The 35 Best Goodbye Gifts for Coworkers

Whether your coworker is off to enjoy the fruits of retirement, to pursue another career or to spend more time with family, a goodbye gift is a thoughtful gesture as he or she embarks on a new chapter. A bouquet of flowers is always a safe choice, but here are a few other ideas to let your fellow coworkers know that you appreciate them and share in their excitement.

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The Best Farewell Gift for Your Coworker

Gift giving is personal and depends very much on the person receiving the gift and the relationship you have with that person. In this article, we will offer up great ideas for anyone, as well as those tailored for specific scenarios.

Creative Goodbye Card by Katie Doodle

Get the whole office involved in a thoughtful send-off with the Katie Doodle Creative Goodbye Card.

This 11 inches by 17 inches card features a simple message reading “New Chapter” or “Farewell.” Blank white space surrounds the graphic, allowing everyone in the office to sign the card and write a short message. For an extra special touch, get the piece framed for your departing coworker to hang in a new office or in his or her home. It is the perfect keepsake!

Engraved Gold and Black Trim Pen and Pleather Case by Feliss

A classic going away gift is a high-quality pen, such as the Engraved Gold and Black Trim Pen and Pleather Case by Feliss.

The word “farewell” is engraved on this pen, making it a memorable gift to any coworker embarking on a new chapter. The pen is manufactured with materials, including metal, steel, aluminum and copper. It comes in a protective synthetic leather case that will keep it from getting scratched or damaged. The pen itself writes smoothly.

This is a great gift for a boss or mentor who is retiring.

Only Good Vibes Success and Inspiration Jar

What better gift to give than one of a good morning each and every day. Help your coworker start the day off right with the Only Good Vibes Success and Inspiration Jar.

Included inside the jar are 31 inspirational quotes printed on vibrant, colorful paper to boost moods and spread joy. Encourage your coworker to find his or her motivation for the day by pulling one of the quotes at the start of each day.

If you’re feeling extra creative, jot down a few of your own inspirational quotes, inside jokes and fun memories as an added bonus!

Best Coworker Ever Wine Tumbler by Wimly Company

Nothing beats a personalized gift, and that’s what you get with the Best Coworker Ever Wine Tumbler by Wimly Company.

We love the simplicity of the design and the functionality of this perfectly sized tumbler. It reads wine tumbler, but you can keep any beverage inside hot or cold for hours with its double-walled vacuum insulation. The cup is made with food grade safety in mind and free of BPA.

The 12 ounce tumbler comes with a premium sealed lid to reduce spills, a 6 inch stainless steel drinking straw and straw brush cleaner.

If you decide to purchase this tumbler, be sure to customize it before checkout with your coworker’s name!

Funny “Bye Traitor” Mug by YouNique Designs

The “Bye Traitor” Mug by YouNique Designs is best suited for coworkers with a sense of humor and is sure to keep them laughing every time they drink out of it.

The mug reads “Bye Traitor. PS: We’ll miss you.” Funny, yet sweet at the same time! These mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, making them ideal for that first cup of coffee or tea at the new job.

Goodbye Vacuum Flask by HOLLP 

In keeping with the beverage theme, the Goodbye Vacuum Flask by HOLLP is another great option. 

A travel water bottle is something that everyone finds useful. This one by HOLLP carries a sentimental message that says, “an amazing coworker is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget.”

The bottle itself is durable and made with quality materials. It is double walled and vacuum insulated to keep hot beverages warm and cold beverages cool for hours. The bottle also contains a small ring at the top for easy portability.

Farewell Keychains for Coworkers by Nimteve

You can choose your own message to send to your departing coworker with engraved keychains by Nimteve.

The one linked here reads: “We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.” You can choose from a number of messages that are appropriate for a coworker who is moving on.

The stainless steel keychain features a hook and loop closure. It is made of recyclable, durable materials. A velvet jewelry pouch is included for easy gift giving.

