Best Gifts for Baby Shower [2023]

Baby showers are a time when mom and dad get to celebrate this wonderful person they created while gathering supplies to make sure that they are ready for their little one to enter the world. However, it is amazing how many things a tiny little human will need. For those looking for the best gifts for a baby shower, here are the top picks for this year!

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Big-Ticket Gifts For Baby Shower

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Swing

Every new parent needs this item in their arsenal! The Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Swing is a literal lifesaver. Not only does it feature dual motion movement, but it plays 16 different lullabies and has a motorized mobile. This is guaranteed to calm your best friend’s new baby, no matter what the issue may be. 

In addition, the bucket seat and five point harness ensures that her baby stays safely nestled in their seat, giving mom and dad the latitude to multitask. Moreover, the puppy-shaped cushion is made of cotton, which is ideal for her baby’s sensitive skin. It can also be easily removed and it is machine washable. She can choose from six different speed options to soothe her sweet little one giving her a bit of a break!

Graco Pack and Play On the Go Playard

A bassinet is one of the most expensive purchases that new parents will make, which unfortunately also ends up getting the least amount of use. This is especially the case for big babies who outgrow this tiny sleeping chamber in the first few months. Thankfully, the Graco Pack and Play On the Go Playard is not only an amazing place for older babies and toddlers to play, but it can also double as a bassinet!

In fact, they provide an attachment that raises the baby’s sleeping surface up so that mom can see her sleeping child from the comfort of her bed. Additionally, this play area is easily set up and torn down. Moreover, Graco has designed it to allow for simple and compact transport. Needless to say, it makes for a spectacular tool to have on hand for family gatherings and out of town trips. This is one of the most useful gifts that mom can use from birth to past their baby’s 1st birthday!

DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

It is the quintessential centerpiece of the nursery. In the first year of life, babies sleep 12 to 18 hours per day. That means this furniture will be getting a lot of use! The DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib is a fantastic option that has four crib height settings, allowing for simple adjustments as your sister’s baby grows. Moreover, you can easily convert this crib into a toddler bed, a daybed, and even a full sized bed (conversion kits sold separately). 

Additionally, this product is Greenguard Gold Certified and it is made with New Zealand Pine Wood. What this equates to is a sturdy construction and fewer chemicals (volatile organic compounds or VOCs) that would otherwise have a detrimental impact on her sweet baby.

The only caveat is that this material does scratch easily so teething babies can remove the finish easily. Thankfully, the non-toxic finish makes this only a superficial problem and not a health concern. Finally, this crib has a sleek look with the raised headboard. Moreover, the seven color choices allow you to perfectly coordinate with the nursery theme.

Newton Baby Crib Mattress

The baby’s mattress is one of the most important purchases that will be made for the baby’s room. Why? Safe sleeping arrangements are imperative for keeping your daughter’s baby safe from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The Newton Baby Crib Mattress is an amazing option that is breathable, waterproof and washable! Yes, that is right. If her sweet baby spits up all over the crib, the case can be easily thrown in the wash.

Moreover, this spectacular product provides a hard surface that features a patented Wovenaire core. This lets her infant to breath through the mattress if they manage to flip themselves over in the night. Furthermore, the company notes that “in a third-party CPSC accredited laboratory, tests showed that a baby gets 97% more air while breathing through a Newton Crib Mattress Pad than on a conventional waterproof crib mattress.”

This is an essential attribute that is not guaranteed with other options on the market. Additionally, it has been shown to lower the risk of suffocation and CO2 exposure. Finally, this is another Greenguard Gold Certified item that is extremely lightweight. This makes for the effortless changing of sheets or removal of the cover when it is time for a wash.

BRITAX B-Safe Endeavours Infant Car Seat

A car seat is the other most important purchase a parent will make for their little one. It is the insurance policy on their child’s life, if God forbid the family gets in an accident. The BRITAX B-Safe Endeavours Infant Car Seat is a spectacular choice that not only has side impact protection and an EPP foam interior, but it features an anti-rebound bar. This protects the car seat from slamming into the driver or passenger seat in the event of a crash.

Furthermore, the steel frame guarantees that this is a sturdy option. In addition, the included reclineable and impact absorbing base makes installation a breeze! This is extremely important for couples who intend on moving the car seat between two vehicles. Additionally, this product pairs wonderfully with the company’s line of strollers, allowing parents to move a sleeping baby from the car to the stroller without the worry of waking them.

Britax B-Lively Lightweight Stroller

Speaking of compatibility, the Britax B-Lively Lightweight Stroller is the perfect match to the Endeavours Car Seat! This option utilizes a three wheel base, making for effortless movements and adjustments during transit. Ideal for both walking and jogging, this stroller is a spectacular choice from infancy all the way up to kids reaching 55 pounds. This is accomplished with the included converters that allow for forward and rear facing seating.

