Gift Ideas for 35-Year-Old Women [2023]

The best gift ideas for 35-year-old women are the ones that provide beauty to their lives. Find the right gift from a variety of options and budgets to work for any woman.

Electronic Books

Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is an entire room of bookshelves, all packed into a tiny little living space. Choose from a gigantic 32 GB or a smaller 8GB size and from four different color options. With this gift, the woman in your life can read books in the tub as it’s waterproof.

Moreover, this Kindle does not use blue light, meaning it won’t hurt eyes as much as a tablet. The best part of the kindle is you can adjust the font, size, and spacing of the text to make any book customized to your needs and wants.


Fill the air with essential oil vapors with a Diffuser. This one looks like wood and has a beautiful vase shape. Add in 18 hours run time, and 16 LED light options for an exceptional device.

The diffuser uses ultrasonic technology with auto shut-off. You will need to buy essential oils to go with it if the receiver does not already have some. Avoid citrus oils as they can damage the machine.

Echo Show 5 

Put an Echo Show 5 in the kitchen and keep information at the fingertips of the receiver. The device can play music, videos, work as a security camera, and display recipes. Furthermore, the device works as an alarm clock, timer and uses Alexa for voice commands. 

As it has a camera, it’s a great device for a video call. It can even make announcements to other Echo devices. Upgrade any home with this fabulous smart screen.

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook 

The Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook takes note-taking to a new level with an erasable notebook. It uses a special pen and can upload any notes in a useable way on your computer or tablet. No more wasting paper when taking notes at a meeting or at home!

Apple iPad Air 

Get the Apple iPad Air as it’s a fabulous tablet ready to work in a multitude of ways. It’s affordable and offers every feature you can imagine using as a mini-computer, television, digital notebook, and so much more. With a 10.9 inch screen and retina display, this device offers the best possible images, and it has cameras too. 

ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo 

If you want an incredible gift and have a sizeable budget consider a new laptop. The ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo isn’t just any laptop, it’s a two in one laptop with tho screens and a full keyboard. For artists, musicians, designers, engineers, many other professions, this is the best laptop for multi-tasking.

The touchscreen comes in a 15.6-inch size. Add in a solid-state drive with 1 TB of storage and an NVIDIA Ge-Force RTX 2060 graphics card. Everything a woman could want in a laptop comes in this incredible machine.

Fossil Women’s Smartwatch 

Many women want a smartwatch but a pretty one like the Fossil Women’s Smartwatch. It looks like a regular watch except for the digital display and all of the digital functions. It has a full 24-hour battery, and it’s waterproof. Add in the ability to track goals, steps, sleep, heart rate, and cardio level for an exceptional watch. 

Additionally, this works as a GPS tracker and a clock too. Connect it to a smart device to check calls, apps, texts, and calenders. All this with six different color options.

Bath & Body Gifts

Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer

The Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer is a great gift to steam skin to detox, cleanse, and moisturize. A special compartment for essential oils helps to nourish the skin. The beautiful egg design makes this a great addition to any bathroom.

Dead Sea Mud Mask 

With the Dead Sea Mud Mask women can uses mineral-infused mud to cleanse their skin and combat skin issues. This mud can fight acne, blackheads, and oily skin without creepy chemicals. Dead sea salt can also stimulate circulation, unclog pores, and even remove dead skin cells making this a great option to help skin stay young and beautiful. 

Bath Bombs With Ring 

Give the gift of a comforting bath and a gorgeous ring with the Bath Bombs With Ring. The 10-ounce bathroom has a ring in the middle that’s priced between $15 to $5,000 that could make for one interesting surprise! Also, the lush bath bomb offers the scents of apricot, geranium, and lily to make any bath better.

Anti-Aging Skin Cream 

Use the Anti-Aging Skin Cream to help deeply moisturize and hydrate skin by creating a barrier to lock in moisture. It can also rejuvenate and brighten skin while reducing fine lines, all without creepy chemicals. Allow all-natural ingredients like honeysuckle, green tea, and vitamin C to make skin stay young for years to come. 

Dry Shampoo 

Dry Shampoo allows women the option to skip washing their hair on busy days. It takes away oil and makes hair look fresh and filled with volume. What makes this option so special is it uses organic, safe ingredients that will nourish hair and delight the senses with seven different scent options. 