Customized Plaque by Crystal Central Store

For a truly special gift, consider a customized plaque like this one by Crystal Central Store.

You can personalize the plaque with the employee’s name and short message. Some ideas include:

  • It was a pleasure working with you. Your departure will be greatly felt. Your leadership and guidance has been a part of our success and you will never be forgotten.
  • Thank you for being the LIFE of our team, a GREAT teammate and even a BETTER friend.
  • CONGRATULATIONS & Best wishes and success in your new position.

Choose from one of three sizes: Medium (6.5 inches diameter); Large (8 inches diameter); Extra Large (10 inches diameter).

To order, simply hit “customize now” and fill in the details with the requested name and text. The company promises fast delivery within 6 to 10 business days with free standard shipping and 3 to 5 days with expedited shipping.

The Best Farewell Gift for Retiring Coworkers

Happy Retirement Ceramic Ring Dish Trinket Tray by HOME SMILE Store

Practical gifts are among the best to give and receive, and that’s what you get with the Happy Retirement Ceramic Ring Dish Trinket Tray by HOME SMILE Store.

This thoughtful gift is perfect for men and women. The sweet message reads, “Never Underestimate the Difference You Made and the Lives You Touched.” The shallow tray is crafted from glazed ceramic in a marble pattern. It is the perfect landing spot for rings, earrings, watches, paperclips and other small trinkets.

These are great to put near the kitchen sink to store jewelry while doing dishes, in the bathroom, in the home office and more.

Burlap Drawstring Wine Bag for Retirement

Buy a bottle of your retiring coworker’s favorite wine and wrap it in this Burlap Drawstring Wine Bag for an easy, light-hearted gift.

The bag reads “You Can Wine All You Want. You’re Retired!” Love a good pun!

Retirement Themed Pillow Covers by Bad Bananas 

Have a coworker who worked the graveyard shift? Or perhaps one who was the first one in the office and last one to leave? This Retirement Themed Pillow Cover by Bad Bananas is practical and shows appreciation for their years of hard work!

The reversible pillow case reads “Retired and Sleeping In Since 2021” and “Today’s Good Mood is Sponsored By Retirement Naps.” It is made with brushed polyester microfiber fabric, making it cozy and comfortable.

This pillow case fits common bed pillow sizes of 20 inches by 30 inches and accommodates standard and queen size pillows. The pillow are not included.

Genuine Leather Spanish Cedar Lined Cigar Travel Case by CIGARISM

Celebrate your coworker’s retirement milestone with this luxurious Genuine Leather Spanish Cedar Lined Cigar Travel Case by CIGARISM.

This set includes four cigars, one tray, one cigar cutter, one lighter, one lighter adjuster all in a genuine leather travel case. (Note: all lighters are empty because of postal regulations. Fill the fuel before gifting.) The interior of the travel case is made of Spanish cedar, which helps maintain humidity and aroma of the cigars.

This is a beautiful gift that a retiring boss or coworker will appreciate!

Wallet Insert Card for Retiring Mentor

This Wallet Insert Card for a Retiring Mentor is a great addition to any gift and also works in lieu of a card.

The wallet card is constructed of stainless steel. It is engraved with the words, “A great boss is hard to find, difficult to party with and impossible to forget. Thank you!” The card is sturdy yet lightweight, making it the perfect size to slip into a wallet. Now your retiring boss can always have a little memory of his or her impact.

See our full list of retirement gifts for coworkers here.

The Best Farewell Gift for Coworkers Who Are Moving Away For a New Job

Skyline Etched Chicago Whiskey Glasses by Greenline Goods

If you have a coworker moving away for a new job or for family reasons, these whiskey glasses by Greenline Goods make a great addition to a going away gift basket.