Moreover, this comes with plenty of storage with pockets below the handle bars and a built-in storage basket for larger items. Additionally, this lightweight baby product only requires one hand to open and close, making for an easy transition from the car to the ground. Finally, the extra large ventilated canopy lets mom always have eyes on her little one without the worry of the elements impacting their sensitive skin.

The Play Gym by Lovevery

Tummy time and sensory play are so important for a developing baby! The Play Gym by Lovevery is an interactive spot for your sister’s son or daughter to explore colors, shapes, noises and textures. This Montessori themed play mat has suspended toys and five separate development zones. It is also made with organic cotton and sustainable wood.

Additionally, this can also be converted into a mini fort and the various learning areas can be easily hidden to help avoid overstimulation. Lastly, this plat set can be set up and torn down in minutes.

DockATot Deluxe+

A DockATot Deluxe+ is another simple tool that serves a big purpose. This lightweight and portable baby lounger is a comfortable, padded spot to place baby while mom and dad are trying to juggle a multitude of tasks. The raised sides protect the little one from rolling off of surfaces and the removable cotton cover can be easily washed when needed. Additionally, this can fit babies up to eight months of age and it comes in an array of colors and patterns.

Angelcare Baby Bath Support

Bath time is the best time to bond with baby! It is fun for mom and dad as well as for relaxing their little one. However, you can only achieve this picture perfect moment with the right tools. The Angelcare Baby Bath Support gives her baby ergonomic support and keeps them at a 45 degree angle. This helps to ensure that their baby’s head always stays above the water.

Moreover, the mesh basin lets the tub drain with no issue and makes for quick dry times. Additionally, this tub tool is light weight and durable so the parents can move it with little effort. It even comes with a convenient storage hook!

Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Essential Set

Elevate bath time with the Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Essential Set! This four pack features a spout cover and a rinser for baby’s hair as well as some tools for mom and dad. The whale shaped kneeler pad will be a lifesaver on mom and dad’s knees while conducting daily bath times and the elbow rest will add extra comfort when leaning against the porcelain tub. This adorable set comes in both grey and blue. Thus, pick the color option that goes best with their nursery theme.

Baby Bum Brush

Diaper rashes are inevitable. The Baby Bum Brush is a wonderful tool for applying Desitin and other creams to a baby’s bottom. The flexible silicone applicator is soft and BPA free. Most importantly, it is easy to clean.

Additionally, the suction base stand ensures that no messes ensue while mom or dad are finishing up the diaper change. This two pack includes a regular brush as well as a travel sized option that comes with a convenient storage case.

Vicks Pacifier Thermometer

It is never an easy task to take a baby’s temperature. Remove some of the stress of having a sick child with the help of a Vicks Pacifier Thermometer. This device will not only get a temperature reading in just two minutes, but it is accurate by up to 0.2 degrees.

Moreover, it takes away the struggle of having to take their temperature under their armpit or in their bottom. This pacifier is easy to use, safe and it comes with both automatic shut off and memory recall functions. Make sure that the new parents are ready for any situation with one of the most useful gifts for a baby shower. 

Pure Enrichment MistAir Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Babies have tiny air passageways that get stopped up easily. Whether they are contending with allergies, a cold or croup, it is important to have a Pure Enrichment MistAire Humidifier on hand to help clear their sinuses and allow them to breathe better. This ETL certified device is safe, quiet and can run for up to 25 hours without the need of a refill.

Moreover, it includes a soft blue nightlight that will help to relax baby. There are also controls for those parents who only want it to run for certain periods of time. Additionally, the 1.5 Liter tank is simple to fill and the 360 degree mist nozzle guarantees that the whole room is equally treated with humid, cooling air. This is an exceptional present that new parents will use often. Lastly, it is a device that is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for relieving coughs and congestion.

Clothing Gifts For Baby Shower

Burt’s Bees Baby Mittens

Every new mom experiences the moment of surprise and horror when she wakes up to discover that her baby boy looks like he just finished a fight scene in Rambo. All babies have a habit of rubbing their hands against their face, not realizing the harm that their little nails can incur of their beautiful faces.

Thankfully, a simple pair of Burt’s Bees Baby Mittens are the perfect remedy to this problem. These no-scratch mittens are soft, durable and made with 100% cotton.

Love To Dream Swaddle UP

If her baby ends up being a mini Houdini, a regular swaddle is not going to do the trick. That is where the Love To Dream Swaddle UP comes into play. This zip up swaddle lets baby self-soothe while sleeping in a more natural position.

The majority of infants sleep with their arms up, making the normal swaddle position extremely uncomfortable for little ones. This snug, yet stretchy, sleeping attire is an excellent way to lull her baby to sleep. Moreover, parents rave about the noticeable increase in resting hours that baby’s get while wearing this custom fit swaddle. 

Newborn Fleece Bootie

Soft, cozy and warm. The Newborn Fleece Bootie is the amazing gift for a baby being born in the Winter! These adorable unisex slippers are made with cotton and fleece. These fabrics are ideal for a baby’s sensitive skin.