Microneedle Derma Roller 

A Microneedle Derma Roller puts microscopic holes in the skin to help force the body to keep the skin young and beautiful without pain. The roller can help to combat acne scars, large pores, and wrinkles, all without costly treatments. Women can use it once a month to stay young and youthful for longer without spending a fortune.

Hand Cream Trio Tin Gift Set 

Hands get dry and the Hand Cream Trio Tin Gift Set can help to nourish skin with beautiful and organic scents. The set is better as it comes in a beautiful reusable tin. Add in the French design and portable bottles for an epic gift ready to make life better.

Gifts for the Home 

Outdoor Storage Shed 

Every woman wants a She-Shed and the Outdoor Storage Shed is ready to do the job. At 7×7 feet and made of weather-resistant resin, it’s the perfect option for smaller yards and smaller budgets. It even has some built-in shelves and just needs a few touches to make it the perfect oasis. 

Forever Flowers

Flowers at a floral shop dies but the Forever Flowers live for much long as they are made of paper. Even better, these are pop-up flowers that will bring joy to women for years to come and store easily. No watering either as these are made of 100 percent recyclable paper, and they mail flat.

Beautiful Sheet Set 

Make the bedroom a haven with a Beautiful Sheet Set. These are made with 800 thread-count Egyptian cotton for longevity and easy care. Pick from several sizes and patterns for a cozy bed ready to invite sleep. 

Storage Basket 

Choose a Storage Basket for the woman who has issues with organization and clutter. It’s a beautiful way to increase storage and keep clutter down to a minimum. Pick from several colors all made with soft cotton woven thread rope large enough to hold blankets, pillows, and much more. 

3-Tier Bookshelf

The 3-Tier Bookshelf makes a great addition to any home and it’s affordable. It also comes in 4,5, or 6 shelves if you want to get coordinating options. This one works as a perfect entryway table or a living room bookshelf.

Next, the shelf uses wood and metal for a very popular appearance. An x-shape on the back adds stability and allows the shelves to hold up to 110 pounds. Some assembly is required but won’t take very long.

Galvanized Metal Rolling Cart

A Galvanized Metal Rolling Cart can work as a bar, storage or even to hold craft supplies. Women can even put it in the kitchen to hold fruits and vegetables. The rustic decor makes this a wonderful addition to any home, and it has handles for easy pushing.

Miscellaneous Gifts

A Bad Day For Sunshine Novel 

Give women a break with a delightful book like A Bad Day For Sunshine Novel by Darynda Jones. Book two is already out and ready to add some humor to anyone’s life. If the receiver likes this set, make sure to get her the Charlie Davidson Series by the same author next. 

Loungefly Purse 

For women who think life is too serious, a Loungefly Purse will help instill some youth back into their life. Who doesn’t love Disney Princesses? With this purse, women get an adultish satchel ready to transport all of their items in style. 

Leather Purse

Women who want high quality will love the Leather Purse by Over Earth. The hobo style can hold practically anything, including a 12.9-inch tablet. Pick from ten different colors and watch her fill the pockets like a unique side pocket. Furthermore, the bag stands on its own and zips closed for security.

Trinket Ring Box 

If you plan to get a ring, then consider the Trinket Ring Box to store the ring. It’s beautiful, iridescent, and has a pearl inside. The gorgeous trinket box can hold a few rings or just work as a decoration. 

Decorative Candles 

Candles and cacti are both quite popular making these Decorative Candles extra adorable. Not only are the tealights adorable, but they look like succulents too and take up very little space. Use these to decorate any room and uses them as emergency lighting too. 

Worry Stones 

For the woman who worries a lot consider getting her Worry Stones. The set comes with thumb stones ready to reduce stress and anxiety while helping with meditation. Also, these are quite portable to act as a fidget toy anywhere.

Earrings Organizer Jewelry Display Stand

Women with a lot of jewelry will love the Earrings Organizer Jewelry Display Stand as it can hold 50 pairs of earrings. The metal and wood item looks gorgeous, and it’s such a functional item. Add in a tray at the bottom for a little extra storage too.