The glasses linked above are decorated with the Chicago skyline, but Greenline Goods also makes whiskey glasses that are customized to cities, such as New York, New Orleans, Philadelphia, DC, Boston and many more. It is a wonderful, sentimental way for your coworker to remember the city you all worked in together.

These glasses, paired with some favorite local treats, would make the perfect farewell gift basket.

Homesick Scented Candle

The Homesick Scented Candle is another great thing to add to the farewell gift basket!

I love that each scent is tailored to specific cities. For example, the Alabama Homesick Candle is scented with maple and blackberry with notes of pecan, orange, vanilla and musk. It is crafted to bring memories of wet roads from summer storms, sweet blackberries, giant souther magnolias and nutty pecan.

Or take the Miami Homesick Candle. Picture cold water with lemon in your glass, palm trees in the sea breeze as your backdrop. This candle has notes of bergamot, lemon, sea breeze, lavender, suntan lotion and coconut.

Each candle holds 13.75 ounces and has a 60 to 80 hour burn time. For best results, keep wick trimmed to a quarter of an inch and burn for 2 to 3 hours at a time.

Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar 

For the coworker heading to a new job, the Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings Calendar is a great gag gift that is also useful!

This tabletop 2022 day-to-day calendar features tear-off pages that’ll keep your coworker laughing. Each page includes humorous tips to survive in the corporate world, such as using meaningless buzzwords in the right context, how to appear engaged while zoning out in meetings and more.

The Butt Desk Organizer Gag Gift

Help your coworker remember all your office shenanigans together withThe Butt desk organizer. It is the ultimate gag gift!

This is a tape dispenser and holder of pens, sticky notes and paper clips – all hilariously shaped in a blob using the toilet. Accessories like the roll of tape, pen, sticky notes and paper clips are included.

For this gift to land, you’ll need to know the personality and humor of the departing coworker. Gift it to someone who will find it funny and light-hearted!

Wooden Phone Docking Station and Desk Organizer by ROSTMARYGIFT

Set your coworker up for success at his or her new job with the Wooden Phone Docking Station and Desk Organizer by ROSTMARYGIFT.

This truly classy gift will help your coworker’s new desk remain clutter-free and organized. It includes a place for nearly everything — a phone, wallet, keys, credit card, sunglasses, watch, business cards, pens and pencils and coaster. The organizer also features a built-in miror.

The desk organizer is made from high quality birch plywood that is stylish and sleek. The set comes in 3 pieces and is very easy to assemble.

Business Card Holder by MaxGear

A simple yet practical gift for the coworker leaving for a new job is the Wooden Business Card Holder by MaxGear.

It can hold up to 50 business cards that are easy to slide out. The wooden holder has a non-slip based and smooth edges that is as decorative as it is functional. Made of walnut, it will look impressive on any tabletop!

Adjustable Mini Foot Rest for Desk

Who doesn’t want a hammock for their feet? This adjustable mini foot rest for underneath your desk is a creative and unique gift for a coworker who is about to burn the midnight oil at a new job.

It is easy to install. Simply hook the canvas foot rest to either side of the desk with the two included metallic clips. The length of the rope is adjustable from 200 mm to 450 mm.

The Best Farewell Gift for Female Coworkers

Lavender Scented Candles for Women

These Lavender Scented Candles smell like a dream and are a wonderful gift for a departing female coworker.

The message on the candle reads, “A Wise Woman Once Said, ‘I’m Outta Here,’ and She Lived Happily Ever After.” That is sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face!

The candle itself holds 9 ounces of lavender infused, 100 percent soy wax. It will burn for hours. The candle not only smells amazing, but it serves as adorable decor for a bedroom, bathroom or any room in the house. Once the candle is burned, the glass container is reusable.

Going Places Friendship Necklace by Baydurcan 

Let this beautiful necklace by Baydurcan do the well wishing for your favorite female friend and coworker.

The compass charm and message behind it are perfect for someone who is about to embark on a new job, adventure or retirement. Part of the corresponding message reads, “wear your necklace as a reminder that you’re headed for adventure, success and incredible experiences along the way!

