’s writing down her best ideas.

In addition to it’s futuristic appearance, this pen glides smoothly across paper for an incredible writing experience. In addition to the pen and the base, this comes with a tool to make changing the ink cartridges easier, an extra ink cartridge, and a user manual. All these are packaged in a stylish box that reflects the luxury of the gift inside.

Useful Going Away Gifts for Female Boss

Boss Appreciation Tumbler

That special boss in your life is sure to appreciate enjoying 20-ounces of her favorite beverage in this Boss Appreciation Tumbler. The tumbler is made from thick, durable stainless steel that won’t break down or rust with time. It’s well-insulated so that it can be used to keep hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold, plus it has a no-sweat design so her hands stay dry. This makes it easy to take a sip and then get back to work.

She’ll love the sentimental message on the mug that shows your appreciation for the time you’ve had together in the workplace. As long as she hand washes the mug, the lettering won’t fade and she’ll be able to use this for years to come.

Office Throw

This Office Throw is perfect for those months when the office might be a little chilly. The great thing about this throw from Forestfish is that it has fasteners on either side of the blanket so she can wrap it around her shoulders as a shawl or use it as a blanket across her legs. Whether she’s moving around the office or sitting down at her desk, she’ll love wearing this plaid flannel blanket.

In addition to being really warm, this flannel blanket is soft and stylish. The cute gray and white plaid design featured here is sure to match her office wardrobe. If she might prefer a different style, however, there are several other patterns and colors available from this line.

Bullet List Notebooks

The Bullet Notebooks are a great gift for that busy boss who always has so much to do. These mini notebooks are easy for her to carry around and they won’t take up a lot of space on her desk. Inside, they have an abstract design that are perfect for creating to-do lists, bulleted lists, for journaling, and more.

This set of three bullet notebooks from Word each have 48 pages, so he’ll get lots of use out of this. Whether she’s logging important information for her records or making a to-do-list, these 3.5″ x 5.5″ notebooks are perfect for getting the job done.

Funny Travel Mug

For the boss with a sense of humor, this Travel Mug that says, “These are the tears of my staff” makes a great gift. She’ll have a laugh every time that she uses the cup, and so will people who work with her in the office. The tumbler holds 20-ounces of her favorite beverage and has double-wall vacuum insulation to keep her drinks hot or cold for hours. Plus, the shape of the tumbler fits in standard-sized cup holders so she can easily bring it on her commute.

Help her set the tone with new employees with this humorous travel tumbler. In addition to being able to drink straight from the BPA-free lid, this set comes with two reusable metal straws and even a straw brush for easy cleaning.

Going Away Gifts for a Female Boss’ Office

Snake Plant

This Snake Plant from Costa Farms is more than just great office decor and a thoughtful farewell gift. At night, the plant works hard to remove toxins from the air and produce more oxygen, greatly improving air quality. Plus, it’s super easy to care for so it doesn’t matter if she isn’t the type to remember to water her plants.

The Snake Plant needs a little sunlight and water whenever the soil dries out, so it won’t take much time at all out of her busy schedule. It comes in a white and natural planter that will match any decor. The plant itself is also beautiful, having stiff, upright leaves that have the appearance of swords. They may have a banded appearance or have gray, silver, or gold colors on the edging. While Costa Farms ships these when they are around 20″, they grow to around two-feet. There’s also a smaller, 8-inch snake plant if she doesn’t have a lot of space in her office.

She Who Must Be Obeyed Plaque

If she’s a fan of Harry Potter, she’ll really appreciate this Plaque that reads, “She who must be obeyed”. Any Potter fan would love displaying this on their desk. It has a professional name plaque look and is covered in gold plating. The words are written in black calligraphy, just like the calligraphy seen in the Harry Potter films.

Help her show off her authority in a cute, funny way with this Harry Potter plaque. She’s sure to get lots of compliments from other people in the office too, so it may even help her find someone else to chat Harry Potter with once the two of you part ways.

Spiral Table Lamp

This Spiral Table Lamp from NUUR is the stylish way to bring a little bit of light into her office. The unique spiral shape of this LED lamp makes it look more like a piece of artwork than a lamp. It’s key features include touch control and three different dimmable light settings, so she can decide how much light she needs.

Even if there are overhead lights or natural lighting in the office, this lamp will be great for those nights when she’s working late. Plus, she’ll be able to use it to help her focus on what’s in front of her. It’s a going away gift that is sure to get some use.

3D Canvas Art

This breathtaking 3D Canvas Art features a tree in bloom with accents of blue and gold. Unlike traditional, flat office art, this is a piece that will really stand out on her wall. She’ll love the pop of color and brightness that it adds to her office, especially on those gloomier or more tedious days.