Moreover, the elastic wrap around ankle flaps utilize a snap enclosure that ensures that baby’s tootsies stay covered until mom or dad decide to take them off. Finally, these come in over 35 color options and they are an optimal fit for brand new babies and infants up to six months.

Other Must-Have Gifts For Baby Shower

Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Whether the new parents are eating at home, at a restaurant or at grandma and grandpa’s house, the Inglesina Fast Table Chair is a wonderful device that is safe, portable and washable. This high chair attaches directly to the eating surface with adjustable twist tight couplings. It is suitable for children 6 to 36 months of age.

The back pocket provides a convenient storage spot for baby silverware and hand wipes and the three point harness will keep them snug and secure while they eat or play at the table. You can also choose to purchase the attachable tray to provide a clean surface for baby to eat from. Finally, there is a hidden compartment in the bottom of the seat to tuck away the storage bag when the chair is in use.

Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer

The Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer is a simple tool that serves an important purpose. Mom will have the nursery and changing table set up and ready for when baby comes. However, babies go through an average of 2,200 diaper changes in their first year. That is a lot of trips into another room!

This storage bin has multiple compartments, which can be adjusted with the removable dividers. Additionally, the lightweight design makes it easy to move where it is needed, whether that be in the living room, the bathroom or in the car! This is one of the best gifts for a baby shower because you can stuff it with goodies to make diaper changes and breastfeeding sessions a breeze!

Milk Snob Original 5-in-1 Cover

Help the mom-to-be cover up during breastfeeding and simultaneously protect her baby from the elements with the Milk Snob Original 5-in-1 Cover! This soft and stretchy accessory can slide over the car seat, shopping carts or stroller. This allows it to block the baby from sunlight, wind, rain and germs. Moreover, this cover is machine washable! It also comes in an array of patterns. Best of all, even when stretched out, it still provides ample coverage.

Boppy Nursing Pillow

Speaking of breastfeeding, every new mom needs a Boppy Nursing Pillow. This wrap around pillow perfectly positions her baby to nurse without putting mom in an uncomfortable position. Moreover, the cover is removable, making it easy to clean. Additionally, the cotton fabric is great for the baby’s skin and once they reach three months and beyond, the baby can use this for tummy time, propping and sitting support as well.

The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby’s First Year

Parenthood is hard. It is long hours, sleepless night and thankless moments. It is putting yourself second for the foreseeable future. However, becoming a parent is also the most joyous, wonderful time of a person’s life. Unfortunately, in the thick of it, that fact can just sometimes be hard to see. This is especially true when trying to navigate through postpartum, breastfeeding, countless dirty diapers and terrifying moments of illness.

The book The Sh!t No One Tells You is a hilarious take on the struggles that all parents face with a very important message — you will survive all of it. In addition to the humorous stories, there are also fantastic pieces of advice that can help new moms maneuver through these rough patches and come out on the other side with a smile. This is one of the best gifts for a baby shower, offering an honest and insightful take on motherhood. 

MyBaby SoundSpa Lullaby

Sometimes the biggest part of the bedtime battle is keeping outside noises at bay. This is why it is so important to invest in a MyBaby SoundSpa Lullaby! This compact nursery item features ocean, rock-a-bye, cradle, twinkle, rain and heartbeat sounds to help lull baby to sleep. It comes with volume controls and an auto-off timer that can range from 15 to 60 minutes. Additionally, this tiny device also serves as an image projector, displaying nine different baby friendly pictures to help them doze off to sleep. Welcome Baby Gift Box

If you are a last minute shopper and the mom-to-be seems to already have everything on this list, you can never go wrong with a Welcome Baby Gift Box! Choose from gift card amounts ranging from $50 to $2,000. This money can go towards the excessive number of diapers and wipes they will be purchasing, a big ticket item or last minute supplies for their little one. Most importantly, the adorable box fits the theme of this special occasion.

What To Consider When Buying Gifts For Baby Shower

Your Spending Limit

It is astonishing how expensive baby items can be, so when looking to purchase gifts for a baby shower it is important to first consider your budget. Big ticket items are always a fan favorite because they take a big expense off of the expecting couple’s plate, but only spend what you can afford. Mom and dad will appreciate anything that you give to their sweet little one.

Practical Gifts

Some of the top gifts received at baby showers are onesies and adorable ensembles. However, if you are looking to give unforgettable gifts to the expectant couple at their baby shower, think outside of the box! Look for items that they will get long term use out of and genuinely appreciate in those moments. The present should be useful and something that makes their life easier. Additionally, when looking at nursery items, always talk to the couple to ensure that you get products that go with their intended theme and style.

However, if you do choose to pick out an cute outfit or two, make sure to not buy a lot of newborn sizes. Most babies will outgrow this stage quickly, with some never fitting in them at all. The last thing you want is for your gift to never fit and get thrown into storage!