The wearer will feel confident any time she wears this dainty necklace!

Amazonite Beads Farewell Bracelet by SOLINFOR

Another stylish going away gift for a female coworker is the Amazonite Beads Farewell Bracelet by SOLINFOR.

We love this bracelet for its meaning. Amazonite beads are worn to promote courage, hope and success. This bracelet also has a small ladybug charm, which is a cherished symbol of good luck.

This handcrafted gift comes packaged in a beautiful box with a sentimental card, polishing cloth and gift bag. Reviewers who purchased this farewell bracelet were truly impressed with the packaging!

The bracelet measures approximately 7 inches. It stretches to fit most women’s wrist sizes. SOLINFOR also offers 12 months warranty on the bracelet.

Coworker Farewell Gift Cosmetic Bag by Blue Leaves

The Coworker Farewell Gift Cosmetic Bag by Blue Leaves is a goodbye present that the recipient is actually likely to use on a daily basis.

The bag is roomy and 100 percent waterproof to hold all of her cosmetic and makeup essentials. It is perfect for travel or to throw in your purse every day. The bag itself is 9 inches wide and 7 inches tall.

The message, “work will suck without you,” is printed on both sides. For an even more special gift, fill the bag with some of her favorite goodies for personal touch.

Coworker BFF Gift Basket by Hereman’s

Gift the ultimate goodies basket by Hereman’sto your work BFF!

You don’t even need to wrap this beauty. You can send or gift it as is. The set includes a 12 ounce wine tumbler with the saying, “chance made us colleagues but the fun and laughter we share made us friends,” a floral drink coaster, a friendship wood sign and a pair of cozy socks wrapped up to look like a cupcake!

The vacuum insulated tumbler will keep drinks hot for more than 3 hours and cold for more than 9 hours. The ceramic coaster is made of absorbent stone and will absorb water within 5 to 10 seconds. The cork base of each coaster protects tabletops and furniture.

We love this gift idea because the packaging is beautiful and the items are made of quality materials. Pair this with a bottle of your work BFF’s beverage of choice for a thoughtful gift.

Winnie the Pooh Ceramic Jewelry Dish by Littlefa 

Cue the tears with this classic Winnie the Pooh Ceramic Jewelry Dish by Littlefa.

We mentioned above how trinket dishes like this make the perfect gift for a coworker who is moving or retiring. They are practical and perfect to have around the house near sinks or the office to hold jewelry and other trinkets.

We love this one for the message: it reads, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” The saying speaks for itself to express your appreciation and gratitude for a dear work friend who is leaving.

Portable Mini Humidifier

This quiet portable mini humidifier can help your coworker combat dry skin at her next job.

First off, this humidifier is adorably small yet effective. It has two modes controlled by one button. The humidifier can continuously spray for 12 hours or intermittently spray for 18 hours. There is a built-in water level sensor that will automatically shut off when the water is low.

It comes in a variety of colors to fit her style.

The Best Farewell Gift for Male Coworkers

Men’s Messenger Bag by NEWHEY

A beautiful, practical gift for a male coworker who is moving on is this very well-rated Men’s Messenger Bag by NEWHEY.

This waterproof messenger bag is a great size to hold up to a 15.6 inch laptop, files and more. It has 6 pockets and built-in dividers for easy organization. Smaller items, such as wallets and keys, have designated spots in inner zippered pockets as well. On the outside of the bag, there is a roomy back pocket with zipper, 2 slip pockets for easy access to things like pens and 2 side pockets for water bottles, umbrellas and more.

Genuine leather and water resistant canvas give the messenger bag a vintage look. The padded shoulder strap is detachable and can be adjusted for different heights.

People who have purchased or received this bag give rave reviews. The large interior holds all the essentials, making it ideal for those who commute to and from work.