This art is printed across five canvases, so it’s a large piece that makes a bold statement. The art stands 22″ tall and is 50″ long, though this is available in other sizes and colors, too. With bright blue skies on one side and fall-like orange tones on the other, it’ll look great in her office all year round.

Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

This Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser will look great sitting on her desk. It has a beautiful wooden finish and timeless tear drop shape. The diffuser even has a total of 14 different light settings with seven colors and two light modes, so she can mix and match the oils with different colors to really set the mood in her office. Plus, it has four timer features and an automatic shut-off when the diffuser is running low on water.

In addition to the diffuser, this set comes with 20 different oils including lavender, ylang-ylang, grapefruit, nutmeg, jasmine, eucalyptus, and so much more. She’ll love using them on their own or blending the different scents together. Whether she’s trying to concentrate or relax, she’ll be able to set the perfect mood with this diffuser and oil set.

Personalized and Sentimental Gifts for a Female Mentor

Leadership Necklace

This beautiful Leadership Necklace is a wonderful way to show your boss how much you’ve appreciated all she has done in the time you’ve worked together. It features a Swarovski pearl at the center of a silver chain. In addition to it’s beautiful appearance, it’s packaged beautifully. The writing under the necklace has a quote from Gandhi, “A sign of a good leader is not how many followers you have but how many leaders you create.”

She’ll love this necklace that looks both simple and elegant. She can wear it in the workplace, to social events and dinners, or even just keep it as a memento. It really is a great way to say goodbye with style.

Boss Appreciation Keychain

The Boss Appreciation Keychain is the perfect going away gift to thank your female boss for being a great leader. It’s made from stainless steel that won’t tarnish or scratch easily, so she’ll be able to look at the sweet message for years. The keychain has two separate tags, one that says “thank you” and another that says, “Great leaders inspire greatness in others.”

This makes a great goodbye gift for a boss that you’ve become close with over the years. It’s a subtle reminder that anyone can be a boss, but it’s a true leader that inspires others to be great too.

Personalized Clock and Pen Holder

This Personalized Clock and Pen Holder will look great sitting on her desk. It features a small clock on the front of it and has spots to hold a pen and her business cards. It will be easy for her to keep a pen handy and get people her information when their in her office. No more digging around in her desk drawers to find the things she needs.

The holder is made from beautiful rosewood and features gold accents. Her name can also be engraved in beautiful gold lettering. She’ll be proud to display this personalized holder on her desk.

Thank You Sculpture

Sometimes, the best way to show your appreciation for your boss in the time that you’ve worked together is simply by saying thank you. This Angel Sculpture from Willow Tree is holding a small sign that says, “Thank you.” Each sculpture is hand-carved by Susan Lordi in her studio in Missouri. Then, it’s painted by hand.

The angel is made from resin, with the wings and signs being made of wire. It’s a sentimental piece that communicates how much you’ve appreciated working with her. Plus, it won’t take up too much space in her office.

What to Look for in Farewell Gifts for Boss


Sometimes, you may be giving a gift to communicate how much you appreciated your boss or how thankful you are for them taking the opportunity to mentor you or teach you. In these cases, a sentimental gift is a great choice. It will communicate appreciation really well.


Sometimes, the best gift is one that they can actually use. Whether it’s something for their commute or that they can use in the office, a functional gift is always a good go-to. From blankets for the office to a messenger bag or portfolio, there’s so many options from this category. Plus, they’ll remember you when they do have a chance to use it.


You don’t have to break the bank to send the message to a soon-to-be-ex-boss that you’ve appreciated the opportunity to work for them. We tried to include gifts that would fit anyone’s budget, as well as more expensive gifts for a boss. Regardless of how much you want to spend, you should be able to find the perfect going away gift on this list. You can find a good going away gift for your boss for around $15-20 or more. If you are looking for something more luxurious to show your appreciation, the expensive gifts category have gifts that cost around $100 or more.

Office Decor

Chances are, your boss spends a lot of time looking at the walls of their office. Unless they’re retiring, office decor makes a great gift. One of the great things about office decor is that it adds personality to a room and makes it seem a little less dreary. Consider buying them something useful for their desk or even wall art if they don’t have a lot of space. Office decor is really a broad category, so there’s plenty of options.

Gifts to Fit Their Personality

Does your boss have a sense of humor? Gifts that suit his or her personality and even funny gifts might make appropriate going away gifts for some bosses. Even though you’re parting ways, it’s still important to buy something that’s appropriate. If you do have a good relationship with your boss though, consider buying something funny or personal that you know they’ll love.