Wearable Gifts

Enchanted Disney Necklace 

Women who love Disney and jewelry will love the Enchanted Disney Necklace. It’s a Jasmine-based pendant made with 14K rose gold over sterling silver with mini diamonds that look like a lotus flower. As it ships in a box, it’s ready to wrap and give as a gift. 

Faux Leather Jacket 

A Faux Leather Jacket makes a statement with a gorgeous design with a wide collar. The jacket comes in red, black, or white and upgrades any outfit to a new level. Moreover, this jacket adds warmth for cold days, and no animals were hurt to make the coat. 

Fedora Hat 

Add a stylish Fedora Hat to a woman’s life and keep her head warm. The hat comes in over 21 colors, although most women will like the camel color. A classic design with a belt around the brim helps to make this a perfect addition to any wardrobe. 

Knee-High Boots 

Boots like these Knee-High Boots are a necessity as they keep feet warm, comfortable, and fashionable during cold weather. Pick from over 10 neutral shades of brown, black, and gray for these water-resistant boots. The slouchy boots have a zipper on the side for easy use and a classic, clean design and low heel for comfort. 

Comfy Sweater 

A Comfy Sweater belongs in every closet for colder day or women who get cold easily. This option has a wide collar and a slouchy design; however, the slimmer arms keep this in place. It pairs perfectly with skinny jeans and boots and comes in six different colors.

Modern Abstract Rug 

Add some color to a woman’s life with a Modern Abstract Rug with a blend of colors in an ombre pattern. The low weave allows this to work with any vacuum or decor too.

Gifts for the Kitchen

Funny Mug 

For the woman who loves humor, get her the Funny Mug that says how awesome she is with a hint of sarcasm. The print shows up on both sides, and it’s safe for the microwave and the dishwasher. With an 11 ounce capacity, this mug can hold a lot of coffee.

Polish Pottery Baker 

Gift the Polish Pottery Baker  to the woman who wants beautiful bakeware. The baker can be used in the oven as it’s fired twice, extra-durable, and resists breaking. It’s so pretty she may want to use it as decoration or as a fruit bowl, but it can most definitely handle a cake or even lasagna.

Nespresso Machine 

Coffee shops are expensive but the Nespresso Machine is not and it can make cafe-quality coffee in seconds at home. With 19 bar high-pressure points, this gets more flavor out of grounds than a Keurig and makes two sizes. It won’t take up a lot of space in the kitchen either, as the machine by Delonghi is so tiny. 

The best part of the Nespresso maker is the capsules are recyclable, unlike other machines that use pods. If only it had a milk function and a water filter, it would be perfect. Choose from hundreds of pod options like Lavazza pods.

Stand Mixer

If the woman you are shopping for wants a stand mixer, check out the Stand Mixer by Cuisinart. It’s much more affordable than a Kitchenaid and comes with three paddles included. It comes with a stainless steel mixing bowl too.

The 5.5-quart size includes a 500 water motor ready to handle heavy mixing tasks. With 12 speeds, you can mix anything at the exact speed needed. All this with add-ons to make this even more useful in the kitchen and multiple color options too.

Chocolates in Tin 

Women love chocolates and tin which makes Chocolates in Tin a perfect gift. The large tin can hold anything from sewing supplies, pens, or pretty much anything else after all the cookies are done. Also, the chocolate cookies are made in Italy without creepy ingredients.

Napoli Glass Beverage Pitcher

The Napoli Glass Beverage Pitcher by Mikasa adds beauty to a kitchen and functionality. Not only can it serve beverages, but it can also hold flowers or even corks from wine bottles. Also, it has a large capacity and can even go in the dishwasher for easy clean-up!

Acacia Wood Cutting Board

A Acacia Wood Cutting Board can help with food prep and display. An ergonomic handle makes this a great option, and it’s easy to clean but cannot go in the dishwasher.

What to Look for in Gift Ideas for 35-Year-Old Women

The best gift ideas for 35-year-old women make this life better without breaking the bank. The gift you pick depends on the likes and dislikes of the woman you are shopping for and what she owns. If possible, figure out what her hobbies and likes are before buying a gift.

When in doubt, go for something functional that anyone can use. Also, consider purchasing something that often needs replacing, like coffee mugs or decor. You should be able to find something for anyone with this list.