File Folder Padfolio by Leathario

Pool funds from the office and combine the messenger bag above with this File Folder Padfolio by Leathario for a stellar gift!

This zippered writing pad organizer holds everything you need at the office: business cards, pens, documents and a 30 page notepad. It is the perfect companion for someone who spends his or her day hopping from meeting to meeting.

The Leathario padfolio is durable, elegant and made with beautiful materials. For best results, clean using leather oil.

Whiskey Stones Set by EVOFLY 

A classy and unique going away gift idea for a male coworker is this Whiskey Stones Set by EVOFLY.

Whiskey stones are popular among cocktail connoisseurs because they won’t water down beverages like ice does. Simply freeze the stones and drop them in your drink to keep it cool from the first sip to the last drop. The natural basalt stones are safe, tasteless and odorless.

The set of 6 stones also includes two crystal glasses and a pair of tongs, all packaged in a wooden box.

The Best Farewell Gift Baskets for Coworkers

Gift baskets are always a hit because they are filled with so much variety. Here are a few of our favorite gift baskets that any colleague will love!

Stonewall Kitchen Berry Breakfast Gift Basket 

The Stonewall Kitchen Berry Breakfast Gift Basket contains 9 pieces of pure deliciousness.

This set includes one wild Maine blueberry jam, one red raspberry jam, one strawberry jam, one wild Maine blueberry syrup, one raspberry syrup, one blueberry and waffle mix, one 10-inch stainless steel balloon whisk, one blueberry muffin mix and one blueberry scone mix.

It all comes packaged in a beautiful wooden box. This is a scrumptious gift basket for the berry-loving or breakfast-loving coworker in your life!

Relaxing Spa Gift Basket 

Your colleague can instantly relax and focus on self-care with this spa gift basket from the Sodilly Store.

The scents in this gift basket are amazing. Each box contains two bars of all-natural soaps (cherry almond and oatmeal honey scented), one coconut bath bomb, one 8 ounce jar of silk skin lotion, a 12 ounce insulated stainless steel tumbler with the message “Thank You For Being Awesome” and a blank card.

The lucky recipient of this relaxing spa gift basket is sure to feel appreciated.

Coffee Beanery Gourmet Favorites Basket

For the coffee loving colleague, look no further than the Coffee Beanery Gourmet Favorites Basket.

It includes so many coffee varieties and other treats, including a Colombian Supremo Coffee, an Italian Dark Roast, English Toffee and Hazelnut Flavored Coffees, Breakfast Blend, Blueberry Cobbler Flavored Coffee, Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa Mix, Virginia Diner Butter Toasted Peanuts, Cranberry Cheddar Cheese Triangles and more!

The coffee beans contain no added sugar or calories and are roasted at the family-owned business facility in Flushing, Michigan.

The Tower of Sweets by Wine Country Gift Baskets

And for the coworker with the insatiable sweet tooth, how about gifting the Tower of Sweets?

Yes, this is a literal tower of delicious treats, stacked in boxes and finished with a hand-tied bow. Included are caramel popcorn, chocolate hazelnut cookies, chocolate chip brownies, lemon, orange and pomegranate jelly candy, English fudge with sea salt, lemon cakes, peanut fruit nougats and vanilla caramels.

You can even gift the tower of sweets with a personalized message.

Stonewall Kitchen Antipasto Gift Basket

Another favorite Stonewall Kitchen gift basket is its Antipasto Set. This is an ideal gift for colleagues who love to cook and host.

This gift basket includes one tomato herb bruschetta spread, one roasted garlic bread spread, one Italian dipping oil, one roasted garlic oil and one rosemary parmesan quick bread mix. The packaging is beautiful in a small wicker basket.

If you wanted to add on to this basket, you could simply add some cheeses, charcuterie and roasted nuts. Bonus if they are local products to your hometown!

We love the Antipasto Gift basket because of its unique and delicious flavors that you won’t find in other gift basket options.

FAQs About Buying the Perfect Goodbye Gift For Your Coworker

What is an appropriate amount of money to spend on a goodbye gift for a coworker?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a farewell gift for it to be thoughtful and special. When determining a budget for a goodbye gift, consider your relationship with the person leaving. Are you close friends outside of work or do you simply exchange pleasant small talk while in the office? You may want to spend a bit more on a good friend.

Your budget may also increase if you are buying a gift for a superior who is retiring or leaving for another job. If the person has been a mentor or someone who has offered advice and guided your career, you may want to leave a bit more room in the budget for a nicer gift.

What are unique and thoughtful gift ideas to give to a coworker?

Many of the gifts on the list above are budget friendly. However, you can cut down on costs even more by pooling money together with other coworkers in the office. This can be especially helpful if you are also planning on throwing a goodbye party for your departing coworker.

While we believe many of the gifts that made our list are practical and useful, here are some more ideas for unique, thoughtful and inexpensive gifts that your coworker will actually use and appreciate:

  • Cards are sometimes all you need to express how much you will miss your colleague and what he or she means to you. Keep reading this FAQs section for tips on what to write in a farewell card to a departing coworker.
  • Gift cards
    • To a coffee shop near his or her new workplace
    • To the local transportation authority if you know he or she will be taking public transit to commute to work
  • Subscriptions are also incredibly thoughtful. They could be pricey though, so this is a good gift to get multiple people involved.
    • To audiobooks or podcasts if you know your former coworker has a long commute to and from the new job
    • Meal services can be particularly helpful for coworkers, especially those who are moving out-of-state. Sign your lunch buddy up for a month trial and they can renew if they want to.
  • Throw a party. Gather your coworkers around and toast your departing colleague with cake and coffee. You can use that opportunity for everyone to share a few words of encouragement.

What should I write in a farewell card to a coworker?

Notes inside farewell cards should be thoughtful and simple. No need to write a dissertation. A few sentences should suffice.

Start with a message of congratulations.

  • “Happy Retirement – what a wonderful career!”
  • “Congratulations on the new job. You’ve earned it!”
  • “I am so excited you will have more time to spend with your family. You won’t regret it!”

Next, in a few words, describe the impact your colleague had on you and/or the office.

  • “It won’t be the same without you. Your positive attitude and friendly smile will be missed.”
  • “I’ve learned a lot from you and I am very grateful our paths crossed.”
  • “Thank you for always giving your best and making all of us around you better.”
  • “You made the long days around here a lot more bearable. I will miss you tremendously.”

Finally, end with well wishes for the future.

  • “We will miss you. Please come visit when you’re back in town!”
  • “I will be cheering for you from afar!”
  • “All the best to you in this exciting new chapter of your life!”
  • “Enjoy every second of this new adventure. Cheers!”

I am leaving my job. Should I give gifts to all of my colleagues in the office?

Typically, the employee who is leaving does not need to give farewell gifts. That would be a lot of gifts to purchase for every member of the office!

However, I do not think it is a bad idea to prepare a small gift or a note of appreciation to your boss. It can be as simple as stating your gratitude for the opportunity to work.

Before you leave the office and have to give up your work email, it may be a good idea to send one final email to all your colleagues, saying goodbye, wishing them well and sharing your personal contact information should you choose to remain in touch.

Final Word About the Best Farewell Gifts for Coworkers

It is always bittersweet when a beloved coworker moves on from the office, whether for retirement or for another job. And though technology has made it much easier to stay in touch, it is never quite the same as seeing the person in the office every single day.

That’s why a farewell gift is a sweet gesture to let your now former coworker know how much he or she will be missed. A goodbye gift is usually not expected and is typically not the norm, so need to overthink it! It takes the pressure off finding the perfect present.

Often, a heartfelt card and any of the gift options above will do to send a message of appreciation. Happy gifting!